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Did Charles Manson Have Schizophrenia

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Symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder with Charles manson

Notorious murderer Charles Manson has died aged 83 after serving four decades in a Californian state prison for a series of killings which were perpetrated by members of a cult/commune referred to as the “Manson Family.”

Manson has stood out as being of particular psychological fascination and revulsion because of his alleged ability to exercise such a mental hold over others, getting them to perform brutal slayings under his influence.

This power over others appeared to endure up until nearly the end of his life he was granted in 2014 a license to wed Afton Burton who was 26 years old at the time. The marriage license expired in February 2015. Yet their relationship had allegedly lasted almost 10 years, with Afton first writing to him as a teenager.

Because he was serving a life sentence, the two were not allowed conjugal visits.

Manson orchestrated a group of followers who went on a murder spree that took place between July and August 1969. They killed actress Sharon Tate, who was eight and a half months pregnant and married to movie director Roman Polanski but was stabbed multiple times as she begged for the life of her unborn child.

Four other people at Tate’s home were also savagely murdered while the very next day, a couple in Los Angeles, Leno and Rosemary LaBianca, were also slain by Manson’s followers. The killings became known collectively as the Tate-LaBianca murders.

From that perspective, maybe homicide doesn’t seem that rare an event.


She Was Diagnosed Schizophrenic In 1970 Due To Emotional Trauma

Dianne Lake, the youngest member of the Manson Family, finally tells her story in captivating, harrowing new book

Rolling Stone

After two months in jail, Lake told investigators her age and she was transferred to a psychiatric hospital, where she decided to testify against Manson and the Family.

In January of 1970, Lake was admitted to Patton State Hospital, where she was labeled schizophrenic due to an emotional trauma, Newsweek reports. She spent six months in the hospital, and even began attending high school .

She was eventually declared competent to testify at the murder trials against Manson and her former family. Lake went on to graduate both high school and college, before she met her husband and started a family.

Psychological Investigation Of Charles Manson

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The mind of a serial killer has never been formally diagnosed serial killers have shown that they are definitely obsessed with specific individuals, with specific characteristics that meet their standards. Studies show that, while doing their killings, they truly have no consciousness, or no lack of remorse. A question people always seem to ask would be, how does someone become a serial killer? Most serial killers fantasize about killing others, and some of them have specific motives behind their actual killings. Should serial killers truly be held accountable for their actions in their personal lives or their killings?

Researchers believe that the cause of their state of mind to take part in their killings would be their parents and/or their childhood, or a mental illness that they may have. People use their genetics as a defense for the serial killers actions and killings. They believe that they are a product of their environments upbringing, delusions and even possible chemical imbalances in their brains.

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He Calls Getting Hugged By His Mother His Only Happy Memory

After three years in prison, Kathleen was released on parole. In 1942, she came home and gathered up her son. She rented out the cheapest hotels she could find and brought her then-seven-year-old boy along to live with her.

His mother had dismissed him and tried to sell him, but when she came home, she did something that was rare in Mansons life: She hugged him. It seems like a small gesture, but to the love-starved boy, it meant a lot, so much so that, later in his life, Manson would look back on that hug and call it his sole happy childhood memory.

The joy didnt last. By the time Manson was 13, his mother had started looking into geting him into foster care.

His Former Follower Leslie Van Houten Was Granted Parole 2 Months Before His Death

Charles manson

In September 2017, the youngest Manson follower Leslie Van Houten was granted parole in Los Angeles County. He release is still pending approval from California Governor Jerry Brown. Brown vetoed Van Houtens parole in April 2016 saying that the former family member was an unreasonable danger to society if released from prison.

After the parole was granted in 2017, Van Houtens lawyer, Rich Pfeiffer, told the Los Angeles Times,Shes very thankful and relieved. Shes going home. Theres no question shes going home. The only question is when.

Debra Tate, Sharons sister, told People she also prayed for the soul of Manson follower Susan Atkins, when she died of cancer in 2009. She earlier told the magazine she would do the same after Mansons death.

My cross in my bedroom still has the flowers that I slipped into Jesuss feet when Susan died, she said. I cried a tear and I asked for forgiveness on her soul. Ill do the same thing when Charlie dies.

Debra Tate told the magazine that while she believes God will take care of the souls of Manson and his followers after their deaths, she wanted to make sure they remained in prison while alive.

These are sociopaths, she told People. Theyre no less violent today then they were then.

