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Does Clay Jensen Have Schizophrenia

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Is Clay Mentally Ill

13 Reasons Why – Skye Miller + Clay Jensen (Part 1)

By the fourth and final season, Clay has a full mental breakdown as a result of a combination of troubling factors. These therapy sessions finally provide us with some answers about whats going on with Clay. He confirms that hes suffering from anxiety and that trying not to feel anxious just makes things worse.

More ’13 Reasons Why’ News:

Clay has schizophrenia, fatethatbitch writes. Serious schizophrenia. Im a schizophrenic so I know for a fact what it looks like. I waited literally all of season two for someone to notice his visual and auditory hallucinations. He had a psychotic break where he nearly killed Bryce. And nobody ever noticed or tried to get him help for it. They just hugged him when he became triggered by a song, but like, what about everything else?

PickleDickon adds, As a schizophrenic, yeah. Im pretty sure he does. I recognize many of his symptoms within myself. Considering hes sixteen or seventeen which is right around the time the onset of worsening symptoms appear. He has a history of anxiety, depression, and nightmares. He has visual and auditory hallucinations. Hes virtually clueless in social interactions. Hes angry and emotionally stunted. He says he doesnt care about anything but its all eating him up inside. Seems schizophrenic to me. Im not a writer for the show, but Im schizophrenic and yeah, he looks hella schizophrenic.

Symptoms of schizophrenia usually start between ages 16 and 30, according to the National Institute of Mental Health, and Clay is within that age bracket. One of the most common symptoms of schizophrenia is hallucinations, and Clays visions of Hannah could very well be more than just a way for fans to see more of Hannah after she committed suicide.

Reasons Why And Mental Health

You might also be thinking, What mental illnesses are in 13 Reasons Why?

Hannahs death was caused by a serious mental disease, whether it was depression, bipolar disorder, an eating disorder, or anxiety, according to this series. In actuality, Hannahs death was caused by a severe mental illness, whether it was depression, bipolar disorder, an eating disorder, or anxiety.

Similarly, What mental illness did Hannah Baker have?

Hannah is depressed and suffering from PTSD she may possibly be suffering from antisocial personality disorder or borderline personality disorder.

But then this question also arises, Is 13 Reasons Why a depressing series?

It has a realistic appearance, a realistic feel, and deals with topics that are relevant, which makes it appealing. Any kid suffering from anxiety, sadness, suicide thoughts, or a history of trauma should avoid 13 Reasons Why. There are several possible triggers. 02.06.2021

What mental illness does Justin Foley have?

How Depression Can Cause Substance Abuse and Addiction Former basketball player Justin Foley develops a heroin addiction as a consequence of his sadness brought on seeing the videos, as part of new character development. Clay spends the whole of season two attempting to clean up Justin so he can testify in court. 09.07.2018

What do you think about 13 Reasons Why?

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How Did Clay Jensen Get His Scar In 13 Reasons Why

  • Since the boombox was now broke, Clay cycled over to Tony’s house to borrow his one. However, as Tony and his dad were distracted by Tony’s car they were fixing, Clay stole a Walkman from his friend Tony Padilla to listen to the first tape. After riding home from Tony’s, Clay got into an accident that left him with a scar on his forehead.

What Does An Unhealthy Infj Look Like

I dont really like Clay sometimes : r/13ReasonsWhy

Unhealthy INFJs are chronic people-pleasers who never want to disappoint. 7. They become so involved with other people’s problems that they can’t focus on their own. Likewise, they become so bogged down with other people’s emotions that their day is often ruined because someone else is having a bad day.

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Why Was Clay Upset When Hannah Killed Herself

Clay was visibly upset by this and was shocked when he heard that he was one of the reasons of why Hannah killed herself. Clays mother appeared behind him, causing him to jump in surprise as he paused the tape he was listening to. In a hurry to get to his room, Clay grabbed the boombox before unplugging,

When was the last time Clay went to a party?

Due to Clays introverted character, he is known to not attend parties. At Hannahs house party, Kat bet against him attending the party and tells Hannah that the last time she saw Clay at a party was at her birthday party in the 4th grade.

Did Hannah And Clay Kiss

For a few lovely minutes, 13 Reasons Why feels like a normal high school show instead of a series built around a tragic suicide. Eventually, Hannah and Clay make their way to Jessicas bedroom to deal with their mounting sexual tension. Clay finally kisses Hannah and their clothes quickly start coming off.

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Who Keeps Calling Clay

At first, Clay turned around and believed that he was seeing Bryce. However, a few seconds later, its revealed that it is actually Diego. The rest of the football team joined him and they revealed that they have all been calling him by using an app that lets them hide their real number and replace it with another.

Does Tony ever kiss Clay?

I want you. Tony states simply, before moving back into assault Clays neck with kisses. He leans in again for a proper kiss, pushing at Tonys leather jacket as he does so whilst Tony reaches to tug off the hoodie Clay is wearing.

