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Can Black Mold Cause Panic Attacks

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Toxic Mold Symptoms To Look For

My Mold Symptoms: Estrogen, Anxiety, Insomnia, Rashes, Asthma & More

Some black mold symptoms can be serious. And many of them mimic chronic Lyme disease. Some of the more common toxic mold symptoms are:

  • Fatigue and weakness
  • Poor memory, difficult word finding
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Imbalanced hormones and thyroid disorders
  • Diabetes
  • Unusual skin sensations, tingling, and numbness
  • Shortness of breath, sinus congestion or a chronic cough
  • Appetite swings and blood sugar deregulation
  • Poor body temperature regulation
  • Increased urinary frequency or increased thirst
  • Red eyes or blurred vision
  • Hot flashes or sweats
  • Mood swings, depression, anxiety, and other mental or emotional disorders
  • Sharp pains

Black Mold Exposure Symptoms

There are more than 100,000 potential species of mold that can contaminate your environment, many can be classified as toxic black mold. Mold exposure symptoms range from minor to severe. Most often, black mold will start to affect your respiratory organs. You will experience shortness of breath or a stuffy nose. You may think you are experiencing allergies or sinus. You may also start coughing, wheezing, and get irritated eyes. If you have asthma or allergies or a weak immune system it may affect you worse. You could experience headaches, fever, chest colds, and sinusitis. In some extreme cases, people have lost their hair, had stomach pain, and had muscle spasms. Even memory loss and anxiety attacks can be caused by long exposure to black mold.

Anxiety Insomnia Panic Disorder Bipolar Disorder Fibromyalgia

Excito-neurotoxicity is the medical term used to describe an over electrified brain, the phenomenon in which brain neurons are actually electrified on an hourly basis because of the excessive electrical voltage flowing through the brain. Mold toxic brains produce excessive levels of two powerful electrifying brain chemicals, Glutamate and PEA.

It is the increased activation of Glutamate and PEA nerve receptors throughout the body that produces an over electrified nervous system, thus producing symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, panic disorder, bipolar syndrome, and fibromyalgia.

Mold toxic patients experience a gradual progression as they slowly accumulate more mold toxins, their symptoms usually begin with insomnia, then as they spend more time living and working in mold toxic buildings, their symptoms progress from insomnia to insomnia and day time anxiety. As they accumulate more toxins, their anxiety can progress into full-blown panic disorder, and ultimately, in the most severe cases of mold toxicity, patients can develop bipolar symptoms of rage and paranoia.

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Mold And Anxiety A Primer

I just finished talking to a close family member. Shes been moldy for decades symptomatic with a pair of moldy genes. She was the first of us to fall hard. No one knew about mold toxins back then. As a result, a wrong turn was taken. Instead of getting to the core of the problem, mold toxins, shes been perpetually rotated through a litany of mind-altering drugs for decades.

Too many visits to well-meaning but clueless psychiatrists have her convinced its all in her head. In a way, shes right in her conviction. A lot of mold symptoms do affect the brain. The important caveat is that the driver isnt due to some trauma in her youth, weak character, or some other unknown its massive inflammation.

Say a prayer for us. Were traveling to see Dr. Mary Ackerely soon. Im excited. Dr. Ackerely is the perfect fit in this case being both a Psychiatrist familiar with conventional psychotropic drugs and the use of natural amino acid alternatives along with being certified by Dr. Shoemaker. Shes uniquely qualified to address inflammatory based Biotoxin Illness and knows about how to deal with the side-effects of getting off the drug bandwagon once the inflammation is brought down.

Psychiatric Symptoms and Mold Studies

This part doesnt need any explanation. Below is a list of resources that make the connection between inflammation driven by biotoxins and adverse mental health. Im sure there are many, many more.

How Can Mold Affect My Health Natural Anxiety Treatments and ...

