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How To Detangle Matted Hair Depression

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Combing It Out: Large Medium And Then The Small

Depression and hair – How to detangle your hair when it’s really knotty

This part is the most time-consuming but again, dont rush, or you might have to see the barber. The trick is knowing how to comb. Use the widest-spaced comb and focus on the ends first. Hold your hair firmly and lightly comb the ends.

As your hair starts to detangle, work your way towards your scalp.

Once youve got it loosened out a bit, try combing with the medium spaced tooth comb. Finally, you can use the smallest to confirm the detangle.

Now, we mentioned scissors earlier. Dont get scared, but you might have to use them. If a section of your depression matted hair refuses to come loose, first get a good hold of it. Then just run the scissor blade lightly on the underside of the matted hair.

Tug at it gently while you do this and see if it loosens. Most of the time just thinning it a little this way will work. If it doesnt then you might want to see the barber if you are worried that too much may come out.

This process is going to loosen up a lot of hair, by the way. So, dont be alarmed if it seems like you are losing a lot. You lose about 100 hairs every day anyway, but its easy not to notice. If you dont see it when brushing, then check the shower or your pillow. Its there. So, relax and give this a try.

With a little practice, the next time you have depression matted hair youll have this down.

How Do I Detangle Depression Matted Hair

The beauty of the provided tips is you can do it all on your own and the best part you can detangle matted hair at home. One of the ways to stay under the radar is when youre not feeling the greatest is to improve your appearance. This will allow you to bypass the dreaded are you OKAY questions. The first step to getting out of that dark place is to muster up some energy, then unknot that tangled hair!

To detangle depression matted hair at home, you will have to dampen it, treat it with oils or conditioner, and slowly comb it out. Be patient so you dont do any more damageTrust me, everything will be okay. Ill give you some great information to help you safely undo tangled hair at home.

Cutting Out Knots That You Cant Unpick

Ah, this is a nightmare but Ive been here. Some tangles are too tight to unpick and you may need to make a cut to help unknot parts of your hair that are especially matted. Dont fret weve all been there

First of all, make absolutely certain this knot needs cutting. Have you tried detangling spray and are you definitely working from the bottom of the knot? I try to go as sparingly as I can with scissors, but unfortunately sometimes its unavoidable.

If a knot is causing me a lot of pain to try to work out, I make cut it out. I used to remove the knot completely, by cutting my hair just above where the tangle begins in order to rid myself of it. Thats not what I do anymore. It left me with a lot of little tufts of hair sticking straight up so I stopped.

Now, I make 1 single vertical cut through the centre of the knot. It usually leaves the rest of the knot far easier to work my way through and often leaves me with many full lengths of hair left over. I think of it as a tactical cut. It saves me time, spares me some pain and doesnt leave me with mini little spikes sticking up all over the place. Be careful doing this, make sure you have a friend on hand to help or that youre using a mirror and some small sharp scissors.

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Please Do Not Cut Or Shave Yourhair

Our hands can helpbecause the kingdom of heaven is at hand. Be Healed, Be Detangled. My husband has helped me before in untangling it but hewont help me anymoreI just had 40 staples in my head because ofa dog bitetangledtechs.comdetangle service discountsTake Down RemoverPsalm 95:7- For he is our God, and we are the people of his pasture, andthe sheep of his hand. Today, if you hear his voice.Matthew 10: 7- And as you go, preach, saying, The kingdom of heaven is athand.

Tie Up Sections That Youve Finished Untangling

Tangled Hair Techs: August 2012

Use soft, satin scrunchies to hold back the sections of your hair that are now silky smooth. You dont need them getting involved with the knots that are left plus it helps keep everything organised if you need to take a break.

I use scrunchies instead of small hair ties because these can easily become tangled in unruly hair, especially if its tied too tight. Scrunchies are much easier to remove smoothly .

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Start At The Bottom Of Each Knot

It may sound obvious, but as well as starting at the bottom of your hair, you should start at the bottom of each individual knot too ! If you think were to start at the top and pull apart the hairs near the root, youd cause the knot to tighten lower down.

While it can be a frustrating and slow process, it will start to work over time, I promise. Keep going.

Start At The Bottom Of Your Hair

Work your way up your hair, starting at the bottom. I use a Tangle Teezer brush to brush towards the ends of my hair, starting about 2 inches from the bottom and working my way up in increments. I stick to the section Im working on and keep going for as long as I can, stopping to tackle particularly problematic areas as I go.

If you are working with wet hair, Tangle Teezer have a special wet hair brush, that should minimize the risk of causing irreparable damage to your locks.

People with curly hair should consider using a wide tooth comb or afro comb to tease and detangle.

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The Truth About Fine Hair

Sunny claims that her hair has matted so many times that it has actually HURT from the weight of the tangles. Shed get such horrible knots that shed have to cut them out. If youre active and have fine hair, youve probably had similar problems to Sunny.

