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What To Say Panic Attack

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Do Some Light Exercise

What NOT To Say To Someone Who Is Having A Panic Attack

Endorphins are essential in getting your body to efficiently pump blood, and they are also the best mood booster. Exercise is a great way to get endorphins flowing through the body! Since your body is already feeling stressed, dont force yourself to do intense actions so, no cardio or HIIT training! Light exercises like walking or swimming are what you should be going for here.

However, if you are hyperventilating, exercise of any form can make it even harder to breathe. Do whatever you can to get control of your breathing before doing anything else!

What Is It Like To Have Anxiety Or Depression

Anxiety is unique because everyone experiences it in normal amounts. It helps people avoid danger and be successful, for example. But anxiety can become worrisome.

Anxiety has always been interesting because it is the only psychiatric illness that is also experienced by people without a psychiatric illness, Dr. Robert Hudak, an associate professor of psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh, told TODAY.

Saying Dont worry might seem helpful, but in reality, it falls short as advice for someone experiencing serious anxiety. While there are different types of anxiety disorders and one script wont work for everyone, the experts agree a few supportive words can help.

How Do You Calm Someone With Anxiety

There are several ways how you can calm someone with anxiety, such as:

Advising them to avoid caffeine or alcohol since those substances tend to worsen anxiety symptoms.

Advise them to write down how they are feeling and the thoughts that trigger their anxiety.

Using herbal remedies such as chamomile, valerian or lavender oil.

Getting professional help if they are feeling too overwhelmed from their anxiety and it is affecting significantly their lives.

Mindful meditation can be very helpful when managing anxiety.

Exercise and healthy habits .

Drink some water or green tea.

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After You’ve Had A Panic Attack

Once you feel your breath returning to normal, you start to feel more in control of your body and your thoughts start to calm down, you might feel drained and tired from the panic attack. It can be a good idea to take some time out to look after yourself and rest if you are able to. If you are not sure what to do to relax, here are some things that might help:

  • Breathing exercises a simple breathing exercise can have a calming effect and help you to relax
  • Use a self-soothe box. A self-soothe box contains things that make you feel relaxed. You can put some of your favourite things in there to focus your mind.
  • Listen to some of your favourite music or watch your favourite TV show. This can help you switch off from your anxious thoughts and help you to calm down.
  • Drinking some water can help if you were breathing quickly, felt out of breath or were crying a lot during your panic attack, as your throat might feel dry or you may feel dehydrated.

Everyone has a different way of looking after themselves, so find something that works for you. For more tips and advice on how to look after yourself, visit our taking time out page.

Myth: Panic Attacks Are An Overreaction And Intentionally Dramatic

Is Someone Around You Having A Panic Attack? Never Say ...

Reality: Contrary to stigmatizing beliefs, panic attacks arent something people can control. We dont know exactly what causes panic attacks, but we do know that they can often be triggered by stressful events, mental illness, or unspecified stimuli or changes in the environment.

Panic attacks are uncomfortable, involuntary, and often occur without warning.

Rather than looking for attention, most people who experience panic attacks have a great deal of internalized stigma and shame, and hate having panic attacks in public or around others.

In the past, when I felt close to a panic attack, Id quickly leave a situation or go home as soon as possible in order to avoid feeling embarrassed in public.

Often people would say things to me like Theres nothing to even be upset about! or Cant you just calm down? These things usually upset me more and made it even harder to calm myself.

The best thing you can do for someone having a panic attack is just ask them directly what they need and how you can best support them.

If you know a friend or loved one who often experiences panic attacks, ask them in a calm moment what theyd like from you or those around them if one was to occur.

Often, people have panic attack or crisis plans they can share that outline what helps them to calm down and return to baseline.

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Instead Say: What Can I Do To Help You

If your friend has been dealing with anxiety for a while, chances are they already know what does and doesnt help them feel better. Ask what they need and then do it, even if their request seems silly to you. Showing youre willing to offer assistance helps us anxious folk feel like were being taken seriously.

Feel Your Feet Against The Floor And Feel The Gravity Pulling Your Body Down And Anchoring You

One of the most effective ways to calm your mind is to focus on your body. When experiencing panic, many people experience a flight response to stress and feel like they want to jump out of their skin, Marter states. Focusing on feeling grounded will help them to feel more rooted and calm. In my practice, Ive found that offering people a blanket or throw to wrap around their shoulders and body creates a cocoon sensation which has a calming effect.

