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Do Cats Get Depressed After Abortion

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Your veterinarian will likely run a full physical exam, note their medical history and the symptoms of depression that youve noticed. Depending on their illness signs, the vet may want to run some bloodwork, x-rays, or ultrasounds. It may take a while to reach a diagnosis, as the family vet will have to rule out wellness concerns through a process of elimination.

How To Help A Depressed Cat

If your cat is acting down in the dumps, the very first thing to do is to bring him to the vet for a complete physical examination. If your cat gets a clean bill of health from the vet, its time to think about other reasons your cat might be experiencing stress, and as a result, signs of depression.

Some stressful things, like construction workers in the house, are transient. If your cat is upset about something in his environment thats only temporary, do your best to help your cat find some peace and quiet, perhaps in a back room with soothing music playing to drown out sounds from the rest of the house.

If new humans or pets have recently joined the family, time is often all it takes for most cats to adjust to the new dynamic. You can help by using cat appeasing pheromones like Feliway, which are available as sprays, collars or plug-in diffusers, can help to calm cats. Giving all pets their own space, feeding separately and keeping enough litter boxes in the house , can also help.

Some cats get depressed and grieve when there is a death in the family, whether human or other pet. In such situations, treating your cats gently and lavishing your cat with extra attention can help get him thorough his grief.

Otherwise, try to determine what is upsetting your cat, and take some steps to improve the situation. But how do you cheer up a cat? Here are some ideas to help depressed cats:

Japanese B Encephalitis Virus Infection As A Cause Of Abortion In Pigs

Japanese B encephalitis is an arthropod-borne disease that causes reproductive failure in pigs and encephalitis in people. The disease is reported primarily in southeast Asia, the Indian subcontinent, Indonesia, and Australasia. Infected litters can contain dead pigs of various sizes , stillborn pigs, weak pigs, and pigs with CNS signs. Hydrocephalus and subcutaneous edema are the most common gross lesions. Diagnosis is confirmed by viral isolation and immunohistochemistry. Viral nucleic acid can be detected in tissue and blood samples using RT-PCR or nested RT-PCR. Pigs are the primary amplifying host for the virus and are vaccinated not only to prevent reproductive failure but also to prevent human infection.

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Classical Swine Fever As A Cause Of Abortion In Pigs

Classical swine fever Classical Swine Fever is caused by a pestivirus eradicated from the USA but still a serious problem throughout much of the world. With highly virulent strains that cause serious maternal illness, abortion is common. With strains of moderate or low virulence, birth of mummified and stillborn pigs, weak pigs, and persistently infected pigs are more common. Fluorescent antibody staining, virus isolation, and PCR are used for diagnosis. Both killed and modified-live vaccines are available, but their use in the USA is prohibited.

Causes Of Spontaneous Abortion In Cats

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There is a myriad of causes for spontaneous abortion in cats. Cats that have suffered from pregnancy complications in the past have an increased risk of spontaneous abortion. Purebred cats, due to a history of inbreeding, also have a higher chance of experiencing spontaneous abortion than mixed breeds.

Reproductive issues may also be responsible for spontaneous abortion in felines. These issues can include but are not limited to, hormonal conditions, genetic defects within the fetus, problems with placenta development, dystocia, and endometrial disease.

Some spontaneous abortions may not be caused by disease or the reproductive system at all. Extreme malnutrition, stress, and trauma can also play a role in abortion. In some cases, abortion can be caused by systemic diseases affecting other parts of the body. Certain types of medications can also cause spontaneous abortion in cats.

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Porcine Reproductive And Respiratory Syndrome As A Cause Of Abortion In Pigs

Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome is caused by an arterivirus. It is of major importance in the USA and throughout most of the world. Most PRRS strains do not cross the placenta until after 90 days of gestation. Consequently, most abortions are near the end of gestation. Affected litters contain fresh and autolyzed dead pigs, weak infected pigs, and healthy, uninfected pigs that often develop respiratory disease within a few days of birth. The sows are often anorectic and feverish a few days before aborting. Concurrent respiratory disease and increased numbers of bacterial infections in the herd are common. Hemorrhage in the umbilical cord, when present, is the only gross lesion associated with PRRS abortions. Not all fetuses are infected, so multiple fetuses should be sampled. Viral antigen is most consistently present in the fetal thymus and in fluid collected from the fetal thoracic cavity. PCR testing of pooled thoracic fluid from three to five fetuses is the most reliable means of diagnosis. Herd management is important in control and prevention. Inactivated and modified-live virus vaccines are available.

Why Is My Cat Depressed

If your cat is acting depressed, its important to have her checked out by a veterinarian because symptoms of physical illness can often mimic depression.

Many times, a cat that is acting depressed is actually experiencing a medical condition thats causing pain, nausea or some other type of discomfort. Because signs of depression are also signs of myriad health conditions and diseases, its absolutely vital that you have your cat examined by a veterinarian to rule out a medical cause for acting depressed.

