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Is Weed Good For Anxiety And Panic Attacks

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Growth Of Amnesia Haze

The ONLY Way To Overcome Weed Induced Anxiety & Panic Attacks For Good

The plants of Amnesia Haze borrow their height, production, and large buds from their dominant Sativa parents. These plants do well, both indoors and outdoors. The flowering period takes about 84 to 91 days, after which you can harvest large buds.

For an outdoor grower, you can expect to harvest your marijuana in mid-September or October.

However, growing Amnesia Haze is quite the task. You need to provide Mediterranean and sunny conditions, which are considerably harder to replicate, for it to grow. These plants are also sensitive to both pests and bugs, which makes it a challenge to grow them outside.

Typical Effects of Amnesia Haze

How To Grow Cannatonic

Cannatonic is one of the best choices of marijuana strains for treating anxiety. Being a top-notch plant, it requires about 9-10 weeks for its flowering period.

However, you cannot compare its resistance to mold and mildew to strains like Durban Poison. Therefore, you need to grow it in a controlled humidity and temperature setting.

Airflow is crucial when growing Cannatonic. And with the options, it becomes easier to plant this marijuana strain indoors, where you can control the factors. However, when grown outside, the plants are usually ready for harvesting by early October.

Since this plant is susceptible to mold and mildew, you should grow it indoors. However, keep an eye on the levels of humidity and temperatures to ensure productive growth.

With all these factors considered, it is not that simple to grow Cannatonic. Hence, it is not a good strain for beginners as it can easily frustrate you.

Growth Of White Widow

White Widow thrives in both indoor and outdoor environments. They grow into short plants with green leaves. At maturity, you notice white crystal covered buds. On average, it takes about 56-63 days for full-grown flowers to be ready for harvest.

At the end of these 63 days, your plants will be relatively rich in terpenes and cannabinoids. And since it does not need a controlled climate to grow, it makes for a perfect species to try out as a beginner marijuana farmer.

For an outdoor farmer, you can expect to start harvesting your marijuana from late September to mid-October when growing in mild temperate conditions.

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What Is Anxiety Disorder

One of the most common mental disorders, anxiety comes in many forms. For some, it rears its head as generalized anxiety disorder, an all-encompassing and constant feeling of fear and dread. Others may experience panic attacks that come on for no particular reason. During a panic attack, they may experience racing thoughts, an increased heart rate, tightness of the chest, sweaty palms and dizziness. Also common is social anxiety a condition that creates an irrational fear of interacting with other people in social settings.

Everyone experiences anxiety from time to time, but for people who suffer from anxiety disorder, it can become crushing and nearly crippling. Despite its prevalence, nearly two-thirds of adults who struggle with anxiety fail to receive treatment. Those who do are typically prescribed medications.

Symptoms Of Panic Disorders

Cannabis And Anxiety Erik Messamore Md Phd

Panic attacks are strong, sudden feelings of fear characterized by four or more of the following symptoms:

  • Sweating
  • Feeling of being smothered or shortness of breath
  • Feeling detached or unreal
  • Tingling or numbness in your body
  • A choking feeling
  • A fear of going crazy or losing control
  • A fear of dying

Panic attacks typically pass after between five and 10 minutes, but severe episodes can persist for hours. During an attack, you may feel as though youre having a stroke or heart attack. Individuals having an attack often end up in the emergency room because of this.

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How To Prevent Future Panic Attacks While High

For those that have had marijuana anxiety and wish to prevent panic attacks in the future, here are a few steps you can take to make sure you get the full benefit of your medicinal choice without any of the undesirable effects:;

  • Check your dosage. Marijuana anxiety and panic attacks while high are often induced by having too much THC. The biphasic effect of cannabinoids suggests that having just enough and having too much can mean the difference between euphoria and panic.
  • If you ingest it, remember that your liver turns it into 11-Hydroxy-THC, an active metabolite that is more psychoactive and longer-lasting than smoking. Always wait two hours between edible doses to know the effect and make sure you dont consume too much.