Many molds can cause health effects. Molds produce allergens, irritants and,sometimes, toxins that may cause adverse reactions in humans. A reaction tomold depends on how much a person is exposed to, the age of the person and thepersons sensitivities or allergies. The same amount of mold may causehealth effects in one person, but not in another.

Exposure to mold can cause a variety of symptoms. Sensitive people who havetouched or inhaled mold or mold spores may have allergic reactions such as arunny nose, sneezing, nasal congestion, watery eyes, skin rash and itching. Molds can trigger asthma attacks in people who are allergic tomolds, causing wheezing, chest tightness and shortness of breath. A diseaselike pneumonia may also develop after exposure to mold, but this is uncommon.

Infectious diseases from molds can occur in people with weakened immunesystems, such as those who are immune-compromised or immune-suppressed fromdrug treatment. Some types of mold are known to cause infections inimmune-compromised people. Such infections can affect the skin, eyes, lungs orother organs. These are considered opportunistic infections that usually do notaffect healthy people.

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Increased Risk For Mold Growth

Buildings with flat roofs or basements, or that are built on hillsides or in shaded areas are at increased risk for mold growth. HVAC systems are also a significant source of mold growth, especially when ducting is in a basement. In addition, water damage can come from a leaking roof, pipe, or appliance such as a dishwasher, refrigerator, or wash machine. Buildings that are poorly maintained are much more susceptible to mold growth. Government buildings and schools, as well as rental apartments and homes, tend to be poorly maintained.

There are also circumstances when water damage to a home or building is apparent. A patient shared a story of a wall caving in under the pressure of a paint roller because the sheetrock was so damp from water damage. Others have reported discovering mold growing on a wall after removing a bed or a picture . I have seen patients who were exposed to mold in their car and at their place of work.

Current and past mold exposure can cause illness. People can continue to have elevated mycotoxins from a past mold exposure long after leaving a moldy environment.

However, most of the time, my patients are unaware they have been exposed to mold until they get tested. Once diagnosed with mold illness, people may recall a house they lived in years prior to their health decline had a musty odor. How about the dorm the college student lived in where the air conditioning unit was on all the time? When did their health decline?

As Much As Its Said To Be Rare Its Not Rare At All

In fact, mold and a persons environment should be one of the first thingsdoctors look at. I find it oddly strange that no one evaluates that in western medicine. No one ever spent any time asking if I had been exposed to chemicals, a water damaged building, a moldy house, or anything else closely related to environmental toxins.

We are all taking in toxins on a daily basis, through our air, our water, our soil, our food, our products, our homes, and buildings.

Youd think since we spend 90% of our time indoors that environment would be a determining factor or contribution to our health in mainstream medical thought, but youd guess wrong.

A large amount of the illnesses that are being tossed around, autoimmune this, autoimmune that, thyroid, leaky gut, migraines, hormone issues, mental health, etc. – its ALL rooted in environment.

The awareness surrounding mold toxicity has skyrocketed within the alternative health, biohacking and functional medicine communities online in 2020 alone, but the affects of mold and mycotoxins on health still has a really far way to go before it saturates the mainstream. Its both incredible, and alarming to see just how many people are surfacing with mold toxicity.

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Suspect Mold Poisoning The Natural Remedy You Must Try Now

Finally, if you have symptoms related to black mold syndrome, a high-quality, systemic proteolytic enzyme supplement like Heal-n-Soothe® is a MUST. Proteolytic enzymes are, literally, protein-digesting enzymes.

All living things, including mold and viruses, have a protein on their outer shell, and that protein can be viewed by proteolytic enzymes as not belonging to your body and thus the enzymes will attack it. As noted by nutraceutical researcher Jon Barron, director of Baseline of Health Foundation:

Bacteria, viruses, molds, and fungi are protein/amino acid based. Proteolytic enzymes taken between meals literally go into the bloodstream and digest these invaders.

