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Does Kate Middleton Have An Eating Disorder

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The Tabloids On Kate Middletons Weight

Kate Middleton suffering from eating disorder, losing weight because of Meghan Markle: Rumor

For years, the tabloids have been obsessed with Middletons weight. At the beginning of this year, In contact repeated this report, stating that Middleton weighed a staggering 97 pounds. Later Lifestyle reported that both William and the queen were concerned that Middleton was too thin. And then him Balloon supposedly Middleton was pregnant other weighed 97 pounds. Obviously, the tabloids have a fixation on the Duchesss weight and cannot be trusted to report accurately on the matter.

Does The Report Reveal The Real Reason For Kate Middletons Dramatic Weight Loss

Twelve months ago star informed readers that fears had accumulated about Kate Middletons health. Middleton has always had a slim figure, but the tabloid insisted it was down to about 95 skeletal pounds. According to the report, Prince William was scared that Kate would stagger under the pressure of real life. One source added that William is especially terrified since he learned of his mother Princess Dianas battle with bulimia. The source explained that an eating disorder could very well be related to be thin as a stick.

But the source said the move of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to the United States exponentially increased Middletons stress. Kates workload is double what it used to be, confided the insider. And with the addition of the responsibility of homeschooling George and Charlotte, both William and Middleton had struggled. Apparently, William sought guidance from both the queen and her father. The tabloid was sure to mention that William is not a doctor but will seek medical intervention if things get worse.

Princess Kate Cracking Under Pressure

In its cover story, Life & Style reports that Middleton has an eating disorder. As she and Prince William celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary, the couple is reportedly secretly struggling. A source says, Kates so busy and overwhelmed that she picks at her food and rarely finishes a meal.

Friends of Middleton have been concerned about her weight for years because not eating is her method for controlling anxiety. An insider says, No one is more worried than William for his wifes weight. Shes gone from around 130 or 135 pounds down to around 110 or 115 pounds.

The blame lays at the feet of Meghan Markle. A source says, Since Harry and Meghan went out of their way to destroy the royal familys good name Kates been under an enormous amount of pressure to help save the monarchy, and the cracks are starting to show. The death of Prince Philip only pushed Middleton further over the edge.

The ensuing funeral, which included a reunion with Prince Harry, left Middleton even more exhausted. A source says, She hasnt had a break since the funeral, and everyones been too busy to help Middleton out. Prince William has now reportedly hired a therapist to help her talk through her issues.

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Tyra Banks Is Tyrant On ‘dwts’

According to the Globe, Tyra Banks runs DWTS like a sweatshop when the cameras arent rolling. The paper suggests the staffers and the contestants are sneering over the models hop-to-it attitude. The shows tone is changing and Tyras hard-nosed, no-nonsense personality is right in the middle of things, a source spills to the Globe. The insider adds Banks is not only the host but also the executive producer of DWTS and takes the title seriously. Even with all the ego, Tyra wants it to run like a military operation, which was how she did things on Americas Next Top Model, the Globes source purports.

Are Prince Williams Drinking Habits Causing Kate Middleton To Lose Weight

Kate Middletonâs Weight Drops To A Shocking 89 Pounds

First, In contact He tried to claim that Kate Middleton dropped to 97 pounds amid the drama in the royal family. Specifically, the tabloid reported that Prince William was struggling to cope with a lot of anger and pain, leading him to drink more. Apparently, Prince Williams emotional distress was due to his power struggle with his father over who will be the next king.

According to the tabloid, all this royal family drama caused Middleton to lose an inordinate amount of weight. Gossipy cop he debunked the narrative with simple logic. The tabloid would have no way of knowing Middletons exact weight. It is clear that the magazine was obsessed with the figure of Middleton to shame her, without worrying about her health.

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Kate Middletons Exercise Routine

While we dont have a lotof pictures of Kate Middleton working out, we do know that fitness is important to Englands future Queen. Kate used to play a lot of sports when she was younger, and she still finds the time to squeeze in a workout in her busy royal schedule.

Her gym routine includes cardio, interval training, bodyweight exercises, rowing and cycling, and yoga. After giving birth, Middleton followed the Busy Mums Fitness postnatal fitness program to shed the baby weight.

Oh, and another thing that keeps her fit? Running around and playing with her three young children!

Is Kate Middleton Really An Ectomorph

There is no denying that all of the Middletons have a thin frameand could be characterized as having lean and lengthy limbs. Taking that intoaccount, it is possible that Middleton is an ectomorph.

After all three of her pregnancies, Middleton lost her baby weight incredibly fast. She also has had no trouble keeping the weight off, which could be chalked up to her body type.

A post shared by Kensington Palace on Oct 17, 2019 at 9:06am PDT

Unlike people who suffer from eating disorders, Middletons facedoes not appear gaunt. She also has some muscle and looks like she is healthy.

