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Is The Sound Of Silence About Depression

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Ptsd In Nursing Is More Common Than Most Think

The Sound of Silence – Official Trailer I HD I IFC Films

Nurses face immeasurable exposure to traumatic events in their roles as first responders and caregivers to the communities we serve. Those who work in specialty areas such as the emergency department , intensive care , mental health services, and trauma are at particular risk for bearing witness to the human atrocities that can shake the psychological foundation of any person.

With care and compassion acting as the core of nursing fundamentals, who cares for the caregiver when the strain of trauma is too overwhelming? â

Sadly, nurses themselves are failing to recognize the illness in themselves and seek treatment.â

For many years in American history, the concept and diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder was reserved for those brave men who witnessed the horrific shock of war. Historians point as far back to 1597 to Shakespearean plays where symptoms of traumatic experiences are described. Even Civil War nurse Walt Whitman describes terrifying nightmares and flashbacks of the war in many of his mid-1800 writings. â

For men who directly experienced war, the symptoms were described as exhaustion, shellshock, combat fatigue, and âsoldierâs heart.â It was not until the 1960s that researchers began studying the effects of trauma on the civilian population, and it wasnât until the late 1970s that the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Health Disorders included PTSD as a valid diagnosis.

Facts About The Sound Of Silence

This is the song which helped Simon & Garfunkel get signed to Columbia Records in the early 1960s.

The Sound of Silence was produced by Tom Wilson. He played a very important role in the track blowing up as it was a remix he initiated in 1965, without the knowledge of Simon & Garfunkel, which proved to be more successful than the original.

And blow up it did, topping both the Billboard Hot 100 and US Cash Box Top 100, as well as music charts in Japan and South Africa. An interesting fact to note is that it actually topped the Billboard Hot 100 on 1 January , 1966. And worldwide, it charted in almost 15 nations, including being certified Gold in the following countries:

  • United States

Ptsd In Nursing What Can Be Done

Nurses experiencing PTSD need an environment where they feel heard and understood by their peers and leadership. Unfortunately, many nurses believe their suffering is prolonged when nurse managers fail to recognize PTSD and donât provide support beyond the Employee Assistance Program referral. This can often result in alternative means of coping, sometimes taking the form of drug addiction.

Yet, most EAP clinicians arenât trained to recognize and treat trauma. According to Pearson, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing andBrainspotting are the gold standards for helping those suffering from PTSD process the trauma and begin to heal. If nurses suspect they have PTSD, they should seek clinicians trained in trauma therapy.

One nurse, who wished to remain anonymous, stated that, in spite of numerous traumatic births in her Midwest labor and delivery unit, peers and managers advised her to “stop talking about it.” She sought treatment from a psychiatrist and, in spite of therapy and medication, still had a challenging recovery and eventually left the specialty as she continued to have fear and anxiety during routine births: â

ââI chose to embrace this as an opportunity to bring about positive change, not only for myself but for the profession. My Master’s Degree research project became focused on this area: âBurnout, Compassion Fatigue and Vicarious Trauma among Obstetric Nurses.ââ


You can find our complete list of mental health resources here.

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Could Low Frequency Noise Help Sufferers Of Depression

Clinical depression has the symptoms of fear, anxiety, stress, frustration, despair, guilt, exhaustion, pain and anxiety. Many times is the road to suicide. Depression is a huge threat to human health. Every person has time lapses with depression. But how can we cure us, definitively? This is the question that matters.

Depression is linked to the lack of certain neurotransmitters, which produce dopamine, serotonin and noradrenaline. With a special type of sound therapy, we can activate the neurons and some parts of the brain, which affect the disease. For example, if we increase the dopamine and serotonin production, we should also increase the feeling of happiness. But this is not the final stage. In depression, the synapses of the neurons are not firing correctly, meaning that electromagnetic pulses are not passed through the transmitters systematically, and the neurochemicals are out of balance. If we proceed, systematically, for the goal of the absolute balance, we will face this problem.

Experiments With Oral History Archive Data

Disturbed Sound of Silence Depression Video

In order to test the quality of various collections, as well as if the language, culture, and the traumatic eventsâ nature and date have a measurable effect on breathing patterns, we have collected short clips from survivor testimonials. We sampled different languages , and different mass-traumas . In the first phase of the project, a total of eighteen clips from nine survivors were manually annotated for âspeakingâ, âsilenceâ, âbreathingâ, âlip noiseâ, âother people speakingâ classes. For each survivor, we selected a ânormalâ speech and a more âemotionalâ speech segment, where the subject describes events or feelings related to the traumatic experience. For some survivors, the date of the events was decades ago , for some, the memories were fresh . Each speech segment is annotated to extract the time span of speech, silence, and breathing periods.

