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Does Donald Duck Have Ptsd

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Mini Mickeys Getting Killed

Like a surprising number of children’s nursery rhymes, the song 10 Little Indians has a pretty dark origin. In the original piece, half of the “Little Indians” meet some sort of untimely demise. In 1935, the rhyme was adapted for Mickey Mouse Annual #6 by writer/artist Wilfred Haughton and artist Floyd Gotfredson, and many of the “Little Mickeys” don’t fare much better.

Across the five page comic we see these mini Mickeys getting attacked or eaten by several large animals, being blown up by fireworks, and even getting torn up in a helicopter propeller. The most disturbing part about it is that they seem gleeful to charge toward their own destruction. The second to last panel even says of the only two Mickeys that make it out alive, “Two little Mickey Kids do their best to die, never come to any harm no matter what they try.”

It Was Foreshadowing The Debate In The Fandom

Was/Is Della Duck a bad person, or a good person?Did she betray her family, or was she a hero?

A lot of us are on Deweys side, believing that whatever happened, Della was doing something good. 

^None of us are coming up with theories like that, but you get the idea.

But a lot of us are on Webbys side, believing that Della did something wrong.

I feel like the writers wrote this episode anticipating that this would be the very debate that would break out in the fandom after The Last Crash of the Sunchaser! aired. 

People were quick to jump to the conclusion that Donald was devoted to these babies and Della wasnt – that she was irresponsible, neglectful, and impulsive. Yet so many little nuggets of information weve gotten about Della before and since seem to point to the opposite. 

So was Della good or bad?

^I believe this clip here is the biggest hint. Webby said the only way to know for sure if Della was a hero or a backstabber would be to go in the temple. More about that moment later.

Throughout the episode, Dewey is determined to prove that his mom was a good person, much the way a large portion of the fandom is determined to prove her innocence by theorizing scenarios in which Della taking the Spear of Selene was a heroic act to protect her family.

And again, Webby represents the large portion of the fandom with the less generous view of Dellas character. 

This is one of my favorite asks Frank has answered about Della, which he posted on 12-28-18:

Can Donald Duck Talk

Donald Duck talk, formally called buccal speech, is an alaryngeal form of vocalization which uses the inner cheek to produce sound rather than the larynx. Later when he auditioned at Walt Disney Productions, Walt Disney interpreted Nashs voice as that of a duck, at which point the idea for Donald Duck came about.

The Spear Of Selene Is Going Up In Flames No Matter What She Does

She panics. Of course, she thinks of her three eggs snuggled safe in their pram. Of course she knows that Scrooge would gladly scrap the entire project at her word. Of course, she remembers her brother imploring her in Sudan not three days ago, Della, youre the most important thing in the universe to those boys. Please, stay safe.

But Della Duck is a world class aviator, and Uncle Scrooge was just too good. 

Only I can fly this thing.

So she scrawls a note and takes to the stars.

Reblogging because I love this.

This theory is perfect because Della taking the rocket to protect her family and countless others from a giant impending explosion fits with her character and the rest of the show so well, and it makes her a hero.

What Rank Is Donald Duck

Does Donald Duck have PTSD?


Several decades after the war, on account of the fact that Donald was never officially separated from service in either his animated shorts or his comic strips- and as part of Donald’s 50th Birthday celebrations- the U.S. Army retired Donald Duck from active duty as a “Buck Sergeant” (i.e.

One may also ask, is Donald Duck in the military? Donald was officially enlisted in the United States Army during World War II, during which time he starred in a series of seven animated shorts that parodied the experiences of many a drafted soldier. He was officially addressed as Seaman Duck during his later appearances on the show.

In this way, why is Donald Duck a sailor?

He didn’t just wear the sailor suit for lookshe was in the Navy. In 1984, the U.S. government gave Donald Duck an honorable discharge in honor of his service in World War II.

What kind of duck is Donald Duck?

Pekin Duck

Mickey Mouse Gets Gonorrhea

In arguably our most disgusting entry on this list, paragon of virtue Mickey Mouse, is infected with Gonorrhea for a PSA in the April 1944 issue of LOOK magazine. The comic’s aim was to inform readers about the benefits of Sulfa Drugs, which were the first antibiotics used to treat the disease. In it, Mickey walks readers through the history of the drug’s creation and how Gonorrhea attacks the body.

