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What Is The Phobia Of Dogs Called

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Is Fear Ever An Abnormal Response In Pets

Phobia Guru explains the Fear of Dogs known as Cynophobia

Fear can be normal and adaptive, keeping the pet safe and alive. However, there are times when fear compromises the pet’s physical and emotional health or welfare.

Fears can be maladaptive, and their presentation can be dangerous for the dog or cat itself or the people interacting with the pet. When pets are frightened, they may display aggression , display avoidance by running away , appear visually anxious , remain rigidly still , or make small repetitive movements . The response will depends on the pet’s personality , the type of stimulus presented, the previous life experiences with the stimulus, whether the pet is on its own property , whether it is in the presence of offspring or family members , or whether it is cornered or restrained and unable to escape .

Causes Of Fear Of Dogs

The fear of dogs is known to be quite common owing to the historic association between dogs and wolves. As a result, most Cynophobics generally fear large and vicious looking dogs, though, in extreme cases, one might even fear small or aggressive puppies.

In reality, dogs are considered loyal and faithful companions that are capable of forming close ties with humans. However, to a phobic, owing to a prior bad experience with dogs, all canines appear dangerous or evil.

Parents might unknowingly instill a fear of dogs in their child by warning them against petting or approaching dogs. Thus, the negative experience one has had with a dog in the past might not necessarily be a direct one: having watched a sibling or a close friend getting attacked or barked at by a dog can also sometimes result in an excessive fear of dogs.

Cynophobic individuals are often afraid of the bark or the growling sound made by dogs rather than just their bites.

Matt Damon: Ophidiophobiafear Of Snakes

Matt Damon is a well-known actor from Hollywood who possesses a severe fear of snakes. The fear of snakes is known as ophidiophobia. Damons fear of these creatures was apparent on the set of We Bought A Zoo, where he cried like a baby and rocked back and forth when the snakes were spread all over the set.

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I Only Fear Certain Types Of Dogs Does That Matter

Every dog phobia is different. For one person it can be mainly about the barking, and for another it is about the unexpected movements.

Some people only fear specific breeds, and others all dogs are frightening. Some may find puppies cute, others fear their playfulness. In short: cynophobia comes in many forms.

With the Memrec treatment, we ask many questions about the fear during the intake interview, to ensure that we include all aspects of it during the treatment. We choose a dog that is suitable for your fear.

Do we use a large dog during the treatment, but are you also afraid of small dogs? The effect of the treatment should generalize to all types of dogs. We will of course test this with you.

La Toya Jackson: Ailurophobiafear Of Cats

Fears and Phobias  In Fear and Trembling

La Toya Jackson, who is a well-known singer, songwriter, actress, former model, activist, and sister to Michael Jackson, is afraid of cats. This fear represents a phobia that is known as ailurophobia. La Toya Jacksons fear of cats was announced on an episode of American Idol, and the star relates her ailurophobia to a childhood incident in which a close relative was attacked by a cat.

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How To Overcome Dog Phobia: Treatment Methods And Approaches

The most common treatment methods involve training sufferers to reframe their experiences around dogs and their thought processes about them. Effective solutions combine many of these approaches. Desensitization teaches cynophobics to manage their anxieties as they arise. This is done through breathing exercises and cognitive retraining. Controlled exposure to dogs puts people who are fearful of dogs in situations where they can learn to experience them positively.

Coming at the problem of dog phobia from a variety of angles, including positive and supportive networks of family and friends, has proven useful, if not in eliminating the fear altogether, at least in making it less paralyzing. Some people who have suffered and recovered from extreme cynophobia may even end up adopting dogs themselves, replacing fear with love. Best-case scenarios, of course, are not always the result, even of the most assiduous counseling.

There are other, less frequently cited approaches to overcoming a fear of dogs. Some people, like Tulip, use artistic expression and creativity to freely express what social pressures might otherwise force them to conceal from others. Even an exercise like learning to draw a dog might give someone experiencing fear of dogs some measure of control over the object of that fear.

Adolf Hitler: Ailurophobiafear Of Cats

Adolf Hitler was not necessarily known as an idol or an icon, but he was known for his extremely cynical reputation as one if the most cruel and immoral leaders the World has every known. In addition, Hitler was known to possess a fear of cats. The fear of cats is known as ailurophobia.

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How Does The Phobia Begin

Many people have a fear of dogs from a very young age, says Laurie Vitagliano, MD, chief medical officer at Northwell Healths South Oaks Hospital in Amityville, New York. As with many other anxiety disorders, a person may have a genetic predisposition to developing a phobia such as cynophobia, she says. But genetics do not necessarily mean that you will develop it, she says. Your environment and experience can have a great influence on whether you develop a phobia or not.

