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How To Use Healing Crystals For Anxiety

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Crystals Have Long Been Used For Comfort And Support Try These Five Next Time Youre Feeling Stressed Or Anxious

How to perform a Crystal Healing Session for Anxiety | Crystals to help with Anxiety

Each crystal has an energy field that can positively interact with your own, says The Crystal Fix author Juliette Thornbury.

This means they are naturally directing, absorbing, amplifying and focusing energy within the body.

Kinesiologist Stacey Bout sometimes places crystals on acupressure points or within a chakra to help her clients.

These are the experts picks for the best crystals to use to ease stress and promote calm:

Healing Crystals In The Renaissance

During the Renaissance period in Europe, there were many doctors using gemstones with their herbal remedies for certain ailments.

Different gems had different properties and outcomes when worn. Some people even believed that gemstones were evil, holding demons inside. This is why it is recommended to cleanse any crystals before using them for healing.

Later in the century, a man named Thomas Nichols put out word stating that crystals did not have the healing properties they once claimed and there was no way it could work.

People started to agree, and crystals were dropped from the medical world.

How Are Anxiety Disorders Treated

Since the symptoms and impact of disorders vary from individual to individual, treatment needs to be tailored to the specific disorder and individual needs. Consultation with an appropriate professional is considered the most effective way to identify the best treatment or combination of treatments.

  • Psychotherapies: a range of psychotherapies are used. The specific therapies are tailored to individual diagnoses and behaviours. Psychotherapies are sometimes called talk therapies as they focus on the individual exploring the underlying causes of the condition and developing coping and problem-solving skills to better manage it. Psychotherapies are considered the most effective treatment as they encourage the person to explore and manage the issues that are causing the anxiety.
  • Medications: medication does not cure the disorder but can ease symptoms, providing temporary relief, particularly while undertaking other therapies
  • Self-help, complementary and alternative therapies: these might be helpful for some types of disorder. These therapies are used alone or combined with medication and psychotherapy. Examples include yoga, massage therapy, relaxation and breathing techniques. Crystal therapy is considered an alternative treatment .

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How To Use Smoky Quartz For Anxiety

  • Place a pointed piece of Smokey Quartz between your feet directed away from you for 10 to 15 minutes, to draw negative energy away from you
  • Place over the root chakra to help ground you
  • Wear as a pendant to balance your emotions

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Tips To Select Healing Crystals For Anxiety

Crystal Set for Anxiety

With so many choices available, how do you choose the best healing crystals for anxiety? Well, there is no right or wrong answer here.

People experience anxiety, depression, and stress differently meaning that choosing the best crystals for anxiety is a really personal choice or preference.

That being said, there are some steps you can take to help you choose crystals for anxiety that truly resonate with. Here is a simple guide to help you get started:

  • First, identify what you are feeling and what you want. Tapping into your feelings and thoughts helps you to get in touch with yourself before seeking help from outside sources.
  • Ask the Universe to give you a sign as to which crystal will work for the betterment of all those involved. To receive guidance from the Universe, you must be open to receiving the answer let go of judgments and assumptions.
  • Let your intuition guide you as you select the healing crystals that work best for you. You will know that you have found the right stone when you feel a physical connection to it.
  • In addition to using your intuition, you can also form a physical connection with crystals by passing your non-dominant hand over each stone and looking out for any pull or attraction to the stone. You might end up connecting with more than one type of crystal.
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    Ways To Use Healing Crystals And Gemstones For Anxiety

    Gemstones can be used in all sorts of ways when it comes to healing. Often times, your desired healing determines how to use the best gemstones for anxiety.

    For example, if you have difficulties sleeping at night , placing some amethyst at your bedside may help.

    Here are some of the most popular ways to use healing crystals for anxiety:

    • Hold a healing crystal during meditation
    • Create a crystal grid
    • Focus on the crystal for concentration meditation

    How to use the best gemstones for anxiety healing?

    Seems simple enough, right? It most certainly is, but like most things in life, we can always elaborate on how to use the best gemstones for anxiety as well.

    Crystals and Meditation

    Crystals are calming items that can be used during meditation in various ways. You can simply hold the crystal that suits your intention . You can also use the crystal for concentration meditation or visual meditation where, instead of closing your eyes, you focus on the crystal.

    Creating a Crystal Grid

    A crystal grid is aligning your crystals for anxiety in a specific, symmetrical pattern to create the energy you want within a particular space. We will touch more on this in a later post, but this whole theory is based on Feng Shui principles.

    If crystal grids arent your thing, simply place them around your home however you like. The energies will still manifest and create a calming space. The key is to choose crystals specific to your intention.

    Crystals and Yoga
    Gemstones as Jewelry

    Using Crystals For Anxiety And Stress

    Unlike anti-anxiety drugs, which are often a band-aid solution and only treats anxiety symptoms, crystals help to heal your mind, body, and spirit, nurturing you to dig deep to the root cause of your stress and anxiety.

    Once you identify what’s causing these deep-seated issues, you can do something about them.

    Below we’ll take a look at why you should use crystals for anxiety and stress.