Mickey plays the role of multiple scientists who were involved in the drug’s development, which leads to one particularly disturbing scene of Mickey infecting fairly realistic looking lab mice with the disease . However, the worst panels discuss the dangers of overdosing on Sulfa Drugs with Mickey reeling from gulping down a bottle of pills. So not only are we accepting that Mickey Mouse has Gonorrhea, we’re also watching him overdose and potentially die.

Why Is My Ducks Beak Pale

A pale beak is not necessarily an indication of illhealth or something to be concerned about. Genetics can play a part in the beak colour of a bird- and in many cases a baby will hatch with the orange bill- it will turn pink for a while then change back to the more vibrant orange again as they continue to grow.

The Donald In The Navy

Jesus that’s grim. Very important to see though. It looks like in some ways they were more upfront about PTSD back then than they are today.

Popeye also fought the Japanese in a very racist cartoon. In which the Japanese were super stereotypical and sneakily attacking him while pretending to be his friend. It all opens with a song that goes. “Your a sap mr Jap.” America got pretty racist following pearl harbor.

Aside from the cringe-worthy racism that was some legit top notch animation! That part where he is running in the boat then he jumps over the rock and the boat keeps running is funny shit.

I don’t know who I should pity more, Donald because he has PTSD or his boys because they’re the ones personally dealing with consequences of it.

“I see you, you little slant-eyed nips! I’ll skewer you on my bayonet like mutton chops!”

“That’s it! Jump in the ocean and swim back to Japan!”

Holy shnikes

Donald has some beautiful penmanship.

Jesus, that scene where he is stacking dead gooks is hardcore.

Oh man, back when comics were fucking hilarious. I almost spit my water at slant-eyed nips.

Damn, that is one stretchy-ass boat. And to think it could fit in your pocket!

Yes the Tumblr post already said he had ptsd

damn I remember his ptsd flashbacks.. they were brutal

We just talked about this in my US History class today, as part of our section on war bonds and propaganda. It’s pretty real.

It’s amazing how irrelevant it is that he’s a duck.

What If Della Intended To Crash The Spear Of Selene

Shes right, guys. If Della had sniffed out a surprise of this caliber , had no idea that it was coming, and was so overwhelmed that she hadtocheckitoutrightthisinstant, she probably would have been grateful instead of apologetic.

In fact, she probably wouldnt have thought to leave a note at all.

Clearly, she planned to take the Spear of Selene.

So, imagine that Della knew that Scrooge was developing a space exploration program. 

Your mother was always good at sniffing out surprises.

Imagine that she knew what was up, and she was keeping tags on Scrooges progress.

Of course she was, she was Della Duck.

Now, Scrooge McDuck is world-famous for being the richest duck in Duckburg. Probably in the world. The boys recognized his reputation instantly, and by then, Scrooge had been inactive for nearly a decade. Its clear that Scrooge McDuck and his exploits have been in the public eye for a long while at the time of Dellas disappearance.

Hes made some enemies.

Rocket science is a huge undertaking, I dont care how rich you are. The Spear of Selene project is going to be noticed. If someone is keeping tabs on Scrooge, this development is Big News.

So, imagine. Imagine that Della knows about the Spear of Selene from almost the beginning .  Scrooge decides to continue the project regardless of Dellas condition, if only because so much effort and resources have been utilized to get to this point.

But what if somebody is playing the long game with Scrooge McDuck?

So What Was Dellas Biggest Mistake

Depending on the real reason she took the Spear of Selene, it was either her belief she could bust a conspiracy all by herself, or stepping foot on the rocket at all because she accidentally hit the wrong button and perhaps she even regrets proposing her plans for space travel to Scrooge in the first place. 

Sketching a rocket and making plans? All good fun. Giving those plans to Scrooge McDuck, who has the money, resources, and thirst for adventure to make them happen?If she hadnt done that, none of this would have happened.

Even though we can tell from the note that Della thought about the consequences before she left, shes still so weighed down by regret because she still made a mistake somewhere along the line.

Winnie The Pooh Is A Jerk

Regardless of where you were first exposed to Winnie the Pooh and the rest of the gang from the Hundred Acre Wood, a few things have been consistent across every one of Disney’s portrayals of the character. Pooh may be forgetful and have an arguably unhealthy relationship with honey, but he’s always been shown to be a kind and loyal friend.