That would not be the case if Middleton was battling an eatingdisorder, such as anorexia. Unfortunately, there is no way of telling ifMiddleton truly is an ectomorph or not, but it is certainly a compellingtheory.

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The Truth Behind Derek’s Relationship With Tyra

Gossip Cop, however, is debunking this phony premise. Despite what the Globe is contending, Derek Hough doesnt have any issues with Tyra Banks or how she hosts DWTS. A rep for the dancer dismissed the rumor and added Hough had nothing but a lovely relationship with Tyra since way before DWTS. Recently, Hough complimented Banks and gave her dancing tips during his appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

As for Banks running Dancing With The Stars like a sweatshop, that is also a bogus rumor. The host that despite some of the criticism shes received for replacing Tom Bergeron, shes not looking to be “perfect.”

Hours Ago The Latest Season Of Dancing With The Stars Changed A Few Things That Fans Of The Show Probably Werent Expecting In Addition To The Virtual Audience Due To The Coronavirus Pandemic The Competition Also Added A New Host Tyra Banks Yet A Tabloid States One Person Who Isnt Happy With The Supermodels Hosting Abilities Are Fan

Kate Middleton suffering from eating disorder, losing weight while pregnant with 4th baby: Rumor

The latest season of Dancing with the Stars changed a few things that fans of the show probably werent expecting. In addition to the virtual audience due to the coronavirus pandemic, the competition also added a new host, Tyra Banks. Yet, a tabloid states one person who isnt happy with the supermodels hosting abilities are fan-favorite dancer, Derek Hough. Here is what Gossip Cop has learned about the rumor.

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Derek Hough Is Not Having It

The paper further reveals Derek Hough is not pleased with the way Banks runs the dance competition and is huffing with displeasure. The insider tattles that while Banks got the judges and pros up in arms over her demeanor, Hough is particularly riled up after the model told him to speed it up when critiquing the dancers. The way Tyra makes her entrance on stage like shes the belle of the ball has many rolling their eyes, the informant says. Yet, the insider notes that the network seems to love Banks, and regardless of her attitude has no plans of getting rid of her.

Not A Day Goes By Without The Body Of Kate Or Pippa Middleton Being Scrutinised In The Media However For Once This Obsession Seems To Be Spreading Good News

Kate Middleton is a beautiful, intelligent and delightful young woman, yet ever since she was cast into the public eye it has been her dress size and waist measurements that have been making the headlines, and when she started getting thinner before her big day it wasnt long before the eating disorders and comparison to Lady Diana were unhelpfully thrown in her direction.

Well, we are very pleased to report that although the obsession with The Duchess of Cambridges figure has not died down, she has reportedly put on weight and has gone from a very small size six to a more healthy size eight.

Prince William is reportedly delighted that his wife is more of a healthy weight. It has of course excited the public and media discussing preparation for pregnancy, Kate has even reportedly been reading up on getting healthy before trying for a baby. We can but speculate, but what is indeed clear is that she is obviously taking her role as a wife, possibly a future mother, and as a role model very seriously.

What is saddening is most of the media sources that throw around speculation of ‘eating disorders‘ know nothing of the damage these reports can do. Not just to the individual the report is based upon, but for perpetuating myths and half-facts surrounding the disorders. None of the reports point anyone in the direction of help or indeed seem in anyway concerned with the implications of spreading such rumour.

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Who Is Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton is the current Duchess of Cambridge and a potential future Queen of England. She is married to Prince William, who is second in line to the throne. Middleton is also the mum of Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, who are third to fifth in line respectively.

As the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate spends most of her time appearing at official royal events or doing charity work. She is also considered a style icon and positive role model for young women – as well as being one of the most “relatable” royals.;

Kate Middleton is undeniably one of the most-watched women in the world.

Prince William Was Afraid Of Kate Middletons Dramatic Weight Loss

Kate Middletonâs Weight Drops To A Shocking 89 Pounds

Is Prince William concerned Kate Middleton after noticing that he has lost a few pounds? This time last year, a tabloid claimed that William was horrified that he had developed an eating disorder, like his mother, Princess Diana. We will check back with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

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Trolls Dub Duchess Of Cambridge Kate Wrinkleton And Say Royal Life Has Taken Its Toll While Others Defend Her

One troll even said the 36-year-old mum-of-three needed a ‘little Botox’ to sort ‘those deep lines’

  • 17:52, 4 Dec 2018

KATE Middleton has been subjected to cruel comments from online trolls who claim that Royal duties have taken its toll on her appearance.

The Duchess of Cambridge stepped out with her husband Prince William today as the two hosted a Christmas party for RAF families at their Kensington Palace home.

Kate, 36, looked sensational in a £1450 statement plaid skirt by Emilia Wickstead which she paired with a black cashmere cardigan.

However, online trolls have now dubbed the Royal mother-of-three “Kate Wrinkleton”.

Dissecting the Duchess’ appearance online, the troll wrote: “She looks so much older than she is. Lots of wrinkles.”

