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Can You Get A Medical Card For Bipolar Disorder

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Its Important To Keep Talking

Can You Be Too Old To Get Bipolar Disorder?

Initially, your loved one may not understand completely. Thats OK. Give them time.

Explain to them that youre working to manage your condition and get the help you need. And that their encouragement and support is needed as well. Let them know the conversations you share help build a strong foundation from which you can hopefully move forward.

Can You Treat Bipolar Disorder With Medical Marijuana

Treating a psychiatric or personality disorder can be isolating and frustrating. The commonly prescribed medications on the market claim to level mood and help with impulse control. In the case of bipolar disorder, these mood-stabilizing medications aim to target the extreme highs of mania or the severe lows of depressions. Without medication, managing bipolar disorder can seem impossible like navigating a storm in a dense fog. But research on cannabis might offer brighter news for those dealing with it. Since medical weed has gained acceptance, it has played a critical role in managing other disorders, like borderline personality disorder. But what about when dealing with the teeter-totter of mania and depression seen in bipolar disorder? Its an important question for both doctors and bipolar patients when they decide on treatment. Can you treat bipolar disorder with medical marijuana?

About Medical Marijuana In Illinois

IL MMJ patients must obtain a written recommendation from their doctor confirming that they suffer from at least one of the qualifying debilitating conditions listed below. Veterans can include 12 months of VA medical records in the place of a physicians written recommendation.

Once you have been examined by a certified physician and deemed eligible for the program youll need to complete the medical cannabis application form. This form requires patients to choose which dispensary they will be using to purchase their medicine, however patients can change their dispensary at any time.

An application fee must accompany your application. Fees are $100 for a card good for one year, or $200 for two years, or $250 for three years. For veterans and patients with disabilities applications fees are halved.

In order to get your Illinois medical marijuana card, youll need to supply a passport-sized photo taken in front of a plain, white backdrop. If you do not have the means to print a proper photo some drug store chains such as Walmart offer walk-in passport photo service.

Youll also have to provide two pieces of evidence of residency in the state. These can include utility bills, bank statements, state IDs, drivers licenses and voter ID cards.

The Illinois Department of Public Health works with certified local health departments to provide free assistance with completing applications for the Medical Cannabis Registry Program.

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Modern Marijuana: Stronger Strains May Increase Risks

Further, for anyone tempted to try self-medicating with marijuana, both Foster and Dr. Manseau warn that what is available on the streets today is not the same as it was a few decades ago.

Marijuana today is stronger , Foster says. Dr. Manseau points out that this is worrisome since other studies show that using high THC marijuana increases the risk of psychosis.

Todays marijuana may also be mixed with other things , Foster adds. This makes it much more dangerous, especially for people who are susceptible to psychotic reactions. And because its not regulated, theres simply no way to know.

How Seniors Can Get A Medical Marijuana Card

Bipolar Disorder: Side effects, Scientific aspect ...

In states with legal adult-use cannabis, anyone over the age of 21 simply needs to go to the dispensary of their choice, with enough cash on hand to buy whatever strikes their fancy.

If you live in a state that only has a medical cannabis card, then youll need to become a licensed patient.

In legal medical marijuana states, the processing of applying for a medical marijuana card is quite consistent. Heres what you need to do:

  • First, schedule a meeting with a physician who is approved by the state to certify medical cannabis patients. Depending on the state, you may only be able to gain approval if you have one of a set list of qualifying health conditions, though in some states, its solely up to the discretion of the physician, and there is no ironclad list of conditions. The physicians certifications typically cost around $100-$200 depending on your state of residence.
  • With the physicians certification, you will then need to register online with your states medical marijuana authority and submit all of the relevant documents, such as proof of identity, physician certification, and proof of residence. You may also need to pay an application fee.
  • Typically, if approved, the card will be delivered by mail or digitally within a matter of weeks. And if you arent comfortable using the online application portal, many states also allow applications by mail.

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Marijuana Is Safe But There Can Be Side Effects

Medical marijuana is far safer than countless legal pharmaceuticals, but that doesnt mean that there arent some potential side effects, including for seniors who use cannabis.

If youre someone who often has problems with anxiety or panic attacks, the wrong dose of THC could potentially worsen anxieties, creating an unpleasant experience that may have you swearing off medical marijuana. Cannabis preparations, particularly those rich in THC, can also have a negative effect on people with mental health conditions such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, and this is why people who present such conditions are often advised to avoid marijauna.

One important consideration is that the intoxicating effects of some cannabis preparations may cause balance and coordination issues, as well as alter blood pressures and could increase the risk of fall and injury.

Seniors are more likely to have underlying heart problems than the average cannabis user. This is particularly important because THC can cause changes in heart rate and alter blood pressures. For this reason, medical marijuana can be risky for patients with serious cardiac problems, and these patients are encouraged to speak to their heart doctor before starting medical marijuana.