If youre not sure if you have cynophobia or you simply dont prefer dogs, ask yourself whether you go out of your way to avoid dogs whenever you can. Does the perceived need to keep dogs out of your life interfere with your daily functioning? Do you feel like you are having a panic attack when you see a dog? Do you recognize that your fear of dogs is not only excessive but also unrealistic? You may have cynophobia.

Nadine Coyle: Many Animal Phobias

My Extreme Animal Phobia: Tough guy afraid of a puppy

Nadine Coyle is a well-known singer, songwriter, actress, and model of Irish descent. Coyle possesses fears of many animals, which include dogs, cats, snakes, spiders, and rodents. The fear of dogs is known as cynophobia, the fear of cats is known as ailurophobia, the fear of snakes is known as ophidiophobia, the fear of spiders is known as arachnophobia, and the fear of rodents is known as musophobia.

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How To Overcome A Phobia Of Dogs

Depending on the severity, duration, and root of cynophobia, a person may greatly improve their functioning with a few subtle changes, such as practicing mindfulness, speaking openly about their fears, working on relaxation techniques, and adding more exercise to their routine.

To deal with cynophobia, try:3

Some people may note great success from these lifestyle changes, but others will need professional mental health treatment. If you or a loved one does not observe significant improvement from these strategies, its time to call a professional.

Chiclephobia: Fear Of Chewing Gum

Vices Josiah Hesse has something in common with Oprah. They both have chiclephobia, which is a fear of chewing gum. Hesse says not only is it one of the most disgusting things he can imagine, but he cant even make eye contact with someone munching on a piece of gum.

A phobia is defined as a fear that interferes with your daily life, and Hesse says seeing chewed gum or someone chewing it will ruin movies, afternoon meetings, and dinners. Hes had crushes end over gum-chewing, and he remembers having that kind of reaction to it even as a child. Oprah has spoken about her own chiclephobia, saying hers stems from her grandmothers habit of sticking her chewing gum in a cabinet and coming back to it later. Thatd give anyone the heebie-jeebies.

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Tip : Learn To Calm Down Quickly

When youre afraid or anxious, you experience a variety of uncomfortable physical symptoms, such as a racing heart and a suffocating feeling. These physical sensations can be frightening themselvesand a large part of what makes your phobia so distressing. However, by learning how to calm yourself down quickly, you can become more confident in your ability to tolerate uncomfortable sensations and face your fears.

Perform a simple deep breathing exercise. When youre anxious, you tend to take quick, shallow breaths , which actually adds to the physical feelings of anxiety. By breathing deeply from the abdomen, you can reverse these physical sensations and feel less tense, less short of breath, and less anxious. Practice when youre feeling calm until youre familiar and comfortable with the exercise.

Wont Sit On Grass Just In Case

What is the fear of dogs called?

Ive had real problems today because there are loads out there, the 45-year-old said.

God, I hate them so badly. Im absolutely terrified of them. I wont sit on grass or under trees.

I wont buy a lettuce from the supermarket unless it is in a bag and washed.

And I wont hang my washing outside in case any get on my clothes.

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Recovery Timeframe And Maintenance

Whether utilizing systematic desensitization therapy or exposure therapy, several factors will determine how many sessions will be required to completely remove the phobia however, some studies have shown that those who overcome their phobia are usually able to maintain the improvement over the long-term. As avoidance contributes to the perpetuation of the phobia, constant, yet safe, real world interaction is recommended during and after therapy in order to reinforce positive exposure to the animal.

What Is The Phobia Of Caterpillars

There is no clinical name for the fear of caterpillars.

However, you could say your fear is Entomophobia the fear ofinsects and similar arthropods.

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Overcoming A Fear Of Dogs

So many of us consider dogs to be one of our best friends we could hope for. They bring endless joy and fun into our lives in so many ways. Moments of exuberant play are balanced with the calm of your dog resting his or her head on your lap, assuring you that there is no place your dog would rather be than with you. No wonder thirty-nine percent of U.S. households share their lives with at least one dog and there are approximately 77.5 million canine companions in the United States, according to the 2009-2010 American Pet Products Association National Pet Owner Survey.

Yet, for as grateful as so many of us are for the mutually rewarding relationship we have with our dogs, there are many who suffer from an extreme fear of dogs, which is called cynophobia and is often caused by a traumatic encounter with a dog or because of a lack of early, positive exposure to them. For those suffering from cynophobia, the mere sight of a dog at a distance, or even the prospect of it, can cause serious distress. This kind of fear can be powerful and have an intensely negative effect on a persons overall quality of life for the simple fact that there are so many dogs out there and therefore so many opportunities for encounters with them.

