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How Does Propranolol Work For Anxiety

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How Does Propranolol Treat Anxiety

Propranolol For Managing Anxiety

Propranolol, a beta-blocker type, stops neurotransmitters known as beta-adrenergic agents from attaching to their receptors. The term adrenergic refers to the versions of the hormone adrenaline in your body that it makes naturally.

Adrenaline is responsible for your fight-or-flight responses. You would probably remember feeling an adrenaline rush when watching a scary movie. Your heart beats faster, blood flow increases to the brain and muscles, and the sugar is broken down into fuel.

The adrenaline rush is helpful when a real threat is imminent, but it becomes difficult to function daily if you live on an adrenaline rush all the time.

Propranolol for anxiety can help block the beta-adrenergic agents, which block the physical symptoms of stress from manifesting. If a neurotransmitter isnt attached to the receptor, it cannot signal the body to produce adrenaline. Propranolol gets attached to adrenaline receptors instead.

Propranolol causes the antihypertensive effect. The antihypertensive effects of propranolol reduce high blood pressure by helping the blood vessels relax and expand, aiding in more manageable blood flow throughout the body.

How Do I Take Beta

Both atenolol and propranolol come in pill form. The amount you should take depends on both the type of beta-blocker and your medical history. Never take more than what your doctor prescribes.

Youll likely notice results the first time you take beta-blockers for anxiety, but they can take an hour or two to reach their full effect. During this time, youll feel your heart rate decrease, which might make you feel more relaxed.

Depending on your symptoms, your doctor might suggest taking a beta-blocker regularly or just before stressful events. Usually, beta-blockers will be used in combination with other treatments such as therapy, lifestyle changes, and other medications.

Beta-blockers can cause some side effects, especially when you first start taking them.

Possible side effects include:

  • very slow or irregular heartbeat
  • an asthma attack
  • swelling and fluid retention, along with weight gain

If you notice mild side effects, dont stop taking the beta-blocker without talking to your doctor first. If you take beta-blockers regularly, you may have serious withdrawal symptoms if you suddenly stop.

For some people, the side effects of beta-blockers may actually cause anxiety symptoms. You should follow up with your doctor as soon as possible if you feel like taking beta-blockers is increasing your anxiety.

While beta-blockers are generally safe, certain people shouldnt take them.

Before taking beta-blockers, make sure to tell your doctor if you have:

Are Beta Blockers Effective For Anxiety

Beta blockers were not created for the purpose of anxiety reduction. Beta blockers are often prescribed off-label for anxiety, explains Spencer Kroll, MD, Ph.D. in pharmacology, the director of the Northeast Lipid Association. means they are not approved by the U.S. FDA for anxiety treatment.

Even though they are not made specifically as an anti-anxiety medication, beta blockers can help to create a sense of calm when you take them. Beta blockers can reduce heart rate, Houston psychiatrist Jared Heathman, MD, explains. When anxious, our heart rate elevates. This elevation gives the brain feedback that our body is appropriately panicking. This reinforces anxiety. If you inhibit the ability to raise your heart rate as quickly, your heart can give feedback to your brain that it isnt panicking, especially not as much as would be otherwise expected. If our heart and body is calm, it provides calming feedback to the brain. This reduces anxiety.

Sheldon Zablow, MD, board-certified psychiatrist, calls this process a negative feedback loop. He prescribes beta blockers for anxiety because they break up this cycle by limiting the bodys ability to express the physical symptoms.Tackling the bodys physical reaction to stress helps an anxious persons brain feel more calm and in control.

  • Heart palpitations
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Gastrointestinal issues such as stomach upset or pain

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How To Get Propranolol For Anxiety

Talk to your doctor about your symptoms and see if propranolol is a good fit for you. If your primary care physician is unsure whether it is appropriate, many psychiatrists are very open to using propranolol for anxieties so that could be another viable option to pursue. If you would prefer to not schedule an in-person appointment, offers online consultations with U.S. board certified physicians who can issue prescriptions for propranolol when appropriate and have the fulfilled medication shipped discreetly to your home.

What Is An Anxiety Disorder

Anti Anxiety Medicines

Anxiety is a feeling of emotional distress which can be triggered by events, certain situations, painful thoughts/experiences, or the thought of things to come. Although an emotional condition, anxiety can also cause physical symptoms such as nausea, stomach upset, dizziness, dry mouth, high blood pressure and trembling.

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Mental Effects Of Performance Anxiety And Negative Feedback Loops

While the physical symptoms of situational anxiety can impede your performance and become unbearable at times, the mental strain and your thought patterns around anxiety can be even worse.

Once you recognize that you get nervous before an event or situation, you will begin to dread the event and the associated negative feelings. Many people experience anxiety about the idea of getting anxious before an event and it becomes a negative self fulfilling feedback loop that they become stuck in. This can lead to avoidance behaviors of events and situations that could benefit you personally or professionally.

One of the most powerful effects beta blockers can have on those facing performance anxiety is allowing them to face stressful situations without the physical side effects which can improve their comfort and confidence when facing difficult situations in the future and break the negative feedback loop of anxiety.

