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What To Do When You Re Feeling Depressed

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Make Sure You Are Taking Good Care Of Yourself

Is This Why You’re Depressed? Stop Should-ing on Yourself

Are you eating well? Getting exercise? Spending time with friends? Taking care of your hygiene?

If not, this could be the cause of your depression.

Taking care of our mental and physical bodies is a key to mental and physical health. If you dont take care of yourself, but instead live on wine and ice cream, eventually your body is going to react.

A body that isnt well fed or exercised will start to turn on itself, causing all sort of debilitating issues. One of those issues is depression.

So if you find that you’re suddenly feeling depressed for no reason, examine how you are taking care of yourself. If you are not doing a good job try to make a change. You might find your depression lifts if you do.

Music Will Help Try It

Indeed, music is a better means to uplift your mood. Especially when you are depressed and alone, listening to your favorite music supports you greatly. Music has the power to heal your mood and to change your perspective in life.

Give your mind some time to relax and stay calm. Close your eyes and listen to your favorite music. Believe, you will feel confident about yourself. Refer to our article on Trending Spotify playlist to follow, if you cant decide which music to listen to right now.

How Can You Get Yourself Out Of A Funk

Although depression can become a very clinical subject, many of the ways to help yourself through this mood disorder are very simple and practical. Self-care is a key component to living a happy, healthy life and between your diet, exercise, daily routines, and social interactions there are plenty of steps you can take to influence your mood. As you move through your depression, be open to trying new approaches and understand that it might take a combination of these self-care practices before you notice a change in your mood.

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Suddenly Feeling Depressed For No Reason Can Be Scary Feeling Lethargic Unmotivated Sad And Angry Can Be Debilitating

So dont ignore the depression and hope it goes away. Try the advice above. Consider where you are today, have your hormone and vitamin D levels checked, take care of yourself mentally and physically and check in to see if you might be clinically depressed.

The most important thing is not to go it alone. Get some professional help. Depression will get worse the longer it goes untreated so nipping it in the bud is essential.

Mitzi Bockmann is a NYC based Certified Life Coach and mental health advocate. Her writing has been published in The Huffington Post, Prevention Magazine, The Good Man Project, among others. She works exclusively with women to help them to be all that they want to be in this crazy world in which we live.

Depression In Women: 5 Things You Should Know

How to Look After Yourself When You

Being sad is a normal reaction to difficult times in life. But usually, the sadness goes away with a little time. Depression is differentit is a mood disorder that may cause severe symptoms that can affect how you feel, think, and handle daily activities such as sleeping, eating, or working. Depression is more common among women than men, likely due to certain biological, hormonal, and social factors that are unique to women.

This brochure contains an overview of five things that everyone should know about depression in women.

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Know That Today Isnt Indicative Of Tomorrow

Internal emotions and thoughts can change from day to day. Tracking experiences through journaling or keeping a mood diary can help to remember this.

If you were unsuccessful at getting out of bed or accomplishing your goals today, remember that you havent lost tomorrows opportunity to try again.

Give yourself the grace to accept that while some days will be difficult, some days will also be less difficult. Try to look forward to tomorrows fresh start.

Schedule Daily Sources Of Accomplishment And Pleasure

For mood health, we need two types of activities: those that provide a sense of accomplishment and those that provide pleasure. A well-researched therapy for depression called Behavioral Activation is based on this principle.

As a general rule, try to have one source of accomplishment and one source of pleasure in each of your mornings, afternoons, and evenings. These can be very simple. For example, a source of pleasure could be sitting in a sunny window to drink your morning coffee. A sense of accomplishment could come from a workout, vacuuming under your bed, or a work task.

Some people find it helpful to schedule activities in advance so they can more easily hit the recommendation of one pleasure activity and one mastery activity, per morning, afternoon, and evening.

If youre depressed, the pleasure you get from activities will typically be muted compared to normal. So, it may be a little harder to identify activities you would enjoy. This is another reason to schedule in advance. Start by brainstorming a list of the activities that provide either pleasure or a sense of mastery or accomplishment for you. Ask someone who knows you well to help if you feel stuck.

This tip benefits productivity in direct and indirect ways. Activities that provide a sense of mastery or accomplishment are productive, and the structure of this approach will benefit your biological rhythms and your mood.

