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Can Bearded Dragons Get Depressed

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Can Bearded Dragons Be Depressed

Is Your Bearded Dragon Stressed Out? 8 Signs You Should Be Aware Of

Weâre of the opinion that any animal can become depressed and bearded dragons are no different. An animal that doesnât have enough stimulation in its life will become depressed, lethargic and potentially stop eating. Itâs important to have a rich environment for your bearded dragon, as well as making time to interact with them or letting them out now and then to have a roam around.

Things that you can do to help keep your bearded dragon active and happy can be found at Is My Bearded Dragon Bored?

Do Bearded Dragon Climbing Walls

Do bearded dragons like to climb walls? Yes, they can climb walls. When they get stressed, they start climbing things. Bearded dragon climbing wood because of stress.

That is why some owners complain that they lost their bearded dragons. It is because of this behavior. You should provide enjoyment. Otherwise, they get bored and stressed, and as a result, they climb their habitat and move to the place that is suitable for them.

Jerky / Shaky Behavior

There can be many reasons why your bearded dragon is showing jerky, or shaky behavior. The most common reason is due to calcium and vitamin D3 deficiencies. Bearded dragons need calcium for strong bones and vitamin D3 in order to absorb calcium.

A possible neurological disorder could also result in jerky, shaky behavior.


Always provide adequate UV lighting for a bearded dragon. Bearded dragons need UV radiation in order to produce vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 assists with the absorption of calcium in the blood stream to promote good skeletal development. UV radiation also helps to promote a healthy appetite and brain function.

Continued shaky, jerky behavior may need further examination from a veterinarian for complete diagnosis.

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What Are The Signs Of A Depressed Bearded Dragon

If your bearded dragon is depressed then they will likely show signs that would be similar to a human that is depressed.

These signs can include

  • Lethargic
  • Weight Loss

Its really important at this point to understand that just because your beardie is showing one or more of these signs it doesnt at all mean that they are definitely depressed.

This is because these symptoms can be signs of many other illnesses and even natural occurrences such as brumation and shedding.

In fact, the experts at PetMD talk about tell-tale signs that your lizard is sick and named

  • Lack of appetite
  • Fewer droppings
  • Weight Loss

So this means that for a wide variety of illnesses your bearded dragon could display one or more of these symptoms.

We would always recommend going to see your local vet if you notice that your beardie is not behaving normally and displaying one or more of these symptoms.

You should always be vigilant and try to look at the logical reason why your bearded dragon is behaving this way and make a decision as to what the cause of the behaviour is from there.

Can Snakes Get Depressed Boredom Lack Of Purpose Sadness

Can a Bearded Dragon be an Emotional Support Animal?  Family Pet Planet

Many snake owners sometimes mistake the response of their snakes to external stimuli for emotional feelings. They often wonder whether the snake is sad, depressed, or bored after noticing some change in its usual behavior.

Our article explains whether snakes can feel these emotions. It also discusses how best to consider their reactions to the environment.

This article discusses whether snakes get depressed, bored, sad, or feel lack purpose. It further discusses what it means if your snake acts unnaturally and how best to understand their behavior.

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Signs That Your Bird Is Depressed

Alyson KalhagenBird Talk Magazine.Editorial ProcessEmily EstepEditorial Process

Not only are birds capable of becoming depressed, but prolonged depression can lead to self-destructive behaviors, lowered immune response, and an array of other problems. If you suspect that your bird may be depressed, compare its behavior with the points listed here. Signs pointing to depression may signal that you need to change something about your bird’s environment or your level of interaction with your pet.

No Stimulation Outside The Tank

When you provide stimulation sources inside the tank, there must be something outside the tank that can cause stimulation in bearded dragons outside the tanks. If bearded dragons stay in the tank and dont go outside, it may result in boredom and depression. It would be best if you gave them playtime to minimize the depression in bearded dragons.

A depressed bearded dragon can be the victim of diarrhea. You can make an enrichment pod that is a space like a playpen with unusual objects and toys. This can be a good source of recreation. You can let bearded dragons hunt food outside the tank if there is safe space.

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How Do I Know If My Bearded Dragon Is Depressed

Bearded Dragons appear quite stoic if you arent familiar with these beautiful creatures. However, once you get to know them, they definitely have their own quirky little personalities. There are definite signs that can tell you if something is amiss.

Common signs that your Bearded Dragon might be depressed include the following:

  • Weight loss
  • Drinking less water
  • Slow and lethargic

Now, these arent definite signs that your Dragon is depressed, as they can also come with various illnesses that your Bearded Dragon is prone to. To that effect, consider the following reasons that Bearded Dragons can get depressed. If you rule all of these out, a vet visit is recommended.

Your Bearded Dragons health can decline quickly, so if you arent sure, its always a good practice to err on the safe side with a quick checkup at the Vet to rule out any health issues. That said, lets go into the most common 3 causes of depression with Bearded Dragons.

