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Did Vera Ellen Have An Eating Disorder

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Anorexia Leading To Premature Aging

What Happened to Vera Ellen? Inside Her Reclusive Final Years

This is a rumor. The IMDb bio is not a reliable source, as it can be written by anyone with an account, just like Wikipedia. Why do people assume that when one is naturally skinny that they have anorexia? She had juvenile arthritis. There are many who are naturally skinny, at least back then and well into the 80s. I was always thin, and so was most of my family. As a teenager I was made fun of because of my weight, I was called “Stringbean Jean” lol. I hated being skinny. So stop the rumors. No ethical MD would or could diagnose her “now” as having an eating disorder “then” without an examination and medical history. – Jeeny 03:46, 11 December 2007

She wasn’t “naturally skinny.” Her weight fluctuated quite a bit even during the same film. It was present as early as “On the Town.” In some scenes she appears completely normal while in other scenes she appears to be only half as “big” as her co-stars Ann Miller and Betty Garrett, both of whom were physically fit. Take a look at the “Miss Turnstiles” number or the title number sequence. She is very, very thin there. She doesn’t appear to be much bigger than a pencil. I don’t just attribute it to her being tightly corseted in her costumes, either.–sn 25 December 2013 Preceding unsigned comment added by 19:43, 25 December 2013

There is no citation for the “White Christmas” issue. 19:55, 14 August 2009

Opinion/have Yourself Some Dreary Christmas Movie Factoids

This column started pretty dark. I was compiling some lesser known, less happy facts about Christmas movie classics , and as I was writing about Vera-Ellens anorexia I started wondering just how bleak I wanted to go. I mean, even a weird and isolating Christmas is still Christmas, right? Since Im no Grinch, at the end of each item I offer some light.

Everyone loves the scene in Meet Me in St. Louis when Judy Garland sings Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas to console her little sister Tootie, whos distraught her family is moving to New York. Its what happens next that gets overlooked. Once Judy trills the final And have yourself a merry little Christmas now Tootie morphs from teary-eyed girl to demon spawn, darts out of the house and decapitates an entire family of snowmen in the backyard.

If you watch White Christmas, you cant help but be charmed by the vivacious Vera-Ellen, who plays half of a sister song-and-dance team that partners with Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye to stage a Christmas show they hope will save the Vermont inn owned by the guys former Army commander. Vera-Ellen is a powerhouse in her dance numbers. Shes also frighteningly thin, particularly in her waist. A compulsive dieter, the actress is believed to have suffered from anorexia, a condition not yet recognized by the medical community.

Vera Ellens Height Waist

Vera-Ellen was undeniably beautiful however, she was also notable for her thin neck and tiny waistline.

Many had said that she suffered from anorexia, an eating disorder characterized by low body weight and thin appearance nevertheless, the speculations were not confirmed.

The actress/dancer stood at a height of 5 feet 4 inches and weighed 48 kg . Her body measurements were given as bust 35 inches, waist-line 23 inches, and hips 35 inches. Ellen wore a dress of size 4 and a shoe of size 6 .

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Levels Of Care Offered Through Acadia Healthcare

Individuals who heal from an eating disorder at a facility within the Acadia Healthcare network may benefit from receiving treatment services at several levels. Depending upon the results of a thorough assessment, an individuals personalized care at an Acadia facility may include the following services or levels of treatment:

Detoxification services:Some people who develop eating disorders also struggle with addiction. Medically monitored detox provides a safe environment in which individuals can withdraw from alcohol or other drugs without jeopardizing their health.

Inpatient treatment: Inpatient treatment is the most intensive level of care. Services include medical and psychiatric support as well as round-the-clock supervision. Inpatient treatment may be optimal for people who are experiencing severe symptoms.

Residential treatment:Residential treatment features round-the-clock supervision, multiple therapeutic activities, educational opportunities, and an array of support services, all within a safe and highly structured environment.

Partial hospitalization program : PHP usually features full days of treatment without a residential component. PHP may include individual and group therapy. Family therapy, experiential therapy, and related services are often available as needed.

Where Did They Film White Christmas

Stirred, Straight Up, with a Twist: The Wasp Woman

White Christmas filming locations were spread in Paramount Studios in Hollywood, Los Angeles. The entire setting of Vermont was faked and the shooting was mostly completed in the studios. When the film was shot, most of the big-budget films were shot on the sets.

