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When Does Phobia Haunted House Open

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Phobia Haunted Houses Ready To Creep You Out At New And Improved South Houston Location

Phobia, known as Houstons scariest haunted house experience, held grand opening Sept. 28 at their new location.

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Phobia, known as Houstons scariest haunted house experience, held grand opening Sept. 28 at their new location.

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Phobia, known as Houstons scariest haunted house experience, held grand opening Sept. 28 at their new location.

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Phobia, known as Houstons scariest haunted house experience, held grand opening Sept. 28 at their new location.

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Phobia, known as Houstons scariest haunted house experience, held grand opening Sept. 28 at their new location.

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Phobia, known as Houstons scariest haunted house experience, will have a grand opening Sept. 28 at their new location.

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Phobia, known as Houston’s scariest haunted house experience, had a grand opening Sept. 28 at their “bigger, better, and scarier” Beltway 8 South location .

This is the first year at the new location that Phobia will operate at optimal capacity. In previous years, the attractions were reduced due to ongoing construction.

“The all new Phobia 8 is amazing!” said Phylo Darke, Phobia’s Operation Manager. “This place is huge custom designed from the ground-up in every detail. We employ hundreds of actors, using animatronics and props.”

Pne Halloween Haunted Houses

Fright Nights is where youll find the highest concentration of haunted houses anywhere. There are eight in total, including Darkness, Fear , the Car-n-Evil 3-D experience with clowns, the Keepers Doll Factory, the Haunted Mansion, Hollywood Horrors and Materia Medica.

The newest PNE attraction is The Bloodshed, a frightening summer cabin with nightmarish rooms that rivals even the scariest of Fright Nights other seven haunted houses.

Expect to wait for at least half an hour for each of the PNEs haunted venues on weekend evenings, and likely longer. The most popular haunted houses include the Asylum and Fear.

Not sure if you have any phobias or what kind of horrors affect you most? Check out all eight venues and youll find out!

For detailed descriptions about each of the PNEs 8 haunted attractions, click Fright Nights Haunted Houses Reviews.



Fright Nights Dates & Times

In 2019 Fright Nights was open October 4th to 6th, 11th to 13th, 16th to 20th and 23rd to 31st.

In years when it does take place, hours of operation are typically from 7 to 11 pm on the first three days of the event. Hours then increase an hour or two, so from 7 pm until midnight on most other days, but also until 1 am on a few days .


Treating The Phobia Of Doors

Neurolinguistic programming/NLP and cognitive behavior therapies are some of the well known treatments for Entamaphobia. Both these treatments get to the root cause of the fear and find out the specific patterns that trigger the sufferers panic attacks. The therapists can then help the phobic replace his/her negative associations of doors with positive ones. Hypnotherapy is another well known treatment option for this phobia which can help change the construct of the phobics mind to help him/her deal with the anxiety that triggers the fear of doors. Gradual desensitization therapy could also help in many cases; here the phobics learn to gradually expose themselves to doors-both open and shut- until they are able to deal with their Entamaphobia in their daily lives.

It Can Make You Feel Sluggish

Phobia Haunted House

When you live in a haunted house, it is almost as if it wants to suck you into the negative energy. The energy can be very thick, which can make it difficult to leave. If you are empathic like myself, you will be very prone to feeling the effects of this dark energy and to getting sucked into it. It can cause you to become depressed and have a hard time getting out of bed. You might think you have depression or anxiety, but make sure its not your house that is contributing to the bad energy.

Symptoms Of Fear Of Doors

As is the case with most phobias, Entamaphobia is also known to give rise to various symptoms, both physical and emotional. These include:

  • Crying, shaking, or getting hysterical at the thought of doors or simply at their sight or the idea of walking through one.
  • Some phobics will first peek outside to check if there are any dangers outside the doors. This becomes a habit that often calls for ridicule from friends/family. The phobic might even go to great lengths to lock the door properly. S/he might install several locks on all doors.
  • Shivering, sweating excessively, trembling, running away from doors or getting fearful or negative thoughts of death are some other symptoms associated with this phobia.
  • Dizziness, gastrointestinal distress, headache, nausea or other physical symptoms like racing heart, shallow breath are also typical in the phobia.
  • Many victims of Entamaphobia describe feeling suffocated or as if they might die of heart failure.