That’s why our first entry, the Winnie the Pooh comic strip written by Don Ferguson and drawn by Richard Moore, is so jarring to read. Beginning in 1978, the strip ran for 10 years and regularly portrayed Pooh & friends to be a bunch of jerks to each other. In fact, some of the strips seem so out of character for a Disney production that our own Brian Cronin was asked to prove that the comics were real.

Mickey’s Twice Upon A Christmas

Donald in Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas.

In the 2004 computer-animated sequel to Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas, Donald appears in the first, second, fourth and fifth stories.

In the first story Belles on Ice, Donald attends the skating competition with Daisy and tries to no avail to calm down his girlfriend when she is angry at Minnie for being in the spotlight and could do nothing but watch with shock and disapproval as Daisy does everything to out-perform Minnie and when this escalates to Minnie tripping on a Christmas bell, Donald is left saddened by how his girlfriend’s actions had accidentally hurt their friend Minnie. However, his mood quickly becomes happy when Daisy makes up with Minnie and works together to make the festival better.

Donald also appears alongside the others in the fifth and final segment of the film, Mickey’s Dog-Gone Christmas, in which he joins the search party for Pluto. After Pluto is found on Mickey’s roof by Huey, Dewey, and Louie, everyone head into Mickey’s house for Mickey’s Christmas gathering to sing Christmas carols. Donald, funnily enough, begins to sing We Wish You a Merry Christmas, which he initially showed no appreciation for in the earlier segment.

What Military Rank Is Donald Duck

Does Donald Duck have PTSD?

Several decades after the war, on account of the fact that Donald was never officially separated from service in either his animated shorts or his comic strips, as part of Donalds 50th Birthday celebrations during the 25th Annual Torrance, California Armed Forces Day Parade, the U.S. Army retired Donald Duck from

Scrooge Took Over An Island By Pretending To Be A God

Our next entry is the Barks story, Race to the South Seas!, which originally appeared on the pages of March of Comics #41 in 1949. The story follows Donald Duck and his cousin, the unnaturally lucky Gladstone Gander, competing in a race to find their Uncle Scrooge, who has been lost at sea for some time.

When the competing cousins finally find Scrooge, he’s assumed control of an entire island’s native population by allowing them to worship him as a God. Scrooge informs Gladstone that he’s elected to stay and run his business from the island so that his family won’t interfere. For his efforts in finding his uncle, Gladstone is written out of Scrooge’s will, with Donald named his sole heir for staying out of his business.

Diagnosis: Donald Duck Suffers From Ptsd

Contributed by Chance W.

While watching a Donald Duck cartoon from 1935, The Band Concert and some others, I noticed he did not have quite such an explosive temper as in later cartoons. With a little research on Wikipedia I found out Donald had served as a paratrooper and commando in World War II who saw fairly intense combat.  This made me wonder if perhaps Donald suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder related to his wartime service. Lets compare the symptoms of PTSD with Donald:

  • Exposure to a traumatic event:  He had several traumatic experiences in training and near death experiences behind enemy lines.
  • Persistent reexperience :  This appears to happen in many cartoons.
  • Persistent avoidance of stimuli associated with the trauma :  Ive never heard him discuss these events in any other cartoon.
  • Persistent symptoms of increased arousal :  Yep.
  • Duration of symptoms more than 1 month: 60+ years at this point.
  • Significant impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning : That describes Donald to a T.
  • Of course, it could just be that Disney thinks explosive tempers are funny, but I think I may be onto something here.

    Friendly Rivalry With Mickey Mouse

    Throughout his appearances, Donald has shown that he is jealous of Mickey and wants his job as Disney’s greatest star, similar to the rivalry between Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck. In most Disney theatrical cartoons, Mickey and Donald are shown as friends and have little to no rivalry . However, by the time The Mickey Mouse Club aired on television , it was shown that Donald always wanted the spotlight.

