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Can Apple Watch Detect Panic Attack

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Apple Watch Could Detect Incoming Panic Attacks In Future Models

Signs of a Panic Attack

Dealing with stress and anxiety

The Apple Watch could take a much more holistic approach to health in the future, according to new rumors, with plans in the pipeline for tools that address the mental wellbeing of users.

That’s according to well-respected tipsters Max Weinbach and the folks at EverythingApplePro on YouTube. They say future Apple Watch models could automatically detect panic attacks and stress.

The Apple Watch already does a fine job of tracking physical activity, but the new leaks suggest that watchOS could evolve to incorporate a much fuller suite of tools covering both mental and physical health.

Not all of these features would be available to all Apple Watch users however the word is that anything older than the Apple Watch 4 might be left out when the upgrades arrive.

Watchos 7 With Capabilities To Detect Panic Attacks

He said that the new Apple Watch Series 6 that runs watchOS 7 will have capabilities to detect panic attacks.

Jon Prosser hopes that Apple will add these new features to the Apple Watch this year. He also added, if it is not this year then it will be in the next years models. He said that the watch can take the heart rate and the levels of oxygen and determine if a person is hyperventilating. He also added, saying these watches can identify panic attacks before they happen.

Prosser says that if the new feature relies on the blood oxygen levels, then Apple has yet to release that version of Apple Watch. He said that Apple might not unveil the new features until fall this year.

Earlier in April, leaker Max Weinbach and EverythingApplePro shared this rumor that the new Apple Watch will feature mental health capabilities. Although they did not mention the name of the feature at that time, now Jon Prosser names it.

There have been multiple rumors from Bloomberg and other reliable sources about the new Apple Watch will include health-related features such as sleep tracking.

Upcoming Apple Watch Feature Will Detect Panic Attacks

Rumors have long suggested that the upcoming Apple Watch Series 6 will be able to monitor your blood oxygen levels something competing smartwatches and trackers already do but according to recent reports Apples wont stop there.

watchOS 7 will allegedly use all of the information it can gather in order to introduce and focus on new mental health-related features. The information was shared by Jon Prosser on the Geared Up podcast, and he said:

What their biggest focus on is right now and I hope it comes this year, it might come next year, but I hope its coming to WWDC is mental health capabilities. Where they can take the oxygen levels in your blood with your heart rate and determine if youre hyperventilating. They can identify a panic attack before it happens and warn you on your watch. Especially if youre driving, theyll ask you to pull over and theyll offer breathing exercises once you get pulled over.

Jon Prosser

Its not certain whether said features will be available this year, or maybe in 2021, though Prosser is hopeful it happens in 2020. If, indeed, said features require a hardware sensor for blood oxygen monitoring, chances are Apple will hold back on the announcement until said sensor is available on an upcoming Apple Watch.


If, however, current and older Apple Watches will be able to detect, with their current hardware components, blood oxygen levels, we should expect an announcement at the upcoming WWDC.

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Apple Watch Series 6 Features To Reportedly Include Detecting Panic Attacks And Other Mental Health Capabilities

The new Apple Watch Series 6, as well as watchOS 7, will reportedly be focusing on mental health capabilities. This new information comes from Jon Prosser, who is slowly gaining notoriety for providing valuable insight concerning Apples next-generation products. One of them was the 2020 13-inch MacBook Pro and now it looks like the technology giant will be looking to launch the Apple Watch Series 5 successor soon.

Take A Breath Take A Break

Apple Watch may soon be able to detect panic attacks

Often, panic attacks are a spiral. They start off on one end, with your thoughts barely seeming to be out of your control. However, eventually, they warp. Each circle is tighter, and each on constricts your thoughts a little more. Soon, youre thinking about nothing but what youre worried about, not even able to recognize the panic attack and break out of the loop. Your body is acting like your life is in danger, and its hard to convince it otherwise.

But when you learn to recognize that cycle, you can break it. That could be where the Apple Watch comes in with a simple tap on your wrist and a notification asking, Hey, it looks like youre having a panic attack, would you like to open the Breathe app? It could also suggest a run, jumping jacks, or specific breathing exercises. Having your Apple Watch detect panic attacks is like having a digital emotional support dog, ready before you even realize that what youre experiencing are the beginning stages of a panic attack.

How Does it Work?

So, despite my skills in handling panic attacks, Ive still had them. And Ive been nervous about things as well. My Apple Watch has, on multiple occasions, thought I was being more active just because I had a particularly nerve-racking day. Once before giving a presentation on a controversial subject, my Apple Watch asked me if I wanted to start logging exercise.

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Watchos 7 Could Come With The Ability To Detect Panic Attacks

The Apple Watch has done a great job so far of being able to pick up on heart issues, but what about other health problems? It turns out that one potential new feature coming to the Apple Watch is the ability to look out for mental health problems, such as panic attacks. This is according to Jon Prosser who recently spoke on an episode of the Geared Up podcast.

