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What Phobia Is Fear Of Death

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Thanatophobia Or Fear Of Death In Children

Children are not well accustomed to the various religious beliefs or defence mechanisms. They also cannot follow the time concept and that people who are leaving will also come back. This might lead to fear within them that they relate to death. Not always can this be considered as phobia. If the fear continues for at least 6 months then it is considered as thanatophobia or fear of death in children and it should be treated accordingly.

Thanatophobia Or Fear Of Death Caused By The Fear Of The Unknown

Thanatophobia or fear of death can also take control of the person who is afraid of the unknown. We all are aware of the things around us but the unknown parts of the world or the unknown part after life can create the fear in someone. Philosophical and religious beliefs may make you afraid of the unknown afterlife and the place you shall be sent to after death. To treat this cause, groups should be formed of similar individuals and then question the beliefs to get rid of the fear.

How To Get Help For A Loved One

The process of finding help for a loved one may be more challenging, but the basic principles are the same. It always starts with the person seeing the need for treatment.

If your loved one isn’t sure about the effects of their worry and stress, let them know kindly that you believe their fear is excessive, and they could really benefit from treatment. Let them know that you cannot help them properly with their concerns, professional treatment is the best answer. Offer to attend appointments and help with their therapy homework to show your support.

Agoraphobia: Fear Of Leaving Home

Fear of being alone outside your home, where escape and assistance might be difficult, is called . This phobia may involve fear of being on a bridge, a busy street, or in a crowded mall or elevator. People with agoraphobia may only be able to leave home with friends or a family member. In severe cases, they may not be able to leave home at all, feeling that it is the only safe place to be. This phobia usually starts around age 30 with severe panic attacks.

I Keep Thinking About Death Am I Depressed

Paulo Coelho Quote: “Death frees from the fear of dying ...

Whilst death anxiety itself isn’t a disorder, existential fears lie at the core of many and depressive disorders. This means that it is often linked to these kinds of mental health issues –Generalised Anxiety Disorder in particular, which is characterised by frequent and uncontrollable worrying. 

It’s important to be clear that just because you’re thinking about death does not mean that you have a mental health issue. Fears around death become problematic when they arise daily and are very persistent . When this happens, it’s likely these thoughts and fears have started to interfere with your enjoyment of everyday life.

Signs And Symptoms Of Thanatophobia Or Fear Of Death

The signs and symptoms of thanatophobia or fear of death are like any other kind of phobia. The usual symptoms are:

  • The irritating fear of death with is irrelevant but people cannot control and think of dying.
  • Fear of afterlife and fear of the unknown which can be connected to events of burial and cremation.
  • Fearing that one might die when falling sick or being sick for a long time. The sickness can look like a threat to life even when it is not a deadly disease.
  • Stressful situations might lead to the thought of death and this is a symptom of thanatophobia or fear of death.
  • Children often get clingy towards elderly people.
  • People choose to remain at home to be safe. They start avoiding all kinds of human contact or contact with the outside world.
  • Getting delusional and not being able to separate the unreal from the real.
  • Physical symptoms of thanatophobia or fear of death are panic attacks, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, shortness of breath.

If the person is is suffering from thanatophobia or fear of death, the common thing you will notice in him or her is that he or she shuts himself or herself from the world. If the person carries on this avoiding behaviour for more than 6 months, the person should be taken to the doctors for help.

Arachnophobia: Fear Of Spiders

It is not abnormal for a child to have a severe fear of certain animals such as snakes or spiders. These may be the object of childhood . But when an extreme fear of an animal persists into adulthood, it rarely goes away without treatment. Fear of animals is the most common type of specific phobia. If you saw the Hollywood film Arachnophobia, you know that’s the name for the fear of spiders.

An Overriding Fear Of Death Stop You Living Properly Now

The thought that some day we won’t be around any more can be hard to comprehend and cause fear and even panic. Or maybe it’s the process of dying that is feared.

Obsessive fear of death may originate from witnessing the death of a loved one, or even being traumatized by something on TV.

Putting death into its proper perspective can allow you to see how an occasional awareness of death can add to life, making living much more enjoyable, fulfilling and meaningful.

Thanatophobia: Overcoming Fear Of Death Anxiety

Everything you need to know about thanatophobia, otherwise known as fear of death.

Many of us have a fear of death and dying, or worry from time to time about how friends and family will cope when we’re gone.

This can be more intense if we have had a recent health scare, diagnosis or illness in the family. However, with time, these concerns usually fade.

If you have a fear of death or dying that is persistent and longstanding, causes you distress or anxiety, and is so extreme that it interferes with your day-to-day life, you may be suffering from thanatophobia, otherwise known as, fear of death.

