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How To Get Over Commitment Phobia

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My Painful Experience With Commitment

How To Get Over His Fear Of Commitment!

I learned about the fruit of commitment first through getting ready for marriage.

Initially, I struggled with committing the rest of my life to one person. While I knew that it was the right choice, there was still something in me wanting to pull back. To delay. To take my time. I was afraid. It sounded too risky. And it was. But when I kissed my wife, I knew that pushing through the fear was the right choice.

Same thing happened with my first job. I had a picture in my mind of an ideal and when my experience didn’t meet that, I would get scared and want to leave. But something wouldn’t let me.

Instead, I stuck through, and it made all the difference.

Try Not To Be Influenced By Past Relationships

Instead of being scared of the past repeating itself, or being incompetent, try living to the fullest.

Take life as an adventure and build your relationship on hope rather than fears. Before you break your commitment over minor issues, try going through them in your head and reason with yourself. This will help in calming you down and in making a wise decision.

You will not be able to accept any commitment issues treatment if you are not willing to give up your past mistakes and fears.

Learn from the past and find ways to do better in the future.

Lastly, you can only treat yourself from commitment issues if you are ready to address the issue and give yourself time and space to do better. Being too hard on yourself and getting worked up on minor changes will only do harm. Avoid overthinking matters. If you work on your present rather than thinking about what-ifs, you will be able to turn expectations into a reality.

Addressing your fear and working on it will not be easy, but it isnt impossible as well.

Your Partner May Have Been Hurt In The Past

One common reason behind your partners fear of commitment is that they had a painful past relationship. In other words, by keeping your relationship with each other casual, they wont be vulnerable to heartache again. Your partner might need to build up more trust with you to know for certain that they’re not heading toward heartbreak.

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He Dumped Me Will The Commitment Phobic Ex Come Back

How do you date someone who is afraid of commitment? It can be particularly stressful because while you may want to continue your relationship, your partner may not be as enthusiastic about it.

After a harsh break-up, we often feel abandoned and find ourselves wanting our ex to walk back into our lives.

This expectation can lead to detrimental mental health ailments such as depression. So the question is Will a commitment phobe come back?

According to, it is a good idea to keep a clear mind about the situation and treat your ex with the same respect you have shown him during the relationship.

This goes for your commitment-phobic ex as well. If he has ended the relationship with you, it most likely means that he is not interested in future prospects.

You should not be avidly searching for ways to get him back because his commitment phobia is something to be overcome by oneself. Trying to convince him of any different may result in him losing feelings for you forever.

Why Do Commitment Phobes Run?

My commitment phobic boyfriend dumped me. But why?

Whether its because of the responsibilities or fear of attachment, men with commitment phobias often shy away from any talk of a long-term relationship.

A person desiring a relationship with these men may seem clingy or somewhat annoying.

Most men are used to having a manly outward appearance with little emotional displays and insecurities. However, men with commitment phobias are the most insecure about themselves.

Extend Your Support Network

How to get over commitment phobia. 3 Ways to Get Over Fear ...

Well-rounded people tend to be happier and report higher satisfaction with all types of relationships. By diverting some of your time and attention towards friends or family, you could be improving your romantic relationship.

Placing too much emphasis on one relationship increases the level of pressure. Too much pressure commonly leads to unwanted consequences, so diversify your support system and stretch your social network.

Being with friends can provide the much-needed separation from stress and tension within a relationship and can offer a fresh perspective. All relationships need an appropriate balance of individuality and togetherness.

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Lack Of Commitment In A Relationship Where Does It Stem From

If you find it difficult to commit, you may be suffering from attachment issues. Attachment theory rests on the idea that our earliest attachments set the precedent for how we respond to relationships in later life.

If you had parents who were unavailable, neglectful or critical, you may have responded by becoming overly self-sufficient, taking care of your own emotional needs rather than relying on anyone else.

Or you might have had difficult relationships in later life. Perhaps you were lied to, cheated on or manipulated in a previous relationship and now you struggle with trust.

At the root of these fears is the underlying belief either consciously or subconsciously that no one will be able to care for you in the way you want/need. Terrified of being let down, you beat your partners to it, pushing them away before they can hurt you.

This is one of the most difficult things about commitment issues: the triggers usually stem from positive emotions more than they do negative ones.

We bolt when we run the risk of being chosen, cared for and truly seen the very thing we most desperately crave.

How Fear Of Commitment Damages Relationships

Ultimately, a fear of commitment can lead to the demise of a relationship. In some cases, this demise might be drawn out and painfulespecially if one person is trying to make the relationship work while the other isnt contributing emotionally.

Along the way, the person who is trying to commit will likely experience deep hurt, frustration, confusion, anger, embarrassment, and eventually apathy as they give up on the relationship.

