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How To Motivate Yourself To Clean When Depressed

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Dont Be Hard On Yourself

How To Get Motivated To Clean When Depressed

If you havent cleaned in a month dont expect to clean the whole house in one sitting.

Youll probably have to do small chunks but thats OK.

Dont compare yourself to what others are able to do or even compare how your house is now to how it was when you werent depressed.

Not everyone is managing mental health issues.

You are dealing with something difficult and it makes life hard sometimes, just do the best you can.

Beating yourself up is only going to make you feel worse and make it even more difficult to clean.

If you need some encouragement,;check out the pep talk for when everything sucks that I recorded on the podcast.

Accept It And Dont Push It Away

I know it may sound a little counterintuitive, but it is so important that you accept your feelings for what they are and when you are feeling them. The more you try to fight those negative feelings, push them away, or try to bury them the worse you will feel in the long run. Not to mention, the longer you try to escape those negative feelings, the more guilty and shameful you will feel for having those negative feelings in the first place. It really starts to take a harder toll on your;mental and emotional health as well, since youre essentially making yourself deal with it longer.

So instead, allow yourself to be aware of those emotions that you are currently feeling. Feel them, accept them, and trust that they will soon pass. If you need to cry cry it out. If you need to go away and take some time for yourself then 100% do so! Because those feelings will pass. Accepting them as they happen can be one of the most provoking ways to handle depression in the moment.

Cleaning Motivation Tip: Remove Distraction

This sometimes can be easier said than done.; However, there are a few things you can do right now to limit the distractions that you may face.; Having your phone going off with the newest Facebook reply or Instagram comment can be really distracting.

I like to have my phone on do not disturb while Im cleaning.; There are a few other things that you can do that are quite simple.; I created an in-depth blog post on this very topic that you can read here.

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Little Motivation Tricks For Getting Through The Day With Depression

Picture this: youre lying in bed or sitting on the couch, devoid of energy. Theres a pile of dishes waiting for you in the sink, your dog is giving you a guilty I need to eat look and you have several imminent assignment deadlines going off like fire alarms in your head. But, no matter how hard you try no matter how anxious the pile of responsibilities makes you you just cant do it.

If this sounds familiar, then youve experienced one of the most common symptoms of depression. Depression sucks the energy out of you, leaving you exhausted and unable to budge. Its no wonder many with depression find the spoon theory to be apt to their lived experience.

We decided to ask our mental health community what little tricks they have for getting motivated when depression drags them down. Maybe depression is telling you that youve already tried them all, but we hope youll find a few unexpected gems in the answers they gave us.

Here is what they said:

1. I convince myself; all I gotta do is one thing today. But in order to do that one thing, I need to get out of bed to do it. Usually I say food or washroom, something I cant go without. That works for me. Like a pep talk before starting the day. Mizheekay H.

7. Make a list and put on some music that motivates me to move. Otherwise, Ill spend days just going from the bed to the couch and back. Suzy J.

What motivation tricks would you add? Let us know in the comments below.

How To Motivated To Clean When Overwhelmed By The Mess

How to Get Motivated to Clean Your House When You

When you are overwhelmed with the mess in your house or in a specific room it can seem like theres no way you can ever get going.; However, there are a few steps you can take to help.

About 6 years ago I was walking into the kitchen to make a cup of tea for myself.; I used the microwave to warm up my water.; I set the microwave to 1 minute 30 seconds and then decided to unload the dishwasher.

I was completely shocked because I had it in my head that it took at least 5 minutes or more to do that.

After realizing that, I started timing myself doing other chores and I was surprised by how much my mind would overestimate how big of a job a chore was when it really wasnt that bad.

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Break It Down Into Smaller Tasks

A 2015 study suggests that breaking up a big task into smaller pieces is one way to combat procrastination. Thats because simply completing a task even a tiny one can be psychologically rewarding.

So try deconstructing the cleaning job into super-simple steps: Buy cleaning supplies one day, sweep the living room floor the next day, clean the kitchen counters the third day, etc. You’ll be more likely to tackle the project this way than if you expect you’ll do the whole thing in a single afternoon.

Cleaning Motivation Tip: Create A Cleaning Route

The next thing I like to do to keep me motivated to clean is to follow a cleaning route.; This is the route I take in my home to get the cleaning done.

I like to make a loop through the house so Im not zigzagging through the house.; This keeps me on track without wasting time bouncing from one room to the next.; If youd like to create your own cleaning route you can learn more here.

