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How To Get 100 Disability From The Va For Ptsd

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Can I Get Iu If My Ptsd Rating Is Less Than 70%

How to Get a 100% PTSD VA Rating

If a veterans PTSD rating is less than 70% he can still receive IU. Even when the veteran doesnt have other ratings that combine to 70% the veteran can qualify for extraschedular IU. Unemployability turns on whether the veterans PTSD keeps him from working. For example, the veteran who has a 50% rating for PTSD and he calls in sick to work frequently. He will probably lose his job. His PTSD would make him eligible for unemployability. This veteran should argue he is entitled to IU on an extraschedular basis. For extraschedular ratings, the Regional Office refers the case to the Director of Compensation and Pension. The ROs referral must include the following:

  • a full statement as to the veterans service-connected disabilities
  • employment history
  • educational and vocational attainment
  • other factors bearing on the issue (like Social Security Records

An extraschedular IU process for PTSD or any disability can take a long time. Rarely does the RO include all of the above. Unfortunately, these cases are rarely granted. Ask to review the file if your extraschedular rating is denied

Fortify The Veterans Occupational Disabilities

Sometimes PTSD ratings are often focused more on social factors instead of occupational factors.

The challenges you face concerning your capacity to work and earn a substantial, gainful living is at the core of your VA disability claim. When we file for increased ratings, we develop a strong case centered on occupational factors in addition to social issues. Credible evidence that demonstrates the frequency, severity, and duration of psychiatric symptoms is what it takes to support a claim that your PTSD symptoms impair your ability to obtain and keep steady work.

Appeal The Decision Or File A New Claim

The most straightforward approach is to appeal VAs decision on the original claim. You have up to one year after the first rating has been assigned to do so. If its been past one year, you can simply file a new claim. In either case, its strongly recommended that you present more evidence to bolster your claim and improve your chances of a more favorable decision.

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Qualifying For Disability Benefits With Ptsd

The Social Security Administration has a guide that lists the requirements for particular impairments to qualify for disability benefits known as the Blue Book or the Disability Evaluation Under Social Security. Chapter 12 of the Blue Book is related to mental conditions and section 12.06 Anxiety-related Disorders describes the requirements needed for an individual to qualify with PTSD. An applicant with PTSD filing for disability benefits must satisfy the severity levels for requirements A and B or requirements A and C.

Applicant must have documentation of one of the following:

  • Persistent severe anxiety with various symptoms
  • Reoccurring, intrusive, stressful memories of a traumatic event
  • Consistent irrational fear of a particular object or situation
  • Reoccurring severe panic attacks happening on average once a week
  • Consistent compulsions or obsessions that causes distress

Applicant must have documentation of at least two of the following:

  • Difficulty with maintaining social functioning
  • Difficulty with maintaining concentration, persistence or pace
  • Repeated episodes of decompensation of extended length

Requirement C

Applicant must have medical evidence that proves they are completely unable to function independently anywhere outside the area of his or her home.

What Happens If You Miss Your C& p Exam

How to get 100 VA disability from the VA for PTSD

If you miss the examination for any reason, submit a letter to the VA explaining the situation and why you were not able to attend on the day of the exam. If you miss an exam, it will likely negatively impact your claim for disability benefits, so be sure to attend the first appointment for proper compensation & pension!

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Additional Proof And Paperwork Requirements

If at any point the SSA asks for additional information or proof of disability from you, you need to respond to their requests quickly. Many people have their disability terminated every year not because they got better, but because the SSA is unable to determine whether they have a disability or not. If you do not respond to the SSAs requests for information, they might claim that they cannot determine whether you are still disabled, and they might terminate your benefits because of it. In some cases, you may need to work with a lawyer or get medical help to fill out the documents, which could take more time.

Work with a lawyer to get the extensions you need and to fill out any necessary paperwork to avoid having your benefits terminated. Get in touch with our Fayetteville, AR termination of benefits lawyer immediately if your benefits have been terminated or if your application for disability benefits was denied in Arkansas.

How To Determine Your Monthly Va Disability Payment

To determine your monthly disability payment, navigate to the table below that fits your disability rating, marital and dependent status. Once you’re on the correct table, follow your rating across to your specific marital and dependent status.

If you have additional children or a spouse receiving Aid and Attendance benefits, you should include these figures from the added amounts table.

Jump directly to the tables here:

$3,802.99 $3,952.08

You may qualify for more depending on if your spouse receives Aid and Attendance benefits and the number of children you have. View the added amounts table here and how to calculate.

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How To Increase Va Disability Rating For Ptsd In 3 Steps

In this post, Im sharing my simple, 3-step process so disabled veterans with a current PTSD rating can learn how to increase VA disability rating for PTSD in less time.

Hi Veterans, Brian Reese here, VA disability claim expert, and founder of VA Claims Insider.

In the past 3 years, Ive seen over 5,000 VA claims for PTSD and I can tell you that in order to get a higher VA rating for PTSD, you MUST follow a 3-step process to increase your rating in less time.

