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What Is A Cone Of Depression

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Understanding What Is Cone Of Depression And How It Is Formed

What is a cone of depression?

A cone of depression is caused due to heavy pumping in the area where the water table is located resulting in a large sunken area. In this ScienceStruck post, we shall take a look at what exactly a cone of depression is and how it is formed.

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A cone of depression is caused due to heavy pumping in the area where the water table is located resulting in a large sunken area. In this ScienceStruck post, we shall take a look at what exactly a cone of depression is and how it is formed.

What does CONE OF DEPRESSION mean?

What Would Happen If A Cone Of Depression Extended Below The Bottom Of A Well

When water levels drop below the levels of the pump intakes, then wells will begin to pump air they willgo dry.If the cone of depression extends to other nearby wells, the water level in those wells will be lowered. The cone develops in both shallow water-table and deeper confined-aquifer systems.

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Cone Of Depression Is Causing Structural Damage

A recent Record article, “Drought a boon for fix-it firms,” addressed the serious problem of lack of water causing serious settling or “subsidence” damage to many homes. The article was from St. Louis, Mo., but could just as well been from Morada and San Joaquin County.

A large portion of San Joaquin County, including Linden and Morada, sits atop a vast void in our groundwater basin. This “cone of depression,” or massive hole, is caused from groundwater depletion a severe overdraft of our aquifer amounting to 200,000 acre-feet per year and growing. With little or no natural recharge or replenishment, and the continual overpumping by the city of Stockton, the cone of depression deepens.

The water table is 90 feet below sea level in our aquifer. When we developed our well in Morada in 1971, the water level was at 44 feet. When we replaced our pump in 2005, it was at 97 feet a substantial decline of 53 feet in 31 years.

Any time large volumes of water are removed from the ground and not replenished, a void is created. If the void is small, surface effects are minimal. But if that void is large, like our cone of depression, major surface structure damage can occur.

William Van Amber Fields

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Drawdown Cone Of Depression

Part of the Encyclopedia of Earth Science book series

Drawdown is a term applied to the maximum lowering of the groundwater table caused by pumping or artesian flow . It is measured as the difference between the initial level of water in a well before pumping, and the static, or stabilized, level of water after a long period of pumping. The static level is achieved when the flow into the well from the aquifer is equal to the rate of withdrawal.

Figure D60

Diagrammatic representation of a well penetrating an unconfined aquifer. Pumping has lowered the water table locally to develop a cone of depression around the well Key: r = radius of well in metres or feet d = thickness of water in well H = difference in head between two manometers in path of fluid movement L= distance along the path of movement between positions of…

What Are The Characteristics Found In All Good Aquifers


An aquifer is a body of saturated rock through which water can easily move. Aquifers must be both permeable and porous and include such rock types as sandstone, conglomerate, fractured limestone and unconsolidated sand and gravel. Fractured volcanic rocks such as columnar basalts also make good aquifers.

Wells are extremely important to all societies. In many places wells provide a reliable and ample supply of water for home uses, irrigation, and industries. Where surface water is scarce, such as in deserts, people couldnt survive and thrive without groundwater, and people use wells to get at underground water.

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A cone of depression occurs solely in locations where there are wells, so theyll only be found on land. Normally the water table, the constant water level underground, sits at a certain depth below the surface.

When a well is activated, suction occurs at the center around the well and the ground water moves towards it instead of the normal discharge area. Think of what happens when you empty a sink of water or drink through a straw. The area below the original water table that is now void of water is called the cone of depression. On a diagram it is a very noticeable cone-shaped formation.


Aquifers And Confining Layers

An aquifer is a geologic material capable of delivering water in usable quantities. Geologic material includes any rock or sediment. In order for a geologic material to be considered an aquifer, it must be at least partially saturated, where its open spaces are filled with water, and be permeable, i.e. able to transmit water. For drinking water aquifers, the water must also be potable. Aquifers can vary dramatically in scale, from spanning several formations to being limited to a small area on the side of a hill. Aquifers adequate for water supply are both permeable and porous.