In your body, systemic enzymes are known for stimulating your immune system, which is also crucial for fighting black mold syndrome. Its important to include raw foods in your diet to help replenish some of your bodys enzyme stores naturally, however for fighting black mold syndrome youre going to want Heal-n-Soothe®, the best systemic enzyme formula to replenish your bodys supply of vital enzymes .

Remember that systemic enzymes must be consumed on an empty stomach. If you take them with food, your body may use them for digestion before they have a chance to enter your bloodstream where the real magic happens.

What Are Microbial Volatile Organic Compounds

Breathing Mold Can Cause Health Issues

Another source of irritation from mold exposure comes from substances knownas microbial volatile organic compounds . These compounds are producedthrough fungal metabolism and are released directly into the air, often givingoff strong or unpleasant odors. Exposure to mVOCs from molds can irritate theeyes and respiratory system and has been linked to symptoms such as headaches,dizziness, fatigue, nasal irritation and nausea. The effects of mVOCs are notcompletely understood and research is still in the early stages.

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My Brain Was Spinning I Could See Peters Was Too

We had never pulled out the oven or saw behind our counters since we moved in. It had been 3 years of us living there and we were immaculate renters. Both of us super clean freaks, we would clean on top of one anothers cleaning. As we looked closer it was truly like another world back there. Dusty, spiderwebs, and then then we saw it. Peter and I both zeroed in simultaneously. There were Black spots on the sides and bottoms of all the cabinets.

Baby, go get the flashlight..

I scurried to grab it as quick as I could and hurried back to the kitchen and passed it like a baton in a marathon race. Peter and I do our best work together during a crisis, but we were certainly never prepared for what we found next.

I can still hear the double click of the flashlight echoing as it shined back into the skeletal parts of our home.

There it was, tucked neatly behind the other cabinets, hiding from our sight, deeply penetrating the exterior of our drywall.

The Impact Of Toxic Mold On Your Health

Naturally found outdoors, mold spores can easily enter your home through doorways, windows, and HVAC systems. Spores in the air can also hitch rides on people and animals, which spreads the mold indoors and compromises shoes, clothes, and furniture.

These spores are always in the air, and they grow and thrive on moisture.

When they land on places where there is water or water damage, they will grow. Mold can grow on anything that is damp and porous, such as paper, cardboard, ceiling tiles, wood, drywall, and carpet.

Even brand-new homes can harbor mold, as builders hastily install water-damaged materials like drywall, which is then covered by plaster and paint, hiding its dirty secret.

But the impact of toxic mold goes beyond the black stuff growing inside damp spaces.

The real culprit is the nanoparticle mycotoxins that are released by the mold spores. These toxins are considered a natural poison, and their dangerous effect will vary by the individual.

The severity of health decline due to mycotoxins depends on the duration of the exposure, age, health, and sex, and also genetics, vitamin deficiency, and even infectious disease status. If your body is strong, effects may be minimal.

But if your body is already weak, or fighting something like an autoimmune disease, it could affect you greatly. Those with certain genetic mutations may also be more sensitive to mold.

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Mold Illness Is Traumatic

Were on the same page. If I may, Id like to rattle on a bit more about this topic in the hopes that others may find it useful.

From my experience, there is very real psychological trauma that results from Biotoxin Illness. Severe sleep deprivation, major neurotransmitter imbalances, dramatic hormonal swings, remodeling of the brains physical structure and chemistry, debilitating fatigue and pain, all at levels that are equivalent to being beaten ruthlessly with a steel pipe on a daily basis for years on end will most definitely scar the psyche.

If we somehow manage by the Grace of God to find a way to heal our bodies, its my contention that most of us will remain, both at conscious and unconscious levels, highly attuned to our attacker Biotoxins and their related inflammagens. Even if were physically better, re-exposure to even minute levels of Biotoxins, as is inevitable, will very likely produce a strong fight-or-flight response. This would be true for nearly any victim who is forced to confront his or her brutal attacker the psyche is going to freak out to varying degrees.

