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Did Blair Waldorf Have An Eating Disorder

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She’s An Overachiever In Disguise

Serena & Blair talking about Blair’s eating disorder (1×09)

Blair is often portrayed as an intense character who comes across ruthless and cruel. She’s very vindictive and will go to any lengths needed to get what she wants. This is shown in how she treats her minions in the first few seasons as mere accessories and pawns.

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However, rather than being your typical mean girl, Blair is actually just incredibly ambitious, with a penchant for always overachieving. Since she wants to be perfect so deeply, she tends to go for solutions that get her results fast and efficiently, even if they end up hurting those around her.

When Blair Invites Serena To Be Her Roommate

Right after their takedown of Juliet, Blair took her relationship with Serena to the next level in “The Undergraduates” she redecorated and gave Serena her own bedroom in her house, which was one of the most lavish homes of any main character in Gossip Girl, so that the two of them could be roommates when they went to Columbia together.

Serena had been having a tough time in college, and Blair, who had had her fair share of ups and downs at NYU, wanted her partner in crime to have the best off-campus housing ever, and also be comfortable in her home. This scene always reminds fans of just how close Blair and Serena were, and that their love for each other was second to none.

Do Rufus And Lily Find Their Son

Lily, annoyed at his rudeness, tells him off and he leaves. Rufus admits to her that that is Andrews brother, and then Georgina reveals that Andrew isnt their son; Scott is. Shocked, they abandon their wedding to follow him to the bus stop. Theyre able to catch him before he leaves, and they happily reunite.

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How Do Eating Disorders Affect Men And Transgender Individuals Differently

One in every 3 to 4 people with an eating disorder are men. Because the screening questions have been targeted to women such as dissatisfaction with parts of their body or if they missed a menstrual cycle it is only recently that we have looked at the differences with men and eating disorders.

While women are focused on thinness, men are more focused on muscularity. I have been working with other experts to develop a the muscularity-oriented eating framework to define the behaviors in men.

For transgender individuals, the prevalence of eating disorder symptoms is even higher, and is often intertwined with the unique minority stress facing transgender populations. In addition, the affirmation of ones identity is often impacted by eating disorder symptoms. For instance, the loss of menses may impact the affirmation of a male gender identity in a birth-assigned female.

How Popular Media Romanticizes And Stigmatizes Eating Disorders

How To Help A Friend Suffering From An Eating Disorder ...

Culture Stuff Writer: Prashamsa Rayamajhi

Content warning: this article discusses eating disorders in detail.

My first time seeing an eating disorder portrayed in mainstream media was when I watched Gossip Girl. I was a freshman in high school watching a show about a group of rich white teenagers, supposedly my age, teeming with privilege and extravagance that I would never have. It was the perfect show for me to escape my somewhat depressing life–why concern myself with my real problems and issues when I could consume myself with these fictional characters trivial issues? But that changed when, halfway through the first season, Blair Waldorf went on a binge episode, and subsequently purged everything shed eaten. I vividly remember how angry I felt watching Blair make herself throw up on screen. As someone who was suffering with anorexia nervosa at the time, my anger only compounded when the episode ended with Blair agreeing that her problem had returned, and that she would call her doctor up again to fix everything. Her problem–bulimia–only ever appeared in one other episode throughout the entire show.

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What Are Some Of The Signs/symptoms To Look For

Some of the early signs may include:

  • Strict restriction of food intake.
  • Periodic episodes of overeating or losing control while eating.
  • Body dissatisfaction including constant mirror checking or avoiding mirrors because of how your body looks.
  • Food goes missing.
  • Excessive calorie counting.
  • Compulsive exercise.

As the illness progresses, you might see drastic alterations to shape and body weight as well as medical issues.

Gossip Girl: 10 Things Even Diehard Fans Didn’t Know About Blair

Blair is one of the most well-known characters on Gossip Girl, but there are some things you might not know about her.

Gossip Girl is one of the most popular teen drama series out there for a reason. It made us all dream of life on the Upper East Side of New York among the glitz and the glam, and it definitely defined an entire era of real-world fashion and lifestyle.

Not to mention, it sort of predicted the degree to which our lives would get monitored in the future through social media, even if ultimately we’re nobodies compared to Blair, Serena, and their friends. As appreciation to a series that might actually be seeing a reboot in the coming years, we’re introducing 10 facts about everyone’s beloved Queen Bee Blair Waldorf that even the biggest fans may not have realized were true.

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French Delicacies Are Her Weakness

Due to her love for all things fancy and European, it’s no wonder that Blair has an expensive taste for food as well. Back home, her favorite restaurant is The Gramercy Tavern, a fancy New American style restaurant located in Manhattan. In Paris, La Rotisserie de Beaujolais is her favorite restaurant, which serves traditional French cuisine.

We see her consume tons of French-style pastries during the show as well, which further proves her love for European style food. Blair’s favorite Thanksgiving treat has also been revealed as oyster stuffing.

