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Did Audrey Hepburn Have An Eating Disorder

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Audrey Hepburn Anorexia Quotes

The Secret Story Behind Audrey Hepburn’s Slender Frame
  • After being through it in the war, she says, I associate food with happy times, primarily because those times when I was unable to eat were so miserable. I guess in some convoluted way, Im afraid if I eat when Im sad, Ill be feeding the sadness.
  • Audrey noted how unhappy her mother was and, at least subconsciously, also attributed it to her weight.
  • She made a vow to herself to never exceed 103 pounds.

Brushing 5 Times Per Day

This is perhaps one of Ms. Hepburns stranger habits. She would brush her teeth a minimum of five times per day. She believed that apart from eliminating oral bacteria, brushing kept her sweet cravings at bay. Also, she does not nap immediately after a meal. Instead of resting, she would go for a leisurely 30-minute stroll.

Audrey Hepburn Wasnt The First Choice For Holly Golightly

For most people, the name Audrey Hepburn is pretty much synonymous with one film: Breakfast at Tiffanys. Hepburns portrayal of Manhattan party girl Holly Golightly in the 1961 film adaptation Truman Capotes novel has become so identified with her thats its difficult to imagine anybody else in the role.

However, Hepburn was not the first actress under consideration for the part. As Voguerecalled, Capote was actually pushing for the studio to cast . Monroe had even been offered the part, but turned it down on the advice of her acting teacher, Paula Strasberg, who haughtily suggested, “Marilyn Monroe will not play a lady of the evening.”

Capote was reportedly livid over Hepburns casting. “Paramount double-crossed me in every way and cast Audrey,” the author said, as quoted by Vogue. “It was the most miscast film Ive ever seen.” Capote wasnt the only one who thought Hepburn wasnt fit to play Holly. Hepburn admitted that she herself “didnt think I was right for it.” It wasnt until director Blake Edwards convinced her she could do it that she finally relented and took what would become her signature role.

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‘my Mother Was Like A Steel Fist In A Velvet Glove’: The Real Audrey Hepburn

Her delicate beauty and starring roles made her seem fragile. But having endured an unloving mother and a perilous childhood under Nazi occupation, such an impression belied Hepburns remarkable strength, compassion and resolve

Very alert, very smart, very talented, very ambitious. That was the director William Wylers verdict after watching a screen test for Roman Holiday by a young chorus girl called Audrey Hepburn in 1951. She got the part, won an Oscar and the rest is history. For decades, Hepburn has been adored for her graceful beauty and style. But somehow, the smart, talented and ambitious woman Wyler described never makes it into the books about her enduring charm with titles such as How to Be Lovely: The Audrey Hepburn Way. Now a new documentary, Audrey, gives us a more complex picture of the woman.

Directed by Helena Coan, the film features never-before-seen archive footage of Hepburn alongside intimate interviews with her family and friends. Speaking on Zoom from his home in Italy, Hepburns eldest son, Sean Hepburn Ferrer, says his mothers steeliness is often overlooked. She was no pushover. You have to fight in Hollywood for every little bit, and she did. But she played the part of the ingenue. And thats who she was, too. None of us are just one way or another.

Hepburn will never be forgotten so long as Breakfast at Tiffanys is around. Truman Capote, who wrote the novella, thought Hepburn was miscast he wanted Marilyn Monroe for the part.

Audrey Hepburn’s Son Believes He Quashed Her Film Career

Audrey Hepburn Anorexia Rumors

Audrey Hepburn was married twice, first to actor Mel Ferrer and then, in 1969, to Italian psychiatrist Andrea Dotti . In 1960, at the height of her fame, Hepburn and her first husband welcomed son Sean Hepburn Ferrer.

In an interview with Film Talk, Hepburn’s firstborn opened up about his mother’s insistence on putting her career on hold after starring in the 1967 thriller Wait Until Dark so she could focus on motherhood full-time. Hepburn would not appear onscreen again until 1976, opposite Sean Connery in Robin and Marian. “I suppose you could blame me for ending my mother’s career,” Dotti admitted. “If she had kept on working, her success professionally would have continued at a high level for many years.”

