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Can A Bipolar Person Own A Gun

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Special Considerations For Veterans With Ptsd

We Took A Mental Patient To Buy A GunHere’s What Happened

PTSD is one of the most pressing issues that Veterans face when returning from active duty. If a Veteran has PTSD and would like assistance, they are encouraged to seek help from the VA to provide them with proper healthcare. If the VA determines that a Veterans PTSD is service-related, then the Veteran is assigned a disability rating to determine the number of disability benefits due.

When you receive a disability rating from the VA, this rating directly corresponds with the number of tax-free benefits you will receive each month. Veterans with severely debilitating PTSD symptoms can sometimes qualify for a 100% VA disability rating, which grants the highest levels of monthly compensation. However, the VA does not always grant a high disability rating to Veterans with PTSD. In fact, this condition is one of the service-connected disabilities most often inaccurately assessed and rated by the VA.

If you are a Veteran suffering from severe PTSD symptoms, you deserve to get the compensation that you need to support yourself and your loved ones. PTSDs symptoms can make it extremely difficult to work, and function in everyday life and the VAs accuracy in assessing a Veterans disability claim can have a life-altering impact, for better or for worse. If the VA has approved your disability claim but given you a rating that is too low, you can appeal their decision with the help of an attorney.

Speak With An Experienced Gun Rights Attorney

As of October 2020, my office has resumed fielding new mental health gun rights restoration cases. Due to the extraordinary amount of time required for these cases, the following fee structure will apply to all incoming mental health restoration consultations. Please read each of the following:

  • All new mental health restoration consultations will be charged a nonrefundable consultation fee of $250.
  • All new mental health gun rights restoration consultations will be conducted by telephone. The consultation will be scheduled to begin between 9:00 a.m. 11:00 a.m. or between 1:00 p.m. 4:00 p.m.
  • The goal of an initial consultation is to discuss the following: the individuals past assess whether they are eligible to petition to restore their gun rights determine whether they have a good chance of success in restoring their gun rights discuss an overview of the petition process quote an appropriate fee structure to handle their case answer relevant questions.
  • The initial consultation will not educate you on how act as your own attorney.
  • The initial consultation may last up to 45 minutes, unless concluded in less time. If the consultation concludes in less than 45 minutes, no refund will be issued. If the consultation extends past 45 minutes, a $150 fee will be charged for each additional 30 minutes .
  • If I decline to accept your case during the initial or follow-up consultation, no refund will be issued.
  • New California Law Will Restrict Guns For Mentally Ill Individuals

    On Tuesday, Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill that will allow temporary restraining orders to prevent individuals who are suspected of having mental health issues or who are potentially violent from purchasing or possessing guns, KPCC’s “KPCC News” reports.

    The new law will take effect on Jan. 1, 2016 .

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    The Three Symptoms Below Represent The Side Of Bipolar Disorder We All Know Is There But Rarely Want To Let The Public Know Exists

    I know how important it is to protect the reputation of bipolar disorder in the general public. We dont want people thinking we are dangerous, scary, crazy people who cant be trusted. But I do feel we need to own up to the fact that certain mood swings DO cause the behaviors we want to sweep under the carpet. The three symptoms below represent the side of bipolar disorder we all know is there but rarely want to let the public know exists. This is only an opinion, of course, but Im truly interested to know if you feel the same.

    At The State Governments Discretion

    Poll: Majority of high school students favor gun control ...

    Besides the previous reasons, the Texas Department of Public Safety also has a list of reasons why it may reject an individuals handgun license application, but would be decided on the departments discretion.

    Those who are fugitives

    The state government can deny a handgun license request if an individual has fled justice for a felony or Class A or Class B misdemeanor offense.

    Those who owe money

    The state government can deny a handgun license request if an individual has been delinquent in paying child support or other taxes.

    Those who have a restraining order

    The state government can deny a handgun license request if an individual is subject to a restraining order in a spousal relationship.

    Those with a psychiatric disorder

    The state government can deny a handgun license request if an individual has been diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder. The diagnosis by a licensed physician can include a condition related to the following:

    • Schizophrenia or delusional disorder

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    Should People With A Mental Illness Have Firearm Rights

    The recent shooting in Aurora, Colorado, raises several questions. Among them is “Was mental illness a factor?” It appears that the answer is yes. This leads to the question “Should a person with a severe mental illness have firearm rights?”

    The answer is complicated, because not everyone with mental illness is going to commit mass murder. However, mental illness is often a factor in mass murder. So the answer is “It depends on the case.”

    As We’ve Seen Throughout History One Bullet Has The Power To Change The World

    But so does a single idea. And it all comes down to the difference between those two things.

    Bullets are made for destruction, even when they’re used in self-defense. But ideas can be used to create. And I think that’s a much more powerful thing.