How To Find A Therapist For Thanatophobia

A qualified, professional therapist will work with you to examine your thoughts and behaviours and improve how you feel. You will build a relationship based on trust, giving you the confidence to share your feelings and emotions with them. Your counsellor will listen to all that you have to share with empathy and openness.

An experienced therapist or counsellor like those listed on the Harley Therapy platform can help you to manage your symptoms and find your own way forward.

Filter our qualified, professional and vetted by cost, location, availability and approach so you can find and book the best therapist or counsellor for you . Or find a therapist to help with Thanatophobia below.

  • I can help you withAnxiety / Death
  • I can help you withAnxiety / Death
  • I can help you withAnxiety / Death

Coping With Thanatophobia Or Fear Of Death

Coping with thanatophobia or fear of death is not very easy as sometimes you might have to give up your faith and beliefs. Being in a therapy can help you gain clarity. Going with the flow and taking exposure therapies can also help you to get better.

The habit of questioning old philosophical beliefs might help you cope with thanatophobia or fear of death and gain a clear vision and lose the thanatophobia or fear of death. Interacting with people can also be helpful. Meeting people who are facing the same difficulties and discussing the problems can also help you reach to a solution.

One has to accept the fact that death cannot be avoided. Facing situations daily can help one to overcome the fear. One should learn to question beliefs before applying them to his or her daily life.

How To Overcome Fear Of Death

When death anxiety becomes a part of your life, you may feel trapped and overwhelmed. Thanatophobia can prevent you from living in the present, from seeking new experience, and from seeing the beautiful things you have today. 

Compared to Eastern culture, Western culture has a more taboo perception of death, which means that many people struggle with death anxiety for a long time before mustering the courage to talk about it. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Living with thanatophobia can be emotionally exhausting, so if you have been worrying a lot about death lately, you can take steps to get better.  

Therapy for death anxiety will help you: 

  • Accept that death is a natural process 
  • Be grateful for your experiences and live in the present 
  • Focus on making the most out of your life
  • Make plans for your passing   

Therapy for thanatophobia may also include treatments for a more complex mental health disorder, such as OCD, PTSD, or anxiety, so the exact treatment approach will vary depending on what causes the issue.  

Treating fear of dying is about acceptance – but acceptance doesn’t mean that you have to like the idea of death or ignore it. It means acknowledging the concept of mortality, but without letting it take over your life. 

Part 2 Of 5:letting Go Of What You Can’t Control

Fear of death underlies most of our phobias

  • 1Focus on what you can control. Death can be an especially frightening thing to think about, primarily because it exposes the limits of life and what we are able to conceive. Learn to focus on what you can actually control while still engaging with what you cannot.
  • For example, you may be worried about dying from a heart attack. There are certain factors that you can’t control about heart disease, such as family history, race and ethnicity, and age. You will make yourself more anxious by focusing on these things. Instead, it’s far healthier to focus on the things you can control, like quitting smoking, exercising regularly, and eating well. In fact, you are at higher risk for heart disease when you have an unhealthy lifestyle than just by the uncontrollable factors alone.XResearch source
  • 2Guide your life. When we want to control the direction of our lives, we are often met with disappointment, frustration and anxiety about things that don’t go as planned. Learn to loosen your grip on how tightly you control the outcomes of your life. You can still make plans, of course. Guide the course of your life. But allow some room for the unexpected.
  • A fitting analogy is the idea of water flowing in a river. Sometimes the river bank will change, the river will curve, and the water will slow down or speed up. The river is still flowing, but you have to let it go where it takes you.
  • What Are The 10 Most Common Fears

    The best treatment for specific phobias is a form of psychotherapy called exposure therapy. Sometimes your doctor may also recommend other therapies or medication. Understanding the cause of a phobia is actually less important than focusing on how to treat the avoidance behavior that has developed over time.

    Won’t Thinking About Death Be Depressing

    We don’t think so!  There can be difficult aspects of course– no one said being mortal was easy. But, on balance, repression and denial of our fears and emotions is much worse.

    But don’t take our word for it. The New York Times says– To Be Happier, Start Thinking More About Your Death. Or read about the 9 Reasons Why People Who Constantly Think About Death Are More Alive.

    It is important to note that avoiding thoughts about death or defining it is in itself a form of privilege. Many people are forced face death in their daily lives. To learn more start with this piece on Cultural Death Illiteracy as Applied to Terror Management Theory.

    We also want to note that the ways people feel comfortable engaging with death looks different for everyone-what may be uncomfortable for one person could be a perfect for another. Death engagement requires a lot of discomfort, but should also be paired with understanding, and compassion.

