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Does Ptsd Qualify For Disability

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For Qualified Veterans Ptsd Is A Disability Under Social Security

Do I Qualify For Disability Insurance Benefits For Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?

In many cases, a veteran may be eligible for SSDI, in conjunction with, or as an alternative to VA disability compensationif the Social Security Administration finds you are unable to work.

Like the VA, the SSA is a federal agency with its own purpose, eligibility requirements, definition of disability, and payment amounts. So it is important to know how these two disability programs differ and interact.

SSA has recently issued major revisions to its Listing of Impairments for Section 12.00 Mental Disorders, including a new listing for posttraumatic stress disorder. Previously classified as an anxiety disorder, as of January 2017, PTSD is listed under the new Section 12.15, Trauma- and stressor-related disorders.

What Are The Symptoms Of Ptsd

According to the SSA, symptoms and signs of PTSD may include :

  • Distressing Memories & Dreams
  • Flashbacks
  • Avoidant Behavior
  • Diminished Interest or Participation in Significant Activities
  • Persistent Negative Emotional States
  • Persistent Inability to Experience Positive Emotions
  • Anxiety
  • Difficulty Concentration
  • Sleep Disturbance

If you or a loved one has been experiencing symptoms of PTSD, it is critical to seek medical treatment to establish that you have a medically determinable mental disorder.

Ptsd And The Ssa Blue Book

The SSA Blue Book includes a list of qualifying medical and mental illness impairments. This listing contains medical criteria that applies to how they evaluate impairments when determining disability benefits.

In the SSA Blue Book, there are 11 categories listed for mental disorders. Within this portion, Section 12.15 includes trauma and stressor-related disorders, which includes PTSD.

According to the SSA, the disorder is characterized by experiencing or witnessing a traumatic event and the psychological aftermath of clinically significant effects on functioning. Examples of symptoms and signs of PTSD may include:

  • Distressing memories
  • Dreams and flashbacks related to the trauma or stressor
  • Avoidant behavior
  • Diminished interest or participation in significant activities
  • Persistent negative emotional states
  • Persistent inability to experience positive emotions
  • Anxiety or irritability
  • Aggression or exaggerated startle response
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Sleep disturbance

If your PTSD is severe enough that prevents you from working, you may be entitled to Social Security Disability benefits. Do you need help applying for disability?Contact us today.

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What Counts In The 14

You must dedicate the time for the therapy that is, you have to take time away from your normal, everyday activities to receive it. It includes the time you need to set up a portable device. For example, you may have to dedicate time for chest physiotherapy to ease breathing or need kidney dialysis to filter blood.

If the therapy requires a regular dosage of a medication that needs to be adjusted daily, the time spent on activities directly related to determining the dosage and administering the medication can be counted in the 14 hours per week requirement. For example, time spent on the following activities for insulin therapy:

  • checking blood glucose levels
  • preparing and administering the insulin
  • calibrating necessary equipment
  • testing ketones
  • keeping a log book of blood glucose levels

If a child cannot do the activities related to the therapy because of their age, the time spent by the childs primary caregivers to do and supervise these activities can be counted in the 14 hours per week requirement.

Va Disability Rating For Ptsd: Criteria Eligibility And Making A Strong Disability Claim

Legal Blog: Does PTSD Qualify for SSDI?

There are many different events that cause PTSD . Some examples are personal trauma, sexual trauma, combat , and reactions to training. This condition is the 6th most-rated disability among veterans. There were over 63,000 new claims in 2015, and the VA compensates more than 800,000 veterans for symptoms of PTSD at some level.

When a veteran can show that their PTSD is service connected, the VA will assign a disability rating. A disability rating is based on the earnings lost due to the PTSD. The VA will use medical evidence to determine the severity of the disability.

The VA will nearly always require a C& P exam. It is important to note that C& P examiners do not rate claims. Exam results go to a VA adjudicator to apply the rating formula and provide a rating for the veterans PTSD.

When the VA is evaluating a PTSD claim, it looks to both the rating formula and the DSM-V. In evaluating ratings, the VA can consider factors outside of the rating schedule. However, the DSM-V symptoms are not meant to replace, but supplement, the rating formula scale for PTSD. Additionally, the rating formula factors for PTSD are examples of severity of the condition, not an exhaustive list.

This guide will break down the general rating formula for mental health conditions, the rating formula for PTSD specifically, and how veterans can best make a claim for VA disability benefits.

Below is our Ultimate Video Guide for PTSD.

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Not Sure Where To Start

An experienced disability attorney can help you gather the necessary medical information needed for your claim. They can help you track your deadlines , gather evidence such as medical statements/opinions from your doctors, represent you during a field interview, and communicate with the insurance company for you.

Many questions need answers when you are dealing with disability benefits and insurance companies. If you are not getting the answers you need, give us a call at .

Although based in Florida, the Ortiz Law Firm represents claimants across the United States. If youd like to speak to a Pensacola Long-Term Disability Insurance Attorney contact us to schedule a consultation. We can help you evaluate your claim to determine if you will be able to access Long-Term Disability Benefits and how to move forward with the process.

