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How To Get On Disability For Ptsd

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Need Help With Your Va Claim For Ptsd Caused By Mst

How to Get a 100% PTSD VA Rating

MST is a terrible reality for many veterans. It is a persistent problem and the effects this trauma has on its victims is still far from being fully understood.

While PTSD is one of the main conditions caused by MST, it can also cause depression, anxiety, and a number of other conditions. Today the VA is working better than ever with victims of MST to get them the benefits they deserve. If youd like further help with your claim, the team here at VA Claims Insider would be happy to assist you.


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What You Need To Know About Ptsd Disability

Most people think of physical injuries and diseases when they think of disabilities. However, mental health conditions, such as post-traumatic stress disorder , are also disabilities. PTSD can prevent a person from returning to work or earning their regular income. Many employees suffering from this disorder cant perform their job-related duties or find work elsewhere.

Workers who have PTSD could pursue benefits through their employers workers compensation insurance or Social Security disability. If you meet the specific requirements, you could collect the benefit payments you need to pay for medical treatment and supplement your lost wages.

How To Apply For Ssdi Benefits For Ptsd

To prove eligibility, the Social Security Administration will review your medical records and take into consideration various types of information related to your PTSD condition. Our legal team can help you work to prove that your mental impairment satisfies the legal requirements to establish entitlement to disability benefits.

Information that will be considered includes:

  • When you were diagnosed with a post-traumatic stress disorder
  • How long you have been undergoing treatment
  • Treatments and prescription medications you are taking
  • Other medical conditions you have
  • Your expected prognosis

At Coats & Todd, we serve clients throughout the entire Dallas-Fort Worth metro area to help them obtain the disability benefits that they deserve.

To speak to one of our Dallas-Fort Worth Social Security disability attorneys about your case, call our office at 972-671-9922 or contact us online to request an initial consultation.

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Chapter : What Are The Symptoms And Signs Of Peripheral Neuropathy


  • Sensory symptoms : These could be either negative or positive. Negative sensory symptoms include feelings of numbness or deadness, loss of balance, especially with the eyes closed, and painless injuries due to loss of sensation. Positive symptoms may include pain, tingling, burning, prickling sensation, aching, tightness, electric shocklike feelings, or hypersensitivity to touch.
  • Motor symptoms : Motor symptoms can include proximal weakness , distal weakness or more focal weakness. Symptoms of proximal limb weakness can include:
  • difficulty get up from a seated or supine position at work
  • struggling to climb up and down stairs
  • falling while walking or carrying something due to the knees giving way
  • difficulty in raising the arms above the shoulders, such as grabbing something from a high shelf.
  • Distal motor symptoms in your upper extremities may include impaired fine hand coordination. Such symptoms can leave you are struggling to type or you find it difficult to perform certain tasks such as turning the keys to lock a door, or opening jars. Distal motor symptoms in your lower extremities can be experienced as foot slapping, toe scuffing or frequent tripping.

    Other motor symptoms may include muscle shrinking, painful cramps, and uncontrolled twitching.

  • gait instability
  • Coming close to fainting or fainting.
  • Furthermore, autonomic neuropathies have symptoms that correlate to the anatomic site of nerve damage as follows:

    • gastrointestinal symptoms

    Two Rules For The Ptsd Rating Scale

    Can You Get Medically Retired For Ptsd

    According to §4.126, evaluation of disability from mental disorders, the RVSR is required to consider these two rules:

    #1. When evaluating PTSD, the rating agency shall consider the frequency, severity, and duration of psychiatric symptoms, the length of remissions, and the veterans capacity for adjustment during periods of remission.

    The rating agency shall assign an evaluationbased on all the evidence of record that bears on occupational and socialimpairment rather than solely on the examiners assessment of the level ofdisability now of the examination.

    #2. When evaluating the level of disability for PTSD, the rating agency will consider the extent of social impairment but shall not assign an evaluation solely based on social impairment.

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    Medical Evidence Needed To Qualify For Ssdi For Post

    The question of “is PTSD a disability” can be proven with a presentation of your medical records. When filing for disability benefits with PTSD, your medical records should show at least one detailed documentation of a typical episode of PTSD symptoms. Details that help include the frequency and duration of the panic attacks and what triggers or worsens your symptoms. Additionally, it helps to have your doctor’s professional opinion on if your PTSD symptoms match your normal mental state, and how your PTSD symptoms affect your ability to function both at home and at work.

    Income And Trial Work Period Issues

    The SSA may test your ability to go back to work during a trial work period. A trial work period can be a win-win because it allows you to earn additional income beyond your usual disability limitations by working for a limited period. Recall that in 2020, non-blind people on disability cannot make more than $1,260 per month outside of their disability benefits or else they risk losing their benefits. Receiving income above that level will trigger a trial work period. Disability beneficiaries typically get 9 months they can use toward a trial work period, and if they make too much money in a 10th month, their benefits will be terminated.