    Thinking of death isn’t just about self fulfillment or happiness. Our future may depend on it.  Sheldon Solomon says in The Atlantic that “If you look at the problems that currently befall humanity—we can’t get along with each other, we’re pissing on the environment, rampant economic instability by virtue of mindless conspicuous consumption—they’re all malignant manifestations of death anxiety running amok.”

    Can You Treat The Fear Of Death

    Treating the fear of death is a bit tricky, because it’s a fear that is generally healthy to have. You would never want your fear of death to go away completely. You simply want it to stop running your life.

    You’ll first have to find out if the fear of death is a symptom or a cause. If it’s a phobia, you’ll need to address it like any other phobia – see how your fear of death affects you and try to utilize desensitization techniques so that the fear isn’t as powerful. A therapist will guide you through this process.

    If it’s a symptom, then you don’t want to target the fear of death itself. Instead, you want to target the type of anxiety that is causing those death fears. Only then should you successfully be able to live a life where the fear of death has less of an impact.

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    Prevention Of Thanatophobia Or Fear Of Death

    The thanatophobia or fear of death might lead to serious consequences if not treated on time. As soon as you notice certain disorders in yourself or in some one who is close to you, consult a doctor immediately to prevent the phonia from getting worse. The near ones should be alert about the patient and be by his/her side which shall help the patient recover soon.

    What Is Thanatophobia Exploring The Fear Of Dying

    • Dec 14, 2020
    • 5 minute read

    As the old adage goes, there are two things in life that are inescapable: death and taxes. 

    While filing taxes in a timely manner is within our control, knowing how long we have on Earth isn’t. The notion that one day we will no longer exist can be so crippling for some that it can interfere with their daily quality of life. 

    The intense anxiety of dying or the process of dying is known as thanatophobia or death anxiety; it can be debilitating for the mental health of many. While it’s normal and healthy to have some fear of death, a crippling fear or one that does not allow the sufferer to fully engage with life can be debilitating. 

    Fortunately, with the right therapy, treating this condition is entirely possible. 

    Too Little Focus On Death

    We live in a world where for many of us death has become a taboo, something to be brushed under the carpet and ignored. Occasional awareness of death is a great motivator to do better, take life by both hands, dismiss pettiness and live more fully.

    In your Overcome Fear of Death download you’ll learn how to use occasional awareness of your own mortality to your best advantage.

    You’ll also learn how to think about death whilst remaining calm and detached. And when you start to experience this then you’ll find you just don’t think about death so much.

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    Fear of Death

    What Are Ways To Help Calm Fears Of Death

    A helpful and empowering way to address Thanatophobia directly is to educate yourself about death, dying, and the fear surrounding the end of life — for you or loved ones you may worry about. This can be done by learning about the topic via readings, podcasts, or videos. The more you know about the subject, the easier it is to learn to accept that death is a natural process — something that every previously living thing on earth has gone through. 

    One of the resources that Catchings recommends to her clients is the book by Dr. Irvin Yalom. The book reflects on how confronting our own morality can inspire us to alter our priorities, communicate more effectively with our loved ones, and experience a deeper appreciation for the beauty of life.

    Catchings also recommends focusing on living a healthier lifestyle. This includes eating well, exercising, spending time with loved ones and making room for self-care. “Living well can create less fear and anxiety because you are taking care of yourself,” she says. 

    Planning for the end of life, whether for yourself and your loved ones, is another way of addressing debilitating fears. Doing this work can be an empowering and poignant experience. 

    Fear Of Pain Illness Or Loss Of Dignity

    Paulo Coelho Quote: “Death frees from the fear of dying ...

    Some people with an apparent fear of death do not actually fear death itself. Instead, they are afraid of the circumstances that often surround the act of dying. They may be afraid of crippling pain, debilitating illness, or even the associated loss of dignity.

    This type of thanatophobia may be identified through careful questioning about the specifics of the fear. Many people with this type of fear also suffer from , illness anxiety disorder, or other somatoform disorders.

    My Husband Has A Fear Of Death

    My husband has an extreme fear of death. It comes up at night and I’ve generally been able to help by distracting him through talking. What I hadn’t realised was how often it occurs. He hates talking about it – as it makes it more real, which he cannot bear. I should explain that he’s a very solid type of person, very calm, steady and logical and not in the least highly strung.

    His older brother died at a young age, after a year-long illness, and I think this might have influenced my husband’s fear, but he says he’s had it since he was a little boy. His mum agrees – she remembers him crying in his sleep and when she went to comfort him, he’d tell her he was having what he called The Feeling.

