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Does Marijuana Cause Schizophrenia Symptoms

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The Bigger Picture: Marijuana Affects Regions Implicated In Schizophrenia

Does Marijuana Cause Schizophrenia?

Although the marijuana only has a subtle affect on a majority of individual brain regions, the affect as a whole is significant. It completely disrupts brain wave activity across the prefrontal cortex and hippocampal regions. These are some of the most important regions in regards to memory and making decisions. Coincidentally, both of these regions are implicated in schizophrenia.

When THC is given to healthy volunteer test subjects, it has been shown to induce psychotic symptoms, similar to those who have schizophrenia.

Who Are Your Parents

Inheriting a genetic predisposition to psychosis makes one vulnerable to the consequences of marijuana. Unfortunately, there are no genetic tests currently available to inform someone with certainty that they are at risk of developing psychosis. Our only option is to consider your siblings: Do any of them seem psychotic to you? If so, then you should seriously reconsider using marijuana.

Despite reports from several high-profile observational studies of a dose-dependent association between cannabis use and risk of psychosis, a causal link between cannabis use and psychotic disorders remains controversial. Why? Observational results are frequently hindered by the possibility that another risk factor associated with cannabis use might be more closely associated with developing psychosis. Alternatively, people who are affected by the early symptoms of schizophrenia might be turning to marijuana to self-medicate themselves. Marijuana use by these nascent psychiatric patients might be reducing some of their symptoms long before they become part of their diagnosis.

The connection between marijuana and schizophrenia is also muddied by the fact that cannabis use is strongly associated with tobacco consumption. Conversely, tobacco use is strongly correlated with marijuana. Indeed, tobacco may act synergistically with marijuana to create addiction. Making matters worse, tobacco use may increase the risk of becoming schizophrenic .

Treating The Cannabis Psychosis Symptoms

Not everyone who experiences marijuana psychosis symptoms will seek treatment. But, when the symptoms are severe, treatment can help calm the individual and keep them safe. Emergency treatment involves helping the person to an environment that is quiet and calm, with restraint if necessary. They may also be given an antipsychotic medication to relieve the symptoms.

This kind of treatment is a short-term solution. It helps an individual in the moment, but many people who have psychotic episodes can benefit from ongoing care. Treatment to help them stop using marijuana and other substances, and screening and treatment for any underlying mental illnesses, are important for long-term wellness.

Psychosis caused by marijuana may truly be a one-time incident, never to be repeated. But, in many instances, cannabis-induced psychosis is indicative of other mental illnesses, substance use disorders, or both. It is important to be evaluated by a mental health professional so that treatment can be planned to help with these issues and to minimize the risk of having another psychotic episode.

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Thoughts On Does Marijuana Cause Schizophrenia


    I never heard about this. But I find the results to be quite impressive. I dont smoke marijuana and I never will and this blog just gave me another good reason why I shouldnt. I believe that many drugs not prescribed to us shoudnt be taken, even though they do give people a lot of enjoyment but the addiction and consequences of the abuse are quite horrifying. this website gives many advice from doctors who say that people who smoke marijuana have a high chance of developing mental illnesses later in their lives.


    i have never heard of this before, although one time my friends cousin got diagnose had to get medical help becuase it seemed like he had schizophrenia, and he did smoke marihuana constantly. at first everyone thought it was schizophrenia, but i dont think it was. well i think this topic is very interesting, and will probably change a lot opinions about Marihuana if they can find that indeed marihuana does cause this mental disease.i think people that smoke it a lot will think twice before smoking marihuana in high amounts.

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  • Marijuana Killed My Soul

    How Marijuana / Pot Impacts Your Schizophrenia / Psychosis ...

    Clay Whiting deals with a lot of parents and other family members at Scripps Mercy Health hospital in San Diego, where he is an emergency room physician. In the past month, he said, he’s had back-to-back ambulances carrying young people experiencing psychosis after trying marijuana for the first time.

    Since the drug was legalized in California last year, Whiting said, “we see people every shift now” because of marijuana, including some experiencing violent vomiting known as hyperemesis. The incidents led to the term “scromiting,” to describe people screaming and vomiting at the same time.

    “Greater access means great trials by younger people,” Whiting said.

    USA TODAY interviewed a dozen parents whose children suffered psychotic episodes some of which led to schizophrenia related to their marijuana use. Several of the children died by suicide.

    Andrew Zorn of Phoenix was 14 when he started smoking marijuana daily in high school, said his mother, Sally Schindel. He was about 25 and working on his community college degree when he told his mother something was going on in his brain. He tried to read and study, but his mind seemed to disappear on him, she said.

    Zorn was diagnosed with severe cannabis use disorder,” bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder with auditory hallucinations, paranoia and anxiety.

    Zorn ended up taking his own life. In a suicide note, he wrote, I want to die. My soul is already dead. Marijuana killed my soul + ruined my brain.

