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Which Olsen Twin Had An Eating Disorder

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Spencer Pratt Sold The Olsen Twins Out To The Tabloids

mary-kate olsen eating disorder

Leave it to The Hills’ self-cast villain, Spencer Pratt, and his flesh-colored beard to rat out the Olsens and break the sacred trust of mutual fame. What do you expect from a guy who orchestrated the greatest reality TV feud of all time . Turns out, Mary-Kate Olsen has the same bone to pick.

In a 2007 Details profile of Pratt’s former best friend Brody Jenner , Montag’s future husband claimed to have “made $50,000 by selling a photograph” of Mary-Kate “drinking at a party.” At the time, it was said they went to the same high school. Yes, the Olsen twins went to a normal albeit “small, private” high school, which was later discovered to; not actually be Pratt’s high school anyway, but we digress. By the looks of the picture, MK was either trashed or startled by a camera being flashed in her face.

Pratt’s photo launched an all-out war that got him eviscerated on the Late Show with David Letterman by Mary-Kate’s passive aggressive jabs. He went direct-to-tabloids with his nasty retaliation, dubbing her “a famous troll” and “the less cute twin” in;Us Weekly . He later sort of apologized, telling Us Weekly that he’s “secretly jealous of her” and wanted his “face on a lunchbox, too!” All we know is that $50,000 doesn’t;actually buy a lot of crystals, so it doesn’t seem worth it.

Why Didn’t The Olsen Twins Feel Safe At Nyu

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen had high hopes for higher education, but their matriculation was cut short after a reported invasion of privacy. According to People, the twins graduated from high school and shipped off to NYU in September 2004. They bought a $7.3 million West Village penthouse, which “they never moved into” and began their short-lived studies.

Then came the reports that the twins were in the words of the;Daily News “sooo over it.” MK was caught allegedly skipping classes. People reported that she was toying around with the idea of doing some sort of “independent study program” that would allow her to bounce back and forth between NYC and LA. Eventually she took a leave of absence, which led to speculation that she was entering a second round of eating disorder treatment. This was false as MK reportedly already had access to a recovery army during her first semester, including “two teams of therapists, nutritionists, and eating coaches.”

Ashley soon followed her sister. According to ELLE, the twins ultimately dropped out because they “no longer felt safe” at school. Their fellow students allegedly took a page out of the Pratt Daddy guidebook and started selling stories to the tabloids. Plus, they kind of had a majorly lucrative business to run.

Ashley Said Their Childhood Schedules Were Grueling

Ashley didn’t love every minute of her childhood, either. Like Mary-Kate, she struggled with the demands of being a child actress. She’s said that the schedule was really grueling. It did teach her how to work hard.

These days, according to Eonline, she is still a very hard worker and so is her sister. They run a fashion brand, The Row, which features clothes with simple lines and very high-end fabrics. Lots of celebs love The Row. Cate Blanchett is one example. The brand is featured in Vogue and Mary-Kate and Ashley frequent The Row’s offices every day. They have organized and busy work lives.

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Their Dad Is Considered A Stage Dad

Their dad, Dave, stopped working at other jobs to become a full-time manager to the twins. It’s kind of like Kris Jenner and her “momager” role.

Dave was the “dadager”, according to Life and Style Mag. Managers get paid, so it’s true that Dave profited from managing his little girls. He might never have been able to pocket huge percentages of massive profits in any other type of career.

This creates a bit of a weird power imbalance. When a parent is dependent on their little kids for income that allows for a luxury lifestyle, the parent is going to want the children working, even if they don’t feel like it.

Ashley Wouldnt Go To Her Dads Second Wedding

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Ashley clearly took her Mom’s side after her Dad left for a younger woman. She showed loyalty to her mother by refusing to attend her father’s wedding. This kind of stuff isn’t uncommon. It’s something that happens in a lot of families.

According to Life and Style Mag, Jarnette spent the day crying as her ex-husband got married to another woman. Mary-Kate attended his wedding and was Maid of Honor.

Ashley stayed away. David said the divorce went smoothly and that everyone was on the same page, but the whole wedding drama tells a different story. David acted as the twin’s manager for years. He was the one engineering everything.

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Bitter Divorce And ‘iron

The marriage didnt take long to show the cracks, with the Olsens’ fashion empire demanded a huge chunk of Mary-Kate’s time.

Her unbreakable relationship with Ashley which she once described as a marriage and a partnership may also have strained the relationship.

Less than five years into the marriage, she filed for divorce on April 17 but was refused, due to the court lockdown during coronavirus.

Sarkozy responded by terminating the lease on the couples NYC apartment, and sending a lawyers letter demanding that she leaves by May 18 prompting Mary-Kate to file the emergency appeal to protect properties in the Big Apple as well as their house in the Hamptons.

She also asked that her iron-clad prenup be implemented, according to insiders.