Visualization of breath , silence , speech patterns

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Finding The Best Way To Express Yourself

You will try and fail many times in life. With depression lurking in the background, its even harder to stay committed to just about anything. I mentioned earlier that I love creating content and sharing parts of my life, but evidently, a podcast is not the way to do that as it triggers internal conflict.

Years ago I attempted to start a YouTube channel only to realize that depression makes me hate looking at my face through a high-def 4K screen. Fail. My teeth look yellow. I have a double chin. My eyebrows are uneven. Holy fuck, is that another pimple?

Last week I attempted the podcast. Since its not a visual platform, I should have no insecurities, right? Cue depression making me hate the sound of my voice. I cant win! No matter how many avenues I tried, depression eliminated any and all sense of pride in my content creation.

Alas, I went back to my tried and true method of journalism after a period of self-reflection. Journalism always bodes well for me because I cant see or hear myself. Depression hasnt altered the way I read or writenot yet, at least. Who knows what superpowers it might take on next.

Types Of Silence Depression Can Bring

Depression brings with it so much silence, and it drowns out everything else.

First, there is the silence around me as I seclude myself. My depression takes my energy to get up. It tells me no one wants me around, so there I sit, alone, in silence while my mind is screaming at me. Every insult I can think about myself being hurled at me as fast as I can think of them. Everything I have ever done wrong flashing in my mind, so fresh, just like it happened yesterday. That silence is slowly driving me further into the abyss that is depression.

Second, there is the silence of the world around me as it continues to go on like nothing is happening. The world around me is falling into a million pieces and yet it goes on like normal for everyone else. I dont expect the world to stop for me, but it becomes unbearable watching everyone move on with their lives as I sit there stuck in this depression. The silence grows louder. My mind becomes even more active with self-loathing.

My challenge to you today is to finally break that silence. Scream if you have to! Get it out! Tell someone, I dont care if its a friend, family member or a therapist. Just make a step to end the silence for good.

This story originally appeared on OurMentalIllness.org.

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Blindness And Art Garfunkels Friendship

Some months later I was at a baseball game and suddenly my eyes became cloudy and my vision became unhinged. Shortly after that darkness descended. The doctors said it was conjunctivitis, assuring it would pass. However, days later Sandy went blind and they realised that glaucoma had destroyed his optic nerves.

Sandy was from a Jewish immigrants in Buffalo, New York, son of a rag-and-bone man. They had no money to help him. So he had to quit college and gave up his dream of becoming a lawyer. In addition he plunged into depression.

I wouldnt see anyone, I just refused to talk to anybody. And then unexpectedly Arthur flew in, saying he had to talk to me. He said, Youre gonna come back, arent you?I said,: No. Theres no conceivable way. He was pretty insistent, and finally said, Look, I dont think you get it. I need you back there. Thats the pact we made together: we would be there for the other in times of crises. I will help you.

Silence Can Encourage Mindfulness

THE SOUND OF SILENCE Trailer (2019) Drama Movie

When youre silent, you have an invitation to sit with the present moment.

While you may feel an impulse to fill the space with an activity, a conversation, or some music, you can consciously choose to stay with the silence.

This allows the thoughts to settle and the body to return to a parasympathetic state.

We cant necessarily escape the world in a Cone of Silence, Get Smart-style. But with a bit of intention, we can bring more stillness into our everyday lives.

Try these methods of turning down the noise:

  • Make your vehicle a noise-free zone.
  • Reduce background noise.
  • Start your day before the rest of the house wakes up.
  • Start with small, incremental changes.

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The Beatles And The British Invasion

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“They were doing things nobody was doing. Their chords were outrageous, just outrageous, and their harmonies made it all valid. You could only do that with other musicians. Even if you’re playing your own chords you had to have other people playing with you. That was obvious. And it started me thinking about other people.”

Bob Dylan reflecting on how the Beatles influenced his decision to record with an electric backing band

Beginning in 1964 and lasting until roughly 1966, a wave of British groups, including , , , , , and amongst others, dominated the U.S. music charts. These groups were all heavily influenced by American , , and musical genres they had been introduced to via homegrown British rock ‘n’ roll singers, imported American , and the music of the craze. These UK groups, known collectively as the , reintroduced American youth culture to the broad potential of rock and as a creative medium and to the wealth of musical culture to be found within the United States.

The use of folk influences in the Beatles’ music became even more explicit during 1965, with the release of “”.
Problems playing these files? See .

Electric Twelve-String Guitar in Folk Music

Ron Elliott of The Beau Brummels on the origins of the band’s folk-flavored sound

Song Warns Against Dangers Of Social Isolationism

And in that regard it has been theorized that Simon & Garfunkel are issuing a warning against the threat of mas mid-20th century social isolationism. In other words, a form of media which may have been deemed as propagating introversive behavior back in those days was the television. And as such, it is feasible that the neon light referred to in this song is in fact an allusion to a television set or something of the sort.