If the reason for your cats depression is not medical, your vet can help you figure out what might be causing it. Many cats are very sensitive and can become easily stressed by changes in their environment, disruptions in their routine and changes in the family dynamic. Stress can lead to unusual cat behavior that mimics signs of depression.

Another reason some cats exhibit signs of depression is if they are under-stimulated and bored. Keeping cats indoors is recommended for their safety, but staying inside all the time can be boring for cats, which are designed by nature to hunt, pounce, scratch, climb and explore. Some cats that are no given enough opportunities to play, climb and exercise might start to become depressed.

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Uncertainty About Getting An Abortion

A lot of factors often play into the decision to have an abortion. You might weigh your options and decide, in the end, that abortion makes the most sense. But at the same time, you might still feel a little unsure.

Maybe you want to start a family and wish your current circumstances would allow you to continue the pregnancy and raise a child without hardship. Or perhaps you never thought youd choose abortion for yourself, but find yourself in a situation where you cant see any other option.

If you struggled with your decision, you may be more likely to continue thinking about it afterward.

Recovery After An Abortion

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Plan to rest after your surgical or medical abortion. You can usually resume work and other normal activities the next day, if you feel ready. But avoid strenuous exercise or any movements that trigger pain for the first few days.

If your doctor gave you pain medicines for your abortion, donât drive for 8 hours. Donât drive for a full day if you got IV drugs during the procedure.

Most doctors suggest that you wait at least 2-3 weeks before you have sex or insert anything into your â especially if you had a surgical procedure.

Your doctor might prescribe medicines to lessen bleeding or reduce your chance of infection. Always take these drugs as directed.

Be sure to keep all your follow-up appointments. If you had a medical abortion, your doctor will check to make sure the abortion was complete.

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Make Sure Any Clinics Theyre Considering Arent Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Crisis pregnancy centers are family planning clinics that offer counseling and other prenatal services from an anti-abortion position. As SELF previously reported, these centers are often advertised as judgment-free medical facilities for people who may be considering abortion, when in reality many of them are unlicensed, religiously affiliated organizations. Although they refuse to offer information about how or where to obtain an abortion, there are reports that CPCs lie to patients about the safety, accessibility, or legality of abortions.

For all of these reasons, they are not a helpful resource for someone who is looking for unbiased counseling or information on where to get an abortion. Again, the NAF database is a great resource for this, but its not exhaustive. If the clinic youre considering isnt on the database, google it. Even one negative review about abortion-related dishonesty is a reason to be suspicious, because the clinic may be stacking the deck with fake positive reviews, Dr. Rubin says.

If the clinic has a website, look for red flags like lots of information about abortion without actually indicating anywhere that they provide abortion services, Dr. Rubin says. Phrases like emotional healing and references to religion could be other warning signs, as is the presence of misleading information .

What Complications Can Occur After An Abortion

Studies show abortions are safe, even safer than childbirth. Though major complications are rare, they can happen. Some include:

  • Infection: Thereâs a small risk of infection after both a surgical and medical abortion. Your doctor might give you antibiotics to reduce this risk if you had a procedure. To lessen your chances of infection, itâs safest to avoid baths, swimming, douching, and sex while you recover. Your doctor can tell you when itâs OK to resume these activities.
  • Incomplete abortion: This happens when the pregnancy isnât completely removed. Itâs more likely to happen after a medical abortion than a surgical one. Youâll need to have a procedure to complete the abortion.
  • Hemorrhage: While some bleeding is normal, very heavy bleeding can be dangerous.
  • Injury to organs: You can get an injury to your uterus , bowel, or bladder during a surgical abortion. In rare cases, your uterus or cervix can tear. This is more likely to happen in later-term abortions.

Research shows that, in most cases, an abortion wonât increase your risk for future health conditions, such as infertility, breast cancer, or depression.

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How To Care For A Pregnant Cat

There are several ways to care for a pregnant cat, but the common theme through all the tips is to keep her healthy and comfortable.

Here are four things you can do to make life easier for your pregnant cat:

1. Do not attempt to cuddle her. The wrong pressure on her stomach could hurt her kittens and cause internal damage.

2. Amp up your routine by cleaning out her litter twice a day. Clean the space shes usually in and keep her happy.

3. Anything youre feeding her usually will have to be more nutritious and almost doubled in quantity. According to the Cats Protection Centre in Britain, pregnant felines eat nearly 25% more food.

4. Creating a comfortable, clean, and happy nesting environment.

Causes Of Feline Depression

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Cats can become depressed when they are feeling upset, anxious or fearful about something in their environment, such as major changes in the household, an addition of a baby, adopting new pets or workers in the home.