Her business interests and fortune are protected, a source told US weekly.

At the moment, with the emergency motion rejected, the marriage remains in a coronavirus limbo, with Mary-Kate waiting to hear if she can stay in their home until May 30 to sort her affairs.

Gabby Petito’s Friend Details Rocky Relationship With Brian Laundrie

In 2012, the sisters officially retired from acting. That same year, Mary-Kate, 30, began dating Olivier Sarkozy, 47, the half-brother to former French President Nicolas Sarkozy. The age difference sparked controversy, with tabloids calling their “grotesque” relationship a “twisted romance“. It’s no wonder, then, that the already incredibly private star made her relationship even more private.

Olivier and Mary-Kate were spotted at basketball games and going for walks around New York City, but they rarely posed for red carpet photos together. The millionaire fashion designer and wealthy businessman remained aloof, much like the Olsen twins’ personalities since receiving awards from the CFDA. But the couple did find happiness spending plenty of time in France together.

“Mary-Kate has a fabulous life with Olivier and they spend a lot of time in Paris where they are both very happy,” a source told us. “She has become immersed in his world.”

After the initial shock of their union wore off, the couple became a staple New York couple. They packed on PDA wherever they went, seemingly unbothered by anyone who noticed. But because they rarely spoke about each other in public, it may have come as a surprise when they got engaged on the sly. It was even more surprising that they were able to pull off a secret wedding, which E! News later confirmed took place at a private New York residence on Nov. 27, 2015.

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” move the case forward as quickly as possible amid the pandemic, the;

While hes not living in her apartment, all of her expensive belongings are there, and shes terrified she wont get them back.

The insider also alleged that the fashion designer had been left “incredibly upset” by the ruling but was leaning on her sister Ashley,;who had been a “tower of strength” and had whisked her out of the city.

“Shes doing everything in her power to support and advise her sister,” the source shared.

While the notoriously private fashion mogul is unlikely to spill too much bitterness in pubic, early signs suggest things are about to get ugly.

Ditching Acting For Fashion Career

Shannon Cutts Talks to Channel 11 News About Celebrity Eating Disorders

The twins experience of growing up in the spotlight left them eager to escape the glare of publicity in their late teens.

After New York Minute flopped, the pair turned their back on acting and decided to concentrate on building their fashion empire.

Their high-end designer chain The Row was founded in 2006 and was turning over £42million a year by 2015, as well as landing four Designer gongs at the prestigious Council of Fashion Designers Awards .

The pair followed up with a more affordable brand, Elizabeth and James, now produced in partnership with Kohls.

In 2019, it was estimated the pair were worth £460m between them.

But as their fortune grew, the pair became increasingly reclusive, hiding away from the public glare and only occasionally being spotted together near their New York offices.

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Do The Olsen Twins Have Drug Problems

If that isnt dark enough, there was another rumored reason why Mary-Kate sought out help: a cocaine addiction. For what its worth, Mary-Kates family and team denied that addiction was a factor. The bottom line is that Mary-Kate was not admitted for drugs period, said the Olsens spokesperson.

The Eating Disorder Whirlpool

Buchanan describes the typical person who develops an eating disorder as an attractive, hard-driving young woman who decides to go on a diet. Her very determination is a problem, because her diet may be too strict. This throws her metabolism into the “minicrisis” Johnson describes.

Nevertheless, she wills herself to ignore her distress. But her brain rebels. It forces her to think more and more about food. And because the brain wants fast energy, the kinds of food she thinks about tend to be sweets or carbs. These constant thoughts of food make her feel guilty — but the guilt only makes her more determined.

That determination can’t last. Eventually, the obsession with food leads to periodic binges. These binges increase her guilt, so she makes up for her “sin,” as Buchanan puts it, by forcing herself to vomit or by taking laxatives or by going for a day or more without eating.

This cycle repeats itself — often for years. Her metabolism will change, and she may even gain a little weight despite eating next to nothing. Her self-esteem sinks to extreme lows, and her body begins to show signs of starvation. These include bone loss, heart disease, tooth decay, brittle hair, loss of menstruation, and even the growth of a soft down on the skin .

Her altered thinking makes her see herself as fat, even though she’s far below normal weight. She’s driven to lose more and more weight. She’s stuck in the descending spiral of a whirlpool pulling her to her death.

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She Reportedly Spent Time In Rehab After Developing An Eating Disorder

Shortly after graduating from high school, Mary-Kate Olsen was reportedly admitted to a rehab facility for an eating disorder. She remained quiet about the ordeal at the time, but later she explained in an interview with Elle, “Look, I think it’s important that what anybody goes through and I’m not saying that it’s true or not true you realize it’s part of growing up.” For Mary-Kate, the hardest thing was finding the courage to reach out and ask for help. “I think at some point I had to say that I deserve to be happy,” she said. Clearly, Mary-Kate did what was right for her, and she got the help she needed.