Dog Lovers Without Responsibility

‘Dog Whisperer’ on Getting Over the Fear of Dogs

The most radical dog lovers are the stray dog lovers. Now, if you ever ask them to not feed the strays near your home or office, they react so badly. They are serious animal rights activists and they pour scorn on you. Surely, it wont make any difference if you feed the stray dogs a few feet away where there are no people.

Most of these dog lovers do not take any responsibility for stray dogs apart from just feeding them leftovers. They dont neuter them or even vaccinate them.

Forget strays, in India, dog owners dont even think it is their job to pick up the poop from the streets and parks when they take their pets out on a walk.

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What To Do If You See A Snake

Leave it alone. Snakes are generally shy and will not attack unless provoked, so its best to leave them be. If you see a snake inside your home, get all people and pets out of the room immediately. Shut the door and fill the gap underneath with a towel, then call a professional snake catcher for assistance.

Johnny Depp: Arachnophobiafear Of Spiders And Coulrophobiafear Of Clowns

Johnny Depp, who is well-known for his superior performances in an array of top movies, possesses both a fear of spiders and a fear of clowns. The fear of spiders is known as arachnophobia, and the fear of clowns is known as coulrophobia. Both of these phobias are quite common around the World. According to Depp, his fear of clowns stems from the fact that there always seems to be a darkness lurking just under their surface, a potential for real evil.

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Why Are Caterpillars So Scary


While most caterpillars are harmless, even though some may look menacing , there are a few that can cause mild to moderate stings. Just remember, while the caterpillars are dangerous, adult moths are not and do not have stinging hairs/spines.

Also, what do caterpillars do? The caterpillar, or what is more scientifically termed a larva, stuffs itself with leaves, growing plumper and longer through a series of molts in which it sheds its skin. One day, the caterpillar stops eating, hangs upside down from a twig or leaf and spins itself a silky cocoon or molts into a shiny chrysalis.

Likewise, people ask, what is the fear of caterpillar called?

Helminthophobia, scoleciphobia or vermiphobia is a specific phobia, the fear of worms, especially parasitic worms. The sight of a worm, or anything that looks like a worm, may cause someone with this phobia to have extreme anxiety or even panic attacks.

How do caterpillars help the environment?

Caterpillars have chewing mouthpieces that allow them to eat through leaves quickly, using them as an energy source while the larvae grow. Some caterpillars eat flowers or seed pods as well. Other adult butterfly species eat rotting fruit, carrion or animal excrement, thus ridding the environment of waste.

Lyle Lovett: Bovinophobiafear Of Cows

Dogs do not feel comfortable being hugged, animal ...

Lyle Lovett, who is a well-known country singer, songwriter, and actor, possesses a fear of cows. This fear represents a phobia that is known as bovinophobia. According to Lovett, who is also Julia Roberts ex-husband, his bovinophobia stems from a severe leg fracture that he endured as a result of being attacked by a bull on his uncles ranch. When this star is confronted with cows, he feels helpless and runs away.

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What Results Can I Expect From Doing This Treatment

For the Memrec treatment, it does not matter whether you have recently been afraid of dogs or have been your whole life. It also doesn’t matter whether you know how your fear arose. A treatment is successful for us if dogs no longer hinder you in your daily life. You don’t have to become a dog friend, but you should be able to walk past a dog without panicking.

On the day after the treatment, you should notice that the strong physical response to dogs has disappeared. Sometimes people still feel a bit tense, afraid that the fear will return. We will practice with you to give you the confidence that the fear will stay away.

How To Treat Or Manage Cynophobia

âSeveral forms of therapy have helped people with cynophobia. Consult your doctor or a licensed mental health professional to find the right treatment or combination of treatments.

Exposure therapy. The most common treatment for specific phobias is exposure therapy. This is also called desensitization. In simple terms, persons undergoing exposure therapy practice interacting with the objects that they fear.

To treat cynophobia, some therapists suggest that you gradually increase both the closeness and length of your exposure. You could start by watching programs that feature dogs or watching dogs from a distance. Then, you work up to spending periods of time with dogs in person.â

Another form of exposure therapy with some proven success is called active-imaginal exposure. In this style of treatment, you would vividly imagine interacting with dogs and practice using certain techniques to manage your feelings in response.â

More recently, many therapists have had success with virtual reality exposure. Both sound and sight elements are combined in a virtual reality experience. This gives the person practice being around dogs in a safe and controlled environment.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy . Cognitive-behavioral therapy is also used to treat specific phobias. It generally includes exposure therapy. In addition, it emphasizes learning to retrain the brain and reframe negative experiences.

AADA: âSymptoms.â

MAYO CLINIC: âSpecific phobias.â

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