Sunny hair type: fine, annual color treatment, sun exposure, saltwater exposure, no blow-drying or straightening.

So, to assist you, weve compiled a list of suggestions. She utilized similar gentle detangling treatments on her fine hair as well.

The thickness or dimension of the individual hair strands is referred to as fine hair. Hair with a smaller diameter is referred to as fine hair, whereas hair with a larger diameter is referred to as coarse hair. Because fine hair is thinner, it is also easy to straighten and coif into updos.

However, many people say that protective techniques like braids or twists make fine hair look scalpy. People with fine strands have a hard time getting volume. In short, having fine hair has advantages and disadvantages, but there is a remedy for everything. Here are a few points to consider in an attempt to understand you are fine hair.

  • Protective hairstyles

Because of the fine strands, persons with fine hair have a harder time with protective styling because the scalp is more evident. To counter this, twist or braid the hair when it is moist or semi-dry to make it appear fuller after styling.

Hairdresser Transforms Woman’s Matted Hair Which Hasn’t Been Brushed In 3 Years

Tangled Hair Techs-Hairdressers That Detangle Hair

A hairdresser has revealed it took three days to detangle a massive hairball, after a woman didn’t brush her hair for three years.

Hadassa, who runs Love 518 salon in Miami, Florida, shared a clip to her TikTok page on Tuesday revealing the condition of the hair.

After being neglected for so long it had become “severely” matted, but Hadassa worked patiently for hours each day to restore the woman’s locks.

In the clip, Hadassa stressed: “You never know what someone is going through. Be kind. Always.”

Before adding: “This lady endured a lot of pain and trauma. She’s a true survivor. It’s not just about detangling, it’s also about healing.”

While keeping her client’s anonymity through a mask, Hadassa shows off her hair, which has a giant hairball at the back, while the hair at the top of her head looks fairly tangle-free.

Hadassa begins with a “hair detox,” before getting stuck in with a rat-tail comb, using the thin end to try and separate individual strands. In a separate clip she revealed she uses this tool as in most cases, no combs can go through the hair.

As Hadassa got to work on day one, she painstakingly tried to separate out as much as she could. It worked well, as the next day the client was back in the chair, this time with pigtails coming from the mass where Hadassa appears to have sectioned off hair she’s managed to free.

The client says: “I feel like my old self.”

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Don’t Cut Matted Hair

We safely remove weaves and hair extensions.We know how to detangle very tangled matted hair, dreadlocks, braids and twists. If you have severely matted hair, dont despair! You may not need to cut all of that hair off and start from scratch. We help people fight off depression at the thought of losing their hair. With our techniques, you can learn to save peoples hair even if it looks like a lost cause. We know how to detangle severely matted hair and how to save the natural hair of the client.

Braid removal

Pick A Suitable Conditioner

There are lots of choices on the market. If you werent using a conditioner up until now you may want to start with an ordinary one. If you were using a conditioner and it isnt helping, try a deep conditioner. There are also specialized detangling conditioners that are designed to give your hair extra slip. You can try a detangling spray as well but going for a conditioner will usually be the better bet.

If you dont want to use a commercial conditioner and you want to make your own deep conditioning mask wed recommend using products such as coconut oil, Moroccan argan oil or olive oil. Some people recommend mayonnaise but that usually leads to a pretty unpleasant smell.

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What Helps Severely Matted Hair

Matted hair can occur for a variety of reasons, but dealing with it might feel like a catastrophe. Hair mats, on the other hand, are simpler to deal with if addressed early on.

Mats can be uncomfortable at best and painful at worst, according to those who have struggled with them. Thankfully, weve figured out how to quickly disentangle matted hair by trial and error, so you dont have to.

  • Preventing Hair matting

Detangle on a regular basis to reduce the risks of matting, especially if you are prone to it.

Detangling should not be pushed off because it may result in a more time-consuming and destructive detangling session or matting.

Fill the holes in damaged cuticles using protein treatments on a regular basis to reduce friction, tangles, and matting. Keep extensions in for no longer than recommended.

Theres a correct way to detangle matted hair and a wrong way to detangle matted hairseverely detangling matted hair below:

  • Avoid using fine-toothed combs at all times and instead, use a wide-toothed comb.
  • Comb carefully from ends to roots while detangling.
  • Detangle your hair before washing it if its prone to tangling.
  • Any conditioner or other hair care product that may cause your hair to become dry should be avoided.
  • Dont detangle your hair when its still wet. Instead, first wet it with cool water and a detangler or hydrating conditioner. Wet-conditioned hair is softer and more slippy, making combing easier.
  • Plastic bristles should be avoided on curly hair.
  • Does Coconut Oil Help Matted Hair

    Matted Hair Detangler Services, Remedies For Tangled Knots ...

    Coconut oil is the hero of all things tangled, whether your hair is incredibly curly and prone to intense knots, you slept on it funny, and now its all matted, or you somehow managed to make a birds nest on your head.