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    Cannabis Probably Does Cause Schizophrenia

    Guest post by Erik Messamore, MD, Johnnys Ambassadors Scientific Advisory Board member


    Associations between cannabis use and psychosis appeared in the medical literature soon after cannabis was introduced into Western medical practice in the 1850s. Physicians of the 19thcentury accurately identified marijuanas therapeutic value. Medical textbooks and journals of that era described benefits in the treatment of pain, epilepsy, the sundowning phenomenon in dementia, muscle spasticity, menstrual pain, and other types of pain. So, our 19th-century predecessors accurately recognized the benefits that are being claimed in the 21st century. They also accurately described the risk of psychosis. Yet many today are unaware that cannabis poses any such risk.


    No less than ten different peer-reviewed studies have shown strong correlation between the degree of cannabis exposure in earlier-life and the risk of schizophrenia in later-life. The risk of schizophrenia among regular cannabis users rises by an average of 300%. Some have reported a nearly 700% increased risk. This figure from Arianna Marconi and collaborators, published in Schizophrenia Bulletin, sums up the status of the findings as of 2016.



    Are Some People More At Risk Than Others

    Generally speaking, those who start smoking marijuana earlier and smoke heavily are more likely to experience negative consequences. This may in turn lead to mental health problems, but also lead to more general life problems, like conflict at home or school / work, financial problems and memory problems. For more information on marijuana and adolescents, see our .

    If you seem to be frequently depressed or anxious after smoking marijuana, or if you are having suicidal thoughts after smoking, marijuana may not be safe for you. Pay attention to your body and emotional responses. Again, for anyone who has a genetic vulnerability or existing mental health issues, marijuana should be avoided.

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    What Help Is Available

    Drug and alcohol services and mental health services are available in most areas and ideally, a coordinated approach that will tackle both issues at the sample time can be arranged. Often medication is available to assist with symptoms and this can be managed by a skilled general practitioner. Additionally there are some psychologists and social workers who may have specific training in this area.

    For specific information on where to get help on the phone, the web, or in person please visit our page about .

    Does Marijuana Use Cause Schizophrenia

    Can Marijuana Cause Psychosis or Schizophrenia?

    As the drug becomes more popular, concerns have been raised that its use can lead to psychotic disorders. Heres what scientists know for sure, and what they dont.

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    By Benedict Carey

    Nearly a century after the film Reefer Madness alarmed the nation, some policymakers and doctors are again becoming concerned about the dangers of marijuana, although the reefers are long gone.

    Experts now distinguish between the new cannabis legal, highly potent, available in tabs, edibles and vapes and the old version, a far milder weed passed around in joints. Levels of T.H.C., the chemical that produces marijuanas high, have been rising for at least three decades, and its now possible in some states to buy vape cartridges containing little but the active ingredient.

    The concern is focused largely on the link between heavy usage and psychosis in young people. Doctors first suspected a link some 70 years ago, and the evidence has only accumulated since then. In a forthcoming book, Tell Your Children, Alex Berenson, a former Times reporter, argues that legalization is putting a generation at higher risk of schizophrenia and other psychotic syndromes. Critics, including leading researchers, have called the argument overblown, and unfaithful to the science.

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    What To Consider As Marijuana Becomes More Acceptable More Available

    The growing body of research about the medical uses of marijuana can make it possible to overlook the real risks that can also be associated with the drug. How marijuana should be regulated and used has strong advocates on both sides it can be hard to find unbiased information about the benefits and risks.

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    The Difference Between Causation And Association In Scientific Research

    Association is established when you take a large population of people with a condition and then look at various things that they might have done, he says. When you identify a certain behavior, then you can begin to figure out if that behavior is associated with a greater likelihood of that person developing the condition, having the condition, or having the condition more intensely, says Bostwick. Marijuana use is associated with schizophrenia, but researchers cant prove direct causation.

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    Assessment Of Study Quality

    Once studies were selected, we conducted an assessment of study quality using a checklist for the âgrading of recommendation, assessment, development, and evaluation . The GRADE is a widely used, transparent classification system for rating research quality and developing evidence summaries that provides a systematic approach for making clinical practice recommendations . We used two categories: study quality/risk of bias and directness/indirectness of evidence.

    Fact Check: Can Marijuana Use Induce Schizophrenia

    How Medical Marijuana Helps Curb symptoms of Schizophrenia ...

    Numerous studies have correlated marijuana use to an increased risk of psychiatric disorders, including schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is a chronic brain condition that affects nearly 20 million people worldwide, causing substantial disability and a high burden of care. To what extent marijuana use may cause psychiatric disorders is uncertain.

    Youths who already have a mother, father, or sibling with schizophrenia are the most at risk. Young people with a parent or family member affected by psychosis have around a one in 10 chance of developing schizophrenia themselves, even if they never use marijuana. However, regular marijuana use may double that risk.

    Recent research suggests that smoking high-potency marijuana every day could increase the chances of developing psychosis by nearly five times compared to people who have never used marijuana.

    It appears that the frequency of marijuana usage, at what age usage began, and genetic variations all influence this relationship.

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    Data Suggests Some People May Be Especially At Risk For Schizophrenia

    They found an increased risk of developing schizophrenia for the people with a family history of the condition, regardless of whether they had used pot. Researchers concluded that marijuana doesnt cause schizophrenia by itself, but it may initiate the onset of the disease in a genetically predisposed person.