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Last: Spend Some Time Thinking About Good Things

This is something I try and do all the time, but it becomes particularly beneficial when I have had a panic attack. I have a little diary in which I fill a page every day, detailing whatever good things I can think of that have happened that day. These can be anything at all, from going to a fun party to making a tasty dinner to spending time with my cats. Basically, if it makes me feel good, it goes in the diary. Then, when I am feeling fragile from a recent panic attack, I can go back through the book and remind myself of the good things that are happening in my world. As well as giving me something to think about other than whatever existential horror is going on in my head, this practice brings the good things further toward the front of my brain, which hopefully decreases the frequency of my panic attacks.

Panic attacks are terrible to experience, and getting through them relatively unscathed is tricky at the best of times. Developing a relatively easy, step-by-step process for taking care of myself during and after my panic attacks has helped me to feel better prepared for future attacks, and I would highly encourage anybody else who experiences panic attacks to be similarly prepared.

Just Be More Positive

More Of What NOT To Say To Someone Who Is Having A Panic Attack

Having anxiety problems does not mean that the person is negative. When the panic isnt present, they can be a perfectly positive person. However, when anxiety hits, uncontrolled feelings and emotions take over. Their panicky behavior is a learned response to certain stimuli that they encounter. They may feel scared, unsafe, unsure, and even depressed at times. By being supportive, you can help them get through the rocky spell and back to being the positive person they usually are.

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How To Calm Someone With Anxiety Over Text

Here are some things you can do to calm someone with anxiety over text:

  • Tell them you are there
  • Tell them they can take their time
  • Breathe with them
  • Ask them to get some ice and keep it against their forehead
  • Tell them to drink some water
  • Well get through this together

What to say to someone having a panic attack over text? It is not a simple and easy question to answer.

Some people expect to find a template that could make their lives easier but in reality, it is not that simple.

There are a few things we need to consider when helping someone who is having a panic attack over text.

Moreover, text messages have a communicative intent but lack the usual characteristics of a conversation such as the tone of voice, non-verbal behavior, visual contact, etc. and you can find various articles about people who suffer from anxiety or panic disorders and some tips on how to help but there is not much about what to say to someone having a panic attack over text.

Additionally, we can say that the easiest way to help someone when having a panic attack is having someone they trust and feel comfortable talking to and assuring them everything is going to be OK, after all, panic attacks are just temporary, usually lasting between 20 and 30 mins.

However, it is recommended to seek professional advice if you think someone you care about is having serious issues managing their anxiety or panic attacks.

Panic attacks can happen anywhere at any time, without warning.

Remind Yourself That This Will Be Over Soon

It feels like weve given you a million things to think about, but lets add one more to the list, shall we?

A panic attack can last for several minutes at a time. But in the moment, it feels like its never going to end, which can be terrifying.

We know that riding it out can seem like the worst advice anyone could give, but its true! Just go with the flow and know that you wont feel like this for long.

Try to remember, panic attacks dont last forever. If youve ever been through one before, think about how that one eventually came to an end. You made it to the other side, and you survived!

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Are Phobias Sometimes Diagnosed Along With Panic Disorder

Yes, panic disorder can be diagnosed along with other specific phobias, says Simon A. Rego, PsyD, chief psychologist at Montefiore Health System in New York City. These might include injury phobia, where the person has an intense fear of injury,2 or an animal phobia, where the person is afraid of animals.3

Panic disorder also can be diagnosed along with social phobia and agoraphobia . These all are seen as distinct disorders from panic disorder, Rego says.

Dont Shame Or Minimize

Is Someone Around You Having A Panic Attack? Never Say ...

Its pretty common to worry about having a panic attack, especially in front of strangers, or believe the attack might annoy or inconvenience friends or loved ones.

People struggling with anxiety or panic attacks might intellectually understand the response is illogical. But hearing that from someone else can increase their isolation, Bingham explains.

Avoid saying things like:

  • Just relax. Theres nothing to be afraid of.
  • Youre upset over that?
  • Whats wrong with you?

You might not intend to make your friend feel ashamed, but denying the reality of their distress can certainly have that effect.

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What Are The Warning Signs Of A Panic Attack

A panic attack can feel like a hand is sliding around your throat, says Philip R. Muskin, MD, professor of psychiatry at Columbia University Irving Medical Center in New York City. Your heart pounds, you can feel sweaty and shaky, and you can feel a sense of dread and doom, he explains. Other symptoms can include chills, trembling, breathing problems, weakness or dizziness, tingly or numb hands, chest pain, stomach pain, and nausea.

Easing Panic Attack Symptoms In The Moment

If youre experiencing symptoms of a panic attack, there are a few things you can do, says Maggie C. Grindrod, a licensed masters social worker and behavioral health therapist at the Center for Behavioral Health at Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Some of the most effective and easy to use in-the-moment techniques fall under what is called grounding and regulation, she says. Grounding activates your sensory experience to slow your racing heart, breath and mind.

