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What Is The Phobia Of Death Called

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How Is Agoraphobia Treated

Jordan Peterson | What Regulates Death Anxiety?

Agoraphobia treatment usually involves a combination of treatment methods: therapy, medication and lifestyle changes.

A therapist can help you work through your fears. Using cognitive behavioral therapy , a mental healthcare provider can help you recognize thoughts that cause you anxiety. Then youll learn ways to react more productively.

Using relaxation and desensitization techniques, your provider may have you imagine a scary situation and manage the feelings. Eventually, you will be able to take part in activities that produce anxiety, and you will know how to manage your emotions. Over time, therapy can train the brain to think differently.

Your healthcare provider also may suggest medications called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors or serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors . Those medications can treat depression and anxiety disorders.

You can manage agoraphobia with lifestyle changes:

  • Avoid alcohol, drugs and caffeine .
  • Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet.
  • Exercise regularly.

Accept That Everyone Must Die

Acceptance is the key to overcome the inevitable fact that youre parents will one day die. As difficult as it may be to accept your parents dying one day, the truth is that they will die as will you and everyone else that you know.;

Death is a natural part of life and completes what we know as the circle of life. What is born one day must die as it is written in so many religious texts and scriptures and scientific and medical journals. Its inevitable and will happen to everyone one day.;

Related Conditions And Fears

The fear of death can also be present in other conditions and may even be linked to their severity. A 2014 study published in Clinical Psychology Review tied death anxiety to a number of different mental disorders, including hypochondriasis, panic disorder, and anxiety and depressive disorders. In addition, a 2019 study linked death anxiety to more severe symptoms across 12 different disorders.

People who deal with thanatophobia may develop related phobias as well. Fears of ghosts, tombstones, funeral homes, and other symbols of death are common, as they can serve as reminders of the main phobia.

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How To Overcome Thanatophobia

Having a mental health disorder does not mean that the condition must consume your life, your worldview, and your self-esteem. Thanatophobia is a serious condition, but by following through with positive coping skills, a person can live a fulfilling life while reducing the disorder.

Some of the most effective ways of coping with thanatophobia include:

Causes And Types Of Thanatophobia

7 Steps To Overcoming Your Fear Of Death. Necrophobia Or ...

While thanatophobia is defined as a general fear of death, there are many types and causes of this anxiety, and the particulars of what an individual focuses on can vary.

Phobias are often triggered by a specific event in a persons past, though the person does not always remember what this was. Particular triggers for thanatophobia could include an early traumatic event related to almost dying or the death of a loved one.

A person who has a severe illness may experience thanatophobia because they are anxious about dying, though ill health is not necessary for a person to experience this anxiety. Instead, it is often related to psychological distress.

The experience of death anxiety may differ, depending on individual factors. These include:

  • Age. A 2017 study suggests that older adults fear the dying process, while younger people more commonly fear death itself.
  • Sex. According to a 2012 study, women were more likely than men to fear the death of loved ones and the consequences of their death.

Medical professionals link anxiety around death to a range of mental health conditions, including depressive disorders, PTSD, and anxiety disorders.

Thanatophobia may be linked to:

Specific phobias

Death anxiety is associated with a range of specific phobias. The most common objects of phobias are things that can cause harm or death, including snakes, spiders, planes, and heights.

Panic disorders

Illness anxiety disorders

Treatment options for death anxiety include:


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How Can I Reduce My Risk Of Agoraphobia

There is no proven way to prevent agoraphobia. However, it is easier to manage in its earlier stages. The more you avoid situations, the more fearful you may become. Some people with severe agoraphobia are unable to leave their home at all and are totally dependent on others for help. Agoraphobia can also lead to other health problems if left untreated, including depression, alcohol or drug abuse and other mental health disorders. These are reasons why it’s important to seek mental health help early.

Tips To Reduce The Fear Of Public Speaking

By “legacy,” I also mean the actions, words, and deeds that you leave behind after you die. The memories others have of you are a type of life extension. That means that if you need to apologize to certain people or to express your love and gratitude to certain others, now is the time to do it.

Finally, you might consider giving the gift of death cleaning as part of your legacy. Yes, I did say “death cleaning,” a Swedish custom that I have adopted. Death cleaning involves cleaning up after yourself before you leave this Earthorganizing, sorting, tossing, or giving away your possessions and keepsakes. Without consciously engaging in “death cleaning,” I’ve noticed that many older people are preoccupied with cleaning their basements or attics. I think they are instinctively doing one last favor for their children by making lifeand deatha little easier for them.

Once you have prepared your legacy, the sound of the footsteps of death may evoke less terror. You are ready.