The person who is fearful of commitment may experience feelings of fear, worry, and stress. They may feel frustrated with themselves for being unable to progress the relationship, and experience guilt because they can see they are hurting another person. In some cases, a person who has a fear of commitment might feel frustrated at the other person for trying to progress the relationship instead of maintaining the status quo.

In the most destructive and hurtful situations, a person with commitment issues may sabotage the relationship by completely distancing themselves, going through waves of hot and cold, threatening breakups, cheating, or creating unnecessary conflict as a means to escape.

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Youre Looking In The Wrong Places

I feel like this should be a little obvious but: Tinder is not the place to meet a boyfriend. A bar is not the place to meet a man who will commit. Where you look for love will greatly impact your ability to find it.

If youre frustrated because you keep meeting men who just want to hook up, consider where youre meeting them. Then change the scene. Find a singles meetup group. Smile at the guy in the coffee shop. Change up where you look, and youll get different results.

What Are The Signs Of Commitment Issues

How to Get Over the Fear of Commitment – Teal Swan

Feeling a little unsure, a little nervous when committing to a partner or taking a big step in a relationship is commonplace and natural. So, what sets these apprehensions apart from fear of commitment?

Look at these signs of commitment issues to know the difference:

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Is It Normal To Be Afraid Of Commitment

Fear of commitment can broadly be defined as the avoidance of long-term partnerships. Although fearing commitment can mean that youre having difficulties sticking to jobs, living in the same city for extended periods of time, or changing your life goals on a regular basis, it mostly concerns romantic attachments.

There are people who have no trouble being in relationships, sharing their lives, emotions, good and bad sides with their romantic counterparts. However, for some people, opening up to others and allowing themselves to become emotionally attached to another person is extremely difficult.

Although it can be emotionally and romantically impairing to avoid romantic commitment, it is also perfectly normal to feel the way you do. There are many reasons why youre not able to let another person get close to you.

It might have something to do with your upbringing. Perhaps youve suffered emotional trauma when you were young. Or it may be down to other factors. Whatever the reason behind your relationship anxiety, know that there are many people who struggle with this. And, you can overcome this fear.

Imbalance Of Individuality And Togetherness

All people must find a balance between individuality and togetherness. Ideally, a person can spend their time and emotional energy evenly divided while comfortably being alone and being with others. When these factors are out of balance, a person could never want to be alone or never what to be with someone else. Either way, commitment issues will emerge.

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Tips To Overcome Your Fear Of Commitment

There are vital steps to take in the process, steps that will help you become an individual more open to allowing others into their life.

  • Discover the reason behind your fear

    The first step is to discover why youre experiencing relationship anxiety. A qualified relationship coach can help you reach deep inside and see whats holding you back.

  • Face your fears

    Then, once you know why youre feeling the way youre feeling, its time to look that problem directly in the eye and face it head on. A certified coach will assist you in providing solutions to understand these fears and face them.

  • Make some room in your life

    Once youve done what you can, make some room in your life for other people. Starting relationships off is tricky, but let them in, and begin to change your life.

  • Rely on yourself, not on others

    However, when you do decide to let other people into your life, do not become codependent. Do not rely on them to make you feel good. You first have to love yourself in order to love others.

  • Be free in love

    Being in love doesnt mean being in prison. Look for freedom in a relationship, and give that freedom back to your partner too. Do not be possessive, as it is only a road to emotional issues.

  • Be around people in healthy relationships

    Finally, you cannot get a true feel of what a healthy relationship looks like without examples from your immediate surroundings. Looking at happy emotional attachments all around you can help you overcome your own fear.

  • Value Doing Small Acts Of Kindness

    How to Deal With a Commitment Phobic Man and Help Him Get ...

    While it may be easy to take advantage of what your spouse gives for the benefit of the relationship, everyone desires to feel acknowledged. Doing a chore, bringing home a special gift, or sending a loving note are all simple but effective ways of showing love to your spouse and committing to marriage.

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    How To Overcome Commitment Phobia Like A Boss

    Today we are going to have a look at how to overcome commitment phobia.

    The best way to find out if you even have this paralyzing fear is to imagine the following situation

    You are lying in bed with the woman of your dreams. You just had sex and you are both exhausted. All you can think of is to fall asleep. She is already on her way to dream land when you look at her beautiful face. Her eyes are closed and she looks peaceful as she is snuggling up to you.

    Looking at her face makes you happy. You cant imagine a life without her. You love her, you admire her and you respect her more than you have ever respected a woman. You turn around with a happy smile on your face.

    In the middle of the night you wake up. You are sweating, you are terrified and when you look at your girlfriend, who is sleeping next to you, a cold shiver runs down your back.