One technique is to blow out of an invisible straw for a count of at least five, for as long and slow as you can, says Grindrod. Repeat until your heart rate slows down.

Another way to ground and regulate the nervous system is to focus on your physical experience, says Grindrod. Our minds have the luxury of time travel. We can worry about the past and the future. The body doesnt have that luxury. The body is right here, sitting in this chair.

Grindrod suggests this exercise to reconnect with the physical:

  • Name five things you can see.
  • Name four things you can physically feel in your body .
  • Name three things you can hear, and if you dont hear anything, do something that makes sound. Run the water, speak out loud or play some music.
  • Activate your sense of smell by using scented oil or lotion.
  • Activate your sense of taste by chewing gum or drinking a flavored beverage.
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    Remedies For A Panic Attack

    Counseling, specifically cognitive behavior therapy , is the most effective treatment for panic disorder. CBT is a type of counseling in which a therapist helps a person change the ways they think and how they behave. Counseling may be used alone or in combination with medication.

    Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, also known as SSRIs, are often used for depression and are usually the first type of medication a doctor prescribes for panic disorder. Other medications used to treat panic disorder include serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors , serotonin modulators, tricyclic antidepressants and monoamine oxidase inhibitors .

    Benzodiazepines may also be prescribed, but theyre used less often because theyre more likely to be abused.

    Physical activity has also been shown to be an effective remedy for the symptoms of a panic attack. There are other complementary and alternative treatments for panic attacks, too, but theres a lack of high-quality evidence to support their use, and they could interfere with medications. Be sure to discuss your treatment options with your doctor.

    Dont Say: I Know What You Mean I Had A Panic Attack When I Saw Seattle Rent Prices

    NEVER Say These Things To Someone Having A Panic Attack!!!

    Panicking about the absurd cost of that tiny studio apartment makes sense because you need a roof over your head and cant magically increase your salary. Panicking about taking a bus because youre afraid of having a panic attack on said bus doesnt. Theres a difference between the uncomfortable but rational anxiety we all get in stressful situations and the sometimes paralyzing but illogical anxiety super anxious people like me get in situations that arent actually stressful or threatening. People with anxiety disorders experience anxiety over things others wouldnt and with such intensity that it interferes with our ability to function and do things we enjoy. So unless you have a diagnosable anxiety disorder, comparing your anxiety to someone elses isnt helpful.

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    Dont Say: Why Arent You Seeing A Therapist/on Medication

    Theres nothing wrong with showing concern for a friend, but be careful it doesnt come across as accusatory. Suggesting your friend should be doing something can create a sense of shame if they arent, or make them feel like theyre being judged. If they do need to see a counselor or take medication, those are decisions they need to make on their own and at their own pace.

    Things Never To Say To Someone With Panic Disorder

    Having anxiety attacks can be scary for a person with a panic disorder. The feeling comes on so suddenly, and they may not be able to think clearly enough to stop it from happening.

    Dealing with something like that can be traumatizing. Many of those who struggle with panicking opt to manage symptoms naturally instead of taking the medicines available today.

    If you have a friend, family member, or other loved one who is experiencing an anxiety or panic attack, its understandable that you want to help them feel better. However, their panic attack can be just as nerve-wracking for you as it is for them. You will probably be wondering what to do or say.

    What you say is very important. Most people dont mean any harm when theyre trying to be reassuring, but certain comments can be taken the wrong way by the person who is panicking. To help you out, here are 15 things you should never say to a person who has a panic disorder.

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    Second: When The Attack Ends Make A Hot Or Cold Drink

    Once the panic attack is over, it is time to deal with the hangover period. As I said above, this period can last for as little as ten minutes, or for as long as a week or longer. For those who have not experienced this, the hangover period is the period right after a panic attack where the person feels particularly anxious, depressed, exhausted, frustrated, delicate, confused, spaced out, or some combination thereof. I usually feel emotionally fragile during this period, in that things that I usually do not find particularly noteworthy can have me either laughing hysterically or bursting into tears.

    When I worked for a narcissistic boss, and the frequency of my panic attacks was probably at its highest, the first thing I would do after an attack was go downstairs and make a cup of tea. This simple, routine task gave me something to do with my hands for the couple of minutes I needed to get my thoughts in order. As well as that, the taste of the tea and the feeling of the hot liquid in my mouth gave me something familiar to focus on. It sounds small, but having that tangible bit of familiarity nearby is my secret weapon for this initial stage of the hangover period.

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