What happens to clay in thirteen reasons why?

Clay, who was not close friends with Hannah, is initially puzzled about why he was sent the tapes, but as he listens to more and more of her disturbing stories, he belatedly begins to understand that he had an important place in Hannahs world and psyche. Clay listens to the first tape on an old stereo his familys garage.

How Does Clay Die

Clay Jensen | Paralyzed [13 Reasons Why]

What happened to Clay Morrow? Clay Morrow was shot and killed in the eleventh episode of the sixth season of Aon Rud Persanta. The scene was set to look like Clay was killed in a gunfight with the IRA, with the SAMCRO members filling the room with dead Irish men.

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Mental Illness Doesn’t Discriminate And It Isn’t Pretty

People who have a “good life” don’t get mental illness, right? Wrong. On the surface, Clay Jensen’s life is pretty good: he has two parents who love each other, and who love him he has a roof over his head , a warm bed to sleep in, and a fridge full of food. All of his “needs” are taken care of, right? But he’s had panic attacks since the fourth grade long before the show begins, and long before he meets Hannah Baker and that’s not something that can be avoided just because someone has a “good life.”

From his struggle to get up the energy to shower in Season 1, to his night terrors and eventual time in the psych hospital in Season 4, watching Clay’s mental illness play out on screen isn’t easy. Having a loving family and a wonderful home life doesn’t make him immune to mental illness. It’s damn uncomfortable seeing this all happen, but toning it down would be a disservice to the people who do experience this in real life. No one is immune to depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, or substance abuse, regardless of how “normal” their life may seem.

Take Care Of Yourself First

From Season 1, all Clay wants is to be a hero, to help someone. He couldn’t save Hannah in time devastated that the girl he loved has taken her life, instead of facing his own grief, he tries to find justice for her after she dies. The anguish of the “what if” stays with him throughout the show we see that Clay not only cares about his friends, he feels responsible for them and their safety . Early on in Season 4, he admits that he only feels wanted when a friend helps him, and when it comes time for college interviews, we see a hint of pride as he talks about how much he has his friends’ backs.

Wanting to help your friends is a good thing, right? But is this a coping mechanism for Clay? Is he going above and beyond for other people so he doesn’t have to deal with his own feelings because he can’t deal with his own feelings?

I think so, anyway. In a dissociative state born out of intense guilt, which he’s unable to express consciously – he spray-paints, “Monty was framed” on the walls at school. He tries to watch out for Zach at a college frat party a few episodes later, he fails pretty spectacularly, driving drunk and landing himself and Zach in a car crash. Ani reminds Clay early in the season to “put on own mask first”, something he wasn’t able to internalize just yet. You can’t pour from an empty cup, and as his guilt, paranoia, depression, and anxiety continued to spiral out of control, Clay wasn’t able to take care of anyone else.

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Is Triggering A Good Thing

In certain circumstances, trigger warnings are beneficial. Avoiding ones triggers, on the other hand, will not address the underlying mental health issues. If triggers are interfering with a persons everyday life, he or she may benefit from seeing a therapist. People may process their feelings about their pasts through counseling.

What Did Clay Find In Justins Bag

Did Justin know? : r/13ReasonsWhy

He wanted to live, and he wanted to get better. He thanks Clay for giving him a chance to do that. Tyler reveals what was really in his backpack: A camera, just like the one from Rear Window. Tyler, Ani, and Clay saw the film at the Crestmont together, and Tyler remembers Clay thinking that camera was pretty cool.

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Does Clay Have Schizophrenia

Asked by:Eldridge Johnston II

Clay became plagued by anxiety attacks and frequently saw hallucinations of Bryce and Monty, later learning he was suffering from what his therapist labeled dissociative episodes. In Episode 8, we learn that Clay manifested a sort of alter ego, one who ran around creating chaos while Clay was in a fugue state.

People May Be Struggling More Than They Let On

Everyone in school knew that Hannah Baker was being bullied, and it’s likely that her close friends like Clay and Tony knew that she was depressed and struggling because of it. But what they didn’t know was that she was ready to end her life. She cut her hair, quit writing poetry, and withdrew from her family and friends perhaps those around her thought she was just taking time for herself since she’d been sad, but in reality, those are all symptoms of depression and warning signs for suicide. When you see a change in someone, it’s a good time to check in even if they haven’t sought help yet, they may need it and might be struggling more than they let on to you.

Clay’s history of anxiety is mentioned in Season 1, and though it’s not explicitly mentioned at first, it’s also clear that he’s struggling with depression. But by the opening of Season 4 where we see him wake up in a cold sweat from a night terror, and soon purposely cut his thumb with a piece of glass things are much worse. Throughout the season, we see him hallucinate and “lose time” coming to after minutes or even hours of having no awareness of where he’s been or what he’s been doing. Eventually, Clay’s therapist, Dr. Ellman, tells Clay that he has been dissociating.