  • Keep CBD around. Again, the counteractive effects on THC make this something to keep handy. Be sure youre getting a good quality CBD oil from a reputable source.
  • Take low paranoia strains. Some strains of marijuana offer a more relaxing high and less of the anxiety and paranoia. These include ACDC, Jack Herer, Canna-Tsu, Jillybean, and Remedy.
  • Most importantly, always consult with your marijuana physician. Doctors who specialize in medical marijuana help patients to battle anxiety every day, and possess a great deal of knowledge and experience in its effects.

    What To Keep In Mind When Trying Marijuana Strains For Anxiety

    As you go through this list and experiment with different strains, take note of which cannabinoids and terpenes your body gravitates towards for anxiety relief. That will make it easier to identify the types of strains you should try going forward.

    And last of all, we encourage you to keep your doctor in the loop if you choose to use cannabis therapeutically, especially if there are treatment or medication interactions to consider.

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    How Do You Know You Have Anxiety

    Symptoms of anxiety often interfere with your daily activities. Only a licensed mental health professional can correctly diagnose anxiety. And the diagnosis should not be taken lightly, as a progressed state could result in depression and other psychiatric conditions.

    Anxiety is a feeling of unease.

    Types Of Panic Disorders

    Weed panic attacks and anxiety attacks! Quit suffering now !

    There are six primary types of panic disorders.

  • Panic Disorder Characterized by Panic Attacks or Anxiety
  • Two main characteristics of panic disorder are worry and fear. Although theres no real danger, people affected still experience physical reactions like heavy breathing, nausea and shaking, as if theres some immediate threat. They constantly worry about when their next attack will spring on them.

  • Phobias
  • Individuals who have phobias fear specific activities, objects and scenarios to an excessive degree. Their fear is often out of proportion, even though the things theyre worried about dont pose any danger. Some examples include fear of insects, heights and snakes. Individuals with phobias usually go to great lengths to avoid the things theyre frightened of, and this often worsens their condition.

  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder
  • When youre troubled by potentially harmful things but the likelihood of them occurring is not great, youre said to have a generalized anxiety disorder. You might feel worried all the time under these conditions without any justification. Your anxiousness is so abnormal it hinders your ability to unwind or carry out your daily routines.

  • Social Anxiety Disorder
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
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    A Good Study That Shows No Association Between Cannabis And Anxiety

    Finally, in the midst of all the studies that claim that marijuana has either negative or positive effects, there is one very good French study of regular users of marijuana that found that there is no significant association between the level of state anxiety and cannabis use in daily life.

    The same study also found no evidence for either an anxiolytic or anxiogenic effect of cannabis in daily life. In other words, they found no evidence that marijuana use reduces or increases anxiety in people who regularly smoke marijuana.

    More Ways To Take Cbd For Anxiety

    If youre using CBD for regular management of anxiety, a sublingual oil or spray may be a better option than inhalation. When administered under the tongue, some of the cannabinoids can absorb through the mucous membrane and go straight to the bloodstream. According to a 2003 paper published in the Journal of Cannabis Therapeutics, sublingual oils will take more time to start working but the effects will also last longer compared to inhalation.

    Finally, you can take CBD orally in the form of an edible or supplement capsule. These are the slowest delivery methods as the authors of a 2003 study published in Clinical Pharmacokinetics wrote, Following oral ingestion, psychotropic effects set in with a delay of 30 to 90 minutes reach their maximum after 2 to 3 hours. The upside to taking a capsule or edible is that once they do start working, the effects could last as long as 12 hours, according to the same study.;

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    Which Medical Marijuana Products Are Best For Treating Anxiety

    Which medical marijuana product is best for treating anxiety depends on the patient and the type of anxiety.

    For generalized anxiety disorder that comes and goes throughout the day, cannabis-infused edibles are best as they tend to have a slower onset time but longer-lasting relief. This is also true for those suffering from social anxiety.;

    A cannabis-infused edible such as gummy candy or capsules taken about an hour before social activity can help reduce social anxiety. However, dont use too much or you can make it worse.

