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What Is The Phobia Of Thunder And Lightning Called

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Simple Tips to Overcome Your Fear of Thunder & Lightning I The Speakmans

Theres a reason why ghost stories begin with It was a dark and stormy night. Gloomy weather can be spooky, and sometimes Mother Nature can throw some very scary storms our way. According to a recent study, at least 1 in 10 Americans suffer from some type of weather fear. But what kind of weather spooks us the most?;

We did some digging and came up with a list of the five most common weather-related phobias:

Treatment Of Astraphobia Or Astrapophobia

For many individual who are suffering from thunder and lightning Astraphobia or Astrapophobia. Dont always feel the need of treatment because they can just avoid the object of their fear. This gives people suffering from Astraphobia or Astrapophobia a feeling of control on the problem. But sometimes avoiding thunder and lightning might not be possible or enough.

It is important for someone to always seek professional help when possible. This way you dont lose time and do a better job and understanding what is happening. With understanding you can next move on to overcoming your fear of thunder and lightning.

While most phobias are curable, there is no single treatment available for all of them, or guaranteed to work. It strongly depends on the person suffering and severity in which that person is experiencing Astraphobia or Astrapophobia. There are cases that a combination of treatments might be more effective.

Please be advised that you should not take treatment on your own! Always consult with a doctor before hand. The treatments mentioned below are for informational purposes and not specific to Astraphobia or Astrapophobia. The treatments below are used on most phobia cases.

Why Are Dogs Scared Of Thunderstorms

According to Dr. Ragen T.S. McGowan, Behavior Research Scientist at Purina, depending on a dogs personality and past experiences, different parts of a thunderstorm can cause fear or anxiety. As with fireworks, it could be the noise or the flashes of lights.;Theres usually more buildup before a thunderstorm than with fireworks , thus dogs might learn to expect thunder, she adds. This can cause anxiety before the storm even hits.Some are triggered by a change in their daily routine. Others have more sensitive hearing.;Many dogs can sense the changes in air pressure or may hear the low-frequency rumblings of thunder long before humans can.According to some veterinarians, dogs may also experience shocks from the build-up of static electricity that accompanies thunderstorms.*

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When To Seek Treatment For Astraphobia

Though children may experience an extreme fear of thunder and lightning, it is not necessary to seek help for them unless the problem has persisted for more than six months and their symptoms are intense and overwhelming, lasting before and after the storm.

For adults, its far easier to recognize when astraphobia has developed into a problem that requires mental health treatment. The signs and symptoms are overwhelming, extremely disruptive to daily life, and inhibit you from living life to its fullest. Nothing should stop you from taking trips, getting to work, and living happily in your home whether or not there is thunder and lightning outside.

Medical Definition Of Fear Of Thunder

swackett Weather Fun Fact: Keraunophobia is the fear of ...

Reviewed on 3/29/2021

Fear of thunder: An abnormal and persistent fear of thunder that causes undue anxiety even though sufferers realize that thunder itself poses no threat to them. When outdoors during a thunderstorm, they may suffer excessive anxiety. When indoors, they may hide under beds or desks, behind sofas, or in closets.

Fear of thunder is termed “brontophobia,” a word derived from the Greek “bronte” and “phobos” . “Brontophobia” has given us the English word “brontometer,” an instrument for recording the activity of thunderstorms.

A related term: Astraphobia, fear of thunderstorms.

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Find A Top Private Astraphobia Treatment Program

The fear of thunder and lightning is common in childhood but when the fear persists into adulthood and causes serious psychological and physical symptoms like panic attacks, the issue becomes a disorder: astraphobia.

Is the fear of thunder and lightning driving you to distraction? Is it causing a problem in your life? If youre ready to take control of the symptoms that strike when storms hit, contact us at the phone number listed above today for more information on how we can help.

*When Does a Fear of Thunder and Lightning Turn Into an Astraphobia Diagnosis?

Most children will be scared of storms, thunder, lightning, loud noises a number of things. Its a natural and healthy part of development that allows them to create boundaries that keep them safe. However, when the fear is specific to thunder and lightning, characterized by panic attacks and severe symptoms, and lasts for more than six months, it can be termed astraphobia.

Is Astraphobia Or Fear Of Thunder And Lightning Common

It is normal to be afraid of thunders and storms, but when someone is irrationally afraid of storms, thunders, and lightnings, then he/she probably suffers from astraphobia or fear of thunder and lightning. If you have thought to yourself that astraphobia is pretty rare, you thought wrong. Astraphobia or fear of thunder and lightning is actually a very common phobia and one of the most present phobias in human beings.

Astraphobia or fear of thunder and lightning can occur in the psyche of anyone, no matter what their age, sex, race, and nationality is. However, astraphobia or fear of thunder and lightning is mostly seen in children and toddlers. It is believed that in the United States about 10% of population suffer of Astraphobia.