The panic attacks often get so severe that the phobics day to day existence could become difficult. S/he tends to give up jobs, or going out for shopping and other errands. Relationships also get strained as the phobic is often ridiculed for such behavior.

Legend Of The Bloodfields

Decades ago, this land was owned by the Bloodfields; a proud family, well enough liked, but mostly keeping to themselves. Of Zeb and Myra’s three children, the eldest had a wicked sense of humour and no tolerance for bullies. Unfortunately, the bully he chose to play a Halloween prank on was the School Superintendents son. As punishment, the Bloodfield boy was whipped for his deeds after school, then made to watch his innocent young siblings take the belt as well.

On this Halloween, an early snowstorm hit Truro. Having missed the bus, the Bloodfield children had no choice but to walk home through the ever-worsening weather. Fearing the Superintendent’s wrath, no one would help them; not even their preacher, who was on his way out to call on a wealthy parishioner.

Red Vein Haunted House

Richmond, Virginia An indoor-outdoor haunted attraction, Red Vein Haunted House combines an immersive storyline, realistic sets, and extreme scares.Price: $20 to $40. All customers, cast, and crew are required to wear masks, and ticket sales are at 50% normal occupancy to allow for social distancing.

Bennetts Curse Haunted House

Baltimore A walk-through attraction featuring ghouls and haunts popping out at every turn, Bennetts Curse is one of the highest-rated haunted attractions in the region. There are four attractions: Underworld Haunted House; Legends of Halloween; Inferno; and Ravenbrook Asylum.Price: Starting at $25. All visitors are required to wear masks.

It Can Cause You To Act Irrationally

When a house is haunted, it can make you do things that you might not normally have done otherwise. It can cause you to act impulsively and irrationally, because it messes with your mind. For example, you might be more tempted to send a text to someone unhealthy who you might not have wanted to talk to had you been in a healthier environment.

The Haunted Road Drive

Orlando, FloridaThe Haunted Road promises twisted creatures, immersive theatrical storytelling, and bloodcurdling encounters all from the comfort of the cars visitors park at each scene following Rapunzel’s journey as she leaves her tower for the first time and enters a world of disarray.Price: $15 to $20. Tickets are still available for the tamer, family-friendly, daytime version of this event. Additional nighttime dates may be made available.

Haunted Houses In Alabama Opening Or Closing Due To Covid

Below is a list of haunted houses located in Alabama. We are actively researching these attractions in the hopes to better inform you of their plans open or close for the 2020 haunt season.

As we all know, COVID-19 is wreaking havoc on many activities and events that we all plan to visit each year. Unfortunately, Halloween haunted houses are no exception, and many are already posting whether or not theyll be open this season.

This list and/or each haunts status will change as the season approaches and we learn more information. Always be sure to do your own research before planning to visit a haunted attraction. As always, Stay Safe and Happy Haunting!

It Will Often Be Very Cold

Phobia Haunted Houses (HD)

Not all cold houses are haunted, but all haunted houses are cold. Negative energy is more associated with coldness. When choosing a home, it is best to choose somewhere that has a mixture of positive and negative energy, coldness and warmth. If a home is too warm, it can also be uncomfortable to live in. You can also change the decorations in your home to bring this into balance.

Fright Nights Amusement Rides

Admission to Fright Nights at the PNE includes access to the Break Dance, The Beast*, Enterprise, Gladiator, Hellevator*, Hells Gate, Music Express*, Pirate Ship, Rock-n-Cars, Wave Swinger, and the Westcoast Wheel.

Additional rides for 2018 and 2019 that werent included in previous years were Bug Whirled, Dizzy Drop, Merry Go Round, Scrambler and the Tea Cups. That brought the total up to about 20 rides from just 15 before.

Rides marked with an * offered priority access to Rapid Pass ticket holders last year. The Revelation was also available for folk willing to pay an extra fee.