5. Keep your purpose top of mind.

Psychologist Sonja Lyubomirsky, writing in The Myths of Happiness, cites research supporting the idea that living with a sense of purpose is the best way to cope with the fear of death. As she points out, finding purpose involves actions that link you to something greater than yourselfalleviating the suffering of others, imparting your values to the next generation, creating work of lasting value, or investing in the community, to give just a few examples.

Final Thoughts

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Part 1 Of 5: Understanding Your Phobia

  • 1Write down the times when you think about death. The first thing to determine when dealing with a fear of death is how and how much your fear affects your life. We are not often immediately aware of the environmental triggers or causes of our fears and anxiety. Writing about the situations in which they arise can be a helpful tool for working through these issues.XResearch source
  • Start by simply asking yourself, What was going on around me when I started feeling afraid or anxious in that moment? For a number of reasons, this can be a very difficult question to answer at first. Start with the basics. Think back over the last few days and write down as many details as you can remember about the times you thought about death. Include exactly what you were doing when the thoughts arose.
  • 2Make note of when you feel anxious or afraid. Next, write down any of the times you can remember deciding not to do something because you were afraid or anxious. Write down instances even if you aren’t sure about whether or not the emotions were necessarily related in any way to death or dying.
  • Such connections, between objects, emotions, and situations, can be quite subtle, sometimes even more so than the scenario described above. But writing them down can be a great way to start becoming more aware of them. Then you can better influence how you manage the way you’re affected in such moments.
  • How Is Thanatophobia Treated

    What dying patients taught this doctor about the fear of death | Fahad Saeed | TEDxRochester

    Thanatophobia can be treated in several ways. A mental health professional might use approaches like psychotherapy,;cognitive behavioral therapy, exposure therapy, or relaxation techniques. Relaxation techniques can include deep breathing, meditation, yoga, or music and;art therapy.

    For more severe cases, a psychiatrist can prescribe;medication to reduce anxiety;or depression. They will typically recommend the client include therapy services while taking medication to ensure the best results.

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    Is The Fear Of Death Normal

    Death is a topic that tends to stir up a strong emotional reaction in people, no matter their age or background, so in this way, the fear of death is normal. What is not normal, though, is a level of fear that produces high stress, significant anxiety, distress, and panic.

    The situation is similar to someone who sees a snake. Most people experience some level of psychological or physiological fear when they encounter a snake, and this fear is part of the bodys response to maintain safety. This reaction only becomes problematic when a person avoids going outside completely or cannot even see a picture of a snake without an intense reaction.

    Because there is a fine line between a healthy fear of something dangerous and a mental health disorder, experts are needed to appropriately access and address the symptoms. Specific fears in children are also normal with as many as 90% of children having at least one. A child could worry about death and dying, but unless it begins to drastically impair their life or functioning, it is an acceptable childhood behavior.2

    Wisdom: Ego Integrity Vs Despair

    Developmental psychologist Erik Erikson formulated the psychosocial theory that explained that people progress through a series of crises as they grow older. The theory also envelops the concept that once an individual reaches the latest stages of life, they reach the level he titled as “ego integrity“. Ego Integrity is when one comes to terms with their life and accepts it. It was also suggested that when a person reaches the stage of late adulthood they become involved in a thorough overview of their life to date. When one can find meaning or purpose in their life, they have reached the integrity stage. In opposition, when an individual views their life as a series of failed and missed opportunities, then they do not reach the ego integrity stage. Elders that have attained this stage of ego integrity are believed to exhibit less of an influence from death anxiety.

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    When Should You Seek Professional Help For Thanatophobia

    Catchings says anyone whos struggling should look for help as soon as they feel that it interferes with their daily life. If we cannot sleep or eat as usual or constantly think about our phobia, it is important to look for help, she says.

    Recognizing the phobia is the first step. The second step is accepting that you need help. If you are experiencing severe anxiety or depression due to the symptoms, it is time to seek treatment.

    Overcoming Your Fear Of Death Or Dying: Necrophobia And Thanatophobia

    Fear of Death BOOK AD

    Necrophobia and thanatophobia are both life-altering phobias, but those suffering shouldn’t give up hope. There are several things you can do to reduce your symptoms and overcome your fears.

    1) Seek Help from a Professional

    Hiring a professional to help is usually the first step. Because of the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of death phobias, those suffering shouldn’t walk the journey to recovery alone. Finding a qualified therapist with experience dealing with phobias can be the difference between failure and success.

    One of the best places to start is this page. Here you can take a short questionnaire that will provide some general background information. Using this information, BetterHelp can assist you in finding the best counselor to help you. This platform is one of a kind because it gives you access to over 4,000 licensed, trained, and experienced psychologists , marriage and family therapists , clinical social workers , and licensed professional counselors all in one place. Once you’ve chosen a partner to help you overcome your fears, the process will become a lot easier.