Astraphobia or fear of thunder and lightning is not abnormal, though it is an irrational fear; it is normal because even animals like dogs, cats and cows experience astraphobia. Just like children, you can see many cats and dogs hiding somewhere during a thunderstorm and shaking from fear.

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Why Are Dogs Scared Of Thunder

Dogs are often afraid of thunder simply because they dont know what it is. Like fireworks, thunder is loud, unpredictable and often brings unexpected flashes of light. There are many reasons dogs may have astraphobia, or thunder phobia, though.

Astraphobia can affect both humans and animals. See why dogs are scared of thunder and what you can do to ease your dogs storm anxiety below.

Symptoms Of Ceraunophobia Or Keraunophobia

The Most Common Weather-Related Phobia

Phobias are to be taken seriously. If they arent given proper attention and treatment, might start to limit the sufferers life. In some cases up to the degree of extreme anxiety and depression. Knowing how to manage thoughts and anxiety will not only help a person live or overcome the fear of thunder and lightning. But also manage to live will all phobias in general.

People who suffer from fear of thunder and lightning. At most times are purposely avoiding coming into contact with what it is that triggers them to experience fear or anxiety in the first place. This might seem like a good quick fix but truth is as mentioned above, if not completely understood what you are experiencing might start hurting or limiting your life in the long run.

Sometines, the people suffering from Ceraunophobia or Keraunophobia, which is a Natural Environment phobia, try to avoid not only the exact objects ) or situations that trigger it but sometimes in severe cases the thought of those thing all together.

There have been a lot of cases in which an individual has develop a phobia from thunder and lightning where they become fearful of experiencing anxiety itself because it would make them feel very uncomfortable in the moment they are in contact with any of those. Panic attacks can be very discomforting for the main reason that they are felt in a physical level. People experiencing panic attacks commonly feel a pounding heart, palpitations or accelerated heart rate.

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Astraphobia: The Fear Of Thunder And Lightning

As a kid I remember burying my head underneath my pillow at night as a late-night Texas sized thunderstorm rumbled through my neighborhood. Now, as a meteorologist I’ve come to find the sound of thunder soothing and the flash of lightning never fails to fascinate me. But, for some who suffer from a type of phobia called astraphobia, the experience of a thunderstorm is anything but fascinating.

The fear of lightning and thunder IS a real phobia.

Astraphobia is the abnormal fear of lightning and thunder.

People with astraphobia will have extreme anxiety during a thunderstorm exhibiting symptoms like crying, trembling, sweating, nausea, and rapid heartbeat. Astraphobia sufferers may even hide under a bed or in a closet and will try things to drown out the sound of thunder like covering their ears. In extreme cases, some will not even leave their home if there is a chance of thunderstorms in the forecast.

Risk Factors & Causes For Astraphobia

In most cases, Phobia Of Thunder Storm is triggered by an extremely negative encounter from the past. The fear can be manufactured by the brain, in some circumstances, with seemingly no foundation. The key is digging down to the source and replacing negative associations with more positive emotions. People who are at the greatest risk include:

People with a general tendency towards fear and anxiety People characterized as skittish, energetic, easily upset, nervous People suffering from adrenal insufficiency

Do you feel as if even one of these represents you? You can see testimonials from individuals who know our our capability to make a difference.

Would you like to read about us in the media instead?

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How The Program Works: Getting Over Phobia Of Thunder

The core of the problem is that your unconscious mind is repeating patterns of thinking that generate the fear and now its time to change things up so those patterns dont run any more. You know that Phobia Of Thunder isnt working for you. The reason the fear continues is because the subconscious has connected it to a wave of dominant negative feelings which occur automatically when you even think of thunder and lightning.

You have not been able to prevent your feelings of fear because you have not been given the methodology to change your feelings and associations. We are here to teach you on how to use the right techniques to vanquish the fear forever. Success is on the way all you need to do is get started:

Appearance In Popular Culture

Doctor Octopus 99: January 2013

Hollywood films such as Twister address the effects of lilapsophobia. In that film, Dr. Jo Harding, played by Helen Hunt, witnesses her fathers death in a tornado. As an adult, she fights the resulting lilapsophobia by becoming a storm chaser. The film features highly realistic footage of major tornadoes, so it is not the best choice for those suffering from this fear.

Tornadoes and hurricanes are a part of life, and todays media offers the opportunity to view devastating storms and their aftermath repeatedly, in vivid high definition detail. Although the coverage is certainly important, it is equally important to put such coverage into perspective. While small weather events happen frequently, only those that are severe are deemed newsworthy. Media coverage can easily lead to a skewed belief that serious storms are much more common than they actually are.