When Dan Takes Nate In

Blair Waldorf – A Case Study in Eating Disorders

Being from two different financial and social backgrounds, Dan and Nate had very little in common in the first two seasons of Gossip Girl. They started getting pally very slowly, but their friendship came to fruition when Dan discovered that Nate was camping out in his home, which had been seized by the FBI, without lights, warm water, or even a bed.

In “Chuck In Real Life,” unable to see his friend suffer, he asked Nate to move to the loft with him. This enraged Nate, but Daniel was persistent and made sure that Nate caved and accepted his offer to live comfortably with him. Dan’s kind-heartedness in this situation stole audiences’ hearts.

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Gossip Girl Recs For Hc: Bingo 2014

Blair suffers from bulimia nervosa, a well-known eating disorder among young women. Her bulimia is heavily referenced in the book series to a graphic degree. Blair uses bulimia as a coping mechanism when she feels nervous; she’ll binge on food and then purge by vomiting. From a medical point of view, bulimics are likely to also suffer from an affective disorder such as depression or general anxiety disorder. The television show only references the eating disorder in one episode, “Blair Waldorf Must Pie!” . Through the seasons, an occasional dialogue line about Blair’s eating disorder is said by Serena or Eleanor. It’s implied on the show that Blair has now “fully recovered”.

  • Blair: i’m miss sugar pink, liquor liquor lips by theviolonist. The problem with Blair Waldorf is, she always wants too much.This fic looks into how Blair’s image issues and bulimia started, pre-series, as well as her preferred food to binge on, pumpkin pie.
  • Chuck/Blair: How Long? by LovesItxoxo. Dark fic: Post 1.13, a glimpse into Blair’s bulimia if she had never truly “recovered.”What I love about this fic is that it shows how controlling Blair’s bulimia could’ve been if canon treated Blair’s bulimia in a serious manner.
  • Blair: Control by ChuckBlair. A little bit of insight into Blair’s bulimia.Even though this fic is short, it captures Blair’s desperation to control her image through her bulimia.
  • Gossip Girl: 10 Sweetest Friendship Scenes Fans Watch Over & Over

    Amongst the endless catfights, love triangles, and Upper East Side drama, it’s easy to forget that Gossip Girl had some of the best friendship scenes.

    Amongst the endless catfights, love triangles, fashion moments, and Upper East Side drama that was Gossip Girl, it’s easy to forget that it was a show that had some of the greatest friendships of all time. Serena and Blair may have been frenemies, but even the most bitter arguments ended when they needed to have each other’s backs.

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    A few friendships were quite unexpected yet satisfying, like Chuck and Dan’s partnership in season 5 of the show. The wealthy four; Nate, Blair, Chuck, and Serena; had known each other since they were babies, and their bond shined through when they banded together to take down mutual enemies and protect each other.

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    Description Of The Problem

    Hunter displays the symptoms of an eating disorder. She is abnormally underweight for her age and is very unhealthy. She exhibits the characteristics of Bulimia Nervosa. She eats very little when she is in the presence of other people. Most undoubtedly when she is eating in front of her mother, she becomes very self conscious about what and how much she eats. After restraining from food intake for a period of time she then will over eat. She stuffs herself with large portions of food. After doing so she begins to feel shame and guilt for over eating. The way she deals with her guilt is to self- induce vomiting. This purging is a defense mechanism Hunter uses to cope with disappointing herself as well as her mother. Although it only lasts for a short while, she feels satisfied with her body after vomiting.

    During National Eating Disorders Week The Director Of Uscs Eating Disorders Program Provides Some Insight On Your Most Pressing Questions

    Character Assassination: Humorous misrepresentation: Blair ...

    Contrary to what many may think, eating disorders are not just about food or dieting. Eating disorders are bio-psycho-social diseases that affect people of all genders and include anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder.

    During Eating Disorders Awareness Week , look at the numbers: 1;out of every 11 people in America will have an eating disorder at some point in their lifetime; overall, the socio-economic cost tops $65 billion each. Every 53 minutes, someone in America will die from an eating disorder-related cause. While risk is elevated among college students, they can affect people of all ages and are among the most stigmatized mental health issues. Eating disorders necessitate specialized care and treatment.

    Stuart Murray, director of the eating disorders program in the Department of Psychiatry and the Behavioral Sciences in the Keck School of Medicine of USC, provided some insight into who is affected, signs and symptoms and challenges of eating disorders. He was recently named by PubMed as the top expert for body image research in the world and among the Top 10 experts on eating disorders.

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    She Loves To Do Charity And Volunteer

    Blair might come across extremely selfish due to how much she commits to getting what she wants. However, it’s implied time and time again in the show that Blair finds great enjoyment in setting up charities and other events to raise money for a good reason. Whether her intentions are purely selfish are somewhat unclear, however.

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    Blair has also volunteered at an organization that fights homelessness in New York, as well as another group that seeks to protect falcons within Central Park. No matter what you think of Blair and her attitude, part of her does really seem to care about injustice.