  • Rich Van Konynenburg. Ph.D.


  • General Vitamin Neurological Health Formula: Start with one-quarter tablet and increase dosage as tolerated to 2 tablets daily
  • Hydroxy B12 Mega Drops: 2 drops under the tongue daily
  • MethylMate B: 3 drops under the tongue daily
  • Folinic acid: one-quarter capsule daily
  • Phosphatidyl Serine Complex: 1 softgel capsule daily
    • Kimberly on

    A What Causes Mold In Your Lungs Infection

    Linking Mold, Depression, and Anxiety

    As a form of fungi, the effects of mold in lungs can cause pneumonia in healthy people, and severe pneumonia in people with immune system disorder. The infection is proven to be rapidly fatal for patients recovering from chemotherapy or HIV-infected people who also have advanced disease.

    Some of the causes of mold growing in lungs include invasive aspergillosis, pneumocystis fungus, and histoplasmosis mold.

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    How Do Doctors Treat Mold Toxicity

    The first step to treatment is determining if you have mold toxicity. One of the tests used to do this is the visual contrast sensitivity test and blood lab tests.

    Once these tests confirms that you have biotoxin illness, then the drug that many mold survivors have used to begin the detox process is cholestyramine , which has been shown to reduce symptoms by up to 75%, provided you remove yourself from the toxic environment.

    In addition, the detox process can be enhanced with a low carb and low sugar diet and the addition of supplements such as fish oil, magnesium, turmeric, probiotics, and vitamin D.

    Disclaimer: The treatment guidelines listed above should only be adopted after first consulting with a physician familiar with biotoxin illness.

    Rental Properties With Mould Issues

    When a rental property has mould, the owner should fix any mould caused by faults in gutters or other fixtures, but the tenant should ensure that extractor fans are used when available and the home is aired regularly where possible.

    Sometimes, the cause of the mould growth may be due to a building fault that may not be easily rectified.

    If as a tenant, you have taken measures to make sure the building is properly ventilated and mould is still growing, you should raise the issue with the owner.

    Information on mould in rental properties is available on Consumer Affairs Victorias website.

    Tenants seeking further advice on their rights can also contact the Tenants Union of Victoria on .

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    Personal Relationships & Mold

    An important thing to note when dealing with mold is that its going to be real hard to get people to understand what you are experiencing.

    In our story, we found that most people were quick to label us, even when we tried to explain.

    Its been our experience that community, empowerment and empathy are words that are just thrown around for buzz-worthiness and ego in many ways. I dont say that to come off as being bitter, . I say it because its the truth, and I dont feel its beneficial for anyone to sugarcoat mold.

    Its my hope that someday, people will really embrace things that they do not understand, but for now, try not to waste too much energy to try to convince people who refuse to be convinced.

    Could Your Symptoms Be From A General Mold Allergy

    What causes anxiety? How to relieve anxiety in 12 steps.

    Regardless of the species of mold in question, symptoms of a mold allergy can appear very similar, especially when looking at many individuals. So if you see black-colored mold and experience allergic symptoms, it could be Stachybotrys, or it could be another species of mold. That said, the same person can react differently to different molds. For example, one person may have severe dry eyes in response to a Cladosporium exposure, while Aspergillus exposure may cause wheezing and asthma-like symptoms.

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    Remove Sugar & Processed Grains

    This should be a no-brainer by now: processed grains and sugar are highly inflammatory, and have no part of a healthy diet. Removing all sources will ensure your body has the opportunity to heal, as opposed to be constantly fighting the low levels of chronic inflammation caused by sugar and grains.

    Opting for a high-fat and protein diet, void of refined sugars, helps control your blood sugar throughout the day which is associated with health and longevity, and supports cellular healing.

    Common sources of sugar and processed grains to avoid include:

    • Breakfast cereals
    • Syrups and Sauces in general

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