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What If I Feel Depressed

If You’re Feeling Anxious or Depressed, Watch This (Matthew Hussey)

Some sad feelings go on for too long, hurt too deeply, and make it hard to enjoy things. This deep sadness is called depression. People of any age can feel depressed even kids.

Kids might feel depressed if they have been sad or lonely for a long time, or if they have had a lot of tough things happen. Kids might feel depressed if they are apart from people they love. Or if their family is going through hard times. Or if a loved one has died.

Kids who feel depressed may need extra help to feel better. If you feel depressed, or if you have sad feelings that won’t go away, talk about it with an adult you trust. You could tell a parent, relative, doctor, teacher, counselor, or coach. They can make sure you get the help you need to feel better.

Some kids talk to a therapist when they have sad feelings that are hard to cope with. A therapist is someone who listens to kids talk about feelings . Therapists can help kids find ways to solve a problem or give them new things to try to feel better. Many adults and kids talk to therapists and feel that it helps.

There is always somebody to talk to when you are sad or depressed. Most kids feel better when someone else knows what they are going through. The other person can do things to make the situation better, too.

It helps to talk about what’s wrong, but be sure to talk together about good things, too. Paying attention to the good stuff can make you feel more hopeful and more interested in doing things that help you feel better.

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Alcohol And Illegal Drugs

When youre feeling depressed, it can be easy to turn to alcohol or other methods of self-medication. You may feel short-term relief, but these substances usually only make things worse. Alcohol and drugs throw off your sleep cycles, and cause mood swings and anxiety. If youre taking any prescription medications, alcohol and drugs can make you experience negative side effects, and they can even stop your medications from working.

Talk to your doctor if youre having trouble abstaining from drugs or alcohol. They can recommend you to programs that can help you get sober.

Seeing A Doctor About Depression

Big changes in your life, like bereavement, losing a job, or even having a baby, can cause symptoms of depression. You’re also more likely to experience depression if you have a family history of depression. However, it’s also possible to become depressed without there being an obvious reason.

You can learn more about depression causes here.

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Understanding How Much Depression Impacts Lives

There are varying degrees of depression. Certain people experience depression in lapses, while others are ongoingly depressed. Some people experience depression after certain events, while others have chronic depression that affects their careers, health, activities, and family life. Nevertheless, depression literally has the capability to impact every aspect of an individual’s life. In many cases, depression doesn’t simply wear off or subside. This is why it’s so very problematic when depressed individuals are told to simply shake it off or “get over it.” Depression literally does not work this way.

Mental Impacts

It goes without saying that depression has a very real impact on people’s mental state. Depression quite literally changes brain chemistry and the manner in which individuals see the world. Someone who is going through depression may feel anxious, habitually empty, and they may also experience thoughts of suicide. It’s not uncommon for people with depression to struggle with even getting out of bed in the morning, getting enough sleep, or doing things that are considered basic by most people. It’s important to remember that just because the mental impacts are not able to be seen with the naked eye , this does not make them any less real.

Emotional Impacts

Physical Impacts

If Youre Up For Exercise Consider A Walk Around The Block

Sadness or Clinical Depression? How to Tell The Difference

On days when you feel as if you cant get out of bed, exercise may seem like the last thing youd want to do. However, exercise and physical activity can help to lower symptoms of depression and boost energy levels.

future depressive episodes.

Even when you have the feeling that youre unable to or have very little energy, see if youd be willing to do the opposite of what your mood is telling you to do, such as curling up in bed. Instead, set a small goal for yourself, such as taking a walk around the block.

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Researchers At The National Institute Of Mental Health And Across The Country Are Dedicated To Womens Mental Health Research

Researchers continue to study depression to improve the way this medical condition is diagnosed and treated. For example, NIMH researchers are currently working to understand how and why changes in reproductive hormones trigger mood disorders, including postpartum depression, premenstrual dysphoric disorder, and perimenopausal depression.

NIMH scientists are conducting a large number of research studies with patients and healthy volunteers to better understand why some women are at higher risk than others, and how they can translate these findings into new treatments or new uses of existing treatments.

Tips For Friends And Family

If you have a friend or loved one dealing with depression, you might be wondering if there are things you should look or listen for. The good news, according to Kevin Gilliland, PsyD, a licensed clinical psychologist and executive director of Innovation360, is you dont need to have a great understanding of what depression feels like to you, just try to be curious about what depression feels like for them.