As Ferrer recalled, the family lived in “a farmhouse” in Switzerland far removed from the trappings of Hollywood during his childhood. “I didn’t grow up the son of a movie star, I didn’t grow up in Hollywood, not the place, not the state of mind,” he explained.

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Why Was Audrey Hepburn So Slim She Almost Died Malnourished In World War Two

The slim, shapely and elegant body of actress and icon Audrey Hepburn was mostly associated with her love for ballet and the years she spent training for it. However, her youngest son, Luca Dotti, revealed in a book due to be released this month that his mothers lithe frame was a result of something more evil.

According to him during a recent interview, Audrey Hepburn was extremely malnourished from age 9 up until she turned 16. It was during the WWII-era. The time she most needed nourishment, she didnt have enough food, he added.

The 45-year-old author of Audrey at Home: Memories of My Mothers Kitchen further explained that when the Nazis locked Holland down in 1944 a time referred to as the Winter of Hunger Audrey Hepburn didnt have enough food to eat that she reached the point wherein her body started failing.

During those times, the future Hollywood icons meals were often comprised of endive, the low-calorie green leafy vegetable often used in salads, tulip bulbs that she dug up from the ground and water. This was how she survived. According to Dotti, Audrey Hepburn disclosed that there were times she couldnt stand up she felt to weak to make use of her limbs.

She would spend entire days in bed with a book, thus hoping to expel from her mind obsessive thoughts about food, he divulged in his book.

Chocolate Equals Freedom

And as Dotti wrote, his mother remained slim throughout her lifetime even when she had a healthy appetite.

Loving Herself And Her Imperfections

Audrey was never afraid of her imperfections but she rather embraced them. Towards the end of her life, she was asked by an American photo magazine to pick her favorite photograph. She selected a picture of her with a child on one of her missions for the UNICEF.

In the picture, she could be seen holding a child in her arms, and both of them laughing. The photographer asked her whether she wanted to photoshop her wrinkles , but she refused and said that she earned every one of them.

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Audrey Hepburn: She Ate This Simple Specialty Once A Week

Although she was known for her petite figure and rumors circulated that she had an eating disorder, this was not true. Audrey never supported diets, and as her son Luca once said, she loved Italian food, ate a lot of pasta, but did not like meat.

Audrey’s diet was simple and healthy. For breakfast she ate whole grain bread and marmalade, for lunch meat or pasta with fresh vegetables from her garden, and for dinner she usually enjoyed chicken soup with vegetables.

Her partner, Robert Walters, said she almost always ate some chocolate after dinner and drank a glass of whiskey.

Her favorite dish was spaghetti with tomatoes, which she prepared almost every week at home, and here is her recipe.


Days 4 & : I’m Feeling Great Now

Audrey Hepburn’s Secret Diet Revealed

These were probably the best days of the diet. Almost all my cravings to eat between meals were gone. I also had a high amount of energy throughout the dayprobably the highest amount I’ve felt in a while.

I noticed that all my meals came in closer proximity to each other. I think it may be the combination of eating small portions and not eating in between meals.

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Audrey Hepburn Had A Simple Beauty Routine

In 2015, Audrey Hepburn’s son, Luca Dotti, wrote a personal memoir about his mother, Audrey at Home: Memories of My Mother’s Kitchen. Among the many details he divulged in the book are Hepburn’s beauty secrets, which were excerpted for FrenchVogue. Her biggest beauty tip is also the most basic: remain hydrated, which will keep the skin regenerated and plump. “She insisted so much on everybody … drinking a lot of water. And that really, today, is so important for the support of everything,” said Dotti, as reported by Yahoo! Lifestyle.

According to Dotti, Hepburn also had a love of potatoes, which he described as “her bread and butter.” In addition, Dotti also revealed Hepburn was something of a vegetarian. “She ate meat, but very little, in little doses,” he pointed out.