No 4 Get Long Tweezers

5 Signs Your Bearded Dragon Is Sad! *Watch If You Own A Bearded Dragon*

Yeah I know, most of you guys probably don´t need tweezers or don´t want tweezers, since you enjoy feeding your bearded dragons without that stuff.

However, it is not really about feeding. Tweezers are fantastic to play chase with your bearded dragon. Simply grab a cricket or a dubia or something like that and show it to your dragon. Of course, as you already know, your dragon most probably will freak out and try to catch the food.

Let your dragon run, climb and jump and you will have a healthy bearded dragon. This is a great exercise for your bearded dragon because you simulate nature here. In the wild bearded dragon hunt their food all day.

Further, this is not only good for your bearded dragon. I bet you are also going to have a lot of fun playing with your bearded dragon.

Note: Please make sure that you don´t overdo it here. Play chase with your bearded dragon, but do not do it too long as it could be too much for your dragon at some point.

You can get the clay substrate here, and you can get the cavern kit to create caves here.

With this, your bearded dragon can explore, climb, dig and it does not get too bored in its tank. However, do not change the habitat too often in a short period of time. That could stress your dragon. You could do it every 4 6 months for example

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How To Calm A Stressed Bearded Dragon And Make Him Happy Again

Stress among bearded dragons is common, especially after you bring them home for the first time.

At this point, you may notice that they are not eating or pooping and/or have a darker coloration, which is usually the case with stressed out bearded dragons, in addition to a few other indications discussed later.

At any rate, stress can occur at any point when owning a bearded dragon.

Below are the tips and strategies I recommend on how to calm a stressed bearded dragon.

Simply keep reading OR use the Quick Navigation Table below to be taken to a specific topic.

In This Article

  • How to Calm a Stressed Bearded Dragon
  • Why Do Bearded Dragons Bite

    The bearded dragon is a popular pet to keep at home. They are friendly, docile animals and will almost never bite. Bearded dragons are popular pets for people who want to have something that is not too demanding but still interesting.

    In my personal experience, bearded dragons will bite if they are being hurt, squeezed, pinched, or otherwise harmed. Many reasons for a bite, but proper feeding and care prevents most bites.

    Bearded Dragons bite because of hunger. They dont have teeth, but they do have a set of dragons that have acrodont dentition that is very good at extracting blood. If you feed them properly, theyll stop biting.

    Bearded dragons are amazing pets that can be kept as a pet, but as with any animal, they need to be properly fed and cared for in order to prevent unwanted bites.

    Bearded dragons are not venomous. They will bite if handled improperly, but this is rare. There are a few common myths about these creatures that are not true.

    Bearded dragons are not naturally aggressive. They may show signs of irritability, but they do not have the teeth or strength to cause harm. They are best handled by asking for help from people.

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    Final Thoughts On Can Bearded Dragons Hear

    Bearded dragons can hear. In fact, their sensitive hearing ability helps them survive in the wild. It helps them avoid predators and catch their prey.

    Bearded dragons do not only hear sound from their surroundings but they can also recognize their owners voice and even their name. This means that your bearded dragon knows when you call him/her.

    Bearded dragons associate food with their owners voices. This means that with proper training, you can have better communication with your reptile.

    I hope this helps you understand your reptile more. Thank you for reading.

    Final Verdict On Bearded Dragon Climbing

    The 10 Best Bearded Dragon Toys And Activities

    Bearded dragons are great climbers. They can climb very high like some bearded dragons are found at a height of two meters. They can climb trees, branches, and other things when they are in the wild. They can also climb a wall of tanks. Bearded dragon climbing is a common sight if you pet them.

    They dont climb glass and walls because these structures are smooth, and due to less friction, they cannot do this.

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    Do Bearded Dragons Like To Climb

    Yes, they like to climb. Bearded dragons climbing trees in the wild, too busy themselves. There are many reasons behind bearded dragon climbing. Climbing is an intuitive and natural behavior for them, and they do this behavior regularly.

    When bearded dragons are in the wild, they do this type of activity. But when they are in captivity, they cannot do thislack of activity results in boredom and anxiety.

    Why bearded dragon climbing ladder? Bearded dragon ladders climbing results in the loss of bearded dragons. That is why you need to keep an eye on bearded dragons when they are outside the tank.

    Do bearded dragons like to climb? They can also climb the ladder they can also climb trees and logs. Bearded dragon climbing logs easily because they are great climbers. When bearded dragons get bored due to stimulation lack, then it results in bearded dragon climbing. They can also save themselves from any predators.

    When they are in captivity, you should provide them materials like rocks and other accessories to entertain and dont get bored. The bearded dragon is a ground dweller. This means that they can climb branches and rocks. Bearded dragon climbing branches for entertainment purposes.