    For anxiety types that come on suddenly such as PTSD and panic attacks, inhalation works best. Inhalation provided almost instant effects. Inhalation methods include smoking dried cannabis flower, vaporizing dried flower, oils, or concentrates, and using inhalers that deliver purified THC and/or CBD.

    For those that dont want to inhale their medicine, tinctures are the second-fastest onset time. Tinctures are oils or alcohol-based preparations that are held under the tongue and absorbed directly into the bloodstream via capillaries in the mouth.

    Legal Regulations For Medical Cannabis

    Does Marijuana Help With Anxiety

    Once a well-established and widespread treatment modality, the federal government began placing sanctions on the sale and cultivation of cannabis in 1937, with concerns about its psychoactive effects leading to its prohibition and classification as a Schedule I controlled substance in 1970 2.; Today, cannabis containing THC continues to be considered a prohibited substance under federal law, however, state legislators have found loopholes in the governing of cannabis use for both medical and recreational use. Beginning with Californias Compassionate Use Act in 1996, today only four states – Idaho, Kansas, Nebraska, and South Dakota – have opted to not follow on the lingering smoke trail that is the legalization of cannabis in some capacity.; Thirty-two states, along with Washington D.C., Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, have departed from the federal government to impose their own individual laws and restrictions around the sale and use of medical cannabis, but the conditions for which medical treatment is approved varies from state to state27.

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    Still Terps Always Matter

    While more research is needed to find an anti-anxiety chemotype, Lantela argues that the study still had some important takeaways.

    This study demonstrated that patients;choices for strains was not random, and the choices were correlated to specific terpene content, he says, adding that the study also suggests that patients respond differently to different strains depending on their biochemistry.

    His advice to patients looking for an anti-anxiety strain?

    Everyone is different, so keep trying different strains until you find one that works best for you.

    Which strains jack up your anxiety? For us its GG4. You? Comment below!

    Using Medical Marijuana For Anxiety In Florida

    The treatment and relief of anxiety disorders are among the top reasons why Florida medical marijuana patients turn to cannabis.;

    The short answer as to whether or not anxiety disorders qualify patients for a medical marijuana card in the state is, yes.;

    If a Florida medical marijuana doctor certifies a diagnosis of any anxiety disorder then you are eligible for a Florida medical marijuana card.;

    However, you cant just walk in and claim that you are suffering from anxiety and be granted a card.;

    Before the doctor approves you for medical marijuana he or she will question you about the symptoms that youve been experiencing. Well go over the symptoms of anxiety below.

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    Exploring The Evidence Of Medical Cannabis For Panic Disorders

    A study performed by Vanderbilt University researchers shows the potential of and its related anxiety effects. In mice, the researchers found cannabinoid receptors monitor the flight-or-fight response and anxiety in the brains emotional hub. They claim this is the first time these receptors have been identified in the amygdala brain region in mice models.

    Although there is an abundance of anxiety medications, such as sedatives and SSRIs, those patients who arent happy often look for something more fast-acting and natural with less harsh side effects. For most of these patients, marijuana is the answer. Theres sound science behind cannabis containing compounds that work to reduce anxiety at a cellular level when dosed properly.

    Animal and cell studies, patient self-reports and human trials all show marijuana causes sedation, leading to a decrease in anxiety in many patients. Certain studies involving healthy participants and animal models show CBD has anxiolytic-like effects and decreases anxiety in individuals who are struggling with social anxiety disorder.

    Another study reports pretreatment with CBD reduced cognitive impairment, anxiety and speech performance discomfort, decreasing anticipatory speech alert significantly.

    Individuals with social phobia who used CBD experienced reduced discomfort, cognitive impairment and anxiety when asked to participate in a simulated public speaking situation.

    Multiple factors contribute to cannabiss effect on anxiety, including:

    Growth Of Durban Poison

    medical marijuana and anxiety

    Durban Poison is a highly vegetative plant. And that being said, you must grow it in a place with enough room. So, when cultivating it in an indoor garden, take note of the spacing between the plants. Make sure you create space for the side branches.