    Apply some coconut oil to the spot before attempting to brush through a tough knot. Not only will the oil penetrate and strengthen the hair, but it will also give lubrication and slip, making it easier to work through the knots.

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    Does Apple Cider Vinegar Help Matted Hair

    When it comes to the detangler, some women use it before the condition, while others use it before they shampoo. You can find out what works best for you, but for the purposes of this article, You should try using it after your shampoo.

    This one is incredibly easy to make all you need is a spray bottle that contains around 8 ounces of liquid, 1/3 Apple Cider Vinegar, and distilled water.

    After shampooing then apply conditioner to begin the conditioning process. When you detangle with your fingers or detangling tools, youll discover that its a lot easier for you.

    After detangling, rinse, as usual, add your leave-in conditioner and style. Some ladies re-spray the mixture before rinsing with cold water.

    Apple cider helps to smooth your strands by laying the cuticles down, making it much easier for the hair to separate than if they were up.

    Now, so many of us, including me, dislike the scent of ACV on our hair to get rid of it, all you need is a few drops of your favorite oil. After youve finished detangling, you may find that grape seed oil neutralizes the smell of the ACV.

    You wont have an issue with the smell if you use the rinse soon after your shampoo and before your conditioner because your conditioner will most probably take care of it.

    Before You Do Anything To Your Matted Hair

    Before you do anything to your matted/tangled hair, read this blogGetting Started where there’s a will, there’s always a way.

    • Do not wash your hair – Hair shrinks when it drys, and this causes matts and tanlges to tighten. The tighter the knots, the harder it is to get them out. I made the mistake of washing my hair after it was tangled, and it matted my hair even more.
    • Do not brush/comb hair- I will teach you the proper way to unmatt your hair

    this will take time, but it is possible all are affordable and can be used after you untangle your hairTools

    • Rat tail comb
    • Quilting pins
    • Medium tooth comb
    • Towel – you will need to wipe your hands often
    • News paper or something to put under you so it’s easy to clean up
    • Mirror – optional


    • The detangler that worked well is called Knotty Boy Every Body Ultimate Detangler
    • The detangler I accidentally created
      • Yes to Carrots – Pampering Conditioner
      • Nutiva – Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
        • Mix 1 part Yes to Carrots Pampering Conditioner with 1 part Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

    How to Untangle Matted Hairthe untagling process softening the hair helps prevent breaking

    • Find a small section or piece of hair to work onstart with the easiest piece you can find. Finish all the easiest sections/pieces and leave the worst for last.
    • Let oil sit in hair – the longer the better . The goal is to get the oil to solidify inside your matt/tangle.

    2. Using Quilting Pinbe creative and careful lightly2. Using Combs Things to Remember

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    How To Untangle Matted Hair After A Period Of Depression

    Affiliate links | Its common for people with anxiety, depression and other mental health conditions to struggle with basic self care. And, if you do too, youre not alone. I go through regular periods of depression that impact my ability to care for myself and, whenever I come out of it, Im faced with the daunting task of having to catch up on all of the things Ive been unable to deal with while feeling low.

    I often find myself climbing out of the bad times, only to be faced with a to-do list I hadnt even realised was creeping up on me. Bathing, going to the doctors, cleaning the house, doing the dishes, catching up on laundry it all builds up. By far my least favourite of these tasks is untangling my matted hair its overwhelming!

    Id been feeling so ashamed and awful about it. I thought I was alone with this problem but, after tweeting about it, I realised this was far from the case. It really reassured me to hear that other people were going through the same thing as me so I thought Id share some tips with you and help you come to terms with it.

    Ive linked to some products in this post that Ive used and have helped me gain control of my hair again. The links will take you to the Boots website where, if you choose to make a purchase, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I only use cruelty free products, so all the products in this post are cruelty free too.

    How To Untangle Severely Matted Hair

    Time to FIX that MATTED HAIR! Depression/Mum Self Care Routine | PHYSICAL SELF CARE

    This article was co-authored by Gina Almona. Gina Almona is the Owner of Blo It Out, a New York City-based hair salon. With over 20 years of beauty training experience, Gina’s work has been featured in People Magazine, Time Out New York, and Queens Scene. She has been able to keep a fresh perspective in the industry by demonstrating and participating in trade shows and workshops like the International Beauty Show. She received her cosmetology training from the Long Island Beauty School, Astoria.There are 8 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. This article received 16 testimonials and 89% of readers who voted found it helpful, earning it our reader-approved status. This article has been viewed 1,235,443 times.

    If your hair becomes hopelessly matted, try a deep conditioner or moisturizing oil before you resign yourself to a short hairstyle. After leaving these hair treatments in for an hour, or even overnight, your hair should be easier to untangle. Combing it out can still be tedious, but much less painful and more effective than combing without hair treatment.

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