Almost anything could cause depression in cats, but some of the most common causes of a sad cat include:

  • Health problems
  • Bored or understimulated
  • Change in schedule/owner not home as much

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How Do You Cheer Up A Cat

Cats are individuals, but they still like to be played with from time to time. A bored cat may show signs of depression just because they lack mental stimulation. Buying your cat a toy, a new climbing tree, or a puzzle feeder can do wonders for their mental care.

Spend some time playing with your cat as part of their new routine. Maintain a routine with added toys, snuggles, and treats to make your cat feel like they can overcome their grief.

Are Cats A Threat To Pregnancy

Ive just learned that Im pregnant. My husband says that we should get rid of our two cats because they could endanger my pregnancy. I suspect this is an old wives tale. Is there anything to worry about?

Andrew Weil, M.D. |January 3, 2005

I dont think you have to get rid of your cats, but you do have to be careful. There is a small chance that contact with their litter pan could lead to an infection that would threaten your pregnancy. The infection, toxoplasmosis, can be passed to humans via cat feces. The parasite that causes the infection is carried by many cats and passed in their stool. Cats pick up the parasite from uncooked meat, and small animals they may kill and eat outdoors. If you have an indoor cat, the likelihood for infection is smaller. The infection doesnt make cats sick so you wouldnt know if your pet was carrying it. Getting toxoplasmosis while pregnant could lead to a spontaneous abortion or miscarriage or can cause blindness, hearing loss, or mental retardation in your baby.

Even if youre not immune, you can reduce your risk, by following the tips below from the CDC:

Andrew Weil, M.D.

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What Are The Signs Of Postpartum Depression

Someone with postpartum depression may experience:

  • Sadness, anxiety, or anger that doesnt go away
  • Feeling worthless, helpless, guilty, hopeless, or irritable
  • Feeling distant from your baby
  • Crying more than usual
  • Withdrawing from friends and family
  • Trouble concentrating or making decisions
  • Appetite changes
  • Trouble sleeping or sleeping too much
  • Constant doubts about your ability to raise your baby
  • Thoughts about hurting yourself or your baby

Guilt Over Cat Abortion

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Kittyguilt · 12/04/2017 22:15

I seem to have adopted a cat from a friend of a friend I thought she might be pregnant when I got her two weeks ago, looking at her today she is clearly pregnant. I phoned the vets today to discuss spaying her and obviously aborting the kittens.It was all very rushed and they said they had an appt tomorrow morning I could have to spay her. I booked it but now I’m feeling terribly guilty about aborting the kittens I can’t feel movement in her stomach but she’s quite big and very pink nipples. The vet is going to examine her before the spay and decide if she needs a c-section depending on how far along she is.Am I doing the right thing? I’m half thinking if she is quite far along then cancelling the spay and having the kittens although I can’t keep them all. What would you do?

NameChange30 · 12/04/2017 22:38

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What Symptoms Are Common After An Abortion

Cramping and vaginal bleeding are common side effects of both surgical and medical abortions.

You may bleed for up to 4 weeks after your procedure. The amount of bleeding will vary from person to person. The flow can range from light to heavy. After a medical abortion, you may have bleeding thatâs much heavier than your normal period.

You may notice more blood when you exercise and less when you rest. Small blood clots that are red to dark purple are normal. As your bleeding slows, it might look like a yellow or brown discharge. It can have a sour odor.

Cramps. Cramps usually last a few days. You can take up to 800 milligrams of ibuprofen every 6 hours or up to 1,000 mg of acetaminophen every 4 hours to relieve the discomfort. A heating pad or hot water bottle placed on your tummy may help ease the pain. Rest can help, too. You might also get relief with essential oils, deep breathing, or self-massage around your stomach, back, and hips.

Nausea or vomiting. These symptoms usually go away within a few days. In the meantime, you can sometimes ease nausea by drinking ginger ale or peppermint or chamomile tea. Or chew a piece of candied ginger.

Breast symptoms. Your breasts might feel tender for up to 10 days after your procedure. Wear a bra with good support, and take over-the-counter pain relievers if you need them. It may also help to put ice packs on your breasts. Your breasts may also leak fluid, but they should return to their normal state after about 4 days.

Diagnosis Of Spontaneous Abortion In Cats

Be sure to inform the vet of the extent and duration of your cats symptoms, any currently prescribed medications, and any previous spontaneous abortions or pregnancy problems. They may request a complete medical history, so be prepared to provide it.

Your vet will make a definitive diagnosis by performing an x-ray of the abdomen to determine whether any fetuses still remain in the womb. The vet will also test for other underlying diseases during this time, and may utilize a number of diagnostic methods, including blood count, urinalysis, and a test for feline leukemia virus.

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How To Tell If Your Cat Is Depressed

Depression in cats is sometimes a sign that the cat is experiencing something stressful and, as a result, displaying signs of depression. Some cats that are acting depressed might actually be sick rather than depressed.

If you suspect your cat is depressed, its important to do everything you can to get to the root of the problem and try to help your cat feel better.

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