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How To Overcome Lack Of Motivation

Some people naturally feel the need to clean when theyre depressed, but for most of us one of the telling signs of depression is letting go of day-to-day activities.;;One of the best ways to sidestep this symptom is to set yourself up for success ahead of time.

Keep your cleaning supplies stocked and in convenient places for the jobs.;;Keep bathroom cleaners in the bathroom, vacuum cleaners nearest the high traffic carpeted area, oven cleaner in the kitchen, etc.;;If you cant find something for the task youve talked yourself into getting up and doing its all too likely youll give up right away.

Clean up as you go if youre already making yourself fix something to eat, wash the dishes while youre up.;;Not only is it easier when the mess is fresh, itll get done and you wont have to look at it later.;;Any mess is likely to make me feel even worse and contrarily less likely to do something about it.

Delegate, delegate, delegate.;;Anything and everything you can get anyone else to do will be good for your house and for your health.;;The people who love you will be happy to help, especially if you share that youre depressed and this is something they can do to help you, as chances are they usually feel helpless.

Overwhelmed By Paper Clutter

How to Get Motivated to Clean When Depressed | Here is the solutions

If your house is completely overrun by paper clutter, its not your fault!

Paper comes into your house whether you want it to or not, despite your best intentions.

I have a very simple solution that will erase your paper clutter issue in about 5 minutes.

Step 1 Grab a box.

Step 2 Put all of the paper in it.

Thats it!

Why does this work?

Because from now on, youll know exactly where every piece of paper you need is AND youll know exactly where to put any paper that makes its way into your house.

From now on, the paper cycle in your home looks like this:

  • Open your mail over the garbage or recycle bin
  • Throw away any useless flyers, ads, etc.
  • Add a reminder in your phone about upcoming bills, etc. Take a picture of the bill and add it to the reminder. This sounds complicated but takes 7 seconds. I know because Ive timed it.
  • If you decide to keep it, drop it into your paper clutter bin.
  • Repeat this with each paper you receive and throw papers away ruthlessly.

If Im in a huge hurry, sometimes I skip adding the image to my calendar, but I always take a picture of my bills with my phone.

This way, I have access to whatever phone numbers, account numbers, and payment information I need.

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Maintain Your Clean Home With A Soft Hand

Once youve cleaned or decluttered one or more areas of your home, of course youll want to try and keep these spaces tidy.

Strategies you might use include the one in, one out rule or the one touch rule. You might try to get into a more regular cleaning routine so that maintenance becomes easier.

For example, doing the dishes after dinner each night might become a habit, or a quick evening pickup of toys from the living room floor. Once again, be sure all of this effort isnt falling on your shoulders alone if you can help it.

Do your best with regular upkeep but understand that you need to live your life.

Especially if you have kids in the home, things arent always going to be picture perfect. Most of the images you see on Instagram arent reality.

Remember, at the end of your life, chances are youre not going to look back and wish youd kept your home cleaner. So, try not to stress too much if things get dirty or out of place for a little while.

You dont want to be so focused on maintaining your home that you miss out on making enjoyable memories in it. Its not a museumits your living space.

While cleaning is never just a one-time effort, decluttering and minimalism can have many lasting benefits, including less time spent cleaning and tidying in the future so you can focus on more meaningful parts of life.

How To Start Cleaning A Messy House

Cleaning your home when it has been ignored for a long period of time can be intimidating. Youve probably looked around many times and wondered how to start cleaning up your messy house.

Dont let the feelings of being overwhelmed keep you from getting started. All you need to do is to start somewhere and take it slow.

Cleaning a dirty house is a lot of work, but this isnt a race and that means that it doesnt all have to be tackled in one day.

Depending on the size and condition of your home, it could take several days to several weeks.

Dont let this overwhelm you! The key is tostart now and keep plugging away until youre done.

This is a guide to help you focus on what needs to be done and hopefully make it less overwhelming.

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Tie Cleaning To Self Care

If you follow any beauty guru, you know that self care is an essential part of feeling like an actual human. Whats on your self care list? Homemade face masks? Shooting hoops in the driveway? Going on an extra-long walk with your dog? Sketching cute animals? Those are all things that require effort but are so good for your body, mind, and spirit. Cleaning is the same. An uncluttered space can work wonders to ease a cluttered mind.

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How To Get Motivated To Clean: 10 Easy Tips

How to Get Motivated to Clean When Depressed

Do you feel glued to the chair and wondering how to get yourself motivated to clean?

It can be difficult to motivate yourself to clean, particularly when you feel tired, stressed, or even depressed.