    If you have psychotic illness in your family then you might want to be especially careful, says Bostwick. If you have a tendency to the illness yourself, using marijuana could bring the illness out sooner and more intensely,” he says.

    Schizophrenia And Weed Treatment Doesnt Seem To Work

    Most research on marijuana and schizophrenia concludes that using the drug is not beneficial. Talk to your doctor about other treatment methods to manage your condition. These may include prescription medications as well as therapy. You should not self-medicate. A doctor should direct your treatment plan.

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    Does Marijuana Cause Psychosis

    Does marijuana cause psychosis? The debate rages as both sides compare for and against the legalization of marijuana. Some scientists and individuals claim that pot smoking can and will cause debilitating life-long psychosis, but studies are also showing that this may not be the case.

    On one hand, in The British Journal of Psychiatry, the 2001 study, Psychiatric Effects of Cannabis, found that subjects experienced panic, anxiety, depression and psychosis after smoking marijuana. Adolescents with schizophrenia were more vulnerable to symptoms, prone to relapse and generally better off not going near cannabis.

    On the other hand, in the journal Schizophrenia Research, a 2014 study reveals that only those who are genetically disposed to psychosis are prone to develop problems. It is apparently not the smoking of marijuana itself that causes this problem. So, again we ask, does marijuana cause psychosis?

    This is not a simple question. The answer is even more complex. There obviously needs to be further study and the research itself needs to be looked at to determine if it is viable. There are many people who promote the legalization of marijuana because it can significantly benefit certain health conditions, particularly MS, and there are many others who are against it.

    Opinion by Nicole Drawc

    Symptoms Of Marijuana Use

    How Does Medical Cannabis Relate To Schizophrenia | Medical Marijuana Experts At DocMJ
    • Anxiety
    • Impaired thinking
    • Blackouts and memory loss

    Smoking marijuana causes a high that generally lasts two to three hours, with the peak effects occurring 10 to 30 minutes after use. But research has shown that smoking one joint impairs driving skills, such as concentration and coordination, for at least four to six hours.

    It is possible to overdose on marijuana. An overdose is not limited to taking lethal amounts of a drug. It can occur when someone experiences serious side effects that require immediate medical attention. People who overdose on cannabis can experience paranoia, panic or acute psychosis, especially if they are new users or already have a mental health condition.

    An overdose can also occur when people smoke marijuana that is laced with hallucinogens or other dangerous drugs. This can cause more severe side effects, such as heart attack, seizure or stroke.

    Long-term cannabis use can cause health effects that linger for years. Marijuana abuse can damage the lungs, cause paranoia and worsen symptoms of schizophrenia. It can also impede brain development in adolescents and lower a persons IQ.

    Some heavy, long-term marijuana users experience cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome, a condition associated with cycles of nausea and vomiting. People can often relieve the nausea and other symptoms by taking a hot bath.

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    Cannabis And Psychosis Have Long Been Linked Even If The Connection Is Not Understood A New Study Sheds Some Light On The Issue

    One of cannabis most concerning connections is the one it has with psychosis. While not wholly understood, this link is significant, with several studies indicating that people who smoke large amounts of weed on a daily basis are five times more likely to develop psychosis than others, depending on the age in which marijuana is first consumed and the individuals genetic vulnerabilities. Now, new study provides some much-needed information and context on the topic.

    Published in the American Journal of Psychiatry, the study looked into the connection between schizophrenia and cannabis and tried to provide answers to a question that has long been unanswered does cannabis use cause schizophrenia, or do people who suffer from schizophrenia are more likely to seek out the drug?

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    The study looked into young subjects, all within the ages of 13-16, who filled out annual self-reports of past-year cannabis use and psychotic symptoms. The findings spotted clear links between frequent cannabis use and more psychotic symptoms. Subjects who reported cannabis use in the previous year were more likely to experience psychotic symptoms a year afterward, indicating some form of causation.

    The majority of people can use cannabis safely. Still, we shouldnt turn a blind eye to those who are exposed to greater risks.

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    How Does Thc Induce Feelings Of Paranoia

    Paranoia is a core experience inpsychosis however, feelings of paranoia can exist outside of mental illness aswell. An individual can experience paranoia through a combination of lifetriggers and heightened emotion. When someone is experiencing paranoia, theperception of threat is heightened if an individual is experiencing stress,anxiety, or has a psychological vulnerability to be over-stimulated.

    As mentioned before, when a person consumes cannabis, THC reacts with the receptors in the ECS and dopamine system and stimulates neural activity. If a person is prone to stress and anxiety then the THC will elicit a negative reaction â causing the experience of paranoia. One study linked THC to increased feelings of anxiety via the CB1 receptors in the amygdala and was also accountable for feelings of depression and worry â which are also prominent in paranoia.

    Of course, there are alwaysexceptions to the rule paranoia symptoms come from a collective of manydifferent social, biological, psychological and environmental factors. Ifyou’re a chronic worrier however, then chances are THC may well enhance thosefeelings of worry and anxiety.

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