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How To Become An Eating Disorder Recovery Coach

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Eating Disorder Coach & Counselor Certification

How Pro-Volleyball Player Kamila Conquered her Eating Disorder & became a Recovery Coach

Dr. Dorie is your Eating Disorder Coach, so you can truly EXPERIENCE EDIT through coaching sessions, mentoring and a project of your choice.Your enrollment includes LEVEL I , then youll advance to LEVEL II , plus youll participate in LEVEL III . You can begin LEVEL IV any time, as you progress with the other levels!

EDIT I-II-III-IV CERTIFICATION in about THREE MONTHS!In your 20-hour LEVEL IV Eating Disorder Coach work with Dr. Dorie, you will:

  • EXPERIENCE EDIT through EATING DISORDER COACH sessions with Dr. Dorie via Zoom
  • ACCESS DR. DORIES 26+ YEARS of eating disorder coach & counselor expertise via Zoom
  • YOU CAN ALSO BECOME AN EDIT CERTIFIED Peer Mentor through this training

Certified In Addiction & Recovery

Recognized by the International Board of Christian Care and proudly co-sponsored by the prominent American Association of Christian Counselors , Light University, established in 1999 under the leadership of Dr. Tim Clinton, trains Biblical Counselors, Christian Life Coaches, and Christian Crisis Responders. Often, eating disorders do not exist alone, and there is typically at least one comorbid diagnosis. This certification enables me to work with and discern a wide range of substance and behavioral dependencies. While I enjoy working with women of various faiths and beliefs, as a Christian, having this added framework of biblical truths in recovery empowers me to help on a deeper level for healing the heart, soul, and mind for those who are open, seeking and have a relationship with our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Matthew 22: 37-38, Jesus replied Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment.

Dr. Tim Clinton, ED.D.

You Are Meant To Overcome And You Know This With Every Cell Of Your Body Deep Within Your Heart You Know That You Are Meant To Overcome Break Free And Fully Recover From Your Eating Disorder

You KNOW that it is totally possible for you HOW to do it, you wonder, is your only stumbling block. You have searched and searched and have not found what you were looking for. You are skeptical if there even is a different way, a new way of being that looks totally different from what you are doing right now, and you wonder if its even possible for you. Maybe that other person could do it, but could I? Could I really break free? What would it be like if I were to truly go after it with all my heart? What if I failed?

Oh, my dear but what if you succeeded??? What if you truly discovered what was waiting inside of you all along all of the love, wisdom, joy, freedom, and power it is all within your reach. But none of that matters, because all you really want is what we all want and seek for as human beings to be happy.

The reason we do all of this is to live in joy and happiness and learn to love ourselves unconditionally, exactly as we are. To recognize and own the truth that you are ENOUGH, that you are WORTHY and DESERVING, and TRULY, you have NOTHING to be ashamed of or feel guilty for.

That is all part of the journey of course, because if it were EASY, then EVERYONE would do it.

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Gp & Health Professionals

As a GP, you are likely to be the first health professional a person with an eating disorder or carer will come in contact with. A GPs role in the treatment of eating disorders can include prevention, identification, medical management in a primary care setting and referral .

EDQ is a self-referral clinic. GPs are welcome to send referral paperwork or GP reports to EDQ , and we will keep it on file until such time as the client reaches out. We do not have the capacity to contact each client that is referred to us.

Certified Eating Psychology Coach

Will I Get Fat When I Stop Restricting?

I also trained at the Institute for the Psychology of Eating , the worlds leading school for Nutritional Psychology. In IPEs internationally acclaimed program, I learned powerful tools and protocols, enabling me to work with weight issues, body image challenges, overeating, binge eating and a variety of nutrition related health concerns, such as digestion, fatigue, and mood. My work combines the powerful fields of Dynamic Eating Psychology and Mind-Body Nutrition, which were developed and originated by Marc David, M.A., Founder for IPE.

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Eating Disorder Recovery & food Freedom Coaching

Move further, faster with an eating disorder recovery coach. As a result, you will heal your relationship with food and your body. Coaching is for people ready to say goodbye to disordered eating and the darkness that goes with it. You will ultimately learn to love the body youre in and make peace with food.

If you havent found lasting eating disorder help, you are not alone. Thats exactly why this coaching program was created. Choose the eating disorder you are struggling with for a coaching program designed specifically for you.

Anorexia Coaching if you find yourself obsessing over calories, weight loss, intake and other food rituals, coaching can help simplify recovery.

Bulimia Coaching if you find yourself stuck in a binge purge cycle and feels impossible to get out of, explore how an eating disorder recovery coach can help get you unstuck.

Binge Eating Coaching if you feel like you cant trust yourself, are addicted to food and the ritual of binging, learn more about working with a coach.

Emotional Eating Coaching if you find yourself turning to food in times of stress and negative emotions to help numb unwanted feelings, consider a food coach.

Wellness Coaching if you are looking to make yourself and your mental wellness a priority so you can show up more fully at work or at home, this is for you.