However, studies indicate that a clean and tidy environment will help with physical and mental health.

According to a study published in Mindfulness, washing the dishes can reduce nervousness by 27% if you are focused on the task.

Cleaning and tidying help you to feel in control of your environment, therefore calming anxiety.

Here are more tips on How to be Happy Practicing Mindfulness.

With that in mind, I will share how I motivate myself to clean when I dont feel like doing it.

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How To Motivate Yourself: A Summary

Getting motivated can be tough and it can be even more challenging to stay motivated. In summary, here are 20 ways to motivate yourself:

  • Just start and wait for the motivation to catch up with you.
  • Break tasks down into smaller, more manageable steps.
  • Create a positive mindset by asking yourself, whats good about this situation?
  • Create positive feelings by writing down three things youre grateful for.
  • Be kind to yourself when you make a mistake, then come back to the task at hand.
  • Know that mistakes are a necessary part of progress accept and learn from them.
  • Cut overwhelming to-do lists down and focus on just one thing at a time.
  • Let go of goals that overwhelm you and set attainable goals that energize you.
  • Imagine your future if you dont motivate yourself.
  • Reflect on your past successes and use the positive feelings to stay motivated.
  • Remind yourself of the reason why you want to find motivation to get things done.
  • Remember the trade-off you need to make to get what you want, then commit 100%.
  • Eliminate the things that distract you and then focus on one thing to achieve your goals.
  • Tidy space, tidy mind declutter and organize your space to help motivate yourself.
  • Stay motivated by experiencing different food, music, books, or podcasts.
  • Look to people in your life who inspire and motivate you.
  • Ask close friends and family to help hold you accountable.
  • Follow people who inspire you online.
  • Connect with your true potential youre more powerful than you think.
  • Motivate Yourself By Reshaping Negative Thoughts

    A shift in perspective is necessary for personal progress when you are trying to motivate yourself through depression. Accomplishing any task during this time is no small feat. Make sure you remind yourself how good you are doing and how far youve come in life, fighting through depression.

    Give yourself a pep talk before starting the day. Learn to be your own motivational speaker! Reframing your negative thoughts into something positive can interrupt your fear and anxiety. It can help you break away from an unhealthy pattern and be more in control of your thoughts.;

    With a positive mindset, youll surely be able to motivate yourself. Learn to be more forgiving and accepting of yourself. If you find yourself falling into the black hole of depression, use the tools of positivity and self-love.;;

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    Use New Cleaning Products

    Especially ones that smell good! Something about cleaning with products that make your house smell fresh and clean is especially inspiring.

    This;all purpose cleaning spray smells amazing. As does;this kitchen set. And theyre non-toxic!

    Its also good to keep all your cleaning products together so theyre readily available. This handy caddyis a great place to store your supplies. You can just grab it and go.

    If you want to really help your house smell great, light a candle or use an essential oil diffuser. Here are 10 pretty ones to add function AND beauty to your home decor!

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    How Can I Motivate Myself To Declutter Myself

    Cleaning When Depressed – How to Clean Your Messy House

    The best way to get and stay motivated to is to know exactly why youre doing it. Get really clear with yourself about what you want to achieve by clearing the clutter and simplifying your home. Maybe you want more time for your family or for an activity you love. It could be you want more money to travel.

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    How To Declutter When You Dont Want To Get Rid Of Anything

    I could go into all of the ways to declutter your home, but were talking about real life here.

    Lets talk about some fast ways to declutter your house and get things back under control.

    First, go through each room with a trash bag and throw things away that are obviously garbage or broken.

    Set a timer for 15 minutes and see how far you can make it through your house.

    Next, box up anything you dont use on a regular basis.

    This is another one of those pieces of advice that loses friends quickly.

    But what if I need it?

    How will I ever find it if Im looking for it?

    Ive heard it all but what stands out to me is the number of success stories Ive received since I got ballsy enough to write about this.

    My answer for all of those questions?

    Label it and then LET IT GO!

    Listen, you know all of that stuff is there somewhere. Its not missing, its just in a box.

    Stand in front of your most cluttered flat surface.

    This is probably a dresser or a section of counter space.

    Toss every single thing you dont use regularly into a box.

    Either label the box with the items inside if you intend to keep it, or label it donate and move it to the trunk of your car.

    Will you ride around with it in there for a few months?


    But with donation dumpsters popping up all over the place, Im betting youll find a way to get rid of it before it drives you too crazy.

    I wrote out all of my lazy systems for overwhelmed people like us check it out here!

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