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How To Treat Dog Panic Attacks

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Training A Psychiatric Service Dog

DOGTV – What Can I Give To My Dog For Anxiety (How To Treat Dog Anxiety Naturally)

When training a psychiatric service dog, you must have patience and dedication. It is a great idea to train your own service dog, but if you aren’t comfortable doing so, you can buy a pre-trained psychiatric service dog too. They do cost a lot of money, however, and you can be on a waiting list from a few weeks to even a few years.

Your psychiatric service dog must always be under the control of its handler. Under the ADA rules, your service dog should be leashed, harnessed, and tethered at all times unless that would interfere with its work.

Common Triggers For Anxiety Related To Noise Aversion

As mentioned earlier, many dogs show signs of noise aversion when they hear fireworks. But fireworks arent the only noises that can bring about fear.

Thunder is another common trigger, along with indoor and outdoor construction, traffic, doorbells, alarms, ringtones, lawn mowers, and even loud celebrations or gatherings with family and friends.

If your dog shows signs of anxiety due to any of the triggers below, please take the noise aversion quiz and schedule an appointment to discuss the results with your veterinarian sooner rather than later.

Anxiety And Panic Attacks

Although anxiety may fuel a panic attack, its a separate condition that can be gradual and chronic.

Panic attacks, by contrast, are marked by an intense and overwhelming sense of fear or dread in response to an imminent threat. Panic attacks, often brief, are brought on by the bodys fight or flight response a natural and adaptive process that helps fight off danger or run from it.

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This process can be triggered any time we perceive ourselves to be in harms way and it can happen within the context of any anxiety or stress disorder.

If someone has a fear of dogs, encountering an unfamiliar dog could trigger a panic attack, Duval says. Someone who has social anxiety or worries about being judged negatively by others might have a panic attack when giving a speech or introducing themselves to new people.

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Aging Has Somethingto Do With It

Like humans, aging can affect a dogs behavior and reactiontoward various stimuli. Some things that never bothered your pet before maystart to be fearsome to them as they grow old.

Senior dogs may start to have panic attacks at night astheir sleep cycles get disrupted. Also, an old doggo have poor eyesight so theymay perceive an object as a frightening shape.

Also, senior dogs may develop so-called Canine DysfunctionSyndrome. This is equivalent to Alzheimers disease among humans. It will makea dog confused out of nothing. If you suddenly find yourself asking, why is mydog freaking out for no reason? It might be time to get your dog checked forthis condition.

Behavioral Signs Of A Dog Panic Attack

Signs your dog has anxiety and how to treat it

Excessive chewing and scratching may not be caused by fleas or allergies, but can point to anxiety in the same way that scratching at the scalp and arms can be for humans. Constant licking and chewing of the paws is another signifier of a dog panic attack, similar to how humans chew their nails. Whining and pacing can be clear indicators that your companion is having a rough time, as can hiding or excessively seeking attention.

While in the throes of an attack, your dog will either seek comfort and safety, or choose to lash out. Fight or flight is the name of the game and if they choose to fight, then you can expect growling, aggressive barking, and biting in some cases. This is not your dog expressing bad behavior, it is him reacting to an outside influence in an anxious way.

Understanding such signs as urination and defecation inside, attempting to escape the house, and scratching wildly at doors and windows, can let you gain insight into your pups panicked state of mind and help you try to eliminate the source of his anxiety.

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What Causes Panic Attacks In Dogs

Although most panic attacks are brought on by fear-response triggers such as loud noises, aggressive behavior or threats of violence anxiety and stress are also commonly caused by break downs of supportive elements. When a pet is left at home for hours on end, or when walks become less frequent, or if their diet is changed inexplicably, dogs can have negative reactions to changes in their environment. Whether intentional or not, changes in their surroundings or behavioral norms in the household can throw your dog for a loop .

Canine panic disorders are often brought on by the following factors/stimuli:

  • Environmental
  • New house, renovations, new barriers/fencing
  • Change in climate
  • Loss of familiar surroundings
  • Behavioral
  • Change in patience, attitude or interaction with owner/family
  • New/aggressive training techniques
  • New person in household
  • Biological
  • Cardiovascular events
  • Severe pain
  • Neurological
  • Phobias
  • Can Dogs Have Panic Attacks At Night

    Do dogs have panic attacks in their sleep? Dogs can definitely have panic attacks while they are sleeping. This is similar to humans who wake up from a nightmare or dream without warning and feel extremely frightened.

    Dont be surprised if your dog begins pacing, panting, drooling excessively, or acting nervous when he wakes up after suffering an anxiety attack during sleep.

    If this happens frequently you may want to make sure your dog is sleeping in an environment that will keep him safe such as a dog crate.

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    How To Help A Dog Scared Of Fireworks

    Early on, as we noticed the signs of Chillys noise aversion and began exploring solutions for it, we involved our veterinarian every step of the way. We really valued the help and advice that he gave us.