    The fear is specifically of death and the emptiness of it and the fact that he will no longer be here. We have two young children and he says he is just as scared of them dying, but in a different way; this is an irrational, emotional fear that he has trouble controlling. Recently it has got worse – he’s not sure why – but it has made him feel panicky and the thoughts have been straying into the daytime, which has not happened before. How can I help him? He’s a wonderful, kind and delightful man whom I adore and I can’t bear to see him upset .

    He wondered what happened when your husband was a little boy and he first started getting The Feeling?

    Recovery Period/healing Time For Thanatophobia Or Fear Of Death

    The doctors can help you learn if thanatophobia or fear of death can manifest in you again after you are treated for it. The clinical treatment that you are undergoing will also tell the recovery period/healing time that you shall need to get fine. Also the stage that you are in may decide the time of the therapies which can extend from months to years.

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    What To Do If You Suffer From The Fear Of Death

    Panic fear of death takes a strong position among the top human fears and there are good reasons. This fear lies deeply in the subconscious of each of us, as no one wants to die early. This is the way nature cares about the preservation of living beings. Perhaps it is only because of the fear of death our world still exists. However, sometimes the natural fear of death rises from the depths of the subconscious, just like boiling lava, and turns into a debilitating phobia that destroys normal human life. Reflex life saving turns into pathology as the patient begins to be afraid of everything and everyone, and sometimes even ceases to leave the house. After all, in any corner of the city, in a bus or shop, you can face a sudden death. Even our home is not safe: “Maybe this very moment is the last minute of my life, and I’m about to fall and die of some sudden attack.”

    Acrophobia: Fear Of Heights

    This is another type of specific phobia in which a certain situation causes unreasonable fear or panic. Specific , like acrophobia, are twice as common in women. These phobias tend to start in childhood, but persist into adulthood. Many people use the term to describe fear of heights, and the famous 1958 Alfred Hitchcock movie about the fear of heights was called Vertigo. But vertigo is actually the sensation of spinning, just one symptom of acrophobia.

    Fear Of Death From Anxiety Attacks

    Your heart races. You feel sharp pains in your chest. The room appears to be spinning out of control. You don’t know what’s going on, but you know that something bad is happening. It feels like it may be a heart attack and you feel a sense of doom, as though the world is about to end.

    You feel like you’re about to die. But you experience all of this without dying and after some time, the fear starts to fade away , and you’re left wondering whether something is wrong with your health.

    What you may have had was a panic attack, and the fear of death is a symptom of the attack. Here the fear of death is caused by several factors:

    Part 3 Of 5:reflecting On Life

  • 1Consider how life and death are part of the same cycle. Recognize that your own life and death, as well as the lives of other creatures, are all parts of the same cycle or life-process. Life and death, rather than being two completely different events, are actually always occurring at the same time. The cells in our bodies, for example, are continuously dying and regenerating in different ways throughout an individual lifetime. This helps our bodies adapt and grow within the world around us.XResearch sourceEdelman, G. . Neural Darwinism: The Theory Of Neuronal Group Selection . New York: Basic Books.
  • 2Think about how your body is part of a complex ecosystem. Our bodies serve as fertile ecosystems for countless different life forms, especially after our own lives come to an end.XResearch source While we are alive, our gastrointestinal system is home to millions of micro-organisms. These all help our bodies stay healthy enough to support proper immune functioning, and, in certain ways, even complex cognitive processing.XResearch source
  • 3Know the role your body plays in the grand scheme of things. On a much larger, macro level, our lives fit together in unique ways to form societies and local communities which depend upon our bodies’ energy and actions in order to sustain some degree of organization.XResearch source
  • When To See A Doctor

    If you are experiencing frequent, intense and persistent anxiety about death or dying that is causing you distress and is impacting on your quality of life, affecting your life, work and relationships, then it may be time to seek help.

    You can speak to your GP about the symptoms you are experiencing or find a qualified and accredited therapist who will be able to help you find the right support and treatment.

    Fear Of Death Underlies Most Of Our Phobias

    Natalie Babbitt Quote: “Don’t fear death, fear the un ...

    This article was selected for The Conversation Yearbook 2016: 50 standout articles from Australia’s top thinkers.

    Awareness of our mortality is part of being human. As author and existential philosopher Irvin Yalom said, we are “forever shadowed by the knowledge that we will grow, blossom and, inevitably, diminish and die”.

    There is growing research exploring the overwhelming anxiety that the inevitability of death, and our uncertainty about when it will occur, has the power to create. A social psychological theory, called terror management theory , is one way to understand how this anxiety influences our behaviour and sense of self.

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