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    The Benefits Of Crystals

    The proposed healing benefits of crystals predominantly surround areas of mental wellbeing including feelings of increased tranquility, positivity and focus, as well as enhanced immunity and pain relief.

    Individual crystals are also known to have their own special energies that align to different areas of your life, with their shape and colour – as well as their type – affecting their influence.

    The Best Crystals For Anxiety

    The Benefits of Worry Stones & How To Use Them To Relieve Stress & Anxiety | Crystals for Beginners

    When youre plagued by anxiety and stress, gaining calm is your top priority. Fortunately, there are specific healing crystals for anxiety that you can use. Understanding which gemstones will help you release these negative feelings is key.

    With that in mind, lets take a brief look at some of the best crystals for anxiety and stress. Here are a handful of gemstones to try:

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    What Are The Properties Of Lepidolite

    This stone contains naturally occurring lithium, an ingredient often used in medications to treat anxiety, bipolar disorder and mood disorders. This gentle stone allows you to benefit from its anti-depressant-like properties without any of the potential side effects of medication. Lepidolite can help to bring balance and clarity in times of stress when you feel like the world around you or your life is in chaos.

    Lepidolite aids in spiritual development and helps to reduce issues around insomnia. This stone quells obsessive compulsions and encourages change. It helps to develop independence and fuels transformation.


    Dissolves electromagnetic pollution reduces stress and depression. Mood stabilizer, sleep aid, deep emotional healer.

    How To Use Crystal Healing

    Using crystals for treating your mental disorders such as anxiety or depression is very simple. All you need to do is to hold or place a crystal over your body where it comes in contact with the bodyâs chakras or energy fields to promote mental and physical health.

    There are other methods of using crystals for treating mental disorders as well. In one technique, the practitioner places crystals on your body parts or they may place crystals around your body to remove negative energies.

    Healing crystals can also be placed in your bedroom, under your pillow or bed. Carrying them in your wallet, purse or pocket also helps you benefit from them in everyday life.

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    Clear Quartz For Anxiety

    The master healer and the most powerful crystal of them all, clear quartz is potent enough to rid you of anxiety. The icy and glasslike effect of this crystal will make you feel more collected and centred. It also works well with other anxiety-busting stones as it amplifies their energy.

    This crystal is one of the most commonly used during healing sessions due to its powerful properties. Any tension within your body will melt away with the vibration of its frequency. When you work with its energy you will notice a difference in your demeanour and mood. Clear Quartz is brilliant in every way and will give you everything you need to heal your anxiety.

    Turquoise : For The City

    Pin on Stress Symptoms Tips

    Properties: protection, friendship, love, balance, wisdom, purification

    Turquoise is used to protect against surrounding pollutants or external influences, by enhancing your immune system, and it is meant to have anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effects, making it particularly appealing for individuals working in cities. It can stabilise mood swings by aligning the chakras as well, meaning that it’s a popular crystal for calming fears and exhaustion in daunting situations.

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    A Brief Look At The Origin Of Crystal Healing

    It is interesting to note that peopleâs fascination with crystals dates back thousands of years. Crystal healing has its roots in India, Ancient Rome, Ancient Egypt Ancient Greece and Mesopotamia where people used stones to aid healing. The Ancient Sumerians not only used stones for jewelry-making, but they used crystals for healing purposes as well.

    In Europe, the conviction in the healing properties of crystals continued into the Middle Ages. The Hopi Native Americans of Arizona made use of crystals for diagnosing disease as well.

    If our ancestors used rocks for healing, does that mean we should use them too?

    Letâs dive deeper and explore how crystals help in treating mental disorders such as depression and anxietyâ¦

    Traditional Methods To Treat Anxiety

    Currently, doctors are prescribing medications for the treatment of anxiety disorders. The only problem is, the side of effects can be very difficult and make you sick when getting on them, similar to antidepressants.

    There are different types of anxiety medications and not all of them work the same way with different people. Some anxiety medications are highly addictive and are abused.

    Rather than gamble with your state of mind, how about a different, more unconventional method?

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    Mother Nature Is A Powerful Healer

    In addition to countering anxiety with crystals Mother Nature herself is an incredible ally and brings powerful earth healing.

    Spending time in nature is one of the best ways to counteract anxiety.

    Forest Bathing or quite simply, spending time in a forest setting breathing, is being studied and scientifically proven to improve positive emotions while reducing tension, anger, fatigue, depression, confusion, and anxiety.

    Living completely immersed in nature is of course, almost impossible in our modern age. And if you happen to live in a busy City, or need a way to counteract anxiety at times when youre not able to peacefully be and breathe in nature Healing crystals can be a great way for dealing with stress and anxiety right where you are as it arises.

    Amazing Healing Crystals For Anxiety

    CRYSTALS FOR ANXIETY FEAR: How to Use Them For (MAXIMUM) Effect.

    Stress and anxiety are something we all encounter at one point in time or another. Some of us deal with it on a regular basis. It is important that when you have stress or anxiety that you find helpful ways to cope with it, and the more natural the better. This is where using healing crystals for anxiety can be extremely beneficial.