Final Thoughts On The Right Propranolol Dosage For Anxiety

The effective dose for Propranolol will vary from person to person, as each persons body is likely to react to it a little differently. However, you can generally expect a dose from 10 mg to 40 mg to provide sufficient relief.

Its important to understand that the Propranolol dose for anxiety is much less than that which is recommended for many other conditions, such as angina or hypertension.

Be sure to follow your doctors advice when taking Propranolol, and if youre concerned about the side effects or risk of withdrawal, consider trying a natural alternative.

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How Long Do Beta Blockers Take To Work For Anxiety

It usually takes between 30 minutes and one hour to experience the effects of propranolol. These effects can last for up to twelve hours. Speak with a healthcare professional to determine the appropriate next dose or other treatment options if you are currently taking beta-blockers for anxiety treatment.

How Does Propranolol Help With Performance Anxiety

Propranolol – Beta Blocker for Anxiety – My Experience

Propranolol and other beta blockers work by targeting beta receptors in your heart and other areas to effectively block or blunt your bodys fight or fight response triggered by adrenaline which can cause severe anxiety and physical symptoms like tremors, sweating, shaking, and rapid heart rate.

While propranolol will not address the root psychological issue of anxiety, studies show that propranolol can provide short term relief for many of the physical symptoms of anxiety and allow you to feel more comfortable in uncomfortable and stressful situations. By experiencing calmness during stressful situations, many people can reduce the self doubt they feel related to performing a specific task in the future which will reduce the initial level of anxiety symptoms they feel before the event and break the negative feedback loop of situational anxiety.

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Can Beta Blockers Help With Anxiety

In March of 2020, I had an appointment with my primary care physician. I explained to her that, even though I was on Lexapro, a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor , for anxiety and depression, I still felt overwhelmed sometimes. By 5 p.m. every day, when the kids were home, hungry, and wanting attention, I felt a rising panic in my chest. Id sweat and sometimes feel dizzy. Sometimes Id snap at my children, or I would need to take a break somewhere quiet, away from others. Last Thanksgiving, Id been preparing and cooking for two days, only to spend most of the meal in my bedroom. I told my healthcare provider I wanted to be able to handle the inevitable stressors in my life without feeling like I was drowning.

My doctor told me I was having a flight response and my physical symptoms indicated anxiety attacks. She prescribed me propranolol, a beta blocker, for anxiety. This type of medication is typically used for blood pressure control and heart conditions. I didnt have a history of high blood pressure or cardiac problems, but she told me taking a small dose of this Rx is a good way to deal with sometimes anxiety. As someone who is generally pretty sensitive to medication, I didnt want to take something stronger or possibly addicting. I decided to give it a try.

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Does Propranolol Help With Social Anxiety

Yes, propranolol might be prescribed âoff-labelâ by your doctor to treat some types of anxiety. “Off-label” use of a drug is when a doctor prescribes it for a different purpose than those formally approved by the FDA. Propranolol can help with symptoms of social anxiety like fast heart rate, sweating and shaking in certain circumstances. For example, some people use it short-term to help with stage fright or fear of public-speaking. Propranolol usually starts to work in about 30 minutes to an hour to relieve symptoms.

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Reducing Your Propranolol Doses

It is recommended to complete your full course of propranolol exactly as prescribed by your doctor. Even if you feel better and propranolol has helped with your anxiety, to ensure that you are getting the best long term affects you should always finish the full course of medicine.

Stopping propranolol suddenly may make your anxiety or condition worse and may cause a number of side effects such as an irregular/increased heart rate, sweating and trembling.

If you want to stop taking propranolol due to the side effects, you may be prescribed an alternative medicine or a lower dosage such as propranolol 10mg tablets.

After completing your full course as prescribed by your doctor, propranolol will remain in your system within 1 to 2 days.

How To Take Propranolol

Propranolol MR 80mg Capsules
  • Before you start the treatment, read the manufacturer’s printed information leaflet from inside the pack. It will give you more information about propranolol and will provide you with a full list of the side-effects which you may experience from taking it.
  • Your doctor will tell you what dose of propranolol is right for you, and this information will be printed on the label of the pack to remind you. Take propranolol exactly as your doctor tells you to. Propranolol tablets are usually prescribed to be taken in divided doses – so you may be prescribed two, three or four doses to take each day. Propranolol capsules have a more prolonged action and are prescribed to be taken once daily. Swallow the capsule whole with a drink of water – do not chew or open the capsules.
  • Propranolol tablets and capsules are available in several different strengths. Each time you collect a fresh supply, it’s a good idea to check the strength on the packet to make sure they are the strength you are expecting.
  • Try to take your doses at the same times of day each day, as this will help you to remember to take them regularly.
  • If you do forget to take a dose of propranolol, take it as soon as you remember unless your next dose is due. If your next dose is due then take the tablet/capsule which is due but leave out the forgotten one. Do not take two doses together to make up for missing one.