    You are paralyzed.

    Noooshe got me!

    You are paralyzed by a crippling fear that you just cant get out of your head. You dont feel it during the walks in the park and the candlelight dinners, but it hunts you at night.

    In your nightmares you imagine marrying her, starting a family and

    then she cheats on you with another guy, before she lets you pay more alimony

    In your nightmares you imagine spending the rest of your life with her

    without getting the sex you want and the love you need.

    Commitment Issues Heres How To Identify And Overcome Commitment Phobia In Romantic Relationships

    Commitment: Does the word alone make you cringe? Feel pressured? Conjure an unshakeable fear of losing your freedom and autonomy?

    Or maybe youre totally cool with coupling, but youre worried your partner or, you should say, the person youve gone on sevenfreaking dates with, but who still wont call you bae is showing signs of romantic claustrophobia.

    You may have a sneaking suspicion that you or your significant other has some relationship roadblocks, but arent sure so how can you identify and overcome commitment issues in your love life?

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    The Storey Someone Tells With His Tongue Is Almost Always More Intriguing Than The Storey He Tells With His Actions

    Dont act stupid because you arent.

    So dont be fooled by a mans words. Women, I understand, make this mistake at least once in their lives they all fall for a mans remarks at some point, and its because theyre created to do so.

    Nature didnt create us all smart it made us more eager to have sex with the man who captured our attention with sweet speech.

    Women are easily seduced by words. I still do it again and then, and I have to remind myself to detach myself from a persons words and look at his behaviour instead, and to be conscious of red signals when dating a man.

    Yes, try to develop the ability to separate yourself from words and study a mans deeds, because any man with a brain knows how to sweet talk a woman with his words.

    Its an evolutionary strategy hes doing it to pass on his genes and help the human species survive.

    Take care of yourself. And spend more time with the appropriate man for you!

    Do this so that the proper man can kiss you on the head every morning while wearing a silly smile on his macho face.

    Commitment Phobia: What It Is & How To Deal With It

    Relationship & Dating Advice : Overcoming Fear of Commitment

    Many people find relationships easy. They meet someone, they fall in love, they invest in their relationship, and they see it blossom.

    There are some of us, though, who have whats called commitment phobia or relationship anxiety.

    Yup, some people have a fear of committed relationships. What does that mean, though?

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    The Psychology Behind Fear Of Commitment

    Attachment styles are the cornerstone of all our relationships. Think of attachment styles as the internal template that we follow in every relationship. According to psychology, people tend to fall into four attachment styles categories – secure, avoidant, fearful, and fearful avoidant. Most of the time, fear of commitment stems from the avoidant attachment style.

    A person with an avoidant attachment style tends to avoid intimacy, pulls away when people get close, is uncomfortable when others come close to them or with sharing emotions and deep thoughts. When they do open up, they tend to minimise their emotional experiences and those of others. They might appear confident, aloof and independent. They equate being dependent on another person as losing themselves and have great difficulty with trusting others.

    In other words, they have what I call “the James Bond look.” Think of how Mr. Bond acts, he is the epitome of avoidance a sorely confident person that avoids any type of intimate relationship.

    Hes In His Late 30s And Has Never Married

    or been in a long-term committed relationship.

    A man has plenty of time to discover and marry the proper woman. Unless a man is really bashful or has recently lost a long-term girlfriend, the best men can be rapidly snatched up.

    Although there are always exceptions, in general, valuable boys and men are rapidly snatched up by women, and vice versa.

    People that place a high importance on relationships and on themselves in general tend to find each other. So you have to wonder whether this is a man who doesnt invest in people and suffers from shiny object syndrome?

    Is he afraid of getting too close to other people and being vulnerable?

    If thats the case, he might have real attachment and abandonment issues that need to be addressed before he can be a trustworthy partner for you.

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    You Can Deal With Commitment Phobia If You Know The Root Of It Conquer Your Fear Learn From Your Bad Experiences And Move On

    Commitment phobia is all over the world a large number of people want to start a relationship but they fear of making a commitment, not that they do not want commitment in relationship but their experiences pull them back. The phobia can be due to an earlier trauma like abusive relationship, failed previous marriage etc. Once you have been cheated on a relationship, it becomes hard to trust someone.

    When someone you love betrays you, the healing process is very slow. It takes a very long time. You stop seeing the world as kind. Even if you start fancying someone, your mind floods with several doubts and eventually you give up. Some people start belittling themselves and get into desperation. Abusive relationship and betrayals do not always account for commitment problems. Some people have fear of it as they are morally weak.

    Commitment phobia is fear of any kind of commitment made to other people. It keeps you from making decisions whether it involves a romantic partner or a business partner.

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