    There are many kinds of crystals out there that do a number of things like healing the body, mind, and soul, and they can also help to promote good energy flow so that you have every advantage of becoming happier and healthier.

    Lets take a look at the six healing crystals for anxiety that are the most beneficial.

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    Best Crystals For Courage

    Courage is a mental strength that is deeply engrained in all of us and is something we can summon when facing danger, fear, or difficulties. Although courage is something we are all capable of accessing, sometimes it alludes us.

    Lets take a look at some of the best crystals for courage to help strengthen your chakras and mental state in order to conquer any fears or obstacles you may face.

    How To Choose Your Crystals:

    Ready to dabble in the purported powers of these stones? The first step to working with crystals is to determine your most immediate health or wellness needs, like easing anxiety or increasing serenity, and choose a crystal accordingly .

    Crystals are used in many different ways. Some, like rose quartz, make beautiful accent pieces in your home and create a loving atmosphere. Crystals can also be worn as necklaces or other types of jewelryand with colors ranging from green to black to pink, you’re sure to find an option that matches your mood and wardrobe. Others exert their calming powers when you carry them with you, while there’s a variety you’ll want to hold while meditating or practicing deep breathing. Keep reading to figure out which kind of crystal would be best for you.

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    How To Use Healing Crystals For Anxiety

    Carlton argues that, if used correctly, stones can help ease stress and anxiety. One very common wellness belief is that stress and anxiety are very big side-effects of being ungrounded, she says.

    So, to combat stress and anxiety, you need to come back into the self. First, we look at the root chakra, which is to do with existence I am I exist Im safe. Its about bringing that root back into balance. Working with grounding stones to create that sense of balance tends to calm the mind quite a lot.

    Working with grounding stones to create a sense of balance tends to calm the mind quite a lot.

    Carlton suggests that smokey quartz, red jasper, agate, black tourmaline, shungite and haematite are all good options to meditate with, to help alleviate anxiety. I love smokey quartz for grounding, because its really gentle, she says.

    Along with other crystals practitioners, Carlton believes that connecting with the stone can help to raise your frequency and in turn ground you more fully, thereby easing sensations of stress and anxiety.

    Crystal Healing: Fact Or Fiction

    Dispell Any Nervous Energy By Keeping These Stones Near You

    Harnessing the mystical power of crystals to ease anxiety certainly sounds plausible, but is there any proof that it actually works?

    Despite its growing popularity, there are, as yet, no peer-reviewed scientific studies to validate crystals healing properties. Reports that they work tend to be anecdotal, and crystal healing does not have medical or scientific backing, meaning it is labelled a pseudoscience.

    So, how can you explain the fact that so many people still believe that they work? The most common and most widely accepted scientific theory is that of the placebo effect. Indeed, in a research study published in 2001, Professor Christopher French, Head of the Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit in the Psychology Department at Goldsmiths, University of London, found that when 80 study participants were given either a real or fake crystal to meditate with, all reported effects from the crystal even those that were fake. Whats more, participants who were primed to believe that the crystal would make a difference noticed stronger effects.

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    Caring For Your Crystals

    When working with crystals in healing it is important to be aware of how to care for them correctly and keep them working at their best. During healing, the stone absorbs the negative and unbeneficial energy that is causing your issue and this remains within the stone unless it is removed. This process is called cleansing and can be carried out in many ways. The simplest method of cleansing crystals is to leave them in moonlight overnight. Smudging and leaving in clean water overnight are examples of other methods but care must be taken when using water as it can damage some crystals such as selenite, calcite and lodestone. Further information on cleansing crystals can be found in this article Seven Ways to Cleanse Crystals.

    Although some people do not believe that it is needed, it can be beneficial to also recharge your crystals. When crystals are in the ground they are able to maintain their energy by drawing this directly from the earth. Once they have been removed they are unable to do this but we can use various sources of energy to manually recharge them. Not only does this keep the crystals energy fresh and strong but we can use a particular type of energy based on the intended use of the stone afterwards. More information on cleansing and the twenty sources of energy can be found in my article How and Why You Should Recharge Your Crystals.

    How To Use Crystals For Depression

    Whether youre looking at Western, Eastern or metaphysical medicine for healing from depression, the first thing anyone needs to adopt is an open mind. Look at any medicinal trial where placebo drugs were used and youll see the major role that the mind plays in the process of healing. Subjects unknowingly fed the placebo medicines often heal better and faster than those subjects taking the actual drug.

    Its what we brush off as miracles, but really its the power of the human mind. Tapping into it is one of the most life changing things a person can do, and with the aid of crystals your potential is uncapped. Its simply up to you to adopt this as truth, as and when you feel ready.

    How and when you choose to use your crystals for depression will depend on your personal point of view when it comes to this kind of treatment. It will also largely depend on your individual lifestyle and how the stones are able to fit into your days.

    All crystals come with a unique list of properties that make them effective or ineffective to different ailments. There are some stones with powerful energetic properties that would simply have no effect on someone suffering from depression, simply because that specific stone may be more concerned with attracting monetary wealth, or making the physical body more agile.

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