References : 49 interviews and posts 6 Videos.

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Other Interesting Facts About The Dancer

Her husband and children

Vera-Ellen has been married twice in her life, unfortunately both marriages ended in divorce. Her first marriage was to Robert Hightower, a fellow dancer. The couple tied the knot in 1941 and spent five years together before announcing their resignation in 1946. They had no children from their union.

Soon after their divorce, Ellen found love again, this time in the arms of millionaire Victor Rothschild. The dancer tied the knot with Victor in 1954 and they had a child named Victoria Ellen, born in 1963. Sadly, Victoria died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome three months after her birth. A few years later, Ellen and Victors relationship began to deteriorate, leading to a divorce in 1966.

Net value

Vera-Ellen has appeared in more than 30 films as well as Broadway productions. She made her fortune through her career as a dancer, actress, and other endeavors. Although her net worth before her death is not known, it is believed that she was worth millions of dollars.

Cause of death

Celebrities Who Have Struggled With Eating Disorders

Maddie is a writer who is certified in massage, aromatherapy, and health education. She has personally struggled with eating disorders.

Kate Winslet struggled with an eating disorder in her youth. Now she says, “I’m happy with the way I am. I’m naturally curvy. This is me, like it or lump it.”

Eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia are serious diseases that can be life-threatening. According to ANAD , eating disorders affect at least 9 percent of the world’s population and directly lead to about 10,200 deaths per year.

Much has been written about how the “thin ideal” has permeated our culture and media. Movie stars, musicians, and other celebrities are put under the microscope, their bodies constantly analyzed and discussed in magazines, on TV, and on social media. Body shaming is rampant, and the notion that being beautiful and worthwhile is tied to bodyweight trickles down from celebrity culture to the world at large. We look to celebrities as a model for how we ourselves should look.

If You Need Help

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Why Consider Treatment For An Eating Disorder

The longer eating disorders are left untreated, the higher the risk becomes that an individual will develop serious and sometimes irreversible health conditions. A person living with anorexia might highly limit how much they eat, which can result in heart problems, osteoporosis, kidney failure, muscle weakness, and other physical effects. Someone experiencing bulimia might force themselves to vomit frequently to purge their food, leading to electrolyte imbalances, gastric rupture, and damage to their esophagus. Additionally, the binging that is associated with both bulimia and binge-eating disorder can lead to high blood pressure, heart problems, and Type 2 diabetes. In severe cases, eating disorders can be fatal.

Several facilities within the Acadia Healthcare network have helped countless people recover from the despair and devastation of eating disorders. At Acadias eating disorder treatment facilities, individuals receive world-class care featuring comprehensive clinical and therapeutic services that are provided with unparalleled personalization and that are delivered with the utmost respect and dignity. When an individual enters an Acadia facility for the treatment of an eating disorder, they work in close collaboration with dedicated professionals to complete a customized course of treatment that is designed according to their unique strengths, needs, and treatment objectives.

Eating Disorder Treatment Options Offered At Our Facilities

Demi Lovato Opens Up About Overdose On ‘The Ellen Show’

Eating disorders can have a devastating impact on the lives of children, adolescents, adults, and seniors. Acadia Healthcares network of treatment facilities offers inpatient, residential, and outpatient care for individuals of all ages. If you or a loved one is living with an eating disorder, your path to recovery can begin at an Acadia facility.

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Where Are The Costumes From White Christmas

At the museum in Greenville you can see memorabilia from the permanent collection which usually resides at the Rosemary Clooney House Museum in Augusta, Kentucky. You can also see original costumes worn by Rosemary Clooney, Bing Crosby, Vera-Ellen and Danny Kaye, among other stars in White Christmas.

What Is The Cause Of Victoria Ellens Death

In the latter part of her life, after the loss of her baby Victoria Ellen in 1963, the actress decided to stay away from the limelight. Hence, she retired from acting and started living a solitary life, far away from the prying eyes of the media.

While her fans were curious to know what had happened to her, it was later discovered that she was suffering from ovarian cancer.

on the 30th day of August 1981. Her remains were buried at the Glen Haven Memorial Park located in Sylmar, California.