Hey But What About Cbd

Keep in mind that these studies focused on people smoking THC-rich cannabis flower, which is the kind thats still most commercially available in the United States.

Cannabidiol, or CBD, often comes in the form of an oil and is being studied for its effect on many mental health conditions. In fact, CBD is thought to be useful for anxiety, psychosis, and inflammation . Plus, it doesnt get you high.

An ongoing Brazilian study is tracking the effects of CBD sans THC in people with bipolar disorder. Results are expected in 2022.

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Its Best To Start Low And Go Slow And Try Some Trial And Error

Medical marijuana isnt going to affect everyone in the exact same way. Certain people may have a stronger tolerance or different metabolism, or others may experience a more intense psychoactive effect. The same dose that could relax one patient, could make another one feel anxious or uneasy.

When youre trying new cannabis products, its always a good idea to take your time. This is especially true if you have no background with cannabis, or if the last time you smoked marijuana was a few decades ago, when it wasnt nearly as potent as the cannabis grown today.

If youve decided to start your journey with edibles or tinctures, try a small dose, perhaps even half the recommended portion. And keep in mind, cannabis edibles can take 1-2 hours to kick in, sometimes longer, so patience is key.

The same logic applies to smoking or vaping. If youre new to medical cannabis, take one, maybe two gentle inhalations and then kick back and wait about 15 minutes. At that point youll have a much better idea of the effects.

This isnt a race, its a marathon, and theres no reason not to ease your way in.

Best Methods Of Marijuana Treatment To Treat Side Effects And Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder Medical Marijuana Prescription

The stereotypical assumption with medical weed is you have to smoke it. But there are various other interesting ways to use this herb. Trying a different consumption method comes with various practical benefits, too, such as increasing discretion. However, it may also change the effect you get, such as the intensity or duration of a high and other effects. Here are some consumption methods you may want to try:

  • Smoking. You tend to feel the effects immediately when you smoke medical pot, and they generally wear off in a couple of hours. Unfortunately, smoking is not the healthiest way of using marijuana.
  • Vaporizing. Vaporizing heats the herb to where the cannabinoids like THC turn into vapor you inhale. Its a healthier option than smoking and a preferred method for many.
  • Topicals. Topicals are weed-infused products you apply to your skin and typically come in lotions and oils.
  • Tinctures. With tinctures, the doses you get are highly concentrated. You only need one drop under your tongue to get almost instant effects. The effects last for a couple of hours.
  • A tasty way of getting your marijuana for bipolar disorder, edibles tend to produce a strong, long-lasting effect of up to eight hours or so. Just cook your marijuana into your favorite foods like cookies, brownies or even pizza.

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What Is Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a mental health disorder characterized by extreme mood swings alternating between lows, depression, and high mania or hypomania. With depression, patients can feel hopeless or sad and begin to lose pleasure in life in daily activities. When patients have bipolar disorder, their mood can shift into hypomania or mania. Patients can feel full of energy, euphoric, or unusually irritable. These variations in mood swings can affect patients activity, behavior, sleep, judgment, and ability to think clearly.

Mood swings can come numerous times a year or rarely. In some circumstances, some individuals may experience emotional symptoms, while others might not experience any. Although bipolar disorder usually afflicts patients life, a medical marijuana treatment plan can help manage its symptoms and mood swings. Typically, doctors treat the condition with psychotherapy, or psychological counseling, and medical marijuana medication.

Does Cannabis Use Lead To Symptoms Of Psychosis

Symptoms of psychosis refer to altered perceptions or thoughts. Examples are hallucinations and delusions.

In some cases, cannabis use has been associated with higher chances of experiencing these symptoms in the general population.

A 2019 study , for example, found that daily use of cannabis was linked to a higher chance of psychotic disorder.

Results also indicated that people who used high-potency cannabis were up to six times more likely to experience symptoms of psychosis.

Older related has also suggested that cannabis use is associated with a greater rate of psychosis in people living with bipolar disorder as well as more frequent hospitalizations and longer mood episodes.

A also suggests that cannabis use, particularly among young adults living with bipolar disorder and other mood disorders, may lead to a higher chance of:

  • self-harm

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Asking Others For Help And Support

Think about the people in your life and how they can best support you. One person may be great at practical things. Another person may offer emotional support by listening. The reality is, both of them can help you to:

  • Remember to take and refill your medication as your doctor prescribed
  • Make and keep doctor appointments
  • Prioritize health through exercise and healthy eating
  • Monitor your mood and ask how youre feeling
  • Connect with your loved ones and make sure you are not isolating

Asking for help can be difficult, but in the end, your friends and family are your support system. Tell them what you need and be honest about how youre feeling.

Changing Your Outlook May Help

Bipolar Disorder

Sometimes it can be a challenge when you have a bad day, such as arguing with a loved one or friend, experience a financial problem, or go through an unexpected event. However, with some practice, you may be able to change how you view these stressful times.