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Charles Manson’s Family Reveals They Were ‘not Surprised’ After Learning He Was The Mastermind Behind The 1969 Murders

On August 9, 1969, members of the Manson Family, under orders from their leader Charles Manson, committed one of the most terrifying crimes in American history when they broke into the Los Angeles home of pregnant actress Sharon Tate and savagely murdered her and four of her houseguests. While much has been written about the gruesome crime and its Machiavellian mastermind, author Jeff Guinns biography “Manson: The Life and Times of Charles Manson takes a look at one of Americas most notorious killers, revealing untold details of his life from the people who knew him, including Mansons sister and cousin.

Once were familiar with the real story of Charles Mansons life, it isnt at all shocking that in 1969 he orchestrated mass murder. Whats surprising is that it took him so long.

Based on fresh testimony from Mansons sister, cousin and childhood acquaintances, we now know that he displayed violent tendencies from early childhood in the working-class river town of McMechen, West Virginia. Things he did in elementary school eerily foreshadowed his bloody deeds a quarter-century later.

But young Charlies nastiness wasnt confined to conning others into doing his dirty work. Sometimes, when he felt personally insulted or slighted, he turned violent himself.

As a child, Manson lived in this house in McMechen, West Virginia, with his aunt Glenna, uncle Bill and cousin Jo Ann while his mother was in prison.

His Mother Named Him No Name

Charles Mansons mother was a 16-year-old girl named Kathleen Maddox, and his father was a transient laborer named Colonel, whom he never met. Kathleen may have been a prostitute, although Manson denies thats true. Regardless of how she made her money, Kathleen was a far cry from the worlds best mother.

When Manson was born, she didnt even bother giving him a name. When the nurses handed her the paper, she wrote No Name, and to this day, his birth certificate is registered as No Name Maddox.

It wasnt until Kathleen married William Manson that Charles got the full name hes known by today. This didnt mean that he earned a supporting father figure, though. William disappeared from his family before he was old enough to form memories.

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The Death Penalty Should Be Abolished

the years 1973 until 2009, over 135 inmates were released from death row as new evidence surfaced and proved their innocence . This is just one of the many alarming facts that assist in the argument that the death penalty should be completely abolished. As the public opinion of capital punishment changes, there has been a drastic shift in the way states are carrying out death penalty sentences. Since 2007, seven states have abolished the death penalty as a possible punishment for

What Happened To Charles Manson’s Children

Notorious cult leader Charles Manson dead at 83

Charles Jr. changed his name to Jay White after his mother married a man named Jack White. Charles Jr. reportedly struggled with his connection to Manson, and in 1993, he killed himself. Charles Jr.’s son, Jason Freeman, told CNNthat, “He just couldn’t let it go. He couldn’t live it down. He couldn’t live down who his father was.” After Manson died in 2017, Freeman was awarded the the rights to his grandfather’s body, and he helped organize Manson’s funeral.

There isn’t much known about Manson’s second child, Charles Luther, and his whereabouts are currently unknown. Some reports state that he changed his name to Jay Charles Warner, others believe that he has a daughter, and it’s also been reported that he has passed away.

Valentine is the only one of Manson’s children that has been open to speaking about his relationship with the cult leader. Valentine’s mother is the infamous “Mother Mary” of the Manson family, and after the Tate-LaBianca murders, Valentine went to live with his maternal grandparents in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. He then changed his name to Michael Brunner, and he now has a son himself.

In 1993, Brunner gave an interview with KCBS, and he explained that he feels no connection to Manson, and he considers his grandparents to be his real parents.

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Was Charles Manson A Psychopath Or Sociopath Sharon Tate Murderers Mysterious Pathology

Charles Manson may be dead, but the shock and horror over his crimes and those of his followers remains. Questions also linger about what could possibly motivate someone to behave with such cold-blooded malice, and how he could show “no signs of rehabilitation” after so much time had passed.

. Manson, who died Nov. 19th at age 83, was the convicted mastermind of several brutal murders in the late 1960s, perhaps most famously of the pregnant actress Sharon Tate, who was stabbed to death while she begged for her baby’s life, and whose blood was used to write the word pig on the front door of her home. Manson and his followers are believed to have carried out perhaps 35 murders, allegedly in hopes of sparking a race war.

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What kind of person could orchestrate these murders? Many cult leaders are narcissists people with humongous egos who constantly crave admiration while showing no empathy toward others. They have a profoundly inflated sense of self-importance and entitlement. Jim Jones, the American head of the Jonestown cult that became infamous when hundreds of members simultaneously drank Kool-Aid laced with cyanide and died, had this personality disorder. Those deaths included children and people who drank the poison under duress, and were horrifying much like the Manson murders. But Mansons pathology seems to go deeper than narcissism.

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Another View On The Manson Murders

Referring to himself as Manson, Charles M., aka Jesus Christ, God, he was denied permission to act as his own attorney and so he began to work the case in other ways.