Digital Coaching if are looking for eating disorder treatment but dont have money or the time, learn about online eating disorder coaching.

Two Involves Letting Go Of The Fear Of Hunger Cues

You may actually have a fear of your hunger cues. In diet culture we learn that our natural cues for hunger are to be tamed and controlled, certainly not trusted or obeyed. We learn that our hunger is bad. Diet culture tells us that we should eat light foods that take the edge off so we dont feel the hungerwithout actually giving ourselves the nutrition and satiety we need. Maybe we take diet pills to suppress our hunger, or google ways to trick our bodies into not giving us hunger cues. Tanking up on diet soda and caffeinated drinks, chewing excessive gum, fasting: all are ways Ive seen clients hold off their hunger.

But why would you want to suppress your hunger cues?

Our hunger cues are the way that our bodies communicate with us. When we shut them off we are in essence telling our bodies I dont care about you and what you need. Im doing this my way. The trouble is that our bodies dont stop having needs. So they find other ways to communicate with us. Maybe its headaches or tiredness or a weakened immune system or cravings or binge eating or weight gain.

Yes, you read that right, weight gain, not loss. When youre not eating enough, your body is being taught to hold on to every bit of energy it can because you might be in a starvation situationit never knows when the next morsel of food is coming!

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Virtual Eating Disorder Recovery Coaching

In need of additional help within Eating Disorder recovery?

Do you sense you have a troublesome relationship with your food and body, but dont know where to start?

Struggling with body image and finding freedom with food?!

Do you find yourself constantly dieting, or engaging in online challenges?

Sometimes you just need additional support, and an Eating Disorder recovery coach may be the next step!

Are you currently in treatment for an Eating Disorder and desire extra support, and/or a professional advocate?

Do you desire having a healthy and positive relationship with your body, and food?

Are you a loved one of someone within Eating Disorder treatment and/or recovery? Or maybe you just want a boost in your overall self-worth! Youve come to the right place!

Just want a 1 on 1 with Jayne?

After Our Call You Will:

5 Lessons of Self Growth by Eating Disorder Recovery Coach

know the 5 Secrets to fill your coaching practice with the ideal coaching clients

be clear on what separates the great eating disorder coaches from the rest

understand the two most important keys to motivating clients to take action in their recovery

get the agenda for my 16-week eating disorder coaching training program showing you how to build a meaningful business doing what you love, how to serve your clients in the best way possible, and how to design a program that gets your clients from eating disorder hell to freedom

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You Feel Like There Is A Battle Going On Inside Of Your Mind Because One Part Of You Secretly Craves And Loves The Eating Disorder But Another Part Of You Doesn’t Want To Engage In It At All And Feels It Is Wrong Or Out Of Alignment With Who You Truly Are

You also have experienced going in and out of treatment many times, or have been seeking help for many years 5, 10, 20, even 30 years or more, but NOTHING has worked. Even as you have made so much progress, and come SO FAR from where you used to be, there is still that feeling of unrest, of extreme anxiety and fear that creeps in and the only thing that temporarily relieves it is when you use the eating disorder. And so you hold on to it because it is safe, it is comfortable, and it feels what is natural and normal to you because youve had it for so long.

But there comes a time in your life when you realize that you know in your heart that you can have more. You have a deep desire to overcome this monster that has lived inside of you for most of your life, and there is a part of you however small there is still a part that speaks and knows that you are MEANT to overcome this. That you can break free from it. That it is a part of your path to figure out how to move past it so that you can truly live a life that you can only imagine. A life of freedom and joy and without limits, without the eating disorder holding you back.

You Suddenly Realize That You Have Become Everything You Have Wanted To Be As The Process Unfolds Beautifully Around You You Begin To Feel A Sense Of Real Gratitude And Appreciation For Who You Are

That everything you have been through that has been difficult, scary and challenging has all served as great lessons for you to be able to grow, learn and evolve.

You have an overflowing sense of love for yourself that youve never even comprehended before and you find with this feeling a deeper sense of peace, wellbeing, contentedness and joy.

You have found your way. Through this experience, you realize that If I can recover from my eating disorder, then I can do ANYTHING!

You are a limitless being, and you realize that this is only the beginning of an even greater journey that all began with the great gift of learning to live without your eating disorder.

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The First Step Is To Become Aware Of Your Body

You can practice this throughout your day, without any connection to food. The next time youre at work, notice where your body is. How does it feel sitting in the chair? What signals are you getting from your body? Do you feel tired? Energetic? Where in your body do you feel these sensations?

How do your feet feel? How does your bum feel sitting in your chair? How about your neck? Your forehead?

And, rather than just beginning to notice discomfort, which is what usually gets our attention, can you notice good feelings too? A lightness or aliveness in your arms for instance?

As you begin to have more awareness of your body overall, it will become easier to notice signals of hunger and fullness.