Dotti also explained that as his mother grew older, desperately battling to stay youthful was really not her thing. In fact, he wrote, Hepburn accepted aging gracefully. “She wasn’t afraid at all of getting old. Of course she was complaining about the wrinkles, the white hair, but she really enjoyed her older years,” said Dotti.

Frozen In Time: Audrey Hepburn Shopping With A Fawn 1958

Beverly Hills thought it had seen it all until Audrey Hepburn went to supermarkets and parties with Pippin the deer

In 1958, Audrey Hepburn was shooting Green Mansions, playing a woman in the Venezuelan jungle who is followed everywhere by a little fawn. In order to bond with Pippin the fawn , she was encouraged to care for her, feeding her milk from a baby bottle. I dont have any children of my own, she told a reporter on set, but Im learning a lot from Ip. She took the deer to parties, and slept in bed with her.

In his book Remembering Audrey, the photographer Bob Willoughby, who followed Hepburn for years, including on this trip to the supermarket, wrote: Beverly Hills habitués are fairly blasé about what they see, but Audrey being followed around town by this lovely creature stopped everyone in their tracks. When the film wrapped, she was devastated to give the fawn back a year later she had a miscarriage. To try and lift her out of depression, her husband tracked down Ip, then, much to the disappointment of her Yorkshire terrier Mr Famous, took her in as a pet. And then she had a baby.

Despite rumours of eating disorders, food was the key, her son insists, to her pleasure, and comfort. On one of their last trips together, a holiday in Jamaica, they were shocked at the weight of her smallest case. Inside, she had packed only spaghetti.

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The Importance Of Detox:

Detoxing ones body is fast becoming a new trend in the world of fitness. Although the word is shrouded with a lot of confusion, you cannot ignore the health benefits detoxification has. So what exactly is Detox and why it is so important? Detoxing aims to help the body rid itself of toxins. The kind of lifestyle we lead today with high levels of pollution, our body seems to be getting more susceptible to all sorts of toxins. The human body has many natural pathways to allow detoxification through the liver, sweat, and through the excretory system.

These toxins can lead to harmful metabolical, reproductive and mental health effects. In serious cases, these toxins can also lead to cancerous consequences.

This Is How Audrey Hepburn Stayed So Slim

Was Audrey Hepburn underweight?

Audrey Hepburn: the Breakfast at Tiffany’s star remains a style icon even 26 years after her death . She played a major part in the popularity of the little black dress, and, with a 5’7″ stature and 110-pound weight, had an enviable figure. In fact, many have speculated that she had an eating disorder, but she did not. For most of her adult life, she led a very healthy lifestyle. In an interview with People, Hepburn’s family revealed the “secret” to her lifelong slim figureand there’s really nothing secret about it.

According to Hepburn’s son, Luca Dotti, his mother never dieted in fact, she “loved Italian food and pasta.” He adds that she ate “a little bit of everything,” but ate more grains and less meat. Robert Wolders, Hepburn’s significant other for the last 13 years of her life, also shares details about her daily eating habits, and they’re really…normal. For breakfast, she would eat toast and jam for lunch, veal, chicken, or pasta and for dinner, often soup with meat and veggies. After dinner, Hepburn would indulge in a few pieces of chocolate and often a little bit of Scotch as well.

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This Is How Audrey Hepburn Came To Be A Fashion Icon

When Sabrina hit theatres in early 1955, the marketing department at the film’s studio, Paramount, came up with the idea of tying the Parisian fashions Audrey Hepburn wore throughout the film to the studio’s promotional efforts. As Vanity Fair explained, this led to the film’s premiere being held in Paris during Fashion Week. In addition, Paramount offered a special gift from the Paris boutique Prénatal to new mothers who named their baby daughters Sabrina, and even held a “Do you look like Sabrina?” contest.

As an end result of all this relentless promotion, designer Hubert de Givenchy became a major player in the Paris fashion world, the film became a box-office hit and women throughout the world strove to dress like Sabrina‘s fashionable star. Hepburn’s innate sense of style became her hallmark, both on- and offscreen.