    For years, the only medication our veterinarian had prescribed for Chillys noise aversion was trazodone. We didnt like how it sedated him and made him groggy for hours, even after the noise had stopped, so we would only use it when he had severe panic attacks related to noise .

    When I first heard about SILEO , it sounded like a great treatment for a dog with noise aversion like Chilly. I learned that its an FDA-approved medication that specifically treats noise aversion in dogs. I did some research online, and what really appealed to me is that its very effective in calming dogs, but it does so without sedating them .

    Armed with information about Chillys symptoms, I spoke to our veterinarian again, and he agreed that SILEO would be a great solution for Chilly. We tried and it worked beautifully.

    Since we started using SILEO, Chilly has spent every 4th of July awake and calm! Now we use SILEO every time we expect noises that we know cause Chilly fear.

    Dogs Are A Great Distraction

    Training Your Service Dog A Panic Attack/Crying Alert!!!

    When left to our own devices, we can let our mind wonder and think about situations we wouldnt normally think of, and this can be much worse for people with anxiety issues and suffer from panic attacks. As dogs are always available to play, take for walks, or just to snuggle with, they make for an excellent distraction from any wondering thoughts we might have. How can we think about worst case scenarios when playing fetch with an enthusiastic dog? Its well known that dogs require a lot of care and affection, so when your focus is on looking after a dog, there will be less time to focus on any negative thoughts.

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    Does Zylkene Come In Different Strengths

    Yes, there are three strengths. You will need to select the one that best fits your dog. It even is supposed to work with cats. However, again talk with your veterinarian before giving it to your cat.

    75mg for small dogs and cats

    both dogs and cats:

    1 capsule 10 and under lbs

    2 capsules 11 22lbs

    225mg for medium dogs and cats

    dogs: 1 capsule 22-32lbs

    cats: 1 capsule up 22lbs

    450mg for large dogs

    1 capsule 33-65lbs

    2 capsules 66-132lbs

    What Causes The Behavior

    Many things cause a panic attack among canines. Still, thefollowing are the most common that we have observed in doggos:

    -Separation anxiety

    If you always come home to shredded stuff, its possiblethat your doggo is experiencing an intense case of SepAnx. Some breeds are moreprone to this condition, especially lapdogs and those that are known to beworking dogs.

    The good thing here is that you can do something about it.Crate training can do wonders for canines with separation anxiety.


    Is it your dogs first time to ride a car or experience adrive-thru car wash? The pooch may be experiencing travel anxiety. All of thesethings are new to your pooch. The sound of the engine, the people around, andthe experience of visiting new places may make your dog nuts.

    If youre bringing your dog to a long trip, its best to condition them first. Take them to short drives around the neighborhood and introduce them to new sounds. That way, the pooch will not go crazy once you board them on a plane or carry them on the train.


    Isolation is also a major cause of panic attacks. If yourdog is used to being stuck in the four corners of your yard, it will likelypanic when it meets new people, other canines, and objects.

    Remember that a dog shouldnt be crated for too long. Also,keeping your pet leashed all the time is just fueling their isolation anxiety.This will make your doggo nervous, which will trigger panic attacks when theyare exposed to various stimuli.

    -Loud noise

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    Can U Train A Dog For Panic Attacks

    A panic attack detection dog alerts their owner when they detect signs of an impending panic attack. Dogs trained to perform this task can detect a panic attack several minutes before the person recognizes the signs, allowing sufferers to remove themselves from a situation, go to a safe place, get medication, or practice relaxation techniques.

    Act out the panic attack symptom and give the verbal cue for an alert. Reward your dog when he performs the alert and the cue is present. Repeat, practice often for several weeks. Now manifest panic attack symptom without providing the verbal cue.

    Panic Attacks In Dogs

    How to Treat Canine Panic Attacks

    Panic attacks can be observed in dogs and are often triggered by noises or unusual situations. Panic attacks are difficult to identify, since dogs may manifest in various ways ranging from excessive barking and digging to excessive licking of the coat. Panic attacks should be recognized and treated, as emotional issues often lead to health issues and a weakened immune system.

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    Summary Of The Journey To Help Calm A Rescue Dog With Severe Panic Attacks

    I couldnt be more impressed and surprised with the results Ive seen in Henry with Craft%20a%20Home%20You%E2%80%99ll%20Both%20Love%E2%80%94Shop%20Styles%20that%20Fit%20You%20& %20Your%20Dog” rel=”nofollow”>Zylkene. It helped my dog Henry who hasnt had much relief from his panic attacks in nearly 4.5 years. It has no side effects and at least for Henry, it works quickly. Im amazed by the results Ive seen with anti-anxiety medication in addition to recommending management techniques and behavior modification exercises.

    Your doctor will make recommendations based on your individual dogs fear trigger, or they will refer you to a veterinary behaviorist who can help your pet.

    Most forms of treatment will be done over the long-term, and could possibly span several years. It generally depends on the duration and intensity of the clinical signs of anxiety. Minimum treatment averages four to six months.

    Keep in mind that prescription medications are not right for every pet and are typically implemented only as a last resort in severe instances.