    If you demonstrate that you can perform your work tasks without issue from your disability, your benefits may also be terminated and the SSA will essentially require you to return to the workforce. Alternatively, the SSA might see that your limitations are still too severe to work, and you could be permitted to stay on disability.

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    Can I Work With Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is exactly what its name implies: a stress disorder which follows a particularly distressing event or series of events. The event can be something that was physically traumatic or something which was psychologically traumatic . In many cases, such as those who were wounded during battle, the event may have been both physically and psychologically traumatic.

    Common symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder include: nightmares about the event, flashbacks of the event, and a heightened sense of anxiety about thee event being repeated, whether there is rational reason to believe it might or not. These symptoms and conditions often lead to sleeplessness, avoidance of places, people or specific situations, hyperactivity, anger, and anxiety. Treatments usually consist of psychological therapy, medication, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

    A Social Security Disability lawyer will know better than anyone else exactly what the Social Security Administration is looking for in determining whether or not your Post Traumatic Stress disorder qualifies you for Social Security Disability benefits.

    Benefits To Cover Family Members

    70% PTSD VA Rating: What it Means and How to Qualify

    People with PTSD who qualify for disability benefits in Arkansas can get additional benefits for any minor children in their care, their spouse, and a divorced spouse. These benefits may be an additional 50% to 80% of your total benefits. Note that children and young adults with disabilities may qualify for benefits on their parents record, but must meet slightly different medical definitions of severity to qualify. Young adults can claim SSDI benefits through their parents work record as soon as they turn 22. To learn more about which disability benefits you qualify for, speak with a disability lawyer about whether you can disability benefits for children with PTSD in Arkansas today.

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    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder And Your Ability To Perform Physical Work

    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can cause difficulty doing a wide variety of tasks, depending on what caused the PTSD and how severe your symptoms are. Those suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder may find it impossible to perform certain types of physical work or to be in certain work environments. This can be because the environment reminds them of the environment in which they experienced the trauma. It also may be simply because the symptoms of their PTSD makes it unsafe for them to engage in work in any work environment.

    When applying for Social Security Disability benefits, it is important to make sure that all symptoms of your Post Traumatic Stress Disorder are clearly spelled out, and that you include every way in which it affects your ability to perform day to day functions. Even if you dont see exactly how an apparently non-work related disruption can relate to your ability to perform physical work, the Social Security Administration may consider the information relevant and will take it into account when determining your eligibility for Social Security Disability benefits.

    Va Ratings For Suicidal Ideation

    If you determined that youre eligible and have filed a VA disability claim for mental health, you should know that the VA will rate your disability according to the severity and frequency of your symptoms. The VA uses the General Rating Formula for Mental Disorders as rating criteria when awarding these ratings.

    If you suffer from suicidal ideation or near-continuous panic or depression affecting your ability to function, you may be entitled to a 70% disability rating.

    However, the VA will need evidence when making a rating decision. The only way that the VA will know about the severity and frequency of your mental health condition is if this is documented in your medical records. It will also help to have lay statements from your friends and family members to show the presence of suicidal ideation. You will be able to submit this evidence in support of your veterans disability claim. Your entitlement to disability benefits may depend on this lay and medical evidence.

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    How To Ensure Your Ssdi Ptsd Benefits Application Is Approved

    If you are interested in getting disability for PTSD, there are a few steps you can take to improve your applications chances of approval. To this end, the most important step you can take is to document everything. Maintain a diary or other record of how you feel each day. In addition, keep a journal of any PTSD symptoms you have. If your symptoms prevent you from participating in any of your usual activities, record that. This includes anything from impeding your ability to work to impeding your ability to exercise, be around certain places or people, or even drive your car.

    However PTSD is impacting your life, document it. Document any visits you have to a psychologist or other medical professional. Any time you seek help from a medical professional, dont just document it yourselfmake sure you get a copy of any of the medical professionals own records of your visit and of their diagnosis. Also, document any medication used to treat your PTSD and maintain a journal of how that medication affects you positively or negatively. Maintaining a thorough record of every aspect of your PTSD will help you prove that your PTSD impacts your life to such a degree that it amounts to a disability.

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    What Is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

    PTSD Awareness Month

    Posttraumatic stress disorder is a serious illness that can emerge after witnessing or experiencing a traumatic event. PTSD often develops after house fires, car crashes, bomb threats, assault, or witnessing another person be harmed or killed. Veterans may also suffer from PTSD from their time at war witnessing traumatic events.

    The memories from this event can continue to cause trauma for months or even years after the experience. This trauma will manifest itself in a way that can become debilitating and disrupt an individuals life.