    There’s a lot of complicated ground to address around guns in America. But it all boils down to the fact that violence only ever begets violence. If we want to live in a safer, saner world, then we need to stop exchanging bullets and start exchanging our ideas instead.

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    Where The Petition Is Filed:

    The petition is filed in the Virginia general district court where the individual resides.

    Fortunately, there is no minimum residency requirement. For example, if you recently moved to Virginia Beach, you are not required to wait an arbitrary amount of time before filing the petition in the Virginia Beach General District Court. You can file the petition as soon as you consider yourself residing in Virginia Beach.

    Up until recently, this created a very difficult problem for out-of-state residents. The statute did not specify where an out-of-state resident should file a petition, and some judges concluded that an out-of-state resident could not file a petition at all!

    Fortunately, the General Assembly fixed this problem in 2017. Now, out-of-state residents are required to file the petition in the Virginia general district court for the city or county where the most recent commitment or admission occurred. For example, if you were committed in Henrico County but you then moved to North Carolina, your petition must be filed in Henrico County.

    And to be clear, if you were committed in Virginia, you must be restored by Virginia! It does not matter if you currently live in another state.

    For The Most Part The Instructor Seemed To Be Less Concerned About Gun Safety Or Etiquette Than He Was In Helping Us To Not Get Arrested

    Can Cities Make Their Own Gun Laws in Washington State?

    You have to cover yourself, he explained. Remember: Its your gun. No discharging the gun within 150 feet of a home or a highway. So if you see Bambi running across the highway, you do not go over and start shooting at her. Everybody understand?

    He then reminded us that we cannot exercise our right to bear arms while in prison. In general, exercising our right did seem to take priority over, erm, anything else about guns.

    While the instructor did insist that we do our best to follow all laws and signs that restrict us from carrying a gun with us into certain places, he also made it clear that this was stupid, even though it was the law. Picture your kids in a classroom right now, some maniac comes through and starts shooting at everyone. Theres no such thing as shelter.

    As if right on cue, he said, The only thing that stops that guy is a gun. So they need to change that law so that teachers can start carrying guns. Everyone should be carrying a gun. If they havent realized that now, somethings gonna happen and they will. Gun free zones do not work. They only bring the maniacs in.

    Then he sighed and conceded, But if you do see a sign that says no guns allowed, its best to just obey the rules, OK?

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    Is There A Relationship Between Mental Illness Dementia And Firearm Violence And Injury

    Most people with mental illness do not commit violent acts, and most violence in the community is not due to mental illness.10 However, if substance misuse or dependence is comorbid with mental illness, a statistically significant relationship with violence exists.11 A large meta-analysis found increased risk of violence with psychosis, with a much larger effect size associated with comorbid substance-use disorders compared with psychosis alone.12 The proportion of these violent acts attributable to firearms is unknown.

    In relation to suicide risk, American homes with firearms have higher risk of suicide, not attributable to incidences of mood, anxiety or substance-use disorders.13 In the US, firearm regulations that reduce gun availability reduce rates of male suicide, whereas regulations that prohibit high-risk individuals from owning firearms have less effect.14 However, comparisons of data from other countries do not support a clear link between firearm ownership and suicide.15 Dementia and cognitive impairment pose particular theoretical risks in relation to firearm violence.16 In a US retrospective cohort study of almost 300 000 patients aged over 60 years with dementia, most suicides occurred in the newly diagnosed, with firearms being the most common method .17

    Virginia Gun Rights Restoration After Mental Health Commitment


    All new mental health gun rights restoration consultations will be charged a consultation fee. See the detailed description at the bottom of this page for more information.


    One of the lesser known areas of firearms rights involves the intersection of firearms rights and mental health. Whereas nearly everyone is aware that a felony conviction will operate to revoke firearms rights, very few are familiar with the disability that stems from an involuntary admission / commitment for mental health.

    This intersection between firearms rights and mental health is particularly important for the many people who may have a temporary struggle with mental illness but then successfully manage and treat their condition with no lingering effects. For example, an individual may experience a devastating loss of a family member which triggers an onset of severe depression. Similarly, an individual may experience an extremely traumatic event which develops into an anxiety disorder. There are an unknown number ways that a person may find themselves dealing with an unforeseen mental illness.

    It is important to note that the involuntary commitment process is not necessarily a bad thing. It is not intended to be a punishment. Quite the opposite. Through the process, the individual is safely restored to the point that they can begin the process of treating and managing their illness outside of the facility.

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    Customize Your New Crm And Erp With Daspal

    At Daspal, we pride ourselves on providing customized CRM and ERP consulting services. Our experienced consultants have a holistic approach to enable maximum business management benefits to organizations globally. From small, medium to large sized enterprises we have the professional consultancy assistance that is required for the business. We have the experience to understand businesses individually and utilize the CRM and ERP solutions by managing their business operations and customers efficiently.

