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What Is The Most Depressed Zodiac Sign

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Zodiac Signs That Suffer From Depression

These 4 Zodiac Signs are PRONE to DEPRESSION

Depression is a common problem that most of us face. Few last for long while some can recover it early. Some are fortunate that they do not have any space to allow depression or anxiety to rule over their minds. But all are not capable to be strong to keep their sadness and losses to stay away from their life.

The major problems are faced by the following they are:

The Saddest Zodiac Signs That Are Most Likely To Be Depressed

Knowing life is hard means you know what you have to deal with, as opposed to thinking it’s all sunshine and roses all the time.

And though our horoscope can help set our minds at ease, when you’re one of the most depressed zodiac signs in astrology, it seems like there’s no upside.

The causes of depression differ depending on the person, but the difficulties we come across affect us in certain ways. For instance, for one person the idea of staying home and doing nothing might be considered the worst thing they could possibly do, whereas another might treasure that solitary life.

Astrology is very telling when it comes to our individual depression triggers, as well as which zodiac signs suffer the most.

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Some people really don’t care and let negativity roll off their backs, while others nurture and feed their depression with more negativity and depression. But all of us feel blue at times, and there are always going to be those buttons that, when pushed, get us down.

The Saddest Signs Of The Zodiac Are Likely To Be Depressed

And even if our horoscope helps us reassure us again, when youre one of the most depressed zodiac signs in astrology, there seems to be nothing good.

The causes of grief vary with each person, but the difficulties we face affect us in several ways. For example, for one person, the thought of staying home and doing nothing may be considered the worst thing they can do, while another may appreciate that miserable life.

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Astrology is very exposed when it comes to individual triggers of sadness, as well as the zodiac signs that are most difficult.

Some people are really indifferent and let negativity wash over them, while others nurture and feed their depression with more negativity and depression. But we all get sad sometimes, and there are always buttons that, when pushed, bring us down.

These are the depressed signs of the zodiac, ordered from highest to lowest depression, and are the causes of these feelings of sadness in each.

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Leo: July 23rd August 22nd

Leo, you were basically born to be a total freak in the bedroom. We dont want to straight-up say that of all the zodiac signs, youre one of the best lovers. You possess so many qualities that make you a great lover. The first being your passion for everything in life. You get the job done, however you need to get it done. If youre working on a project and you have to pull an all-nighter, fine. And, youre the same way with love-making. Youll do whatever you have to do to, get the job done. Youre also generous, so clearly your partner enjoys that side of you. Although youre a bit self-centred, and You love taking centre stage and having all the attention even in the bedroom.

These Are The 3 Saddest Zodiac Signs

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Cancers can get sad quickly. They are offended more quickly than others, take things more to heart, feel hurt more often. But cancer also becomes sad when it’s not even about itself. He does everything for his loved ones. Cancer is valued by its family and friends for its responsible, helpful, and caring streak. However, his “helper syndrome” means that he is constantly worried about his loved ones. This zodiac sign is so emotionally connected to those around them that they suffer when they are not well.


Pisces quickly feel insecure when criticized. They take everything very personally and it makes them sad when other people get the wrong picture of them. Even a small amount of negative feedback could cause them to fall back into their unstable pattern and burst into tears. Pisces always manage to fight their way out of this sentimental phase, such recurring sadness can, however, be a real challenge for those born under the zodiac sign Pisces.


Aquarians are free spirits. They want to achieve great things and implement their plans as quickly as possible. They concentrate fully on their projects, appear determined to others, but also cool and distant. In their zest for action, however, it can happen that they also forget their friends and family. A circumstance that could lead to Aquarians becoming a bit lonely. Their aloof manner and lack of social contacts make these zodiac signs sad in the long term.

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The Saddest Zodiac Signs

This article will take a look at those zodiac signs that tend to get depressed the most. It will also discuss what traits or characteristics these signs have which makes them more prone to the blues. The article will introduce each of these zodiac signs in detail as well to the audience.

Scorpio: Adult Temper Tantrums Are A Thing

It shouldnt come as a shock that Scorpio is ranked dead last on a list about emotional stability across the zodiac! Out of the water signs, Cancer may be the kindest and Pisces the most sensitive, but Scorpio is the most volatile, no contest. Heres why Scorpio has snagged the final spot on this list. Its not just the fact that theyre emotionally unstable. Its because no matter what theyre going through, they have to let EVERYONE around them know it. While Cancer might cry quietly in their room or Pisces may choose to let out their frustration on a canvas or a blank sheet of paper, Scorpio will tell anyone who will listen exactly how theyre feeling. And if this means throwing an adult temper tantrum in public, then so be it. If youre around a Scorpio, youll know exactly how they are feeling at all times, minute to minute.