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    How To Win Disability Benefits For Ptsd

    August 20, 2021 By Jeremy Schooley

    Post-traumatic stress disorder is a very real disability that is often misunderstood. Living with PTSD becomes more devastating when sufferers find they can no longer do their jobs. Getting much-needed disability benefits for PTSD can be particularly frustrating.

    If you are struggling with PTSD and cannot work, we can help you obtain the benefits you deserve. Marc Whitehead & Associates is a national law firm advocating for the rights of those who have been disabled by PTSD. The disorder can afflict anyone exposed to dire stress or trauma, from veterans in combat to individuals who experience or witness a horrible or life-threatening incident.

    Some people are disabled by PTSD alone, while others with PTSD struggle with additional impairments. Research has linked traumatic stress exposures and post-traumatic stress disorder to such conditions as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, gastrointestinal disease, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, musculoskeletal disorders, eating and sleep disorders, and other diseases.

    What Are The Symptoms Of Post

    PTSD symptoms differ widely, but the presence of symptoms in each of the following categories is needed in the clinical diagnosis. Symptoms must continue for one month or longer if an acute trauma reaction becomes clinical PTSD.

    Intrusive symptoms:

    Such as hallucinations and/or nightmares:

    • You can have traumatic memory or have traumatic nightmares.

    Symptoms of avoidance:

    • You may avoid thoughts or interactions that will remind you of trauma.

    Symptoms related to detrimental changes in perception and mood, including one of the following:

    • Permanent swings of rage, depression, or mood
    • Hard relaxation and serious anxieties
    • Feelings of culpability or guilt and probably a feeling that the trauma is your fault somehow
    • Emotional stupidity or energy loss

    Some may have physical signs such as headaches, stomach disorders, and/or changes in diet and sleeping behavior.

    Now well discuss a little about disability and then we will talk about can you get disability for PTSD?

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    You Will Need Medical Proof Of Ptsd To Get Social Security Disability

    The Social Security Administration has a special disability listing for victims who are suffering from PTSD. In order to get benefits to cover your medical bills and loss of income while you undergo therapy, you must provide SSA with proof that your condition is disabling.

    Here are three things veterans must do to qualify for Social Security disability benefits:

    Need more help filing your disability claim? Order our free guide, 5 Deadly Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Social Security Disability Case, or click the contact link on this page to have us explain your benefits options to you one-on-one.

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    Applying For Workers Compensation Benefits

    How a 70% PTSD Rating Can Get You to 100%

    You can file a claim for benefits through your employers workers compensation insurance. Your PTSD diagnosis must be a direct result of performing your work-related duties. Experiencing a traumatic car accident outside the course of your employment would not qualify you for coverage.

    Upon approval of your workers compensation claim, you are entitled to healthcare benefits. The insurance company must cover the cost of treatment related to your PTSD symptoms. State law requires you to get your treatment with a medical provider authorized by the Workers Compensation Board. You could be forced to pay for your medical bills out of pocket if you see a doctor the board does not approve.

    Lost wage benefits are also available if your PTSD causes a reduction in income or keeps you from your job for longer than seven days. Payments are two-thirds of the average weekly wage you earned prior to your diagnosis multiplied by your disability rating.

    A disability rating is a rating a doctor assigns based on the severity of a medical condition. If your medical provider believes your PTSD symptoms affect your functional capacity by 20 percent, they could assign you a 20 percent disability rating. However, if they think you have a total disability due to your diagnosis, they could give you a 100 percent disability rating.

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    How Hard Is It To Get Disability For Ptsd

    Applying for Disability benefits for PTSD can be complicated. You must meet specific medical criteria to be considered disabled by PTSD and eligible for Disability benefits. These requirements are outlined in Listing 12.15 in the SSA Blue Book, and a Social Security Disability lawyer and your physician can help you understand if you meet them.

    In addition to meeting the medical criteria for having PTSD, you must also meet the SSAs work credit requirement to receive Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. The number of work credits you need depends of how old you were when you became disabled.

    To receive Supplemental Security Income benefits, you must meet SSAs limited income/asset/resource threshold, as well as the medical criteria for PTSD. Talk with an attorney to see if you meet the requirements for receiving SSDI or SSI benefits for your PTSD.

    An SSD lawyer can also advise you on ways to help make your application as complete and accurate as possible. For example, since the SSA looks closely at the opinions of treating doctors, an attorney may advise you to ask your mental health provider to complete a Residual Functional Capacity form. The RFC form can be pivotal in proving that you are unable to work substantially, which can strengthen your Disability claim.

    Signs And Symptoms Of Trauma / Stressor

    Not everyone who experiences trauma will develop PTSD or other stressor-related disorders. Those who do may experience a wide variety and severity of symptoms that can resolve in weeks, months, or sometimes become chronic. The SSA describes some possible signs and symptoms of this type of disorder:

    • Persistent negative emotional states
    • Sleep disturbances

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