According to Prosser, it seems that one of the features of watchOS 7 is the ability to monitor the mental health of the wearer, and be able to warn the user of an impending panic attack before it even happens. This could be useful if youre outside driving and where you will probably want to pull over somewhere safe first.

What their biggest focus on is right now and I hope it comes this year, it might come next year, but I hope its coming to WWDC is mental health capabilities. Where they can take the oxygen levels in your blood with your heart rate and determine if youre hyperventilating. However, it seems that this could be a feature only available on the Apple Watch 6.

This is because the device is rumored to come with a blood oxygen monitor, and Apple will apparently use that to help monitor for instances of panic attacks. Prosser does caution that it is possible that the feature might only be released next year, so well have to wait and see. Until then, do take it with a grain of salt.

The Next Apple Watch May Come With A Panic Attack Detection Feature

The next Apple Watch could come with mental health-related features such as detecting panic attacks.

Reliable tipster Jon Prosser revealed on the Geared Up podcast that Apple will use a blood oxygen sensor to detect the oxygen levels in the user’s blood with his/her heart rate and determine if the user is hyperventilating.

The Apple Watch may identify a panic attack is coming and warn the user with a notification. In addition, the Apple Watch will offer a series of breathing exercises to calm the user down. Prosser hopes the feature will come this year although there is a possibility that Apple may push it to next year.

Blood oxygen detection feature was discovered in iOS 14 by 9to5Mac two months ago. 9to5Mac also said Apple is developing a new health notification to trigger alerts similar to the current heart rate notifications. Besides mental health-related features, the Apple Watch Series 6 could come with a native sleep tracking feature. An unreleased Apple Watch Sleep app was mentioned in the Alarms app screenshot last year.

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Apples Watchos 7 May Be Able To Detect Panic Attacks

7:31 am By Roland Hutchinson

Apple has been adding more and more health features to its watchOS and apparently watchOS 7 will be able to detect panic attacks.

According to Jon Prosser, watchOS will be able to detect if you are about to have a panic attack, this will work with the apple Watch 6 which is rumored to come with a blood oxygen sensor, you can see what he had to say below.

What their biggest focus on is right now and I hope it comes this year, it might come next year, but I hope its coming to WWDC is mental health capabilities. Where they can take the oxygen levels in your blood with your heart rate and determine if youre hyperventilating.

They can identify a panic attack before it happens and warn you on your watch. Especially if youre driving, theyll ask you to pull over and theyll offer breathing exercises once you get pulled over.

This would be a great feature for Apple to add to their watchOS 7 software, the oxygen sensor in the Apple Watch 6 could also be used to help with other health issues. We are expecting to find out more information about these new features at WWDC in June.

Current Consensus: Smartwatch Data Can Be Helpful In Moderation

A Virtual Panic Attack | New Age Creators

Like most health-oriented products, its up to consumers to use their smartwatch wisely. But dont assume that whistleblower groups arent keeping close tabs on smartwatch brands. When , the EUs European Data Protection Board had to move quickly to ensure that consumers health data wouldnt be collected and sold to third parties for advertising purposes.

Beyond the potential for privacy violations, medical researchers seem divided about whether smartwatches are beneficial from a health standpoint. From one angle, research suggests that its best for physicians to not discount the benefits of a patient being able to monitor their own vital signs at home, especially if theyre at risk for developing potentially life-threatening symptoms. But on the other hand, some experts warn that smartwatches are making people, especially healthy people, more anxious about their physical wellbeing. This argument is partially based on the fact that smartwatch features like EKG and blood O2 systems arent as effective as professional equipment, so the likelihood of getting an inaccurate and potentially alarming health warning is increased.

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Update To Apple Watch

There are approximately 2.4 million Americans who experience panic disorder in any given year. This adds up to around 1.7 percent of the ages 18 to 54. If you are a woman, you are twice as likely to experience this than men. Your symptoms could include episodes of intense fear. You may also experience physical symptoms like chest pain, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, dizziness, and abdominal distress.

The Apple Watch is a great tool when used as a fitness band and can also be beneficial to your mobile tasks. Its also being increasingly relied on for its health benefits, specifically for the heart. Additionally, there is a study at play whether the wearable can help reduce the risk of stroke.

A leak was released by Jon Prosser stating that Apple is preparing to add a feature to watchOS that will enable the Apple Watch to detect a panic attack. Being that these episodes are sometimes confused for heart attacks, it would be beneficial to know which you are experiencing.

Prosser said in an episode of the podcast Geared Up that the warning of an impending panic attack will be available on the next Apple Watch model that will utilize a future watchOS 7 feature. It will also throw in a blood oxygen sensor for the reason of detecting whether the user is hyperventilating.

Apple Watch Features At Wwdc 2020

Prosser said that he hopes the new mental health features of the Apple Watch will be revealed in this years Worldwide Developers Conference, though he noted that they may come next year. It is unlikely that the capabilities will be unveiled until the fall, when the Apple Watch Series 6 is expected to be announced, though there is a possibility that they will make an appearance at WWDC if older models are already equipped to monitor blood oxygen levels, according to MacRumors.