Changing how you view events may help you see stressful events as more manageable. And, it may be enough to have a positive effect.

To start, try these tips:

Notice your thoughtswhen you start to get upset by stressful events, take noteThink about the factstry to avoid black-or-white thinking. Take a step back and examine the eventCreate a positive viewtry thinking of the positives regarding stressors. And remember, sometimes something that seems bad may eventually result in a positive

Try practicing positive thinking as events and stressors arise and see how it works for you.

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History Of Bipolar Disorder

In the first century in Greece, Aretaeus of Cappadocia started recording bipolar disorder symptoms in the medical field. For many centuries, his association between depression and mania went unnoticed.

The ancient Romans and Greeks generated the terms melancholia and mania, which today mean depressive and manic. Even back then, they realized lithium bath salts helped to calm manic individuals down and lift the spirits of individuals who were depressed. Lithium today continues to be a common treatment for patients with bipolar disorder.

Bipolar Disorder And Medical Marijuana Treatments

But these patients dont have to start lithium, ever. The two main strains of medical marijuana, indica, and sativa, can be used together or separately to treat the symptoms as the patient starts to cycle.

Indica is often used to calm, alleviate anxiety, and relieve insomnia, which could be used when the patient is experiencing a high cycle and cant be bothered to come down to sleep, eat, or focus. Sativa elevates mood and acts as a stimulant. Its most effective for the lows in the person with bipolar disorder. So much relief could be gained and without any harm to the bodys organs or long-term damage to the brain and liver through the use of medical marijuana.

So why arent more people with mood disorders like bipolar disorder being treated with medical marijuana? Its simple really. Either they dont live in a state legalized its use or lack of information and informed choice in the states where it is legal.

There is anecdotal evidence supporting the promise medical cannabis for bipolar disorder can help you manage your depressive or manic episode symptoms with the right treatment plan. According to one man, his wife functions better after marijuana and bipolar disorder treatment. It helps her sleep, relaxes her when shes hypomanic and slows down her speech. Medical cannabis keeps her more active when she would otherwise lie in bed in a depressive state. While lithium also helps, it isnt always effective keeping her in control.

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Where Do I Find A Health Care Practitioner Who Has Been Approved By The Mmp

If your current health care practitioner is not registered with the MMP, speak with them about registering with the Medicinal Marijuana Program. Health care practitioners must be registered with the program in order to authorize your eligibility. A list of health care practitioners is available on our website, Under the Patient tab, select the option that says Find a Doctor. This will assist the patient in locating a health care practitioner in their area.

Best Strains Of Marijuana To Use For Bipolar Disorder Symptoms And Treatment Side Effects

Bipolar vs Borderline Personality Disorder â How to tell the difference

None of the studies conducted considered strain or dosage type, and these are two essential factors to consider when studying cannabis. With so many different types of strains available, bipolar patients have many possibilities to find relief.

Depending on what type of marijuana is used, studies may misrepresent consistency. For example, patients with bipolar disorder who smoke high THC marijuana concentrates may be more likely to have a negative mood response whereas those who smoke strains rich in CBD directly from the cannabis flower may find more positive mood responses.

Indica strains reduce anxiety and have a calming effect. Sativa strains stimulate and elevate the mood. And doctors may prescribe cannabis and bipolar disorder treatment as part of your overall treatment strategy for your BP. Some good strains to try include:

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Can You Get Medical Marijuana For Bipolar Disorder In Missouri

Bipolar disorder affects more than 2.3 million Americans, about 1% of the general population, and a growing number are turning to medical marijuana as an alternative or supplement to conventional medications.

The state of Missouri, though, wont issue a medical marijuana for just any condition. You must have one of the states qualifying conditions. So, the question is, can you get a medical marijuana card for bipolar disorder in Missouri?

Final Hit: Can You Treat Bipolar Disorder With Medical Marijuana

Finding the right treatment plan for any illness requires an open and honest discussion with your doctor. Involving them will help make sure whatever you choose for treatment will work for you and not have any other consequences.

Even still, research on the question can you treat bipolar disorder with medical marijuana continues to grow. Though the world is itself bipolar on the topic, it shows promise.

And though it can be hard to see the brighter side when dealing with this illness, thats certainly something to be positive about.

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Does Medical Marijuana Work For Bipolar Disorder

A 2016 pilot study found that people with bipolar disorder experienced elevated moods without significant mental impairment. Results were self-reported and therefore limited, but the findings were significant. A separate 2015 study found that medical marijuana users experienced improved moods coupled with a better overall outlook.

These findings reinforce other studies that have attested to the general anxiety-reducing effects of marijuana. Cannabis, when taken in the proper dosage, appears to regulate the brains neurotransmitters in a way that results in less anxiety and depression and greater well-being.

More research is still needed, and the findings arent conclusive, but medical marijuana may be able to help mitigate some of your most severe symptoms.

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