His advice? Try to understand it enough so that you stay aware of the symptoms and look for the little things that indicate your loved one is doing well or that they are struggling.

Whats most important is that we are trying to care for them and when we are aware of their struggle, we can check on them and ask what we can do to help, Gilliland says.

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Heres What To Do When Youre Feeling A Little Depressed

10 Tips To Get You Back on Track

So youre feeling a little depressed? Well, firstly, you should know that its okay not to feel okay.

Its the moments of sadness and pain that allow us to feel moments of happiness and joy. This is called the law of polarity. For anything to exist, there has to be an equal and exact opposite.

But logical facts rarely provide the remedy we seek in reading such an article as this. That being said, here are ten of my favorite ways to alleviate those unwelcome symptoms of sorrow:

1. Go For a Walk

Nature has a very healing effect. Lace up your shoes, pop on your jacket, select some great tunes and go for a brisk walk. Sometimes we need a little of Mother natures healing effect to re-center ourselves.

2. Do Some Writing

Stop and do a little reflecting. Research proves that writing about our troubling times can have a healthy effect on our immune systems. Buy yourself a new journal, get a pen, light a candle and let it all out.

3. Turn Up the Music

Combat the feelings of loneliness by turning up the tunes. So choose something uplifting. A study found that

people with depression are most likely to use music to intensify a negative mood, they are also the least aware of this tendency.

Thats probably not the best way to cheer yourself up. So do the opposite.

4. Call a Friend

5. Make Yourself Laugh

6. Do a Little Deep Breathing

7. Practice Gratitude

8. Get Out of the House

9. Cry and Let it Out

10. Take a Cold Shower

Try To Set Up A Sleep Routine

If you’re feeling depressed, anxious, sad, or angry WATCH THIS!!!

Depression can throw off your sleep schedule, and you may find yourself getting too much or too little sleep, explains Samantha Kingma, licensed marriage and family therapist at Rest and Renew Therapy.

So, try going to bed and waking up at the same time every day this can help make sure youre getting enough .

suggests a strong correlation between depression, anxiety, and social media consumption.

Another 2018 study suggests that limiting social media use could relieve feelings of depression and loneliness.

Thats why Kingma recommends limiting your time on these apps, taking breaks for a few days, or even deleting social media apps from your phone entirely to see how you feel after youre away from it.

If youre noticing depression symptoms, social media scrolling may very well be making things worse, she says.

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Symptoms And Causes Of Depression

Symptoms of depression can be very different from person to person. However, as a general rule, if you are depressed you feel hopeless, sad and lacking interest in things that used to make you feel happy.

Depression symptoms are bad enough to interfere with work, social life and family life, and can persist for weeks or months.

Doctors describe depression in one of three ways, depending on how serious it is:

  • mild depression it has some impact on daily life
  • moderate depression it has a significant impact on your daily life
  • severe depression this makes it nearly impossible to get through your life day to day

A few people with severe depression may have symptoms of psychotic depression.

Below is a list of depression symptoms it’s unlikely that one person would have all of them.

Consider Where You Are In This Time And Place

As I write this its February. Its 32 degrees here in NYC and it gets dark by 5pm. It is a time of year where lots of people get depressed.

Seasonal Affective Disorder is a depressive disorder caused by the change of seasons. Some people get depressed because of the reduced daylight hours. Some people because of the temperature changes. Everyone affected by SAD finds themselves sad without something being wrong.

How do you deal with SAD? The most effective way is with a full spectrum lamp. The lamp will help your body tolerate the change in seasons by exposing it to full spectrum light.

Another thing to ask yourself is if something has happened to you this same time of year in another year that was painful.

I know that every year in early June I get very depressed because it is the anniversary of my mothers death. Sometimes it creeps up on me and I dont even know it.

So consider if you have been in a painful place before this time of year. If the answer is YES then you might have your source!

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Psychological Depression Symptoms Include:

  • doing poorly at work
  • difficulties with your family or home life

It’s not always possible to tell that you’re having symptoms of depression right away it can start and progress gradually. A lot of people don’t realise they’re ill and try to carry on and cope with their symptoms. Sometimes it takes a friend or family member to notice that there’s a problem.

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