A good aquifer will provide a sufficient quantity of water to meet demand. The quantity of water that an aquifer can hold and transmit is governed by its physical properties. Most simply, the aquifers porosity and permeability are variables that govern its hydraulic conductivity and storativity.

A confining layer is a layer of low permeability geologic material that restricts the flow of water to or from the aquifer. Confining layers include aquicludes , which are so impermeable that no water travels through them, and aquitards, which significantly decrease the speed at which water travels through them due to their low permeability.

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Why Do The Level Of Water Increase In Water Bodies After It Rains

In general, ground water level always rise in winter season due to increase in infiltration of rainwater, but infiltration rate depend on many factors such as, soil types, compaction, texture of soil, vegetation cover, moisture of soil, water content, water table deep of subsurface and climate conditions.

Examples Of Cone Of Depression In A Sentence

Cone of Depression (and more)

Cone of depression: The depression in the potentiometric surface caused by the pumping of a well.

Cone of depression : The depression, roughly conical in shape, produced in the pressure surface by a well, or wells, pumping in a confined aquifer.

Cone of depression SOIL SYSTEMATICSSummary:Students will conduct an investigation of soil grain size and its correlation to soil percolation , source (abiogenic vs.

Environmental screening worksheet, or ESW, means the FSA screening procedure used to record the use of categorical exclusions, review if a proposed action that can be categorically excluded involves extraordinary circumstances, and evaluate the appropriate level and extent of environmental review needed in an EA or EIS when a categorical exclusion is not available or not appropriate.

Cone of depression : The depression, roughly conical in shape, produced in the water level by a well, or wells, pumping in an unconfined aquifer.

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What Is A Cone Of Depression

A cone of depression occurs in an aquifer when groundwater is pumped from a well. In an unconfined aquifer, this is an actual depression of the water levels. In confined aquifers, the cone of depression is a reduction in the pressure head surrounding the pumped well.

A cone of depression occurs in an aquifer when groundwater is pumped from a well. In an unconfined aquifer, this is an actual depression of the water levels. In confined aquifers, the cone of depression is a reduction in the pressure head surrounding the pumped well.


Limitations of word equation and formula equation is that they do not express the quantities of reactant and product in the reaction.


Word equation expresses the chemical reaction in words. The reactants products and the direction of the reaction is mentioned in it. The information is used to write a chemical reaction. The word reacted shows the reactants and forms show product. The sequence of reactions, moles of reactant and product is written.


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Concentration of both reactants and products is not mentioned.

Groundwater As A Limited Resource

Like other natural resources on our planet, the quantity of fresh and potable water is finite. The only natural source of water on land is from the sky in the form of precipitation. Because of a slow rate of travel, limited recharge areas, and intensifying extraction and demand, in many places groundwater is being extracted faster than it is being replenished. When groundwater is extracted faster than recharge can renew it, groundwater levels decline and areas of discharge can diminish or dry up completely. Regional pumping-induced groundwater decline is known as groundwater mining or groundwater overdraft. Groundwater mining can lead to dry wells, reduced spring and streamflow, and subsidence. Where there is a continual lowering of the water table in an area, e.g. extraction by pumping is greater than replenishment by precipitation, groundwater mining is happening.

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Confined And Unconfined Aquifers

Aquifers are water bodies formed underground, and can occur at various depths. They are created when the water seeps in through the Earths surface and permeable rock till the time it reaches the impermeable rock. The surrounding rock or sand layer is then saturated by ground water forming an aquifer. There are two types of aquifers confined and unconfined.

A confined aquifer is a rock or a layer of sand or gravel having a confining layer above it because of which the movement of water is restricted to another aquifer. The water in confined aquifers is under high pressure because of the aquitard. The cone of depression in confined aquifer grows at a faster pace, but at a rate that diminishes gradually. The rate of replenishment is lesser. It takes a long time for confined aquifers to fill up as its only source is underground tributaries that travel long distances. The confined aquifers are less contaminated because they are protected by impermeable material.