What Is Possible To Achieve After Recovery Coaching:


NO MORE FOOD OBSESSIONS OR STRESS OVER FOOD! // Have a mental freedom to enjoy your life with no excessive food thoughts or constant mental hunger. Overcome fear foods and stress over eating.

RECOVER NORMAL HUNGER CUES & INTUITIVE EATING! // Get back in tuned with your body and your normal hunger cues. Be able to trust and listen to your body! Restore a normal relationship with food.

RECOVER YOUR PHYSICAL & MENTAL HEALTH! // Get back your period, recover your hormonal and metabolic health. Restore your bodys natural weight and health. Heal the relationship with your body and yourself!

START FOCUSING ON FULLY LIVING AND ENJOYING YOUR LIFE! // With no more disordered eating or eating disorders, you can live your life to the fullest and focus on what really is important to you – your family and friends, your goals and dreams, your present and your future!

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Level V Certification: Eating Disorder Specialistthis 100


Only 5 people are selected for apprenticeships each semester . This exclusive program is customized to meet your specific needs, based on your current experience with eating disorders and your future goals. Join Dr. Dorie for this exciting and effective opportunity to become an EDIT Certified Level V Eating Disorder Specialist! Its like getting a PhD from the EDIT Training Institute LLC, with Dr. Dorie as your Personal Professor and Committee Chair!

Eating Disorder Nutritionists Certification And Licensing

An eating disorder nutritionist will, first and foremost, be either a registered dietitian nutritionist or a licensed nutritionist . They may also be certified by a specialty certification agency, the most common one being the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals . The most common certification for nutritionists is the Registered Dietitian-Certified in Eating Disorders . Requirements to receive this certification are:

  • Must have a minimum of a bachelors degree in nutrition and/or dietetics and completion of an ACEND-accredited Dietetic Internship program
  • Must have passed the Commission on Dietetic Registration exam and have earned Registered Dietitian credentials
  • Must have 2500 supervised patient care hours directly in the eating disorder field managed by an IAEDP-approved supervisor
  • Must have completed the following core courses, available online at
  • Introduction to Eating Disorders
  • Treatment Modalities of Eating Disorders
  • Medical Aspects of Eating Disorders
  • Nutritional Guidelines for Eating Disorders
  • Must pass the IAEDP Certification Exam
  • Must document the following continuing education requirements:
  • 6 hours in body image, weight and food issues
  • 6 hours in abnormal psychology/addictions
  • 6 hours in counseling/psychotherapy
  • Must complete a 1500-word Case Study of a patient you actually treated
  • International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals
  • Attention: Certification Application
  • P.O. Box 1295
  • Pekin, IL 61555-1295
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    You Can Have Your Cake And Eat It Too

    Therapeutically oriented coaching works to combine some principles from both coaching and therapy, which means that likely, youll encounter key tenets of counseling with some of the future-orientation of coaching .

    These are mental health professionals, such as myself, that have both therapeutic and coaching training and are prepared to utilize those appropriately as you need them.

    Why is that awesome? This is a #twobirdsonestone kinda situation, meaning your time may be more effectively spent building relationship with one person who can support you in both healing the past and soaring successfully into your future.

    Considering that a huge amount of success in therapy is credited to the therapeutic alliance , being able to get more from the same person wont just save you time, but also potentially is the difference between a few sessions of planning versus long-lasting growth and change!

    Employment Projections For Eating Disorder Nutritionists

    Eating Disorder Recovery Coaches

    The U.S. Department of Labors Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that jobs for nutritionists and dietitians will rise by eight percent across the country between 2019 and 2029. This growth rate is faster than the average projected growth rate for other occupations. It is expected that there will remain a need for eating disorder nutritionists, as concerns about body image, weight and wellness remain prevalent in society.

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    Coaching & Therapy: Comparing The Two Types Of Support

    Therapy is typically about the WHY of the eating disorder, however, therapists also work with the HOW throughout therapy. Most people who recover long-term say that exploring the underlying concerns or what we call at the CCI, the real issues, was essential to becoming fully recovered. Therapists are trained to work in depth with issues such as early childhood emotional neglect and complex trauma, low self-worth, sexual abuse and co-existing issues such as anxiety and depression. You can see in my infographic below some of the real issues underlying eating disorders that are explored in therapy.

    Coaching is an excellent resource for working with the HERE, NOW & HOW of recovery. A CCI Coach can be with you out in the real world where therapists typically cant be. For example, coaches can shop for clothes or supermarket items, attend a dance class or eat with you at home or at a restaurant. Some coaches even live in with clients after a stint in an eating disorder treatment centre.

    My recommendation is that if you are seeking eating disorder recovery, at some stage, you will need a team of practitioners these will include a psychotherapist, a coach and a dietitian!

    Its important when choosing that you research the therapist or coachs experience within the eating disorder field, their specific training, credentials, clinical supervision, ongoing professional development and registration with a peak body e.g. for therapists in Australia, thats PACFA/ARCAP.

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