Signs Your House Is Haunted

Stop wondering whether or not a ghost might be around you! Instead, take some time to research and study what is happening in your home and what it could possibly mean. Not only will it allow you to put your mind to rest at night You might end up discovering that you share residents with an extraordinary soul whos done incredible things for our society at some point in time.

Always remember to go into this process in a safe and respectful way. The last thing you want to do is open up communication with a ghost who has negative intentions. That will require the help of someone with much experience in the field. Below is a list of examples that you might have a ghost wondering around your house:

City Of Kalamazoo Shuts Down Haunted House Attraction Phobia House Over Fire

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A popular haunted house near downtown Kalamazoo has been ordered to close by Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety officials who say its operators have not made necessary enhancements to improve safety in case of a fire.

It is not clear at this point whether it will reopen this year.

Public Safety Assistant Chief Brian Uridge said Tony Gerard, the owner of Phobia House on Portage Street, was told by City Fire Marshal Jim Williams during an inspection in 2009 that the facility needed overhead sprinkler and audible alarm systems to comply with state fire codes.

Uridge said the inspection was prompted by a complaint KDPS receieved in October 2009 from a patron of the haunted who was concerned and reported seeing combustible materials in the facility and extensive use of extension cords. Uridge said Gerard remedied the violations authorities found during the inspection, except for the installation of the sprinkler and alarm systems.

We definitely want them to succeed, Uridge said. Its an excellent attraction but we have to make sure that they adhere to the state fire safety requirements and that its a safe environment for people to go into.

Gerard, who said he was told by Williams on Oct. 2 to shut the haunted house down, attributed the entire situation to a major miscommunication between Williams and himself.

Gerard said, as of Wednesday morning, he does not know if Phobia House will be open for business this year.

The Escapist Benefits Of Haunted Houses And Why We Shouldn’t Be Scared Of Being Frightened

We shuffled through the haunted jail like a couple of scaredy-cat little kids, slowly entering each room knowing darned well what to expect.

A muted zombie. A deranged clown. A mentally insane inmate.

Screams. Loud noises. Gory scenes dripping with blood. And, of course, our own childlike giggles along the way.

Our hearts pounded like hammers. Our minds raced with goofy fear. Our fight-or-flight instincts were in full throttle as we made our way through the Criminally Insane Haunted House.

Its located in the old Lake County Jail and adjacent sheriffs house in downtown Crown Point. Through the Sheriffs House Foundation, the haunted jail is again open on weekends until Halloween.

MORE COVERAGE: A guide to haunted houses in Northwest Indiana »

Boyd has watched guests laugh their way the through the haunted jail. Others are so scared they reactively punch the zombies, clowns and inmates. Then there are those guests, usually macho guys, who act like nothing can scare them, until it does, she said.

Ultimately, for most people it’s an adrenaline rush, Boyd said. Nothing gets your heart pumping like fear.

This is so true.

Being scared silly is not as silly as it sounds. The psychological effect of experiencing fear, even a safe and expected fear, triggers instincts in us as old as fear itself. The feeling immediately transports us to the here and now, an exceptional feat these days.

Not everyone, though, enjoys this type of thrill.

Side Effects Of Living In A Haunted House

Dan Meyers

I am currently living in a house that I believe is haunted. In my own definition, a haunted house is one that contains a lot of negative energy. I dont believe there are actual ghosts in the house, but I do believe in energy. Some houses have more positive energy than others and feel better to be in. This is something I dont think anyone can dispute.

I am a highly intuitive empath, and I can sense the energy of the home. Its not something that can be proven scientifically, but based upon my experience inhabiting other houses versus this one, here is what I have experienced since living in this house:

Phobia Haunted Trail Plans Big Scares This Year Construction Already Underway

WILMINGTON For most people, planning for Halloween starts in October finding the perfect costume, watching scary movies, gorging on candy, and planning the perfect Halloween party, but for Jonathan Lewkowicz, founder of Phobia Haunted Trail, planning began Nov. 1 of last year.

