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How To Stop Overthinking Anxiety

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Make Time For Reflection

How To Stop Anxiety And Overthinking

Once you know that you commonly overthink issues, reflect on why you may do so. Think about what triggers you to overthink things. For instance, if you overthink work-related issues, does it have something to do with your professional confidence or lack of preparation?

If you are thinking about something related to school over and over, is it because of pressure you put on yourself or pressure others may put on you?

Once you reflect on your thoughts and what it is that you fear, try to come up with solutions to stop yourself from overthinking so frequently.

Reflection is a different process for everyone, so go with what works best for you. For instance, if a quiet walk at the end of the day is the point at which you can reflect on the things you are overthinking most effectively, then make it a point to make time in your schedule for a walk.

If talking things out or writing in a journal is your best source of reflection, then start using those methods to release negative energy, thoughts, and emotions.

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Use Positive Daily Affirmations For Anxiety

Affirmations are statements that help you overcome negative thoughts. They are particularly useful if you want to learn how to stop overthinking at night or want to set yourself up for a great day first thing in the morning.

Here are some good affirmations for anxiety:

  • I have the power to decide what I will think about. My thoughts do not control me.
  • Right now, I release my obsessive thoughts and let them go.
  • I refuse to allow my imagination to show me disastrous futures.
  • We all live in the present moment and appreciate the beauty of whats happening now.
  • I am more than my negative thoughts. I can and will be happy.

You can also design your own positive daily affirmations. There are no set rules for the form they must take. In addition, try saying them into the mirror, looking straight into your own eyes. And smile, if it feels natural.

Do Something Nice For Someone Else

Trying to ease the load for someone else can help you put things in perspective. Think of ways you can be of service to someone going through a difficult time.

Does your friend whos in the middle of a divorce need a few hours of childcare? Can you pick up groceries for your neighbor whos been sick?

Realizing you have the power to make someones day better can keep negative thoughts from taking over. It also gives you something productive to focus on instead of your never-ending stream of thoughts.

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You Experience Repetitive Thoughts

Ruminatingor rehashing the same things over and over againisnt helpful. But, when youre overthinking, you might find yourself replaying a conversation in your head repeatedly or imagining something bad happening many times.

Dwelling on your problems, mistakes, and shortcomings, increases your risk of mental health problems, according to a 2013 study published in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology.

As your mental health declines, you are more likely you are to ruminate on your thoughts. Its a repetitive cycle that can be tough to break.

Keep The Focus On Problem

Overthinking Creates Anxiety You Can

Dwelling on your problems isnt helpfulbut looking for solutions is. If its something you have some control over, consider how you can prevent the problem, or challenge yourself to identify five potential solutions.

If its something you have no control overlike a natural disasterthink about the strategies you can use to cope with it. Focus on the things you can control, like your attitude and effort.

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Why You Worry: Obsessing Overthinking And Overanalyzing Explained

If you struggle with worry, youve probably asked yourself plenty of times: Why cant I just stop thinking about this? Well in this post, I will explain why.

Its a common scenario: a concern about the future randomly pops into your head one day. Without warning, this worry comes to dominate your thoughts. You cant stop thinking about it even if you try.

Although you may know that your concern is irrational, that doesnt seem to stop you from worrying about it. You might even seek reassurance from others that what youre worrying about wont come to fruition. While this may work briefly, the worry always returns.

Do Not Go Through The Scenarios In A Loop

We all have already done it I think We go on and on and on, we keep going back and forth in our minds of events, until we go crazy. Whether it was because it was a good time, or because you would have liked things to happen this or that way Stop it! Its hard, but rehearsing these things over and over again will really not help you move forward!

So realize that you are staring and chase those thoughts away!

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Simple Ways To Stop Overthinking Anxiety

  • Cognitive Behavioral TherapyA type of therapy called CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy is especially useful in treating anxiety and the way you think.CBT exercises for anxiety will teach you different ways of behaving, thinking and reacting to situations and help you become less anxious and worried.
  • Change Your ViewpointIts human nature to think negative thoughts and make the situation seem worse than what it is. Take the time to see your thoughts may be exaggeratedly negative. If you are sick, before concluding that you are going to get fired for calling out, for example, realize your thoughts may be exaggerated. Did your significant other send a text, Im fine? Why didnt they write an exclamation point? Put things into perspective, over-thinkers commonly obsess over text messages, even down to the punctuation.Ask yourself, how much will this matter in three years? Or even six months from now. Change up the time frame, and this simple question can help stop your overthinking.
  • Be Aware Of Your OverthinkingWhen you start doubting yourself or feeling stressed out, anxious thoughts and nervousness begin to take over, check yourself and take a step back. You are overthinking again.You need to be aware of when overthinking is happening. This takes time to realize, but once you learn to be aware, you will be able to change your thought pattern and redirect them, and begin to train your mind to think positively.
    • Running

    Strategy : Start Journaling

    HOW TO STOP OVERTHINKING (and overcome anxiety)

    It can be difficult to begin identifying your fears, insecurities, and needs to control certain aspects of your relationships. Oftentimes people think they understand their own thoughts and feelings completely. Usually, the opposite is true. Your brain is like a bowl of spaghetti noodles when thinking about how to stop overthinking in a relationship. You might feel as though you know whats in there, but really all the noodles are tangled up, messy, and unclear.