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The Mysterious Causes Of Phobias

In general, the causes of phobias, and astraphobia in particular, are still unanswered questions in medicine. Itâs not understood why, but phobias are widespread throughout the population, though they vary in the extent to which they hinder someoneâs daily functioning. In the United States alone, 19 million people live with mild to severe phobias that greatly impact their quality of life.Â;

What many donât recognize about phobias like astraphobia is that the people who have them know the fear isnât rational. They are not afraid that the rain and thunder will jump into their home and âhurtâ them. The root cause is a complicated mixture of physical and psychological factors that canât be, or at least hasnât yet been, neatly explained.Â;

Life experience plays a big role, especially childhood traumatic events related somehow to the weather. But, phobias like this tend to run in families, which shows that there is a genetic component also present. Whatâs more, many donât seek out treatment for their anxiety disorders or phobias until they actively begin hurting their personal or professional lives.Â;

Astraphobia The Fear Of Thunderstorms Can Cause Profound Anxiety In Children And Adults

For most Americans, summer means vacation, baseball and trips to the beach. But for Barhynn Johnson, a D.C. area resident, the warm months are defined by her intense and sometimes debilitating fear of thunder and lightning.

When a storm is about to hit, and she whiffs the fresh smell of ozone and feels the barometric pressure drop, she gets a surge of adrenaline. Her heart races. Her mouth goes dry. Her breathing grows shallow, and tunnel vision sets in.

It feels not exactly like a panic attack, but like youre on the precipice of a panic attack. Youre in this heightened state of fear and impending doom, she said. Now your body is responding to that physiological response, and then it feels out of control. And that ends up cementing the fear in your mind.

Johnson suffers from astraphobia, a term which comes from the Greek word astrapí, meaning lightning. Also known as brontophobia, keraunophobia and tonitrophobia , astraphobia produces extreme fear, disproportionate to the actual risks of thunderstorms, that interferes with daily life. Research suggests that storm phobias, which also include fears of tornadoes, hurricanes and other weather phenomena, afflict 2 to 3 percent of people.

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How Can We Treat Astraphobia

Treat your Astraphobia by Virtual RealityExposure to virtual reality saves money and time, although it is not available everywhere.

In Romania, at ID Therapy Bespoke Treatment Center, you can overcome this fear of thunderstorms and lightning with the help of virtual reality.

Cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy is a brief-therapy approach. It can be done individually or in a group setting, and it focuses intensely on a particular problem and is goal-oriented. It is designed to change negative or wrong thinking patterns and replace them with more rational ways of thinking.

The psychotherapist can encourage you to keep a journal of anxiety. In the journal, you can notice when a storm comes, and if you think that if you dont hide in the closet, something terrible will happen .

Then, you will examine together with psychotherapist your negative thoughts. During treatment, this negative way of thinking it will be gradually replaced by evidence-based thinking that will help you manage your anxiety.

Lilapsophobia Fear Of Severe Weather

Fear of Thunder, Lightning, Tornadoes? Weather Phobias CAN be overcome

Lilapsophobia is usually defined as fear of tornadoes and hurricanes, but it more accurately describes a general fear of all severe weather types. Lilapsophobia can be thought of as a severe form of astraphobia. Causes of this fear usually stem from having personally experienced a devastating storm event, having lost a friend or relative to a storm, or having learned this fear from others.

One of the most popular weather movies ever made, the 1996 film “Twister,” centers around lilapsophobia. The film’s main character, Dr. Jo Harding, develops a professional interest and reckless fascination with tornadoes after losing her father to one as a little girl.

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Ombrophobia Fear Of Rain


Rainy days are generally disliked for the inconveniences they cause, but people with an actual fear of rain have other reasons for wanting the rain to go away. They may be afraid to go out in the rain because exposure to damp weather could bring on illness. If gloomy weather hangs around for days, it can begin to affect their mood or bring on bouts of depression.

Related phobias include aquaphobia, a fear of water, and antiophobia, a fear of floods.

In addition to learning more about precipitation and its importance in sustaining all forms of life, another technique to try to alleviate this fear is to incorporate nature relaxation sounds into everyday activities.

Indicators That You Need Assistance

To find out the gravity of the problem for you, use our 2 minute Online Assessment for Phobia of Thunder Online Test although it is fairly clear cut: It is time to do something about the fear, if it is having a significantly negative effect on your life.

  • Do you become sick at the simple thought of Thunder And Lightning?
  • Do your palms get clammy and your mouth feel like cotton?
  • Does your heart begin to race?
  • Do your legs turn to rubber under the weight of your own body?

Those are just a few of the symptoms. Click here to see more symptoms of phobia of thunder.

We can help you get rid of not just the symptoms, but the cause. This is what we do

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What Are The Symptoms Of Astraphobia

People who have astraphobia may feel panic before and during a thunderstorm. This phobia can cause symptoms such as:

  • Chest pain
  • Palpitations and an increased pulse
  • Difficulty breathing
  • An obsessive desire to monitor the storm
  • The willingness to stand by someone else to feel protection during a storm
  • Screams and crying
  • Awareness that these feelings are irrational and exaggerated

People with astraphobia may also feel the need to hide from lightning and thunder in a closet, bathroom, bathtub, or under the bed

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