The plethysmograph heart rate sensor technology of the Apple Watch is technically able to take blood-oxygen level readings. It is unclear why Apple has not yet taken advantage of the ability, but it could be linked to the accuracy of the technology or the requirement for regulatory approval, according to AppleInsider.

Snippets of iOS 14 code fueled rumors that the Apple Watch Series 6 will be able to measure blood oxygen levels. The code, acquired by 9to5Mac, revealed that the new feature will function similarly to the devices irregular heart rate alerts, though it is unclear if it will be limited to the next-generation model or if it will also be made available to older models through a software update.

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Rumor Claims Watchos 7 Will Have ‘mental Health Capabilities’ To Detect Panic Attacks

Apple’s next-generation Apple Watch and watchOS 7 will focus on new mental health capabilities, according to leaker Jon Prosser who recently spoke on the Geared Up podcast. The mention of new Apple Watch features comes towards the end of the podcast.

The next-generation version of the Apple Watch, the Apple Watch Series 6, has been rumored to include a blood oxygen sensor, which Prosser says Apple will take advantage of to implement new mental health-related features, such as detecting panic attacks.

What their biggest focus on is right now and I hope it comes this year, it might come next year, but I hope it’s coming to WWDC is mental health capabilities. Where they can take the oxygen levels in your blood with your heart rate and determine if you’re hyperventilating.

They can identify a panic attack before it happens and warn you on your watch. Especially if you’re driving, they’ll ask you to pull over and they’ll offer breathing exercises once you get pulled over.

Prosser says that while he hopes the feature is released this year, “it might come next year.” He also says he hopes for a WWDC unveiling, but if the new feature relies on a blood oxygen sensor in an unreleased version of the Apple Watch, it’s not likely Apple will unveil the capability until the fall when new Apple Watch models that support it are released.

Mental Health On Apple Watch: Breathe


You know how your Apple Watch will bug you sometimes and tell you to breathe? How many times have you ignored that message? I did all the time. But now when I get that message, I let my Apple Watch guide me through a short breathing exercise.

This helps me slow down and focus on the present instead of letting my anxiety take my mind on a nightmarish roller coaster ride.

Deep breathing is one of the easiest tools you can use to lower your body’s stress levels. In layman’s terms, when you breathe deeply and slowly, it sends a message to your brain that everything is OK, and the brain doesn’t need to release epinephrine to fuel your fight or flight response. In other words, it helps relax you.

You can learn how to use breath on your Apple Watch just by letting your Apple Watch guide you. Next time your Apple Watch bugs you to breathe, give it a chance and it may help you out.

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Apple Watch To Gain Breathtaking Health Upgrade Report Claims

Recent Apple Watch models can measure an ECG Will mental health monitoring be next


New rumors suggest that future Apple Watch models will have an advanced Health app to act as a complete suite for mental and physical health. In other words, it will to gain mental health features to complement the current physical monitoring and the results could be revolutionary.

If you have an Apple Watch , youll know that it has a range of neat health features, including telling you if your heart rate is unexpectedly high or low. It encourages you to exercise with three concentric rings to measure your activity. And the most recent Series 4 and Series 5 can record an ECG measurement and spot Atrial Fibrillation .

Now, in leaks reported by Max Weinbach and picked up by Everything Apple Pro, Apple is working on mental health features such as panic attack tracking.

The Apple Watch has had the nifty Breathe app since 2016


To be fair, Apple already has one neat element in this direction, the Breathe app which was first released in Fall 2016. If you havent tried it, you should. Its simple enough, helping you to focus on your breath for 60 seconds. It may not sound much but it can help to manage everyday stress.

More than that, it will also go further and be able to detect when the wearer is feeling stressed.

The ECG capability on Apple Watch is already extremely useful


So, is there any downside?


More on Forbes:

Jon Prosser Once Again New Apple Watch Said That The Smart Saadollar Series Can Detect Panic Attacks Explaining The Subject In The Geared Up

Jon Prosser, once again new Apple Watch said that the smart saadollar series can detect panic attacks. Explaining the subject in the Geared Up podcast, Prosser stated that this technology will be made possible by the new blood oxygen sensor that Apple plans to use in its wearable devices.

This is in Apples series of smartphones panic attack

It is not the first rumor that it will use sensors such as that can detect various diseases. There have been some rumors previously that Apple will include a variety of sensors in its wearable devices for various diseases.

Apple Watch will be able to detect panic attacks

The panic attack detection system in this smart watch is a panic or anxiety will warn its user by detecting that it is coming. In this way, the user will be able to do breathing exercises to control these attacks. The watch will also record all stress-related issues, thereby helping doctors heal their patients.

Jon Prosser stated that he expects this feature to be released within this year, but it may be delayed until next year. If Prosser works through the oxygen sensor in the blood, this feature will be World Developers Conference) said it would not be promoted. According to Prosser, if such an innovation is used, Apple Watch Series 6 will be introduced in the announcement.

Other features are watchOS 7

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