But, first, I want to tell you my #1 PTSD VA claim secret

VA ratings for PTSD depend upon the severity of your mental health symptoms over time, specifically your level of occupational and social impairment.

How is your PTSD currently affecting your work, life, andsocial functioning?

If youre trying to increase VA disability rating for PTSD, you must be prepared to talk about it in detail.

In general, the more severe a veterans mental health symptoms are, the higher the VA rating for PTSD they will receive.

Appealing For Your 100 Percent Va Disability Rating For Ptsd

Winning 100% VA Unemployability for PTSD: TDIU

If you have received your VA Rating Decision letter and you are either rated too low or denied, you can appeal. Remember, you only have one year from the date the VA made the decision to file your PTSD VA disability benefits appeal.

If your Rating Decision was made over a year ago and your condition has worsened, you can file for a VA Disability PTSD rating increase. Essentially you are telling the VA that PTSD is now affecting your life more than it was when you received your previous rating.

If you are appealing to receive a 100 percent VA disability rating for PTSD, make sure you have included all your service-connected conditions that are not rated correctly. The VA can consider all your appealed impairments at one time.

If you need help with your 100 percent VA disability rating for PTSD appeal, talk to Woods & Woods VA disability compensation lawyers for free. We never charge veterans for PTSD claim consultations. Our law firm has successfully filed thousands of PTSD appeals. For help, .

I appreciate the work you did on my case, it took a long time but it did happen and I am now waiting for my next monthly check, I am trying to get on e benefits so I can track the payments.

Thanks to all the team members who applied their hard work for me.

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About Va Claims Insider

VA Claims insider is an education-based coaching/consulting company. Were here for disabled veterans exploring eligibility for increased VA disability benefits and who wish to learn more about that process. We also connect veterans with independent medical professionals in our referral network for medical examinations, disability evaluations, and credible independent medical opinions and nexus statements for a wide range of disability conditions.

This Process Starts With Earning A 100% Disability Rating

If you are a veteran that has received a va disability claim denial, you can speak with. Review va disability benefits eligibility criteria to find out if you can get disability compensation for an illness or injury that was caused byor got worse because ofyour active military service. The rating is expressed as a percentage, representing how much the disability decreases the veterans health and ability to function.

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How To Get 100 Va Disability

How To Get 100 Va Disability. Get dbq forms completed for conditions already service connected. join va claims insider elite, get instant access to the elite experience portal and $13,119 worth of proprietary va claim resources today, and obtain.

To win your 100 percent va disability rating for ptsd, you will need to submit evidence that backs up your va claims. The first is by having one or more disabilities that add up to a 100% disability rating. How to increase va disability from 90 to 100 tip #3:


Compensation may include financial support and other benefits like health care. The most basic prerequisites require that veterans have:


You will make your argument to the va through evidence like service records and medical records. However, with the help of a competent and caring attorney, you can make a strong case for a high rating from the va.


The first is by having one or more disabilities that add up to a 100% disability rating. Fellow disabled veterans, if youve ever wondered about the best way to get 100 va disability, listen up, because this expert guide is for you!.


Tdiu stands for total disability based on individual unemployability. What is a va disability benefit questionnaire ?


Get a 100% rating for a single disability. Join va claims insider elite, get instant access to the elite experience portal and $13,119 wo.

How Common Is Ptsd In Veterans

How To Get 100 Percent Va Rating For Ptsd

PTSD is not something to feel ashamed of. Military service takes extreme bravery and courage, but no matter how courageous someone is, no one can endure intense combat without being affected. According to the VA, PTSD is common among Veterans, affecting both men and women in high numbers.

Women serving in the military have recently been diagnosed with PTSD in higher numbers. This increase in PTSD diagnoses may be due to the increase of servicewomen involvement in intense combat in the last few decades. In addition, many women on the frontlines in the war in Afghanistan were left with military sexual trauma . Sexual trauma often leads to PTSD for many men and women, regardless of whether it is endured in childhood or adulthood.

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Help For Ptsd: When And How To Get It

If you are a Veteran struggling with symptoms that you think may be related to PTSD, visit your local VA center or get a referral to a psychologist for a diagnosis. To receive a PTSD diagnosis, you will need to take an in-depth assessment by a mental health professional. Honesty is key when you take your PTSD assessment. Dont downplay your symptoms. This could cause the VA to assign a rating that is lower than you deserve.

Once you have received a PTSD diagnosis from a professional, you can start treatment. PTSD is a struggle, but treatments tend to be highly effective in many circumstances, particularly medication and therapy.

Counseling for PTSD can be a major help in the recovery process. A licensed mental health professional can help you process and unpack your trauma in a safe environment through the use of one of several highly effective forms of counseling. Multiple forms of therapy can effectively treat PTSD, including cognitive behavioral therapy and prolonged exposure therapy.

Through a combination of consistent therapy and taking an SSRI, you can see significant improvements in your PTSD symptoms.