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Side Effects Of Propranolol

Propranolol is a safe and effective medicine that has been used to treat heart problems, anxiety, and other ailments for decades. Although side effects are usually minor and infrequent, they can nevertheless occur, especially when you first start taking the medicine. The following are some of the most common propranolol adverse effects:

Medical Communitys View Of Off Label Propranolol Prescriptions

While many doctors view propranolol as a safe and effective treatment option for performance anxiety that has been used successfully for decades. Some feel as though there are better options available and it fails to address the underlying root cause of the patients anxiety, and thus is a poor long term solution to the problem. We recommend talking to a doctor to see if propranolol is right for your specific situation.

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No, you shouldnt do that, Hofmann said. You want to do a very thorough assessment with a patient before you prescribe a psychoactive drug of any kind. You cant do this via the internet.

Even physicians who sometimes prescribe propranolol for performance anxiety were critical of Kicks pitch. Dr. Franklin Schneier, a psychiatrist who co-directs Columbias clinic for anxiety disorders, warned that Kicks plan to repackage propranolol like Altoids trivializes both the condition of social anxiety and the treatment of propranolol.

Or as Stanford psychiatrist Dr. Anna Lembke put it: To suggest that propranonol is entirely benign and equal to an Altoid, I think, is a really dangerous notion.

Thats a horrible idea. Its a horrible idea!

Stefan Hofmann, Boston University psychologist

Thats because although propranolol is an old drug with a strong safety profile, it still carries a small but real risk of side effects, ranging from lightheadedness all the way up to reports of congestive heart failure and the serious allergic reaction known as anaphylaxis.

Justin Ip, Kicks founder and CEO, called these legitimate concerns. But he also characterized the fields of psychology and psychiatry as relatively reticent to change and against anything thats new even though theres an acute need for innovation, given the severe shortage of mental health providers, particularly in rural areas.

What Type Of Drug Is Propranolol

Propranolol: Skin Flushing, Erythrophobia & Social Anxiety

Propranolol is in a class of drugs known as beta-blockers. These drugs stop neurotransmitters in your body from attaching to their receptors.

The neurotransmitters that propranolol blocks are known as beta-adrenergic agents.

The word adrenergic refers to versions of the hormone adrenaline for example, epinephrine and norepinephrine. These are all naturally made by your body.

Known as the fight-or-flight hormone, adrenaline is useful in the right doses.

Think about a time you were watching a scary movie and something jumped out at the screen, startling you. You probably experienced an adrenaline rush.

When adrenaline is released into your system, your body does several things:

  • It makes your heart beat faster.
  • It increases blood flow to your brain and muscles.
  • It breaks down sugar for fuel.

This is useful when you need to be on alert for a real threat, but it may be harmful when you live in an adrenaline-fueled state long-term.

Living with anxiety may mean you have a chronic stress response. Propranolol may help block this response and the physical sensations that come with it.

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Does Propranolol Cause Weight Gain

Like other medications, propranolol may cause or contribute to weight gain. In a study published in the BMJ, researchers found that people who used propranolol over the long term put on more weight than those given a non-therapeutic placebo.

Its worth noting that most research on beta blockers and weight gain involves medications used to treat hypertension and other cardiovascular health issues, not performance anxiety.

If you notice your weight increasing after you begin treatment with propranolol, its best to talk to your healthcare provider.

Can Propranolol Interact With Other Medications

Yes. Propranolol can interact with a range of medications, including medications used to treat heart disease, depression, migraines, anxiety, ulcers and other conditions. These medications may increase or reduce the effects of propranolol, or contribute to dangerous side effects.

If you use other over-the-counter or prescription medications, its important to fully inform your healthcare provider before considering propranolol or any other beta blockers.

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How Long Do Beta Blockers Last For Anxiety

Officially, the half-life of propranolol is three to six hours, but in terms of how you feel, go ahead and plan for a couple of hours of relief. Beta blockers are usually prescribed in pill form to be taken orally. The medication works relatively quickly, reaching peak levels in as quickly as one hour. Once its in your system, the calming effects of a low dose of a beta blocker lasts for a few hours.

The standard dose of a beta blocker varies based on your symptoms, diagnosis, and other medical conditions. For anxiety, alone, healthcare providers usually start propranolol at a low dose, slowly increasing if necessary. There is also an extended-release version of propranolol, but for anxiety, usually the non-extended version is used.

Propranolol Interactions Risk Factors And Possible Side Effects

Propranolol hi

Propranolol is a prescription medication with the potential for serious side effects, and its usage should not be taken lightly. Before taking propranolol its important to talk to your doctor if you have a history of:

  • Asthma, bronchospasm, or other problems related to breathing
  • Cardiogenic shock
  • Raynauds syndrome or other peripheral artery diseases
  • Abnormal blood pressure levels

You should also notify your doctor of any medications youre currently on to avoid any negative interactions.

Make sure to consult a certified medical professional to ensure propranolol is a safe treatment option for you and make sure you are receiving your medication from a certified US pharmacy to insure accurate dosing and quality standards are met.

Its also important to point out that, although that there are potential side effects you could encounter if you decide to use propranolol including:

  • Slowed heart rate

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