Although Phobia doesnt official open until Sept. 29, Lewkowicz has been busy preparing the set and building props. He has just 28 days to set up the haunted house starting Sept. 1, so for now, he is building as much as he can at home.

Lewkowicz started Phobia just last year after he and his wife, who are both fans of haunted houses realized there were no attractions in Wilmington. Although they had no previous experience with haunted houses, they decided to take matters into their own hands and created Phobia.

My wife and I are big haunted house fans and we came down from New York a couple of years ago and there was nothing in town. I guess Panic Attack was the big haunted house before but it closed down, he said.

The idea for their haunted house happened when the two were looking to start a different business, and out of sheer chance, they stumbled on the idea.

Last year, the Phobia suffered a setback after Hurricane Matthew destroyed most of the setup but Lewkowicz managed to rebuild and reopen, he said. This year, after taking the advice from friends and guests, he has big plans.

iOS: Tap the three dots in the top right, then tap on “Open in Safari”.

Fear Or Phobia Of Haunted Houses

Carly Snyder, MD is a reproductive and perinatal psychiatrist who combines traditional psychiatry with integrative medicine-based treatments.


Is there a name for the specific phobia that refers to a fear of haunted houses? Is this a fear or a phobia, and what is the difference? How are specific phobias such as this handled?

Impact Of Specific Phobias

Boo: Fear PDX Haunted House open for the season

While many people may find some of the specific phobias, such as that of haunted houses amusing, it is not a laughing matter for those who suffer from these fears. Specific phobias can be a source of embarrassment and leave a person feeling isolated and out of control. One of the more difficult emotional aspects of phobias is that they are life-limiting in this way.

If you have a specific phobia, it’s important for your family and friends to understand phobias. You may have loved ones telling you that you simply should not be afraid, but as with other phobias ranging from the fear of snakes to the fear of bridges or hurricanes, simply saying you should not be afraid is ineffective. If that worked, you would not have a phobia.

What You Need To Know

Ollervides said Phobia is recommended for participants ages 10 and older. Groups of no more than five people will be allowed to enter the trail at one time.

Phobia is scheduled to be open on four weekends in October: Oct. 9-10, Oct. 16-17, Oct. 23-24, and Oct. 30-31. The trail will operate from 8 to 11 p.m.

Tickets purchased online cost $18 each. Tickets purchased at the gate cost $20 each.

For information or to purchase tickets, go to .

Odd Behavior From Kids

Kids are the true embodiment of innocence and purity. Their minds are easily influenced by the environment around them. This is one of the reasons why kids are believed to be more sensitive to the paranormal. Their open-mindedness makes them an easy subject for the paranormal to bare their presence around.

If you notice your kid talking to someone who isnt there. Or furthermore, willing to share stories of a person that doesnt exist Dont always assume that it is just part of their imagination. Do a little more research and talk to your child about the situation. If you suspect that your kid is, in fact, sharing a dialogue with an entity Discourage any further contact. You never know what type of ghost they might have encountered and what intentions it might have with them.

Interactive Map If You Dare To Find Us


Follow the 102 to Truro, take Exit 14A Onslow /Tatamagouche and take a right. We are located 2 kilometres from Exit 14A turnoff, please look out for security to direct you to parking.




Take Bible Hill Exit 17, turn left and go to the end of Pictou Road, turn right at the lights and we are located 3 kilometres from this point, please look out for security to direct you to parking.




Take the Truro Exit 14 and then at the very first Exit loop under the highway, use the roundabout and immediately get back on the 102 and take the next Exit at the stop sign go right. We are located 2 kilometres from Exit 14A turnoff, please look out for security to direct you to parking. 


Radiant Heat Fire Performance

The dance show featuring fire, phantoms and zombie performers is worth seeing and was offered in past years. It did NOT, however, happen in 2018 or 2019.

In years when it does take place, the Radiant Heat Fire Performance is a good show. Its not scary and you dont normally have to get there early to avoid the crowds as most folks are focused on the rides and haunted houses.



