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When Was The Depression Era

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Life For The Average Family During The Great Depression

Stories from the Great Depression
  • Original: Apr 19, 2018

The Great Depression, the worst economic downturn in modern history, profoundly affected the daily life of American families in ways large and small.

The Great Depression was the worst economic downturn in modern history. The preceding decade, known as the Roaring Twenties, was a time of relative affluence for many middle- and working-class families. As the economy boomed, new innovations allowed for more leisure time and the creation of a consumer society. But the economic depression that followed those boon years profoundly affected the daily life of American families, in ways large and small.

Even the affluent faced severe belt-tightening.Four years after 1929 stock market crash, during the bleakest point of the Great Depression, about a quarter of the U.S. workforce was unemployed. Those that were lucky enough to have steady employment often saw their wages cut or their hours reduced to part-time.

Even upper-middle class professionals, such as doctors and lawyers, saw their incomes drop by as much as 40 percent. Families who had previously enjoyed economic security suddenly faced financial instability or, in some cases, ruin.

The average American family lived by the Depression-era motto: Use it up, wear it out, make do or do without. Many tried to keep up appearances and carry on with life as close to normal as possible while they adapted to new economic circumstances.

Children playing cards in the front yard in Washington, DC, 1935.

Reasons A Great Depression Could Not Happen Again

While anything is possible, it’s unlikely to happen again. Central banks around the world, including the Federal Reserve, have learned from the past. There are better safeguards in place to protect against catastrophe, and developments in monetary policy help manage the economy. The Great Recession, for instance, had a significantly smaller impact.

Some argue that the sizes of the U.S. national debt and the current account deficit could trigger an economic crisis. Experts also predict that climate change could cause profound losses.

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The collectible 1935 Silver Certificate was issued during the depression years without the words “In God We Trust” on the entire series. These certificates were backed by silver from the U.S. Treasury until 1968, and the one dollar silver certificate was redeemable for $1 of silver bullion. This collectible bill is genuine U.S. currency, and includes an impressive display card and Certificate.

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Focus On Economic Theory Or Econometrics

What Is Depression Era
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How Gerald Ford Tried To Fight Inflation

In 1932, however, with the country mired in the depths of the Great Depression and some 15 million people unemployed, Democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt won an overwhelming victory in the presidential election.

Roosevelt took immediate action to address the countrys economic woes, first announcing a four-day bank holiday during which all banks would close so that Congress could pass reform legislation and reopen those banks determined to be sound. He also began addressing the public directly over the radio in a series of talks, and these so-called fireside chats went a long way toward restoring public confidence.

During Roosevelts first 100 days in office, his administration passed legislation that aimed to stabilize industrial and agricultural production, create jobs and stimulate recovery.

In addition, Roosevelt sought to reform the financial system, creating the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation to protect depositors accounts and the Securities and Exchange Commission to regulate the stock market and prevent abuses of the kind that led to the 1929 crash.

And Ready To Regulate

Statist views were not limited to support for government spending. Major regulatory programs also received strong endorsements: Fully 70% favored limitations and prohibitions on child labor, even if that required amending the Constitution. Even more endorsed a law that would prevent misleading food, cosmetic and drug advertising. By 52% to 36%, the public also supported an amendment that would allow greater congressional regulation of industry and agriculture and, at least in war-time, federal control of all profits from business and industry was favored by a 64%-to-26% margin.

Perhaps the sharpest departure from todays prevailing ethos is that, by a lopsided 59%-to-29% margin, Americans then said they would prefer public rather than private ownership of the electric power industry! Even more gave a thumbs-up to a takeover of the war munitions industry.

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The Stock Market Crash

During the short depression that lasted from 1920 to 1921, known as the Forgotten Depression, the U.S. stock market fell by nearly 50%, and corporate profits declined by over 90%. The U.S. economy enjoyed robust growth during the rest of the decade. The Roaring Twenties, as the era came to be known, was a period when the American public discovered the stock market and dove in headfirst.

Speculative frenzies affected both the real estate markets and the New York Stock Exchange . Loose money supply and high levels of by investors helped to fuel an unprecedented increase in asset prices.

The lead-up to October 1929 saw equity prices rise to all-time high multiples of more than 19-times after-tax corporate earnings. This, coupled with the benchmark Dow Jones Industrial Index increasing 500% in just five years, ultimately caused the stock market crash.

The NYSE bubble burst violently on Oct. 24, 1929, a day that came to be known as Black Thursday. A brief rally occurred Friday the 25th and during a half-day session Saturday the 26th. However, the following week brought Black Monday and Black Tuesday . The DJIA fell more than 20% over those two days. The stock market would eventually fall almost 90% from its 1929 peak.

Ripples from the crash spread across the Atlantic Ocean to Europe triggering other financial crises such as the collapse of the Boden-Kredit Anstalt, Austrias most important bank. In 1931, the economic calamity hit both continents in full force.

What Really Caused The Great Depression

15 Depression-Era Foods That Are Weirdly Making A Comeback

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what specific factor caused the Great Depression. But economists and historians generally agree that there were several mitigating factors that led to this period of downturn. These include the stock market crash of 1929, the gold standard, a drop in lending and tariffs, as well as banking panics, and contracted monetary policies by the Fed.