    Your Bearded Dragon Is Holding His Mouth Open

    Beardeds who hold their mouth open may be exhibiting signsof illness, but it can also be of no consequence at all.

    For example, bearded dragons sometimes hold their mouths open deliberately, as a form of thermoregulation.

    Alternatively, the lizards may hold their mouths open during threat or social displays.

    But bearded dragons who are suffering from respiratory issues may keep their mouths open in an effort to breathe more effectively.

    Dragons suffering from metabolic bone disease or some other skeletal issue may also hold their mouths open.

    The trick to figuring out whether your beardeds open mouth is a problem or not is to look for any other troubling symptoms.

    If your lizard is exhibiting any other signs of a respiratory illness , it is wise to see your vet.

    The same would hold true of lizards who exhibit an open mouth and other skeletal deformities.

    But, if your lizard closes his mouth from time to time, and runs around the habitat acting normally, it is probably not anything to worry about.

    Especially if he still eats well and doesnt exhibit any problems chewing.

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    Do Snakes Experience Sadness

    Sadness in other animals such as monkeys and dogs usually results from losing a partner or the owner. Monkeys have been known to exhibit traits that show that they are sad. Dogs have been shown to stay by the graveside of their owner till they die too.

    As disappointing as it may sound, snakes do not have the emotional intelligence to feel sadness. They are not social animals or, as animal experts would say, gregarious animals.

    They like to be alone except during mating seasons. But your snakes, if anything, would be happy to be alone rather than feel sadness because of the loss of a companion or any other reason.

    Snakes are not sufficiently intelligent to develop sentiments or any other emotion towards their owners, tankmates, or anything for that matter.

    Take Your Bearded Dragon For A Ride

    Bearded dragon parasites (things you need to know)

    Do you ever just hop in your car and go for a joy ride on a beautiful day?

    Take your bearded dragon next time!

    Many bearded dragons love a good car ride. Just make sure you keep him on a leash and safely secured within the vehicle. Its a good idea to possibly keep him in a Kritter Keeper while in a moving vehicle just for safety purposes.

    Always provide clean, dechlorinated water and a couple snacks while out on your adventure, especially if it will be for several hours.

    If it is during the cooler months of the year make sure you keep the temperatures in the vehicle warm. You dont want your bearded dragon to remain in cool temperatures for an extended time.

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    Do Bearded Dragons Need Company To Stop Them Feeling Bored

    If your Bearded Dragon is feeling bored, one of the worst decisions you could ever make is to provide them with some company in the form of another Bearded Dragon.

    Bearded Dragons are for the most part solitary reptiles and dont like company.

    Housing 2 Bearded Dragons in the same tank can cause lots of problems such as aggressive behaviour, battles for territory and food.

    This can lead one if not both of them to feel stressed and ultimately ill.

    Heres a post Ive written that explains why you shouldnt house 2 Bearded Dragons together and what you should do as an alternative.

    On the other hand, company from you the owner is always a good idea and something you should try and get into the habit of.

    Having a cuddle while watching TV or simply spending time to play with a toy for a little fun is a great way to bond and ultimately stop them from getting bored.

    The Ability To Avoid Predators

    Life in the wild is all about survival. And oftentimes, those that survive have superior intelligence, strength, and skills. Hearing is another ability that gives beardies a chance to avoid predators.

    Their sensitive hearing system allows them to detect predators and therefore make them able to avoid. There are hundreds of predators in the wild they need to avoid. It may include cats, pythons, birds, foxes, and other bigger animals.

    These predators are excellent hunters. They know how to capture their target prey without them being noticed. So having good hearing is an advantage.

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    Why Is My Bearded Dragon Climbing Frame

    Glass surfing is the reason behind the stress of bearded dragons. The bearded dragons are climbing glass due to glass surfing. They can also get stressed for many reasons, like when there is a very small tank, then bearded dragons get depressed because when they are in the wild, they live in spacious places.

    When bearded dragons feel any threat from any other things, they start migrating to a place that is okay for them. Boring and hunger can cause stress in bearded dragons.

    Can Bearded Dragons Get Depressed What Owners Must Know

    Do Bearded Dragons Get Lonely &  Depressed: Dragon Emotions 101

    Bearded dragons are all unique and they all have very different personalities.

    Their individual temperaments and behaviours have led some owners to ask if their bearded dragons can feel emotions and even get depressed?

    This is a really great question, and in this post, we will look at if its actually possible for a bearded dragon to become depressed, if so what can cause them to become depressed and how to keep your bearded dragon happy.

    Lets first start off by answering the main question and finding out if bearded dragons can indeed get depressed.

    So can bearded dragons get depressed? Bearded dragons can actually become depressed. The main reason for this is thought to be a lack of stimulation in captivity as a wild bearded dragon will always have plenty to keep them busy such as looking out for predators and hunting for food.

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