    If your dog has extreme panic and separation anxiety and needs to be protected until medications can become effective, which can take days to weeks, hospitalization may be the best choice.

    Otherwise, you will care for your dog at home and will need to provide protection from self-inflicted physical injury until your dog calms down. You may need to arrange for day care or dog-sitting.

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    Learn More About Pet Anxiety And How You Can Help

    Educating pet parents about pet anxiety has been a passion project of mine for many years. I want to spare as many families as possible the heartache that I experienced when I struggled to find solutions to my own dogs severe fear, anxiety, and stress .

    I knew I had to be my own dogs advocate since, during most routine checkups, many veterinarians dont think to ask about symptoms of anxiety, in particular those that relate to noise aversion. So ever since, Ive been championing solutions for FAS relief.

    I officially launched Pet Anxiety Awareness Month in June of 2017 with the goal of providing pet parents with needed resources to help their anxious pets.

    Im happy to say that PAAW has been more successful than I ever dreamed it could be. Weve been able to accomplish some great things. As a result of PAAW, weve:

    • Helped tens of thousands of pet parents find solutions to manage their pets FAS.
    • Educated tens of thousands of pet parents about the symptoms associated with FAS.
    • Partnered with dozens of companies, veterinary organizations, and specialists striving to help dogs and cats manage FAS.

    If youd like to learn more, please visit my Pet Anxiety Awareness Resource Page and be sure to for more anxiety content, including interviews with experts and veterinary professionals on the topic of anxiety.

    Together, we can help our pets live their best lives, free of anxiety.

    Kristen Levine has a consulting relationship with Zoetis.


    Why Is My Dog Freaking Out For No Reason Panic Attacks In Canines

    How to Get a Service Dog for Anxiety or Panic Disorder

    Like us, our dogs can experience intense stress and fear. Itcould be loud sounds, the presence of strangers, and other triggers that couldpotentially make your dog bonkers. But what if your pooch panics out ofnothing? Why is my dog freaking out for no reason? This can be scary for petowners, but theres always an explanation behind every weird canine behavior.

    Dogs can experience panic attacks, too. The same withhumans, they experience increased heart rate and they lose their logic aroundthings. Although it may seem like an isolated case, it could be a tell-talesign that your dog is experiencing something more serious.

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    Symptoms Of A Dogs Panic Attack

    Your dog may have a panic attack that comes out of nowhere and without any apparent warning, or you may begin to notice that a couple things that trigger a panic attack every time. Sometimes, you may not even realize that your dog is having a panic attack because the symptoms can be so similar to other behavioral problems. It is essential to know the signs and symptoms because you do not want to discipline your dog for having a panic attack.

    Here are some of the most common symptoms of a panic attack in your dog:

    Service Dog For Panic Attacks

    Obtaining a service dog is an involved process, but a well-trained dog can be incredibly helpful to owners with a variety of challenges. Often, people with anxiety or panic disorder believe that, just because they dont face an outwardly-apparent challenge like blindness or a mobility-issue, theyre ineligible for a service dog. This is not the case.

    Service animals are permitted and prescribed on a case-by-case basis. Because these animals tend to have a high price tag that is only feasible when paid for by insurance, many people dont even bother to consider the possibility. However, if you believe that a service animal could help improve the quality of your life, then it is more than worth your consideration.

    Those who suffer from panic attacks could greatly benefit from a psychiatric service animal. These animals are trained to pick up on cues and intervene to help alleviate high-stress situations with their owner. Oftentimes those who have panic attacks have generalized anxiety disorder can be greatly helped by a trained service animal or emotional support animal in multiple ways.

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    What To Do Following A Dog Panic Attack

    After the panic attack is over maintain a journal of your dogs panic attacks, noting the date and time, situation that triggered the attack , the duration and the relative intensity of the attack .

    These notes will help you and your veterinarian determine the best course of action, including whether anti-anxiety medication or professional help are needed. Recording every panic attack that occurs helps verify if your dogs anxiety is improving over time.

    For General Anxiety Try The Anxious Pet:

    Anxiety in Dogs: Symptoms and Treatment  WINPRO Blood ...

    These veterinarian-formulated CBD products are a must-have in my household! My dog, Tulip, loves their hemp oil, and it helps her keep calm when shes feeling separation anxiety. Their products are great for use with social, noise, or general anxiety. A word of caution: It may not be a good idea to use this before a visit to the veterinarian, as it could interact with anything your pups doctor gives him.

    If your dog is suffering from anxiety, dont delay in getting him help! The top reason why pets are surrendered to shelters is because of behavioral problems that their family cant manage behavioral problems that are often caused or exaggerated by FAS.

    If you suspect your pooch is struggling from one of these causes of anxiety, please consult your veterinarian and try my tips for reducing anxiety in your dog and help him enjoy a calm, happy life!

    This is a sponsored post. However, all opinions and anecdotes are my own, and I never promote any products or brands I dont believe in. ~Petfully yours, Kristen

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