    Journaling works a lot like therapy. It forces you to pull each noodle out one at a time and write it down. Once you have each noodle clearly identified and written down right in front of you, you will find more clarity on the problems you are facing.

    When you begin writing in a journal, be on the lookout for some of the following points:

    • What triggers your feelings of ___?
    • What are the original causes of these feelings and the impulse to overthink?
    • Are you engaging in any unhelpful thinking patterns?
    • What solutions can you implement to begin counteracting these impulses?

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    Overthinking Is Usually Caused By Insecurity

    Rori Sassoon, Professional Matchmaker and Co-founder of Platinum Poire

    People tend to overthink in relationships due to fear of rejection, so they begin overthinking what the other person is going to do, say, or feel about them. Its unsettling and unnerving.

    You begin looking at every action under a microscope, and not only is it time-consuming and exhausting, but it could do actual damage to the relationship if you let those thoughts take over, so its important keep things in perspective.

    When youre getting into a relationship, you really need to do the work on yourself, and try to figure out why there was an expiration date on your last relationship. Try to pinpoint the issue. Were you too arrogant, or needy, or clingy?

    Whatever the issue might be, if you know it was a problem in your last relationship, take the time to work through it, so that it doesnt pop up this time around. Overthinking happens when you have insecurities so make yourself confident by banishing any old bad habits.

    Talking out your feelings with someone you feel comfortable or close with, whether its a friend, family member, or therapist, can go a long way.

    They can help you put a clear perspective on things, and figure out if your feelings are valid or if you are truly overthinking it. When feelings are involved, our judgement can often get cloudy, so having a third party that is unbiased is helpful.

    Strategy : Fill Your Time

    Its much more difficult to sit around anxiously analyzing who said what and what it means if you dont have the time to sit around. Try to fill your time with a productive activity that isnt centered around the relationship you are overthinking.

    Take some time to start a project, look for new hobbies, go hiking. Even better, find a group of friends to get together with that enjoy some of the things you like to do.

    Creating your own daily routines and rituals can also ground you throughout the day by giving you a sense of normality regardless of what else may happen.

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    Write Out What You Are Overthinking About

    Too often we dwell on issues without clearly articulating what were overthinking about. Then, we run in thought circles without a definite direction.

    Writing out what you are overthinking about, then clearly identifying the problem you are concerning yourself with can bring clarity that can help with problem-solving.

    Sometimes, overthinking isnt about problem-solving but ruminating about something that is bothering you. Either way, clearly identifying what you are overthinking about can help bring it to a successful resolve.

    Overthinking In A Relationship Is Usually Due To Insecure Attachment

    How to Stop Overthinking &  Worrying

    Cheryl Muir, Relationship Expert

    When I see a client overthinking in a relationship, its typically due to whats known as insecure attachment.

    In other words, we didnt bond properly with our parents when we were small and vulnerable, so as an adult we struggle to form healthy bonds with our partner because connection feels unsafe to us. This is subconscious, of course.

    Typically it shows us as a pattern of worrying about the status of a relationship, which sometimes causes panic and a fear of being abandoned. As a result, we try to think our way out of it.

    The fastest way to break this cycle is to hire a relationship-specific coach or therapist to address what happened in childhood.

    Once we heal this, we wipe the slate clean, and were able to build strong, healthy connections with romantic partners with ease.

    Kristin Thorisdottir, Psychologist and Coach

    If youre one of those people who overthinks in a relationship, its most likely you are overthinking in other areas of your life as well.

    Overthinking is a very common problem. The main reason individuals overthink is low self-compassion, meaning that you are too judgemental of yourself and your actions. Anxiety and depression are also big reasons for overthinking.

    Whatever the reason is, if you tend to overthink, it means that you are too much in your head and too little in your own life.

    When we overthink, we tend to lose contact with ourselves. Overthinking can further drain us of energy.

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    Are You Ready To Take Back Control

    An overactive mind can really make life miserable if you dont have the right tools and knowledge to deal with it.

    I hope this comprehensive post will give you lots to think about.