Top 3 Richest Actresses

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Straight Dope Message Board

Its that time of year when we watch White Christmas and cant take our eyes off Vera-Ellens impossibly tiny waist. Beautiful woman, great dancer.

Yes! I am distracted by how creepily small it is when I try to watch this movie.

Is that true? Did she have anorexia nervosa? While Im aware that every body type is seen with the disease, she really looks well muscled, well hydrated and marbled with fat in all the right places in those pictures, and she was a strong dancer – her waist is small because she waist trained with a corset, not because she was underweight or wasting.

This Movie Urban Legends site discusses her probable anorexia and her neck coverings. Theres no good evidence she had anything wrong with her neck for long periods and there are many pictures of her barenecked.

She was naturally skinny and had a skinny mother and grandmother from other things I read. And dancers have fantastically toned bodies. She was 54″ and probably under 100 pounds, maybe under 90 for some of her career. She might have corset-trained, too, or they could have just forced her into one for shooting.

That website cant even agree on her waist size .

She doesnt look anorexic. Her face is plump-cheeked, not sunken. Her legs are firm and full, not scrawny. Her chest doesnt look all bones and shoulders.

I agree, shes likely corset-trained.

And google turns up several pictures with her neck visible. No signs of scars or other problems. It just looks like style choice to me.

What Did Fred Astaire Died Of

Vera Ellen in Happy Go Lovely

LOS ANGELES _ Fred Astaire, who epitomized Hollywood elegance for 25 years dancing in top hat and tails with Ginger Rogers and other stars, died of pneumonia Monday in his wifes arms. He was 88. Astaire died at Century City Hospital at 4:25 a.m., his wife, Robyn, tearfully told reporters at a news conference.

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Vera Ellens Husband And Children

Vera-Ellen was married twice in her lifetime, unfortunately, both marriages ended in divorce. Her first marriage was to Robert Hightower, a fellow dancer.

The couple got hitched in 1941 and was together for five years before calling it quits in 1946. They didnt have any kids from their union.

Soon after their divorce, Ellen found love again, this time in the arms of a millionaire, Victor Rothschild. The dancer tied the knot with Victor in 1954 and they had one child named Victoria Ellen, born in 1963.

Sadly, Victoria died from sudden infant death syndrome three months after her birth. A few years later, Ellens relationship with Victor began to deteriorate, hence leading to a divorce in 1966.

The Last Days Of Vera

QUESTION: Many people say Vera-Ellen was a recluse in her final years, so people have no clue what Vera-Ellen was like when she got older. What was she like when you knew her?NURSE: I didn’t meet Vera until she was diagnosed with cancer a few months before she died. She was quiet and petite, and she had the most beautiful eyesQUESTION: There has been rumors that Vera-Ellen suffered from anorexia. Do you know if there is any truth of this?NURSE: When I was assigned to be her nurse, I got to look at her file. At the time, around 1981, she was not suffering from anorexia, but her medical history did mention she suffered from anorexia when she was younger.

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Height Waist And Body Measurements

Vera-Ellen was undeniably beautiful however, she was also notable for her slender neck and tiny waist line. Many had reported suffering from anorexia, an eating disorder characterized by low body weight and a thin appearance nevertheless, the speculations have not been confirmed. The actress/dancer stood at a height of 5ft 4in and weighed 48kg . Her body measurements were given as bust 35 inches, waist 23 inches, and hips 35 inches. Ellen wore a size 4 dress and a size 6 shoe.

Vera Ellen Fruit Diet 1957

Ellen Degeneres’ Wife Portia de Rossi on Eating Disorder with Amanda de Cadenet Interview


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    Fast Facts About Vera

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    How Did Vera

    A popular dancer as well as actress, who has shared a screen with the biggest stars in the golden era of Hollywood has died because of Cancer at Los Angeles Medical Center at the age of 55. She took her last breath on the 30th day of August 1981. Her remains were buried at the Glen Haven Memorial Park located in Sylmar, California.

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    Did Vera

    A popular musical actress Vera-Ellen had to cover her neck all the time while shooting or filming White Christmas because her neck was ravaged by the effects of anorexia. Anorexia is a type of mental illness that pertains a distorted view of how skinny people have different effects and most specifically, physical problems of having their body waste due to their belief that they are looking fat.

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