How To Apply For Social Security Disability Benefits For Mental Health

If you or someone you love has a mental health impairment, you may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits. The Social Security Administration offers disability benefits to people of all ages who are unable to work due to a serious illness. While it can be challenging to qualify with a mental health disorder, a staggering 19% of disability recipients do have a mental illness, so its more than possible to be approved.

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How To Apply For Ssdi Benefits For Ptsd

To prove eligibility, the Social Security Administration will review your medical records and take into consideration various types of information related to your PTSD condition. Our legal team can help you work to prove that your mental impairment satisfies the legal requirements to establish entitlement to disability benefits.

Information that will be considered includes:

  • When you were diagnosed with a post-traumatic stress disorder
  • How long you have been undergoing treatment
  • Treatments and prescription medications you are taking
  • Other medical conditions you have
  • Your expected prognosis

At Coats & Todd, we serve clients throughout the entire Dallas-Fort Worth metro area to help them obtain the disability benefits that they deserve.

To speak to one of our Dallas-Fort Worth Social Security disability attorneys about your case, call our office at 972-671-9922 or contact us online to request an initial consultation.

Disclosing A Mental Illness

Do I Qualify for Multiple Service Connected Disabilities? | PTSD Lawyers

Mental health rights under the ADA make some assurances for privacy in the workplace setting. A person does not have to disclose a mental illness to their employer in the majority of situations. If an employee does disclose a mental health condition, the employer is not allowed to discriminate against the person and needs to maintain confidentiality within the organization.

There are a few instances where an employer can make medical inquiries, including:

  • If a person has requested an accommodation
  • After a job offer and before employment begins if it is a standardized question to all employees working in the same position
  • In an affirmative action survey
  • On the job when there is a safety concern or when there is solid evidence that job performance is being negatively impacted

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Speak To A Lawyer Who Can Advocate For Your Va Claim

Receiving VA disability compensation can be complicated, so having a veterans disability attorney on your side can be helpful. Hill and Ponton is a nationwide law firm advocating for the rights of veterans everywhere.

Our lawyers have over 30 years of experience in social security disability law and were always ready to speak to veterans who have questions about the VA disability claims process, if theyre eligible, and what disability benefits theyre entitled to.

Getting Maximum Disability Benefits For Ptsd

The inherent nature of military service makes PTSD prevalent among our nations veterans. When you serve in the military, you may see warfare and acts of violence. You may have endured life-threatening missions or experienced terrifying, shocking events.

Harsh situations outside of combat bring further stress to a veteran who is already frightened, anxious, on-edge or confused. These include hostile or uninhabitable environments, military sexual trauma, or the emotional loss of a buddy to name a few. All may play a role in life-altering PTSD symptoms and other mental health conditions.

Sometimes veterans do not realize that disability benefits for PTSD may be available to them under both the VA and Social Security Disability programs. Do not miss an opportunity to receive disability payments from more than one source.

Just as important, dont risk denial of your initial PTSD disability claim, or losing on appeal because you do not have competent, experienced legal representation.

Things can get complicated between the two different agencies. If you are a veteran with a PTSD diagnosis, this article explains what it takes to qualify under either one or both disability programs.

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What Does Not Count In The 14

Some activities do not count in the 14 hours per week requirement, such as:

  • the time a portable or implanted device takes to deliver the therapy
  • activities related to dietary restrictions or regimes, even when these activities are a factor in determining the daily dosage of medication
  • activities related to exercising, even when these activities are a factor in determining the daily dosage of medication
  • travel time to receive the therapy
  • going to medical appointments
  • buying medication

View the life-sustaining therapy video to help you understand the criteria.

Getting Social Security Disability For Ptsd

Does PTSD Qualify For Disability Benefits?

Disability claims for PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder, can be approved by disability claims examiners in two separate ways. The first route for approval is for individuals whose medical records satisfy the requirements of Social Security’s new disability listing on trauma- and stressor-related disorders, added in 2017. The second means of approval is to get a “medical-vocational allowance.” This may sound like it’s an exception, but it’s actually the manner in which the great majority of SSDI and SSI disability claims are approved.

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One Call To Our Law Firm Does It All

The relationship between the VA and SSA, and the types of disability benefits they provide can become complex. At Marc Whitehead & Associates, we take care of everything for you.

Our experienced disability attorneys will help you fill out forms and paperwork, supplement your claims with additional key records and supporting evidence, coordinate with doctors and more, to successfully present your claim and obtain the maximum appropriate benefits that are rightfully yours.

Come to us when you need help:

  • developing and proving your veterans claim for PTSD,
  • improving your VA rating,
  • applying for possible Social Security Disability Insurance in addition to or as an alternative to your veterans disability,
  • qualifying for a medical vocational allowance, or
  • appealing a VA or SSDI claim denial.

Do not wait any longer. Call us toll free at or request a Free Consultation to find out how we can help. PTSD is a serious disability, and we are prepared to assist you wherever you live.

Marc Whitehead & Associates are Accredited Veterans Claim Attorneys as required to practice law before the VA. We represent veterans at all levels within the VA disability system including claims before the VA Regional Office, the Board of Veterans Appeals and the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims.