Meanwhile, another simply asked: “Why is she so wrinkly?”

Acknowledging the Duchess’ age, another added: “She needs a little Botox on those deep lines…”

Meanwhile, others have criticised Kate’s suitably festive tartan skirt which she wore for the Christmas party.

While one troll said the Emilia Wickstead design was “perfect for a woman in her fifties, not so much much for a woman in her thirties.”

After laying into Kate’s so-called wrinkles, another simply wrote: “Outfit is far too boring and far too old for her.”

Taking to to criticise the Duchess of Cambridge’s appearance, one user wrote: “Kate looks older than her age. Very old like over 55.”

However, not everyone has been so critical of the Duchess’ appearance this afternoon.

What Does Kate Middleton Snack On

The Duchess is known to favour healthy snacks should she feel peckish between meals, such as raw fruit and vegetables such as goji berries.

Like many of us, however, Kate loves a treat too and has been spotted enjoying popcorn in the past.;During the royal tour of Canada and the USA in 2014, Prince William and Kate attended a basketball game in New York where the pair were spotted tucking into a bucket of popcorn together.

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She Gets Mad At Prince William Sometimes

Last year, Prince William cut loose on holiday in the Swiss Alps with a bunch of buddies. It was a ski trip where people partied and got some fresh air on the slopes. Unfortunately, during the “guy’s getaway”, William was photographed with a blonde model from Australia. Her name is Sophie Taylor. Prince William’s arm was around her in one photo.

While it probably meant nothing, and the model says it didn’t mean anything, the press went nuts and Kate reportedly let it slip to her inner circle that she wasn’t too happy. He was also caught dancing with the model and another pretty female during the same trip.

The problem is that some people who were in the same nightclub as William and his buddies filmed the royal posse secretly. These sneaky videographers probably saw dollar signs when they spied William grabbing the blonde’s hat to flirt with her. Did they sell their footage for big bucks?

No wife wants to see photos and video of her husband doing that. It’s just not nice. Kate does get mad at William sometimes and this was surely one of those times. A Vanity Fair story indicated that Kate was “less than pleased” with the whole skip trip fiasco.

Prince William Terrified Over Kate Middletons Dramatic Weight Loss

Kate Middleton’s Extreme Diet

Is it? Prince WilliamAre you worried? Kate Middleton after noticing shes shed some pounds? William, according to a tabloid, was worried that she might have an eating disorder just like his mother. Princess Diana. Were checking back in on the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

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However Things Quickly Went Downhill After I Tried Green Juice

Like her sister-in-law Meghan Markle, Middleton is a fan of the green-juice trend, according to the Mail Online.

Halfway through the week, I paid a visit to my local Pret for a £4 Super Greens juice, which included a blend of cucumber, avocado, baby spinach, ginger, and apple juice.

Unlike the royals, who often favor the drink as a breakfast option, I chose to have mine after my oatmeal and let me tell you, I’m certainly glad this wasn’t my only breakfast.

Look, I know green juice is supposed to come with a multitude of health benefits, but I couldn’t even finish half of the drink I had in my hand, never mind one every day for half of the week.

Familiar Fears For Kate Middleton

In July of last year, this exact tabloid claimed that Kate Middleton was getting too thin, leaving Prince William worried. That story was just updated to capitalize on the death of Prince Philip and push blame on Meghan Markle. Middletons weight is not Markles responsibility, and theres no need to bring Middletons body into the conversation in the first place.

Gossip Cop is sickened by this story. A rep for Middleton denies that Middleton is in crisis. This storys heart is in the wrong place, for it seeks to make Middletons body a matter of public dispute. She and Prince William shared some cute photos for their anniversary, and, well, she looks exactly like youd expect Kate Middleton to look.

Middletons always had a slender figure, so theres really no reason for this story to exist. Unlike this tabloid, Gossip Cop isnt going to pretend to know what Middletons coping mechanisms are when dealing with stress. We do know that tabloids love to critique womens bodies for being too small or too large. This is a tired trope from a tired tabloid.

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Kate Middleton Diet: This Is What The Duchess Of Cambridge Eats In A Day

  • Kate Middleton has managed to maintain a slim figure despite having three kids
  • The Duchess of Cambridge adheres to a relatively strict healthy eating;regime
  • Kate doesn’t sacrifice;flavor, though, and regularly indulges in desserts and such

Kate Middleton has managed to maintain a stunning figure through three pregnancies, snapping back to her pre-baby weight in record time.

Unlike Pippa Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge isnt big on exercise. She does, however, adhere to a strict diet that includes raw foods, high protein, minimal carbohydrates, and the occasional dessert.

In addition to Kates personal food restrictions, shes barred from eating certain things as part of the Royal family. She doesnt let that keep her from being an adventurous eater, though.

Kate Middleton maintains a slim figure by sticking to a strict food regimen, but makes sure to make room for dessert whenever she chooses

So, what does Kate Middleton eat in a day? Check it out.

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