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    Yes We Need Better Background Checks But Not The Way You Think

    I Live With Bipolar Disorder. A Gun Could Have Changed That.

    Youve probably heard about the gun show loophole that enables 40 percent of firearms in the U.S. to be purchased without a background check. Or perhaps youre familiar with the default proceed law that allows someone like Dylann Roof get a gun when theyre not eligible, just because the FBIs instant background check took longer than three days to clear.

    These are serious problems. But the solution is not, as some Democrats in the Senate suggested after the massacre in Orlando, to create a government watchlist. That No-Fly List, like many government watch lists, was based on arbitrary criteria that disregarded due process of law. Many innocent people especially those with Muslim-sounding names ended up on the list, among them children and babies and government employees. And as good as the Obama-era mental health gun restrictions may have sounded, they were similarly flawed.

    In general, these kinds of laws disproportionately affect people of color, labor organizers and other marginalized and left-leaning groups who have historically had to defend themselves from tyranny. Thats exactly why the Second Amendment exists, and while I certainly hope it never comes to that again, I wouldnt want to leave those communities at risk, especially now. If, as progressives, we truly believe in liberation and equality for marginalized people, we cant propose laws that continue to oppress those same groups.

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    I Embarked On This Whole Journey Because I Was Fed Up With The Link Between Guns And Mental Health And Now That I Have A Gun License Im Still Fed Up With It

    Before I got my license to carry, I wasnt a big fan of guns. And to be fair, Im still not.

    But I also have a whole new understanding of just how complicated the gun violence issue really is and how hard it is to determine who can or cant have a gun.

    Blaming violence on neurological conditions like ADHD or schizophrenia or bipolar disorder is about as ridiculous as saying, Its not guns! Its Fridays! Sure, theres been some overlap, but not enough for us to make any useful conclusions about it. People with mental illnesses are fully capable of leading happy, healthy lives, and their decision-making processes arent necessarily affected by their conditions.

    But the question still stands: How do we stop guns from getting in the hands of would-be killers?

    After learning how to handle a gun, I am more comfortable with their general existence, and Im glad to have had the chance to speak with normal, rational human gun owners who, like me, were concerned about safety. Perhaps I shouldnt be so surprised by that last part after all, 74% of NRA members agree on the need for stronger universal background checks.

    But to fix this, we cant punish or restrict innocent people before theyve ever committed a crime. What we can do instead is the bare minimum due diligence in making sure that those who do have access to guns are of sound physical and mental condition regardless of whether they have a psychiatric condition.

    Why The Answer Is Yes

    Not all people with severe mental illness are going to commit mass murder, and therefore should not be treated as if they are. I remember applying for a job via a job coach, and the first question the employer asked was about my risk of violence. Needless to say, I didn’t get the job despite being well qualified.

    In addition to this, people with a severe mental illness are statistically more likely to be the victims of crime rather than the perpetrators. In this case, owning a firearm for self defense could be beneficial.

    Also, it raises questions about Constitutional rights. The Second Amendment allows for the right to bear arms, and the founders wrote that with firearms in mind. Should a medical diagnosis be grounds for denying someone his or her Constitutional rights? If so, where do we stop? Should a person with severe mental illness be subject to no-warrant searches in order to be sure they don’t have firearms?

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    Wait Lets Back Up Theres Something You Should Know About Me Before I Go On About The Shooting Range: I Have Adhd And It Has A Huge Effect On My Life

    My brain is a massive ocean of too much information. Without my medication for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, its easy for me to get lost in the undertow. No matter how hard I try to fight the current, I still get overwhelmed and distracted by every strange texture I feel beneath my feet. This never goes away.

    All illustrations by Kitty Curran.

    And the medications that do manage to help me a little? They arent easy to get.

    One of those is Adderall. I remember back in the spring of 2013 waiting around at CVS when a frowning pharmacist called me to the counter. Thanks to its status as a Schedule II controlled substance , there are no automatic renewals for Adderall prescriptions, and the doctor cant call or fax one in either.

    So every month, the routine goes like this: I call the doctors office three to five days before the end of the prescription cycle , then wait a few days for the request to get from the receptionist to the doctor. Then I travel in person to pick up the new prescription and hand-deliver it to the pharmacy.

    But it doesnt always go smoothly like on that spring day in question. I was sitting in the CVS after Id already gone a few days without my medicine, which made me all the more eager to get back to my “normal” functionality as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the pharmacist informed me they were out of stock and werent expecting another shipment for a week. Doh.

    “Well, I would know now,” the pharmacist said. “And that would be fraud.”

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