    Only kidding! I hope it will do the oppositehelp you to think less and enjoy life more.

    Learning how to stop overthinking is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

    Although the mind may appear to be an all-powerful entity that can suck the joy right out of your head and make your life hell, in truth, it only has as much power as you give it.

    You hold all the cards. Overthinking is a habit that can be broken.

    Use the 12 steps above to take back control and to create a new relationship with the mind a relationship where you are in charge.

    Always remember: the mind is the servant and you are master.

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    You Can Stop Overthinking

    So there you have it. We all get caught up in moments of indecision, worrying, obsessive planning, and other types of overthinking. It can feel even worse when you are stressed out or struggling with anxiety.

    Dont beat yourself up over it. Take things slow and remind yourself that thinking will not change the world around you, and it wont solve all of your problems.

    I hope the tips above were helpful. Let me know in the comments below if you tend to overthink things and if you have any tips for how to stop overthinking!

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    The 3 Types Of Overthinker: Which One Are You

    1. Casual or Situation Specific

    At times, events in your life can hijack your attention.

    I am a huge football fan. A few days back, my team were comfortably winning a game with 10 minutes remaining, when the defence suddenly collapsed and conceded 2 stupid goals in the dying moments. Talk about high drama. I chewed my fingernails almost up to the elbows!

    Do you think I could get those losing goals out of my head the next day? I must have mentally replayed them a thousand times.

    But it wasnt really a problem. I could quite easily put it out of my mind .

    If you have recently experienced a bereavement, lost your job or are facing a difficult health challenge, it is natural that it will be on your mind a lot.

    As life moves on and lifes waves become less choppy again, the thoughts that fill your mind will settle down as well.

    2. Analyser or Ruminator?

    Was Sherlock Holmes an analyser or an overthinker?

    He seemed to be thinking all the time. You never see him chilling out or taking a day off!

    There are two clues. Firstly, Sherlock used the mind as a tool. He was in charge. And secondly, his thinking was productive. It helped him reach concrete conclusions.

    Overthinking is usually unproductive. It serves no practical purpose. You can ruminate on the same old thoughts for days or months on end without ever reaching a conclusion. Overthinking is unfocused. Your thoughts spin round in circles, like a frenetic hamster on a wheel, going nowhere. All you do is tire yourself out.

    Strategy : Share With Your Partner

    How To Stop Overthinking – Prevent Anxiety

    Many times overthinking in a relationship is partly due to a lack of communication. You have to wonder what they are thinking or planning because you havent spoken with them about it. Does your partner even know that you are feeling insecure? Take some time to share your thoughts and feelings with your partner. Ask them what they meant when they said XYZ or did 123. Most of the time this can answer your question of how to stop overthinking in a relationship.

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    Signs Youre Overthinking Right Now

    Before you can change your thinking habits, you have to become aware of when youre overthinking.

    Here are 10 warning signs that youre overthinking:

  • I cant stop worrying.
  • I often worry about things I have no control over.
  • I constantly remind myself of mistakes.
  • I relive embarrassing moments in my mind over and over.
  • I often ask myself “what if…” questions.
  • I have difficulty sleeping because it feels like my brain won’t shut off.
  • When I recall conversations with people, I cant help but think about all the things I wish I had or hadn’t said.
  • I spend a lot of free time thinking about the hidden meaning behind things people say or events that occur.
  • When someone says something or acts in a way I don’t like, I dwell on it.
  • I spend so much time either dwelling on past events or worrying about the future that I often miss whats going on in the present.
  • Plagued By Doubt Fear Stress Anxiety And An Abundance Of Negative Thoughts And Emotions Here Is How To Stop Overthinking Everything To Improve Your Brain Positivity Mental Health And Life

    Young adults contend with so many milestones, and it can be hard not to overthink everything. From work to school to interpersonal relationships, overthinking has almost become something of a rite of passage.

    There are many reasons why a person might overthink an issue. Perhaps they are afraid of making the wrong decisions or they are not sure what decision to make when it comes to an important area of their life.

    Some people overthink because they are prone to anxiety about all major areas of their lives, while others overthink things because they are concerned with how their decisions appear to others. Some people simply cannot control their inherent tendency for overthinking, even if they would rather not do it.

    Unfortunately, overthinking can cause more problems than solutions, ratcheting up the anxiety and causing the person to become overly-reactive to the circumstances in question. As they say, ignorance is bliss, and it may be that overthinking, negative thoughts, and generally thinking too much about things you cant control are the opposite of that age-old adage.

    In this post, well consider some ways to slow down, clear your mind, and learn to stop overthinking everything. If youre ready for a future with less worry, negative emotions, and stress, read on below!

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