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Pisces: February 19th March 20th

Pisces, your intuitive nature can make the bedroom an easy place for you to connect with others. You may sometimes just feel like you know what your partner wants, and this is because of that deep wisdom you possess. You also possess an occasional desire to escape reality, and thats because the world can sometimes be too harsh a place for that sweet soul of yours. This desire for escapism can result in you spending hours and hours and hours in a bedroom with a lover. In fact, you may even spend Days in the bedroom with your partner, Youll forget the rest of the world exists, other than you, your partner and the bed.

The Most Depressed Zodiac Signs

the most depressed zodiac signs

Ive had enough depression myself and certainly have handled it in a huge selection of cases with my clientele. I do think some general suggestions about an astrological basis may indeed be helpful. At least, itll give you some ideas to take into account if in fact you do experience occasional or even chronic blues.


The Ram is seldom depressed unless other forces are at work. I have seen Aries who are offspring of parents who overly-cautioned them. This can be very serious because the Aries has been taught never to trust their instincts. Therefore , it becomes hard for them to speak to their fire. Aries are not to be cautioned. They thirst for activity and adventure. The cure for Aries would be to get more active and obtain into more adventures where they can challenge themselves. Adrenalin junkies. Usually, they dont have to contend with depression too much though as is true with all fire signs.


Taurus is an unusual sign because they are fixed and earth. In general, Taureans have ONE mood steady-as-she-goes. Frequently possessing an even temperament, this sign hovers just above the level of depression. Its a hard sign to get excited. Fixed signs are just as described. If they do get depressed, Ive few answers for them. Usually, the simplest way out is a good meal, a bath, something tactile. Taureans really know how to feast the senses and are very sensual. Usually they dont get too depressed but stick to a nice even keel.





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Taurus: Calm No Matter What

Coming in second place behind Capricorn is Taurus, an earth sign which also manages to stay incredibly calm no matter what life throws at them. Out of all the earth signs, Taurus feels the strongest connection to the earth itself. This is a big reason for their emotional stability. Simply put, they like to spend a lot of time getting in touch with nature rather than staring at screens, watching TV, or scrolling through social media. By staying out of the competition to see who can make themselves look better, Taurus automatically eliminates a huge source of stress from their lives, while the rest of us get sucked into the game! They stay calm because they are masters at prioritizing what is and isnt important. They simply eliminate all of the unnecessary sources of stress that society can try to force on us, and they are always better off for it.

Gemini: Better With Time

Seeing Gemini in the middle of this list rather than near the bottom might come as a surprise to some people, but clearly, those people have never gotten to know a Gemini on a deeper level. Heres the funny thing about Geminis: yes, they can flip flop like crazy when it comes to their emotions because they have two different sides to their personality. Young Geminis can be an absolute nightmare when it comes to riding that emotional rollercoaster . But as Geminis get older, they learn how to focus on the calmer, more stable side of their personality in favor of the more volatile side! Once they become more mature, Geminis can learn to prioritize staying calm and stable over going wild and make a conscious choice to control their emotions to make their lives easier.

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/13health Problems You’re Most Likely To Have As Per Astrology

This column has been written by Astrologer Vashnavy Sunil Joshi.

If you tend to identify yourself based on your zodiac sign, discovering things about your potential health risks can help you be aware as well.

Of course, no diagnosis or prediction can be made for someone’s health based on when in the year they were born. Exploring your sign’s relationship to physical and mental health is more of an exercise on taking care of yourself based on your personality, if you’re interested. Seeing how the threads in your life connect, from interpersonal interactions, to workplace habits, to the doctor’s office, is important for everyone. And astrology can give you a fun little peek into that world of interconnectivity.

Capricorn: Be Someone They Can Relax And Have Fun With

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Capricorn always feels burdened by duty and responsibilities. When they are sad, they tend to punish themselves with more of that. To help them out, get them out of such a situation and let them unwind. Dont be someone who needs taking care of. Be their island, someone who is like a vacation to them.