“Audrey’s style is so strong,” Givenchy told Vanity Fair. “Audrey’s silhouette is so strong. It doesn’t ever look passé. She is so present. It is difficult to think she is no longer with us that I can no longer pick up the phone to call her. Her son Sean and I talk as if she is still alive.”

Day : Hey This Isn’t Too Bad

I actually felt better on the second day of the diet. Mostly because I added some protein and greens to my pasta. The rest of my meals went pretty much the same. However, I did eat dinner a little earlierand I ended with a slightly larger piece of dark chocolate.

I noticed that, even though I was eating more carbs than usual, I was feeling less bloated overall. I also didn’t feel as starved between meals. It could have been because I was eating earlier, or because I had more protein.

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Audrey Hepburn Golden Rule Was Detox Once A Month And Never Skip Breakfast

Audrey Hepburn, way ahead of her times, religiously followed the 30:1 Detox Diet plan. Here is why detoxing once a month is extremely important.

Uzma Batool

Audrey Hepburn was a true icon whose fame isnt just restricted to her onscreen work. Not only was she a great Hollywood actress, who was the first one to win Golden Globe, an Academy Award and a BAFTA for a single performance. She was a great philanthropist as well. From the 1980s until her death in 1993, Hepburn served as an active ambassador for UNICEF, visiting children all around the world and campaigning on their behalf. But that wasnt all. She was also notoriously famous for her slim figure and was often accused of eating disorders but that wasnt the case.

The son of Audrey Hepburn, the Breakfast At Tiffanys star, Luca Dotti, revealed his mothers beauty and slimming secrets in a new book Audrey At Home, Memories Of My Mothers Kitchen. Dottis book details her life and includes recipes for her favourite foods. People think because she was skinny that she had an eating disorder, but its not true. She loved Italian food and pasta. She ate a lot of grains, not a lot of meat, and a little bit of everything, Dotti said.

Audrey Hepburn

Reasons Why Im Sure Audrey Hepburn Didnt Have Anorexia

Inside Audrey Hepburn’s Secret Life: Her Childhood, Style & Path To True Love | People NOW | People
  • Her closest family members, two sons, two ex-husbands, and last recent partner who spent time with Audrey the most claim that she was not anorexic
  • her close friends and people who she hung out with on the sets of movies Claimed that she always ate pretty good portions and had a good appetite, especially for spaghetti.
  • She was a ballerina, in other words she was an athlete. This is not just some hobby of hers, she trained to become a prima ballerina as her career.
  • She was very energetic and didnt complain about having chronic fatigue which a lot of anorexic people complain about having.

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The Surprising Reason Why Audrey Hepburn Was So Skinny

One of the most celebrated and beloved actresses of all time, Audrey Hepburn was known as much for her beauty and style as she was for her talent in front of the camera. But what was the secret to her waiflike frame? Despite speculation to the contrary, her son, Luca Dotti, has revealed she never suffered an eating disorder.

âPeople think because she was skinny that she had an eating disorder but she loved Italian food and pasta. She ate a lot of grains, not a lot of meat, and a little bit of everything,â he told People.

The star, despite standing at 170cm tall, maintained an average weight of 50kg for her entire life, until her sad death at the age of 63 from appendiceal cancer.

Robert Wolders, her partner from 1980 until her death in 1993, said she was never a dieter and even enjoyed chocolate and whiskey. âShe had a healthy metabolism but she was not excessive,â he told People. âWe had brown bread with jam for breakfast, lunch would be chicken or veal pasta, often with vegetables form the garden, and for dinner we often had soup with chicken and vegetables. She had chocolate after dinner and a ginger or two of Scotch.â

So, what was her secret to keeping a figure that even todayâs models would envy? Exercise â and lots of it. âWeâd walk for miles,â Wolders revealed. âShe could outwalk me.â

Whatâs your favourite Audrey Hepburn film? Tell us in the comments below.


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