    2) Try Therapy

    One thing your counselor might try is called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy . This tried-and-true treatment regimen has been used to help people overcome depression, anxiety, and phobias of many different types.

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    3) Explore Spirituality

    4) Explore Philosophy

    5) Make Death a Part of Your Life

    6) Prepare for Your Parting

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    What Is Thanatophobia Or ‘death Anxiety

    Thanatophobia is commonly understood as anxiety surrounding the fear of death, or the fear of the dying process.

    While it is common for us to worry about our own mortality or the mortality of our family and friends as they age, these worries can develop into more problematic patterns of thinking. If you are struggling to cope with this sense of worry or panic on your own, it is important to seek help.

    If your worries stem from a recent diagnosis of ill health or the ill health of a loved one, speaking with a therapist or counsellor could help you to better understand your feelings and help you to overcome them.

    It is worth noting that thanatophobia may not be officially recognised under certain psychiatric diagnosis criteria, with symptoms of the condition instead linked to generalised anxiety disorder.

    Control Your Fear Of Death

    Is it possible to control your fear of death and overcome your thanatophobia? The good news is that yes, it is. Start by taking better care of your physical and mental well-being to ensure that youre setting yourself up for long-term success.

    The more you abuse your mind and body, the more likely it is that youll accelerate your death. Try and focus on all the things you can control to have less fear of the unknown.;

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    How Do I Talk To Someone About My Fear Of Dying

    It can be daunting to seek help for death anxiety, but asking for help and learning how to handle these fears in a healthy way can help you manage your condition. It can also keep you from feeling overwhelmed.

    A therapist will work with you to examine your thoughts and behaviors and improve how you feel. Your therapist will also give you the tools to help you open up to loved ones about your fears.

    Scenario 2: Worrying About Someones Death When Theyre Unlikely To Die

    Being Prepared for Death| Accepting Mortality| How to remove fear of death?

    Have you ever worried about someones death so intensely that by the time they walked in the door and explained they were late due to traffic you’d worked yourself up into a panic? Ive done this myself many times. And the worry took a particular uptick in frequency in the first few months after having a baby. I worried that my husband would die in a car crash during his five-minute drive to the grocery store. Every time he went.

    Its not ‘crazy’ to be worried about your perfectly healthy partner or loved one.

    Its not crazy to be worried about your perfectly healthy partner or loved one. We may be more prone to this type of worry if we’ve experienced an unexpected loss in the past or we’re feeling particularly stressed or vulnerable. In my case, I was experiencing common postpartum anxiety fueled by major changes in my life, both hormonal and otherwise.

    Another common reason for preoccupation with a loved ones unlikely death is generalized anxiety disorder . People with this anxiety disorder spend a lot of time worrying about bad things happening to the point where it interferes with their functioning, prevents them from enjoying life, and causes physical symptoms.

    No matter the source of your worry, there are ways to reduce the hold it has on your life.

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    How To Find A Therapist For Thanatophobia

    A qualified, professional therapist will work with you to examine your thoughts and behaviours and improve how you feel. You will build a relationship based on trust, giving you the confidence to share your feelings and emotions with them. Your counsellor will listen to all that you have to share with empathy and openness.

    An experienced therapist or counsellor like those listed on the Harley Therapy platform can help you to manage your symptoms and find your own way forward.

    Filter our qualified, professional and vetted therapists by cost, location, availability and approach so you can find and book the best therapist or counsellor for you here. Or find a therapist to help with Thanatophobia below.

    • I can help you withAnxiety / Death
    • Wellbeing & Development Therapeutic Executive Coach For Individuals & OrganisationsLondon, W1K 5JHI can help you withAnxiety / Death
    • I can help you withAnxiety / Death

    Why Do Kids Have A Fear Of Their Parents Dying

    Children who begin to understand the concept of life and death sometimes become overly preoccupied with the fear of their parents dying. There are many reasons why this happens, yet its entirely normal for a child to fear that their parents will one day die.

    For very young children, parents are a life force as well as their protectors. When a parent dies, they panic and wonder what will happen to them if the other parent dies. Children worry that no one will be there to take care of them, and they soon begin to feel abandoned. Theyll also start to wonder if theyll die next and when.;;

    Professional grief counselors and therapists often attribute these fears to separation anxiety and being a regular part of childhood.

    » What do you do after a death?»;Preparing for the future?;

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    Relationship To Adult Attachment

    There has been much literature that supports the existence of a correlation between one’s state of coping skills, mental health, emotions and cognitive reactions to stressful events, and one’s ability to regulate affect concerning one’s death anxiety. A series of tests determined that significantly high levels of death anxiety tend to occur in close relationships with an intimate partner .

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