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Does Clay Jensen Have Good Intentions

  • Clay Jensen most definitely has good intentions, but he occasionally exhibits signs of toxic masculinity and entitlement. He also makes some questionable choices and between season one and season three of 13 Reasons Why, we have 13 questions we’d like to ask. 13 Why Didn’t Clay Report Tyler Down For Almost Shooting Up A School Dance?

How Did Clay Interact With Hannah In 13 Reasons Why

Clay breaks down on The Principal (13 Reasons why s04e06 scene)
  • Clay had flashbacks of Hannah’s interactions at each location. When he arrived at the park, Clay pictured Hannah and Justin kissing on the slide. With each episode, Clay begins to interact with the person currently talked about in the tapes. For example, Clay only began to talk to Jessica Davis after listening to her tape.

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Does Clay Actually See Hannah

In the Netflix series, Clay is an American high school student who is both a friend and brief love interest of Hannah, one of Clays schoolmates. Throughout this time, he constantly sees a hallucination of Hannah which speaks to him, as a manifestation of his guilt for not being able to help her while she was alive.

Did Clay Get In An Accident

In Jessica’s party, Jeff left the party telling Clay that he wasn’t drunk. … People thought it was because he was drunk, but Hannah said in “Tape 5, Side B”, that he got into a car crash due to the stop sign being knocked down. Clay was the first one to arrive, he found a lifeless Jeff in the car seat.

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What Mental Illness Does Alice In Wonderland Have

zooming at some topics of this novel, we come up to understand that Little Alice suffers from Hallucinations and Personality Disorders, the White Rabbit from General Anxiety Disorder I’m late, the Cheshire Cat is schizophrenic, as he disappears and reappears distorting reality around him and subsequently driving …

How 13 Reasons Why Season 4 Can Address It

Did Justin know? : r/13ReasonsWhy

That will truly be the question hanging over what will be the fourth and final season. To spend three seasons not even officially diagnosing Clay’s obvious mental illness was bad enough. But to continue to dismiss it as part and parcel of him being merely an anxious teenager that overthinks too much would be woefully irresponsible. Mental illness, after all, isn’t so easily solved or dismissed. If 13 Reasons Why really wants to conclude as a truly socially relevant show, it needs to do more than loosely touch on the existence of such issues. There are a number of ways the show could do so. And in a better way than they touched on Skye’s bipolar disorder and subsequent shipping off to a facility, barely to be heard from again. It needs to commit to the idea and it needs to address properly the toll such an illness can take. As well as that it needs to demonstrate how not only can such a condition be dealt with and represent how one can live a functional life with it.

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Be Honest With Yourself Confront Your Demons And Tell Your Story

I’m sorry to break it to you, but therapy is not an easy fix. There’s been a big dialogue around “asking for help” or “getting help” over the past few years, but is anyone talking about what that help actually looks like? Because it doesn’t end with one conversation. Working on yourself is work, and sometimes that work sucks. As Dr. Ellman reminds Clay, therapy isn’t easy sometimes it hurts to face what’s going on inside your head.

Throughout Season 4, Clay repeatedly gets frustrated with therapy but that doesn’t mean it isn’t working. Towards the end of the season, Clay is finally ready to address things. For the sake of the plot, we needed to see him struggle with things for multiple seasons . As a viewer, it’s maddening to see him refuse help, going so far as to escape from the psych ward.

We expect Clay to know what’s going on inside his head following the episode-by-episode discussions in the 13 Reasons Why subreddit, I saw fans throwing around diagnoses ranging from PTSD to schizophrenia to dissociative identity disorder, things they’d claim as “obvious” but that’s not really fair. How many high school kids know how to articulate what’s going on with them mentally? Most dont – they just feel the need to get those emotions out somehow, even if they’re not processing them in a healthy way. The reality is that humans don’t always immediately come to terms with the things that might be obvious to those looking from the outside in.

Kids In Control Of Expressing Their Feelings

This program was very valuable. My daughter came out of her shell and talked about things. This was a unique program like no other. She said she was in a safe place and could be herself.

Parent of Kids in Control participant

So how does Kids in Control or Teens in Control help children and youth express their feelings? At the start of a Kids in Control or Teens in Control course, a questionnaire is given to the kids to determine what they already know or think about mental illness as they come into the group. The same questionnaire is then also provided to kids at the end of the program. This questionnaire serves as a way to help measure how their thinking has changed through the program and how it has helped them build strategies for resilience.

One of the questions the survey asks is:Are all feelings ok? Mostly, the kids answer no in the questionnaire distributed at the start of the program. Through Kids in Control, they learn that all feelings ARE okay. And through activities and games like Feelings Bingo and Charades, children and youth learn to better understand and accept their feelings. They also gain strategies to help them express their feelings using compassionate communication.

I had a Black Dog, his name was Depression

Building Self Care Tool Boxes

How to Register for Kids in Control

For more information about Kids in Control and Teens in Control, please contact:

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