In late July 2004, she reportedly came home from the facility. As her spokesman told CBS News;at the time, “She is feeling very well and is looking forward to rejoining her family and friends and preparing for her freshman year at New York University.” Apparently, her sister, Ashley Olsen, was extremely supportive of her and continued attending events in her place while she was away.

If you are struggling with an eating disorder, or know someone who is, help is available. Visit theNational Eating Disorders Association websiteor contact NEDA’s Live Helpline at 1-800-931-2237. You can also receive 24/7 Crisis Support via text .

$81k Engagement Ring From Sotheby’s


While a wealthy man in his own right, with a $67 million dollar fortune, French banker Olivier Sarkozy was nowhere near as rich as most of her exes and his worth paled into insignificance beside her own $280 million.

But when they met at a party in 2012, they fell head over heels, according to sources.

The French presidents brother was 42 and Mary-Kate was 27, but friends said the age gap suited her.

A source told the New York Post: “MK is constantly complaining about boys not being mature enough for her.

“She got the kids out of her system.”

Not everyone agreed the match was made in heaven and Sarkozys ex Charlotte the mother of his two children commented: “That’s not right. It’s grotesque.”

The reclusive couple played out the romance behind closed doors, making just a handful of public appearances at a horse show in the Hamptons and a basketball game in the early days.

Apparently keen to pin down his young girlfriend, Sarkozy proposed after less than a year but Mary-Kate made him wait three years before finally accepting.

“Mary-Kate wants to give it more time. She’s not in any rush,” said an insider.

In February 2014, she accepted a second proposal, sealing the deal with a Cartier engagement ring bought from a Sotheby’s jewelry auction for $81,000.

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Elizabeth Feels Judged Because Of Family Wealth

Elizabeth grew up in a family with big bucks and felt that people judged her because her family was rich. The twins were well-paid for their appearances on Full House and everyone in the family benefited from their big paychecks. Later on, when the twins became in control of their fortunes, things became different.

In fact, their Dad eventually struggled with finances, according to People. Of course, the girls could have bailed him out if they wanted to. Whether they stepped in and helped him isn’t a matter of public record, but the fact that he had to file in the first place says a lot, considering how much cash his twins would have already had at the time.

Her Parents Tried To Give Her And Her Sister A Somewhat Normal Childhood

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen never had a normal childhood they were millionaires and business owners by the age of 10, after all. However, the Olsen twins’ entire childhoods weren’t spent on set and in board rooms. As Mary-Kate explained to Elle, their parents did try to give them time and space to grow up and just be kids. “I grew up going to regular school and still have friends from that time in my life,” she said. She even had time off to pursue her hobby of horseback riding. “So I was surrounded by all my horseback riding friends, too,” she said.

In a 2004 interview with Oprah Winfrey, the twins explained that they had been to prom every single year of high school. However, as Ashley said, the pair had to choose between going to their senior prom and hosting “Saturday Night Live.” “Every girl thinks about designing their senior dress,” Mary-Kate said. Even though they ultimately chose “Saturday Night Live,” it’s clear that Mary-Kate valued having some normalcy in her childhood.

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Elizabeth Was Tempted To Give Up On Acting

Elizabeth had to decide whether or not acting was a good life plan. She had moments when she just wasn’t sure. She took roles when she was young and then backed away from acting.

She needed to weigh the pros and cons. Was the loss of privacy worth the creative expression? Clearly, she decided that it was and that’s good news for film-goers because she’s a really good actress. She isn’t getting parts because of who her sisters are, according to Vanity Fair.

She has a different fanbase. A lot of people who enjoy Elizabeth’s acting probably don’t enjoy Full House or the Full House reboot.

This Is Exactly What Oprah Winfrey Is Having To Deal With Right Now

Oprah’s HORRIFIC Olsen Twins Interview Surfaces!

In a 2004 interview with the Olsen Twins, Oprah made mention of the then rumors surrounding the twins having eating disorders. She point blank asked them what size they wore, which had Ashley Olson stumbling for a moment because she didnt know what size she wore. Honestly, I could kind of see where she was bewildered by the question because it kind of came out of left field.

Oprah just responded with a Oh, thats interesting. in a really sarcastic way when Ashley fumbled the question. Those of us who were around in the 80s know the struggle with body image issues that Winfrey has had, so some of us were surprised by her line of questioning. We expected a little more sympathy from her.

However, the early 2000s were a different time. There were barely any conversations about low self-esteem and the damage it wreaks on peoples lives, there were also not as many conversations about eating disorders and mental health as there are today.

You could argue that this was the early days of the facts not feelings doctrine and if you look back from any media at the time, you can see it. So while I think its safe to say that Oprah isnt going to be cancelled over an interview thats almost 20 years old, we do look back on it as an example of the contrary what not to do in an interview. Heres to having a mentally healthier public. Stay tuned!!!

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