    One animated short that rivaled the Mickey Mouse March song showed Huey, Dewey, and Louie as Boy Scouts and Donald as their at a cliff near a remote forest and Donald leads them in a song mirroring the Mouseketeers theme “D-O-N-A-L-D D-U-C-K! Donald Duck!” The rivalry has caused Donald some problems, for example in a 1988 TV special, where Mickey is cursed by a to become unnoticed, the world believes Mickey to be kidnapped. Donald Duck is then arrested for the of Mickey, as he is considered to be the chief suspect, due to their feud. However, Donald did later get the charges dismissed, due to lack of evidence. Walt Disney, in his Wonderful World of Color, would sometimes make reference to the rivalry. Walt, one time, had presented Donald with a gigantic birthday cake and commented how it was “even bigger than Mickey’s”, which pleased Donald. The clip was rebroadcast in November 1984 during a TV special honoring Donald’s 50th birthday, with Dick Van Dyke substituting for Walt.

    Why Does Gucci Use Donald Duck

    Resembling my passion for pop culture is Donald Duck, which appears in the collection, Alessandro Michele. The idea is that the Gucci hieroglyph is able to communicate an interesting new journey when married to other symbols, including motifs of popular culture familiar to all of us.

    READ:  Does GPS use latitude and longitude?

    Did Wile E Coyote Ever Speak

    Speech. Coyote usually does not make a sound, unlike Road Runner, who gives off the occasional meep, meep. Instead, Coyote communicates with signs that display his emotion, such as ouch or uh-oh. He has been known to talk, however, when he is around Bugs Bunny .

    We recommend reading: Readers ask: When to take antibiotics before or after food?

    Is Webby In Love With Dewey

    Already throughout the first 2 seasons, Dewey and Webby shared a love for adventure, action, mystery solving and being in sync which led to both of them having a very close and strong bond together to the point they sat and stood together most of the time, cared for each other, held hands, hugged, cuddled and in some

    ^and There It Is Thats The Big Question At The Heart Of Their Debate

    But like Webby said, I think we did find out the truth in the Temple of Heroes and the Garden of Selene from Selene herself. 

    Selene, who was a good friend of Dellas, thought the idea of Della betraying  her family was ridiculous.

    more than anything in the world!And thats saying something, considering Della had been all over the world. Della loved her family more than anything shed seen and anyone shed met on their many travels. Her family was the most important thing to her, not adventure.

    Not only did Selene, as a character witness, assure Dewey that there was no way his mom was a family betrayer, but she also assured him that yes, she was a good person.

    Mickey Mouse Tried To Commit Suicide

    Top 5 Favorite Cartoon Conspiracies (and Five of My Most ...

    This next one is another pick from the Mickey Mouse comic strip, with Gotfredson on both art and writing duties this time around. Though Walt Disney was far too busy to contribute to the strip about his most famous creation, he did contribute one idea for the comic’s first arc: Mickey Mouse should try to kill himself.

    Inspired by a similar bit in the 1920 silent film Haunted Spooks, the strips found Mickey feeling suicidal after Minnie leaves him for another guy. He then proceeds to plan or attempt to kill himself in several different ways, including shooting himself, jumping off a bridge and hanging himself. Each strip ends with some ironic punchline about Mickey being afraid to die until he finally decides life is worth living when he makes friends with some squirrels who stop him from hanging himself.

    How Tall Do You Have To Be To Be Donald Duck

    To be Mickey or Minnie Mouse, or Donald or Daisy Duck, requires the Cast Member to fall within the range of 4 8 to 5 2. At the other end of the spectrum, Cast Members reaching 6 feet tall and up may portray Captain Hook, Goofy, Baloo, Jafar, and Sulley, with Chewbacca having the largest height requirement of 6 6

    An Ongoing Theme This Season Has Been Every Time Dellas Family Thinks Shes Reckless And Not Thinking Ahead She Is But They Couldnt See The Angles She Could

    Donald thought she was reckless for setting traps and packing too much food and a family-sized tent, but Della was thinking of her family the whole time. She wanted to catch Santa for Scrooge, and she wanted Donald to come with her and help.

    Likewise, in the Doomsday Vault, Scrooge blamed Della for everything that went wrong there, even though most of it was either Dewey rushing ahead against his mothers instruction, or the elements damaging the structure.

    Scrooge accused her of rushing off and not thinking about the consequences ahead of time, but again, he was wrong.