About Marc Whitehead

Signs And Symptoms Of Trauma / Stressor

Not everyone who experiences trauma will develop PTSD or other stressor-related disorders. Those who do may experience a wide variety and severity of symptoms that can resolve in weeks, months, or sometimes become chronic. The SSA describes some possible signs and symptoms of this type of disorder:

  • Persistent negative emotional states
  • Sleep disturbances

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So Can A Person Qualify As Disabled Based Solely On Mental Health Conditions

The short answer is yes, but it is more difficult to collect disability for mental health impairments than physical ones because the severity of mental health conditions can be very difficult to measure objectively.

For example, its relatively easy to prove disabilities like a bad back we look at x-ray and MRI images and we can see it. Proving something like bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, or other mental health disorders for disability is not as clear-cut.

So how does a person prove that his or her mental health impairment is severe enough to be disabling under Social Security Administration rules?

As with physical impairments, there are two ways under the SSAs system to prove that a mental impairment is severe enough to warrant an award of Social Security disability benefits.

  • One way to qualify for disability for mental health is to show that the mental health disorder or impairment meets one of the definitions in the Listings of impairments maintained by the SSA.
  • The other way to qualify for disability for mental health is to demonstrate that your mental health impairment is so limiting to your ability to function in daily life that you could not reasonably be expected to complete a normal 40-hour work week on an ongoing basis.
  • Meeting a Listing for Disability for Mental Health

    Inability to Work Due to Reduced Residual Functional Capacity

    Our Experienced Attorneys Will Fight For The Ssdi Benefits You Deserve

    Social Security Disability for PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress)

    Are you suffering from PTSD? If so, turn to the experienced Social Security disability attorneys at Carlson Meissner Hart & Hayslett for help obtaining the SSDI benefits you deserve. Applying for SSDI benefits is a stressful, challenging process that you shouldnt face alone. Let us guide you through the process and work tirelessly to secure the SSDI benefits you are entitled to by law.

    If your claim has been denied, our attorneys can also assist you with the process of appealing the SSAs decision. Contact our law office now to schedule a free consultation regarding your case.

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    What The Va Considers Trauma

    In the realm of Veterans Affairs, where the trauma needs to have occurred while you are on active duty in a branch of the military, what does the VA consider traumatic?

    They specify that becoming seriously injured, experiencing a personal or sexual trauma or sexual violation are all traumas that can lead to PTSD. Along with experiencing these things, simply being threatened by them can be enough as well.

    Specifically, the VA lists being threatened by injury, sexual assault, or death, which can seem a little vague, so what does that mean exactly? It could mean someone has verbally threatened you or it could mean you witnessed something that made you feel as though your life were in danger.

    The VA has a site to help veterans apply for disability, which could include regular payments , medical treatment for PTSD, and other generalized healthcare.

    Do I Qualify For Disability Insurance Benefits For Post

    Disability insurance companies dont always make it easy for policyholders who have post-traumatic stress disorder to get the disability benefits they deserve.

    Americans of all ages and sex can experience PTSD, which results from accidents, interpersonal violence , a stressful employment situation or as a result of military service.

    PTSD, a type of anxiety disorder, is triggered either by experiencing or witnessing a terrifying event. Many people who go through or witness such an event have only temporary difficulty adjusting and coping. They improve with time and treatment.

    But you probably have PTSD if the symptoms get worse, continue for months and even years and interfere with your ability to function. Symptoms, which can vary in intensity and over time, include flashbacks, nightmares, uncontrollable thoughts about the event and severe anxiety.

    Many claims are denied because the disability insurance company says:

    There is no objective basis of the diagnosis,

    There is no objective basis for the restrictions and limitations assigned by your physician, or

    There is no causal relationship between your PTSD and/or your restrictions and limitations, and your inability to do your own or any occupation.

    Why The Definition of Mental or Nervous Conditions In Your Policy Is Key

    What Mental Conditions Can Have Limited Pay Periods

    Anxiety disorders, including:

    • Bipolar disorder.

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    Suffering From Ptsd Were Here For You

    Weve seen and understand the harsh effects of traumatic events, and we want to fight for you to get you the PTSD disability benefitsyou deserve. Once youre more financially secure, youll be better able to take care of and perhaps even resolve your PTSD. If you or a loved one is suffering, contact the Disability Experts of Florida today for a free, no-obligation Florida PTSD case evaluation.

    Ready To Make A Claim 3 Steps To Presenting A Strong Va Ptsd Claim

    Can I Get Disability for PTSD?

    Now that you know how the VA rates PTSD, its important to understand some best practices for making a claim. Keep in mind that PTSD claims can complicate the already confusing and murky claims process. Even with the new regulations passed in 2010 that make it easier for veterans with PTSD to qualify for VA benefits, a veteran with a PTSD claim will face unique challenges.

    There are three requirements that make up a claim for PTSD:

  • A current diagnosis
  • A link between the current diagnosis and stressor
  • So, you can make a strong claim by presenting these three requirements.

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