He successfully pressured Atkins to recant her testimony, leading her to be replaced as the key witness by Linda Kasabian. In addition to instigating other coordinated theatrics, Manson influenced the three other Family members on trial to fire their attorneys in favor of ones he preferred. Then, during the penalty phase, he influenced Atkins and the other Manson girls to blame Linda Kasabian and absolve him entirely.

Whether this was the master plan of the mythical Manson, the ramblings of an unmedicated schizophrenic, or just an experienced ex-con doing everything in his power to escape prison, it doesnt really matter.

Faced with such an obvious display of his powers, the jury convicted Manson on all charges and sentenced him to death . And in the end, that was the most important thing, everyone thought: Charles Manson needed to be taken care of. He was mentally ill. He was guilty of something. Anyone could see how dangerous he was just by looking at him, right?

And lock up this menace the prosecution did, even if it meant effectively arguing that he was a telepathic wizard who computed people through rambling speeches and folk music. Given the actual available evidence, the wizard angle was the easiest way to convict Manson, and the part of the wizard was one he was born to play.

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His Mother Traded Him For A Pitcher Of Beer

According to Mansons family, Kathleen traded Charles for a pitcher of beer shortly after he was born.

When he was still an infant, Kathleen took her son to a restaurant and had him resting on her lap when she sparked up a conversation with the waitress. The waitress was eager to become a mother herself, and thinking that baby Manson was cute, she joked that shed buy him from Kathleen.

A pitcher of beer and hes yours, was Kathleens reply. The waitress probably thought she was joking, but she brought Kathleen an extra pitcher anyway. What she didnt expect was that as soon as Kathleen finished her beer, she sneaked out of the restaurantand left Charles behind.

Manson only made his way back home because his uncle found out what had happened. He tracked down the waitress a few days later and got the boy back to his mother.

Charles Manson Criminal Behavior Theory

DANGEROUS MINDS: Dissecting The Brains of Criminally ...

examined the case of Charles Manson and have researched his life have been able to hypothesis and diagnose him with various psychological disorders. While attempting to get bail Charles Manson was diagnosed with paranoid delusional disorder and schizophrenia. If Charles Manson had schizophrenia then it was caused by his drug use that occurred in his thirties. Therefore, this is not an explanation for why he committed crimes in his childhood and teenage years.The Cause of Charles Mansons Criminal

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Mental Illness And Crime

Mental illness and crime are commonly linked together by the general population. When a violent crime occurs, there is a strong chance the criminal has some type of mental disability. Untreated mental illness negatively affects crime in America. When one is left undiagnosed or untreated of their mental illness, they have an increased chance of committing serious crimes because of their inability to decipher right from wrong. However, with simple treatment, these mental illnesses would not be as big

Susan Atkins Complicated Confessions

Picked up in an October 1969 police raid on the Manson Familys home at Death Valleys Barker Ranch, Susan Atkins was identified as a person of interest in the still-open murder of Gary Hinman, having been reportedly implicated by his killer, Bobby Beausoleil, as an accomplice in the botched drug deal that ended in homicide.

Then detained by authorities separately from other Manson Family members picked up during the raid, Atkins began to brag to her new cellmates about all of the murders she had been a part of in her attempts to do a crime that would shock the world. In addition to confessing to her role in the murder of Hinman, she went on to describe the then-unsolved Tate-LaBianca murders, saying she herself had killed actress Sharon Tate in her home on August 9 and drunk blood from her stab wounds. Atkins cellmates quickly told the authorities everything.

Between Atkins arrest and Mansons capture soon after, Atkins confessed to police multiple times. According to the district attorneys notes, that testimony did not implicate Manson in the murder of Hinman. However, in one retelling of the Tate-LaBianca murders, Atkins guessed that Manson had given them instructions to kill ahead of time.

And this would be the initial basis of Mansons arrest and all the charges against him. However, its worth noting a couple of things that throw Atkins reports into question.

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His Mother Sent Him Away And Wouldnt Take Him Back

Kathleen knew she wasnt fit to take care of a child, so she tried to get Charles into the care of the state. Foster care wasnt available, but with some effort, she managed to get him into a reform school called The Gibault School for Boys.

Manson wasnt happy. He made few friends and found the boys there untrustworthy. His only happy moments were the rare and sporadic visits by his mother, during which she would promise to take him home when she had enough money.

After ten months, Manson couldnt take it anymore. He broke out of the school and made it all the way back to his mothers home, knocking on the door and hoping to earn one more loving embrace. Instead, though, his mother told him she couldnt handle him, closed the door on him, and sent him back. She never picked him up, and Manson never lived with her again.

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