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Glacial Sands And Gravel Aquifers


In Minnesota, where the state has been covered in ice at one time or another, sand and gravel deposited primarily by glacial meltwater streams is a common aquifer type. These may be at the surface or buried, of limited extent, or covering hundreds of square miles. They are mostly located in Central Minnesota.

  • Stacked domino appearance of rocks in road cuts
  • Small sucking holes that form in fields when soils are saturated with water.
  • More common in Southeast Minnesota.
  • Fast and direct movement of water and contaminants directly from the surface to groundwater.
    • Quick movement of water from the surface and in the soil profile to groundwater, because there is less soil between the surface and the groundwater.
    • Short depth to groundwater.
    • Less chance for water and contaminants to interact with the soil surface and soil organisms that can break down or incorporate contaminants.

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    From The Surface Into The Ground

    When surface water infiltrates or seeps into the ground, it usually enters the unsaturated zone . The vadose zone is the volume of material between the land surface and the zone of saturation, which consists of geologic materials in which the pore spaces are not completely filled with water . Plants roots inhabit the upper vadose zone. In the vadose zone, fluid pressure in the pores is less than atmospheric pressure. Below the vadose zone is the capillary fringe. The capillary fringe is the usually thin zone below the vadose zone where the pores are completely filled with water , but the fluid pressure is less than atmospheric pressure. The pores in the capillary fringe are filled because of capillary action, described in the Properties of Water section above. Below the capillary fringe is the saturated zone , where the pores are completely saturated and the fluid in the pores is at or above atmospheric pressure . The interface between the capillary fringe and the saturated zone marks the location of the water table.

    Why Is A Cone Of Depression Bad

    Because water flows down to lower points, the cone of depression could change the direction groundwater flows in. That might change what you find IN your well water if theres a source of pollution near your well, the cone of depression might affect whether the pollution flows toward or away from the well.

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    Groundwater And Aquifers In Minnesota

  • Watersheds and resources
  • Groundwater
  • Groundwater is held in underground aquifers, which are geologic formations or groups of formations capable of yielding water to a well. An aquifer can be defined using a combination of geologic and practical features.

    The geologic definition of an aquifer is a layer full of water and permeable geologic material. The practical description of an aquifer is that it can release significant quantities of water when pumped.

    Contrary to popular belief, aquifers are not large underground lakes. Instead, theyre usually made up of large amounts of water flowing in between pore spaces and fractures. Think of a jar of marbles or cracks in underground rock filled with water.

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    How Do We Use Water In Our Daily Lives

    What is Cone of Depression and How is it Formed

    To start, we all use water for drinking, washing, cleaning, cooking, and growing foodâmaking it our most precious resource for survival. What adds to that daily household water use, is that even more water is used by industry to generate electricity, manufacture products, and transport people and goods.

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    The Depression Of The Water Table Near A Pumping Well Is Called The

    Which of the following best describes the cone of depression?. A dimple in the water table surface due to water pumped faster than an aquifer can be replenished. The release of water vapor to the atmosphere by plants is called _____. Which of the following is true regarding groundwater as you move deeper below the surface.

    Increases the hydraulic gradient. Water is extracted out of the ground which leaves an airy space around the soil particles. Farmer Browns well has dropped the water table in the wells cone of depression and the well has led to the lake drying up.

    Part B To ensure a continuous supply of water a well must do what. Cone of Depression Launch the SmartFigure Video When you have finished answer the questions. AWater below the water table slowly boils in a vertical crack or natural conduit causing a plume.

    Which of the following best describes the cone of depression. Penetrate well below the regional water table surface When water is pumped from a well drawdown occurs. The Great Depression reversed all growth that had been experienced over the previous 100 years.

    A dimple in the water table surface due to water pumped faster than an aquifer can be replenished. A Cone of Depression is formed where the water table sinks at an exact point because of heavy pumping. Which of the following terms best describes an area of continental crust that has remained.

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