What If A Veteran Exhibits Symptoms Of Two Ptsd Ratings

Where two evaluations may apply, the VA must grant the higher evaluation if the disability picture is closer to that higher rating. Otherwise, the VA will assign the lower rating. If a veteran fits criteria for both the 50% and 70% ratings, the VA should grant the 70 percent rating.

Similarly, there is the issue of IU and PTSD. If a veteran has a 70% PTSD rating and does not meet the 100% rating, his PTSD could cause IU. If that is the case, then the VA should grant 100% through IU for the PTSD.

Symptoms that the VA considers when rating PTSD include, but are not limited to:

  • impairment in thought processes or communication
  • grossly inappropriate behavior

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Va Rating Criteria For Ptsd

With the exception of eating disorders, VA regulates all mental health conditions on the same criteria. Mental health conditions may be rated at 0, 10, 30, 50, 70, or 100 percent under VAs General Rating Formula for Mental Disorders . The requirements for service connection at each rating level are listed below.

  • 100% total occupational and social impairment, due to such symptoms as:
  • gross impairment in thought processes or communication persistent delusions or hallucinations grossly inappropriate behavior persistent danger of hurting self or others intermittent inability to perform activities of daily living disorientation to time or place memory loss for names of close relatives, own occupation, or own name
  • 70% occupational and social impairment, with deficiencies in most areas, such as work, school, family relations, judgment, thinking, or mood, due to such symptoms as:
  • suicidal ideation obsessional rituals which interfere with routine activities speech intermittently illogical, obscure, or irrelevant near-continuous panic or depression affecting the ability to function independently, appropriately and effectively impaired impulse control spatial disorientation neglect of personal appearance and hygiene difficulty in adapting to stressful circumstances inability to establish and maintain effective relationships
  • 50% occupational and social impairment with reduced reliability and productivity due to such symptoms as:
  • So How Do We Fix Ptsd Va Disability Fraud

    How To Get 100% PTSD VA Rating

    Im a Soldier. As a Soldier, Ive been taught not just to identify a problem, but to propose a solution. So I asked John, Dr. Frueh, and Mr. Burkett for solutions to PTSD VA disability fraud.

    John answered, The number of veterans so emotionally disabled by combat they cant work is minuscule compared to the number of veterans with treatable trauma-related conditions who dont need disability compensation. Unfortunately, both these groups are dwarfed by the huge number of charlatans gaming the system. The fakers feed the stereotype of the emotionally crippled combat veteran, which makes people assume all combat veterans have PTSD, which makes life harder for the majority of war veterans who lead normal lives without being obnoxious, insincere blowhards. The enemy, then, is this stereotype, which can be fought by combat veterans who arent on disability, and by mental health experts who work with combat veterans to give good information to the public and make those promoting the stereotype uncomfortable.

    Dr. Fruehs suggestions were more technical and clinical. Two of them were to require deeper military records reviews of all VA Compensation and Pension applications and to deny financial benefits to veterans identified as malingering or overreporting symptoms.

    Mr. Burketts solution was much more succinct:

    And heres my solution:

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    Do Not Exaggerate Your Symptoms

    Weve seen several C& P exams where the examiner accuses the veteran of malingering, or exaggerating his or her symptoms. Often, this is NOT the case. However, if an examiner BELIEVES you are malingering, it may affect the entire report. Doctors use exams, such as the MMPI, on veterans who they think are malingering. This will obviously negatively affect your claim.

    Ready To Make A Claim 3 Steps To Presenting A Strong Va Ptsd Claim

    Now that you know how the VA rates PTSD, its important to understand some best practices for making a claim. Keep in mind that PTSD claims can complicate the already confusing and murky claims process. Even with the new regulations passed in 2010 that make it easier for veterans with PTSD to qualify for VA benefits, a veteran with a PTSD claim will face unique challenges.

    There are three requirements that make up a claim for PTSD:

  • A current diagnosis
  • A link between the current diagnosis and stressor
  • So, you can make a strong claim by presenting these three requirements.

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    Best Way To Get 100 Va Disability: The Experts Guide

    Fellow disabled veterans, if youve ever wondered about the best way to get 100 VA disability, listen up, because this expert guide is for you!

    Brian Reese here, VA disability claim expert, CEO @ Military Disability MadeEasy and founder @ VAClaims Insider.

    Today Ill be breaking down the best way to get 100 VAdisability using tips, strategies, and lessons learned from helping over 5,000disabled veterans increase their VA disability rating through oureducation-based resources.

    Oh, and just so you know, these VA disability increase strategieswork regardless of your current VA rating, but especially if youre wonderinghow to increase VA disability from 80 to 100 and how to increase VA disabilityfrom 90 to 100.

    Types Of Disability Benefits In Arkansas For Victims Of Ptsd

    How To Get 100 Disability From The Va For Ptsd : Va ...

    If your PTSD meets the criteria set by the Social Security Administration, you will be eligible to receive ongoing benefits. Since PTSD and other disabilities can prevent those suffering from it from being able to work to be able to pay for rent, groceries, and other necessities, disability payments are meant to replace the lost income through the SSDI program.

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