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United States And Canada

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Turning Point And Recovery

Refreshing News: Americans during the Great Depression

In most countries of the world, recovery from the Great Depression began in 1933. In the U.S., recovery began in early 1933, but the U.S. did not return to 1929 GNP for over a decade and still had an unemployment rate of about 15% in 1940, albeit down from the high of 25% in 1933.

There is no consensus among economists regarding the motive force for the U.S. economic expansion that continued through most of the Roosevelt years . The common view among most economists is that Roosevelt’s New Deal policies either caused or accelerated the recovery, although his policies were never aggressive enough to bring the economy completely out of recession. Some economists have also called attention to the positive effects from expectations of reflation and rising nominal interest rates that Roosevelt’s words and actions portended. It was the rollback of those same reflationary policies that led to the interruption of a recession beginning in late 1937. One contributing policy that reversed reflation was the Banking Act of 1935, which effectively raised reserve requirements, causing a monetary contraction that helped to thwart the recovery. GDP returned to its upward trend in 1938.

Role of women and household economics

In Japan, official government policy was deflationary and the opposite of Keynesian spending. Consequently, the government launched a campaign across the country to induce households to reduce their consumption, focusing attention on spending by housewives.

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Women In The Great Depression

There was one group of Americans who actually gained jobs during the Great Depression: Women. From 1930 to 1940, the number of employed women in the United States rose 24 percent from 10.5 million to 13 million Though theyd been steadily entering the workforce for decades, the financial pressures of the Great Depression drove women to seek employment in ever greater numbers as male breadwinners lost their jobs. The 22 percent decline in marriage rates between 1929 and 1939 also created an increase in single women in search of employment.

Women during the Great Depression had a strong advocate in First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, who lobbied her husband for more women in officelike Secretary of Labor Frances Perkins, the first woman to ever hold a cabinet position.

Jobs available to women paid less but were more stable during the banking crisis: nursing, teaching and domestic work. They were supplanted by an increase in secretarial roles in FDRs rapidly-expanding government. But there was a catch: over 25 percent of the National Recovery Administrations wage codes set lower wages for women, and jobs created under the WPA confined women to fields like sewing and nursing that paid less than roles reserved for men.

Roosevelt Administration And The Gold Standard

At the beginning of 1933, during the last few weeks of Hoover’s term, the American financial system was paralyzed. The Great Depression had been extended by the interventionist policy for four years. The bank crisis caused serious deflationary pressures. In fact, the worst period of 1932 the Great Depression had passed, but the recovery was slow and weak. Roosevelt understood that traditional political and financial policy was not an adequate response to the crisis, and his administration chose to pursue the more radical measures of the New Deal.

During the financial crisis of 1933 culminating in the banking holiday of March 1933, gold had flowed out from the Fed in large quantities, to individuals and companies in the United States worried about bank failures, and to foreign entities worried about the depreciation of the dollar.

In the spring and summer of 1933, the Roosevelt administration and the Congress took several actions that effectively suspended the gold standard.Roosevelt took office on March 4, 1933, and thirty-six hours later, he declared a nationwide bank moratorium in order to prevent a run on the banks by consumers lacking confidence in the economy. He also forbade banks to pay out gold or to export it.

On March 9, Congress passed the Emergency Banking Act, giving the President the power to control international and domestic gold exports. It also gave the treasury secretary the power to surrender of gold coins and certificates.

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How Did The Great Depression Change The Role Of Government In America

The Great Depression and the subsequent New Deal had a significant impact on Americans’ views of the role of the government, particularly at the federal level. Polls taken in the 1930s showed strong support for the New Deal and its major government programs, interventions, and regulations. This level of broad approval for federal interventions has not stayed as high since the Depression era, however.

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Weird Foods People Ate to Get Through the Great Depression

Redirecting… Click here if it takes too long. This style was popular in 1915 to about 1930 . Basically, … It it does have the “Berkey and Gay”Furniture tags, dealers may pay more for the set, close to $600-$700. But, as we all know, a well attended and well advertised sale is crucial for reaching a great auction result!. Strategize Your Groceries. It would have been a major mistake to throw away perfectly good food during the Great Depression. Make the most out of your grocery spending by planning out meals carefully. If you use part of a bag of potatoes for one meal, for example, use the rest the next night for a different dish.

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Life is full of change and cycles. âBrownâ furniture is out of vogue and no one wants it â antiques, history, eek! ugh! We want clean lines and modern, no fuss living. Understandable but lamentable. I love my brown furniture with all. .

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Creamed Peas On Toast

Similar to creamed chipped beef, creamed peas on toast is a classic depression-era recipe that has been served for decades. Its made out of simple ingredients that are probably already in your pantry and makes for a great midday lunch or snack.

Now, before you get turned off by the name, just know that this pie doesnt contain nearly as much vinegar as you may be envisioning. The vinegar is used more to bring all the flavors together rather than offer a pungent bite. This recipe is similar to hot water pie but offers a different, thicker consistency with the filling.

And though this isnt a recipe, I couldnt resist adding this video at the end to give you all a little chuckle.

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