This is perhaps made most evident in the final verse, in which the narrator states that people bowed and prayed to the neon god they made. As evident in this statement the lyrics of this song are in fact metaphorical, for there is nothing like a common idea of people worshiping a neon god.

As such, the bowing and praying referenced is not meant to be taken literally but are rather intended to point to another idea. And that idea could very much be based on individuals being enraptured by a television set. And as we all know, behaving in a such a manner tends to minimize interpersonal communication.

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The Sound Of Silence By Paul Simon: Summary And Critical Analysis

Paul Simon

In his restless dreams he walked alone in the narrow stresses under the light of a street lamp. When he turned his collar, a flash of neon light would dazzle him. The light would make the scene as if it had been in the daylight and explain the meaning of silence. In the light he would see more than ten thousand people. They were not using the voice, but they were expressing thoughts as if by words. They were not giving attention in hearing, but they were receiving sounds with the ears. They were writing songs although nobody was singing them. And no one had the courage to break the silence.

The speaker in his dream told the people fools and said that silence grows like a cancer. He asked them to hear his advice and to hold their arms, but his words were like silent raindrops and had no effect on them. Instead of listening to the speaker, the people were worshipping the neon God they made. The neon light said that they had to follow the commands of the producers, who had advertised their products by painting on the walls of the subway and large buildings. The light showed these things without using a voice.

Does The Sound Of Silence Criticize Introversive Behavior

Sounds of Silence

Ultimately as touched upon earlier, this song is not a critique of introversive behavior in and of itself. Rather what it is ultimately dealing with is how the people prefer this manner of living. Or stated differently, they dont want anyone disturbing the sound of silence. So even though their ability to effectively communicate with each other is being negatively affected by it, it is obvious that the sound of silence is still something which they enjoy.

As such Simon & Garfunkel view themselves as prophets, if you will, who are tasked with enlightening the masses as to what is actually going on. But once again the sound of silence is what they prefer. And as such, the vocalists and likeminded people are basically regulated to keeping their prophecies on the downlow.

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The 1960s Hit By Simon & Garfunkel Conveys A Powerful Warning Against The Dangers Of Indifference Which Still Comes In Handy Today

Ever feel distressed and alienated by the shallowness of the social environment we live in, to the point of feeling unable to get in touch with others, or even with your own sensations? If so, Simon & Garfunkels The Sound of Silence might be the song for you.You probably already know this tune, and enjoy its relaxing, soothing rhythm, but it is plausible that you have never taken the time to fully unpack and internalize its profound meaning. In this article I will try to do just that, along with analyzing why this song can be read as an extremely powerful social statement.

The Sound of Silence has a very peculiar history. It was written by then 21-year-old Paul Simon and included in the duos 1964 debut album, called Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M.. The work was a sales failure, which led the two friends to split their ways: Garfunkel went back to college, Simon left for England to pursue a solo career.But producer Tom Wilson did not give up on the tune and decided to rearrange the music: he added drums and electric guitars to the original acoustic version, thus obtaining the song as we know it today. The republished single was an overnight sensation, skyrocketing to the top spots of the sales charts and reaching 1 in the Billboard Hot 100 by January 1966. The unexpected success led to Simon and Garfunkels reunion, resuming a partnership which would gift us with other wonderful songs, such as Mrs. Robinson, The Boxer and Bridge Over Troubled Water.

How To Apply Exposure Therapy For Noise At Home

If you would like to attempt to implement exposure therapy for noise at home, you can follow the steps below:

  • Figure out what sound youre most sensitive to especially the one that you want to be less sensitive to over time.
  • Make a recording of the noise.
  • Sit in a place where youre comfortable, and just think of the noise initially. Practice relaxation techniques if you notice your anxiety level rising.
  • Once you are able to tolerate imagining the sound, follow the same procedure while listen to a recording of the noise. At first, you will likely experience intense anxiety. For this reason, it is important to be prepared to implement relaxation techniques. The recording is going to bother you a great deal.
  • While youre listening, do something that relaxes you, for instance, meditation or deep breathing. There are plenty of techniques you may use to calm your body so that your anxiety symptoms feel easier to tolerate.
  • Gradually increase the length of time over which you expose yourself to the sound. Eventually, youll find that the sound causes a lower level of distress than previously.
  • To truly master exposure therapy, you may wish to repeat these exercises in progressively less calming environments. Thus, you may fully extinguish the negative response to the trigger.
  • These exercises will help you to build tolerance for the sound and decrease your hypersensitivity.

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