    The Scene From ‘gossip Girl’ That Helps Me Get Through The Urge To Purge

    Editors note: If you live with an eating disorder, the following post could be potentially triggering. You can contact the Crisis Text Line

    Gossip Girl. What an iconic show. Like many my age, I have seen it all the way through multiple times and it never fails to make me laugh, smile, cry or just feel. But, there is one scene in particular I go to whenever I have the urge to make myself throw up. I curl up in blankets and just watch this scene over and over.

    Any true Gossip Girl fan knows the Thanksgiving episodes are the best. The Thanksgiving episode of season 1, Blair Waldorf Must Pie, is my personal favorite. In the episode, Blair finds out her dad is not coming home for Thanksgiving and gets very upset. About 17 minutes in, she binges and flashbacks are shown of her struggle with bulimia and it leaves off with her staring at her reflection. The episode switches over to Thanksgiving at the Humphrey household where Serena, Blairs best friend, receives a call from Blair. She tries to tell her shes in the middle of dinner, but immediately says shell be right over. Dan asks if everything is OK and she says it isnt, but it will be and she cant say more, but assures him it doesnt involve them. She excuses herself and whispers something to her mother who responds with how she is such a good friend, and leaves.

    I love this series. I love this episode. And I love Blake Lively and Leighton Meester .

    Thank you for exposing a secret few like to show.


    Gossip Girl

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    The Fake Fight To Oust Juliet

    Juliet Sharp always had it out for Serena, and her manipulations included alienating her from Blair and blocking her from getting into Hamilton House. In a stroke of genius, Blair and Serena filmed a fake catfight between them about their controversies and love triangles and convinced Gossip Girl to stream it like it was live so that Juliet would make it public and then intervene to make herself look better.

    When Juliet entered the room, she saw the two girls sipping champagne; outing Juliet on her lies and getting her ousted from Hamilton House in front of everyone; and fans loved to see that the two besties didn’t fall for Juliet’s cheap tactics and stuck to each other.

    Is Louis From Gossip Girl Evil

    blair waldorf;; teenage bulimic

    Louis Grimaldi didnt start off evil. He changed at his wedding with Blair. He pretty much whispered into her ear that she would be trapped in a loveless marriage with him and that she would be forced to follow all of his familys rules. He was bitter upon finding out that Blair was in love with Chuck, still.

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    Misconceptions About Eating Disorders That Need To Be Wiped Off The Face Of The Earth

    The following phrases and ideas are wildly inappropriate and hurtful in regards to eating disorders, which are serious but treatable mental illnesses that can affect people of every age, sex, gender, race, ethnicity, and socioeconomic group. No one knows exactly what causes eating disorders, but a growing consensus suggests that a range of biological, psychological, and sociocultural factors come together to spark an eating disorder. These insulting phrases are commonly utilized due to ignorance and hostility towards these ailments, and other mental health disorders in general. Negative commentary such as the following is unhelpful, unnecessary, and dangerous, and is only present in this article as a guide for what NOT to say and do. Here are 6 misconceptions about eating disorders that need to be wiped off the face of the Earth:

    You must be so vain and self-centered, obsessing over weight and food like that

    What part of psychological disorder is not making sense to you? Disorders of the mind are intensely complex and multifaceted, and sometimes even have to be treated with medications that alleviate some of the symptoms, primarily the crippling anxiety that stems from science things like an imbalance of the neurotransmitter serotonin.

    But I love eating how do you not like to eat?

    Youre so crazy for doing *insert maladaptive behavior*

    Eating disorder people are supposed to be skinny WHY ARENT YOU SKINNY?

    Get the hell out. Doors over there.

    Blair Waldorf Must Pie

    Hi, Society

    Blair Waldorf Must Pie is the 9th episode of the first season and the 9th overall.

    As per Gossip Girl’s Thanksgiving tradition, I’m trading my laptop for stovetop. And for the next sixteen hours, the only thing I’m dishing is seconds. When the cat’s away, the mice will play. Have fun, little rodents.

    -Gossip Girl

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    She Has Deep Mental Health Issues

    It’s no secret that Blair is a troubled person. The show explores her damaged psyche little by little, revealing bits and pieces of her past that turned her into a very callous person. She has a hard time trusting people and forming truly meaningful bonds. Most of the time, she hides her own genuine, emotional side.

    As a result, Blair is diagnosed with depression and anxiety, and she treats this with medication. In the past, she’s also suffered from bulimia, which has left its own scars on her for life.

    She’s Obsessed With Shoes

    Characters Who Have Eating Disorders in TV Shows

    Blair, just like Serena, was one of the characters that garnered tons of attention due to her impeccable wardrobe. She was always perfectly dressed and accessorized for every occasion, even if her style was more refined and elegant than Serena’s.

    Blair’s main inspiration actually comes from Audrey Hepburn, which is referenced many times during the show itself. Moreover, it’s often implied that Blair’s favorite articles of clothing are shoes, specifically Louboutin high heels.

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