    Criterion B: Intrusive Symptoms

    • Expected or unexpected reoccurring, involuntary, and intrusive upsetting memories 
    • Repeated nightmares related to the traumatic event
    • Some form of dissociation, such as flashbacks, where the individual truly feels the traumatic event is happening again
    • Strong emotional distress when exposed to internal or external triggers associated with the traumatic event
    • Strong bodily reactions when exposed to reminders of the traumatic event.

    Della could very well be experiencing several more of these, but one we have certainly seen is intrusive and upsetting memories.

    She also seemed to experience strong negative emotions when she realized the similarities between being stuck on an island and being stuck on the Moon.

    So Della meets Criterion B.

    Why Does Donald Duck Talk Weird And Daisy Doesn T

    Speech made when breathing helium gas is often called Donald Duck talk. This gas mixture alters sound waves due to its low weight and density. This raises the resonating frequency of the vocal cords by an octave shift up. Such speech is unintelligible largely due to the upward pitch shift in speech formants.

    Did Donald Duck Serve In The Navy

    He was officially addressed as Seaman Duck during his later appearances on the show. It should be noted, however, that Donald has never officially been enlisted in the United States Navy, but he was given the rare honor of being declared an honorary member of the United States Navy and United States Marine Corps.

    Criterion D: Negative Changes In Thoughts And Mood

    • The inability to remember important details of the traumatic event
    • Persistent and elevated negative thoughts about oneself, others, or the world
    • Exaggerated self-blame or blame of others for the cause or consequence of the traumatic event
    • Pervasive negative emotional state
    • Loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities
    • Feeling isolated or detached from others
    • Difficulty experiencing positive emotions 

    Della certainly experiences negative thoughts and feelings about herself on a regular basis.

    Frank answered this ask in May:

    She also feels isolated or detached at times from everyone else and has struggled to figure out how she fits into her own family now that shes home.

    As far as the symptom of exaggerated blame goes, I hesitate to say its something she struggles with because we dont know for sure yet if her self-blame is exaggerated or not. It is, however, likely something she struggles with every day. She may also struggle with fear, anger, and shame.

    Even without those symptoms though, Della meets Criterion D.

    Criterion A: The Traumatic Event

    A person must be exposed to one or more events involving threatened or actual death, threatened or actual serious injury, or threatened or actual sexual violation in one of the following ways:

    • Direct involvement
    • Witnessing the event happen to someone else
    • Hearing about it happen to a loved one
    • Repeatedly hearing details about traumatic events, such as police officers repeatedly hearing stories of abuse

    Della was directly involved in life-threatening situations .

    She was also severely injured. She had to amputate her own leg with no medical help or training, and no moral support.

    So far, Della meets Criterion A.

    What Enters The Public Domain In 2020

    Does Donald Duck have PTSD?

    As we ring in 2020, a new batch of books, sheet music, art and films have entered the public domain. Hundreds of copyright protections for artists who died in 1924 are now free to use or repurpose in the public domain under U.S. law. Here are some top highlights of this years batch in the public domain.

    Allegations Of Donald Duck Molestation: Scary Or A Scam

    Things get freaky at Disney World

    This article is from the archive of our partner .

    A 27-year-old Pennsylvania woman is suing Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, alleging that she was sexual assaulted by a Disney employee dressed up as Donald Duck. She says the incident took place at Disney World in 2008 and that it caused her post-traumatic stress disorder. Her $50,000 lawsuit, which says Donald Duck grabbed her breast then “made gestures making a joke indicating he had done something wrong,” contends negligence, battery, and infliction of emotional distress. But how likely is it that this is legitimate? Observers are looking at the details of the case, and at Disney’s history, to evaluate her case.

    • What Victim Claims  The Philadelphia Daily News’ William Bender reports, “Beyond the humiliation of being groped by an anthropomorphic duck in a sailor suit, Magolon claims that the incident caused ‘severe physical injury,’ a ‘shock to her entire nervous system,’ ‘muscle contraction headaches,’ ‘acute anxiety,’ ‘nausea, cold sweats, insomnia, nightmares, flashbacks, digestive problems’ and other conditions that are ‘permanent in nature.’ The episode also forced her to spend ‘large sums of money for a ruined vacation’ with her children and fianc√©, according to the suit.”

    This article is from the archive of our partner The Wire.

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