Things Will Not Work As Well Such As Wifi Appliances Or Plumbing

This might be due to old wiring or due to that thickness of energy I described. Electrical energy is energy, just as emotional energy is energy. At its core, its all made up of the same basic atoms. If electronics are having difficulty, this is definitely a sign that the house is haunted by negative energy. Electricity is inherently negative and positive, so if the house is imbalanced it can mess with this balanced electrical charge.

Your home is an extension of yourself. This is why its important to be extremely careful when choosing a place to live. As someone who was never very spiritual or empathic until going through a spiritual awakening, I used to fully blame myself for my negative emotions, self-hatred, and inadequacies, but I have come to understand that these emotions can also be influenced by our physical surroundings.

Families who have experienced a lot of negative energy and trauma are actually more prone to attracting a haunted home. This is based upon the law of attraction and energetics. If you have any of these symptoms in your home, I recommend trying to find a plan to leave or to spend as much time as possible away from the home, because your energy can be negatively impacted by it.

Come play with us.

We hear you like all things creepy we do too.

Thats why we started Creepy Catalog in 2015 as a place for creepy content and creepy people to congregate.

Dont worry, you can unsubscribe any time you like. We only haunt the willing.

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It Can Cause You To Lash Out At Others Or Have Other Symptoms Of Negative Mood

This goes with point number 2, but a haunted house can cause you to behave in a highly emotional manner. This is because there is a lot of negative energy in the home, which can impact your mood. If you feel better when you are outside of the home versus inside, this is a sign that your house is haunted.

Fright Nights Admission Prices

Tickets for Fright Nights last year ranged from about $27 to $47 for general admission at the gate depending on the date, or slightly cheaper if purchased online or at 7-11 stores.

General admission usually includes access to 20 carnival rides, 8 different haunted houses and the Monsters of Schlock sideshow.

Admission with Rapid Pass costs between about $69 and $109 at the gate and gives you expedited queue access for each of the haunted houses and once each for the Wooden Roller Coaster, Music Express, Atmosfear, The Beast and Hellevator rides.

Unless its raining, Fright Nights gets busy, which can make the extra price worth paying if you can afford it, especially on weekends and later in the month. On a really busy night, even with a Rapid Pass, it can be challenging to see and do everything.



Station 7 Terror Trail

PHOTOS: Fans get a good scare at Phobia Haunted House ...

Located in Gambrills

A family friendly haunt with activities for everyone. We have a scary Terror trail recommended for 8 years and older and offer activities for younger children at the ticket booth and families can enjoy our Boo Haunt loop – geared for those under 8 years old. This Year we have added a scavenger Read More

Located in LancasterNext open 9/17/21

Youve been on a hayride, experienced a motion simulatornow tryIMT!!! Witness the mind-blowing, breathtaking thrills and chills of INTERGRATED MOTION TECHOLOGY , ONLY at JASONS WOODS! A hayride experience like NO other! Introduced in 2016 this cutting edge technology completely Read More

Located in Spring GroveNext open 9/17/21

For the year 2021 at Kims Krypt Haunted Mill we will be providing our guests a fun, safe and unique experience. Attractions:Terror Trail:Acres of woods await, as you journey through the outdoor moonlit unhallowed grounds. Encountering unsettling vagrants in abandoned buildings, morgue, Read More

Located in WashingtonNext open 8/26/21

DC Ghosts tour peels back the grim layers of our nations capital!Seekers of power have beaten a path here for hundreds of years. Find out the horrifying truth beneath some of the capitals most famous landmarks.In Washington, D.C., the ghosts of presidents, assassins, conspirators, and heroes Read More

Located in LeesburgNext open 10/1/21

Located in Spring GroveNext open 9/17/21

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Good citizens: Be the ball. Take your medicine. You only become what we made you. A mental hospital loses control. Watch your step.

The horror of misguided science and genetic mutation. Every cell is manipulated and redesigned beyond recognition, leaving only a nightmare of thriving, grotesque organisms.

Clown Mania: Oodles of wack clowns, visually stimulating. Very trippy. The clowns in politics are nothing compared to the Phobia Clowns! Insane color and imagery! BoomBoom is looking for you. Clown Dating Service coming soon!

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