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Water Signs: The Most Sensitive

And weve made it down to the least emotionally stable signs of the zodiac: the water signs. Oh, man, if youre close with any water signs, you know exactly why theyve earned the last few spots on this list. These signs are the most sensitive of the zodiac, and this is an aspect of their personalities that will simply never change. This sensitivity makes them who they are. Because water signs are often very emotionally unstable, they are the most susceptible to physical symptoms of stress like headaches, stomach aches, exhaustion, or even mild illness brought on by nerves. They also have to be careful that they find a good support system if they feel that they might be struggling with depression or anxiety. However, these signs also make great counselors, therapists, and artists because they understand the depths of human emotion in a way that no other signs can.

Most Depressing Zodiac Signs

According to astrologers, there are certain celestial bodies that can invoke depression such as the moon, Saturn, Neptune, pluto, Cheron, Lilith, and Ceres.

The signs themselves are not prone to depression but certain astrological placements during the birth of an individual can cause them to be more vulnerable to depression.

The signs that rank first 6 on the list are

  • Pisces
  • Gemini
  • Taurus

The severity of depression also depends on what house the planet falls in, sometimes it can lead to suicide.

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Libra: Masters Of Balance

There is a reason that Libra is the sign represented by the scales. They are masters of balance, and this is a huge priority for them. So when something falls out of place, they are quick to react negatively. They may feel nervous or frustrated, but since they pride themselves on staying balanced, they naturally have a few tricks up their sleeve to cope with these emotions. They might take some time to themselves to meditate or do a little yoga in order to relax. This generally works like a charm for any Libra. By mastering methods for balancing themselves physically, they will able to get back into a balanced mental state as well! Truthfully, nearly every sign could learn from these tried and true Libra tactics for staying calm and emotionally stable. Its impressive! This sign could totally be a zen master, yoga teacher, or an expert on guided meditation!

Horoscopes And Decision Making

4 Most Depressed Zodiac Signs Ranked – Find Out Which One are You | Detailed Video [Updated 2021]

Whether you’re looking for love or managing your budget, Vyse says horoscopes become problematic if they have a significant influence on your behavior.

Holmes tells WebMD she sometimes makes financial decisions based on her horoscope. “If my horoscope recommends I slow down my spending for a couple of weeks, I do.”

Other followers rely on astrology when making difficult decisions about their health. A New York woman who asked not to be named says she consults her astrologer before scheduling surgery. “I absolutely believe in it.”

Vyse says this is taking the illusion of control too far. He says it may be fun to base “unimportant decisions” on your horoscope, but that’s where to draw the line. “It’s never a good idea to make an important decision based on your horoscope. You might as well flip a coin.”

“It can be downright damaging,” Sandbek says, “because the information people get from a horoscope is random at best.” He adds that depending on astrology during challenging times can inhibit personal growth by interfering with your ability to make wise decisions.

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What Signs Of The Zodiac Are Prone To Depression And Sadness

Life is great. On the other hand, it is tough and full of unexpected surprises. Many people think that life is incredibly difficult, and we need to accept that fact to be able to enjoy it and live to the fullest. You may wonder how it can work. The answer is very simple: when you deal with the fact that your life is not all unicorns and roses, it gets a lot easier to accept all that is coming your way, especially the negative aspect. False hopes and delusions can play a trick on us, and you need to remember that.

It is true that when you face a problem, there is a small chance that someone else is dealing with it at the moment and that you are going to manage the situation similarly. While some of us are ready to fight with a smile on the face, others fall into the despair at the sight of the smallest issue. Why is that so? When you think about it, you may come up with lots and lots of psychological facts behind every type of behavior, but we want to center your attention on astrology today.

It may seem that there is nothing that astrology has to do with depression and other mental issues. Since, in case you do not know, depression is a serious mental condition that requires treatment in some complex cases. What astrology does is predicting your behavior and reaction to certain things, for the most part. Whether you believe it or not, but the way you react to any unexpected situation is closely related to your zodiac sign.

Taurus Unique To Suffer From Depression

Simply opposite to Gemini but still the same depressed are Taurus. They do not prefer to come out of their comfort zone and love to stay in a routine. Staying out of their comfort will always develop anxiety and suffer from depressions. They are mostly introverts which increase the chances to grow the sense of insecurity with inclination to anxieties.

Reasons and characteristics of the zodiac signs may differ from each other. Somehow or the other they are always found to suffer from the hard times of depressions.

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