    When grown outside, that is when you let the plant reach its maximum size. And regardless of where you grow it, you need to offer enough support for the dense buds produced by Durban Poison.

    Durban Poison flowers in about 14-16 weeks, which means an outdoor grower can get their harvest from mid-September to October.

    If you are a beginner looking to start growing your weed to treat anxiety, then Durban Poison is an excellent strain, to begin with. It is relatively simple to cultivate and often gives high yields. Furthermore, Durban Poison is resistant to bugs, pests, mildew, and mold. Legally grow your own weed for anxiety treatment.

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    The Link Between Weed & Panic Attacks

    A 2010 study published on Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology looked at panic behaviors in adults in the United States who use marijuana. It accounted for various factors, such as age, income, race, education, and socioeconomic status.

    After accounting for these factors, the study concluded that marijuana use is indeed correlated to an increased likelihood of experiencing a panic attack.

    In fact, the study found that people who smoke weed for a long time were likely to have been diagnosed with panic disorders. Some people even resort to marijuana to treat their generalized anxiety disorder.

    Does Medical Marijuana Help With Panic Attacks

    Its not the marijuana that is causing the anxiety.; There is something going on in your life that is messing with you.; You need to figure it out. And deal with whatever it is.;; That will stop your panic attacks.; In the meantime, stop using marijuana!;;; If you think you will have a problem if you smoke marijuana, then you probably will.; If you still get a panic attack, then it is not the marijuana.

    Try using a whole plant extract and make yourself a tincture.; Use an indica x hybrid.; A drop under the tongue is the best way to administer the tincture.; If you make your own medicine, you will know about the quality of the product.; Use the highest proof alcohol you can get:; Everclear or 151 Rum are two good choices.;


    US Institute of MedicineThe ‘high’ associated with marijuana is not generally claimed to be integral to its therapeutic value. But mood enhancement, anxiety reduction, and mild sedation can be desirable qualities in medications particularly for patients suffering pain and anxiety.; Thus, although the psychological effects of marijuana are merely side effects in the treatment of some symptoms, they might contribute directly to relief of other symptoms.

    Modified according to: Marsicano G, et al. The endogenous cannabinoid system controls extinction of aversive memories.; Nature 2002;418:530-534.


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    Try Some Deep Breathing

    Hyperventilation, or very rapid breathing, often happens during a panic attack.

    Breathing too quickly can prevent you from getting enough carbon dioxide, which can cause tingling in your extremities and make you feel dizzy or faint. These symptoms can alarm you and end up making the panic attack worse.

    Slowing down your breathing can sometimes help you begin feeling better right away. If you have a go-to technique, it cant hurt to give it a try.

    If not, try the breathing exercises below to help yourself relax.

    Is Marijuana Good For Treating Your Anxiety

    Pot For Anxiety And Panic Attacks
    • 5 minute read

    The following is intended for readers 18+

    I was 18 the first time I smoked weed. Unlike most other pot-smoking 18 year olds, I did it for medicinal purposes honestly! In fact, I was very anti-weed, and admittedly, judgy towards people who smoked. The year prior, I was the vice president of the Students Against Destructive Decisions club at my school.

    However, desperate times called for desperate measures. My anxiety was at an all-time high during my freshman year in college. I had trouble adjusting . I came home almost every weekend to try to seek solace in my comfort zone. But my stress level was so horrible that even being home couldnt help.

    I was hanging out with two of my friends who were still in high school, and I was feeling extremely on edge and extremely, extremely nauseous. You see, my anxiety loves to manifest itself physically through my gut. Stress always made me sick to my stomach. Pinching the skin on my thighs, trying not to vomit, I meekly asked in an unrecognizable voice, Can I have some of that weed? This wasnt a destructive decision, right? Right!?

    They looked at each other in disbelief, laughed, and then handed me a bowl and lighter neither of which I knew how to use. I smoked, coughed up a lung, and repeated. Then, at some point I felt better. It was a miracle.

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