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What Is The Phobia Of Dogs

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Fear Of Certain Items

‘Dog Whisperer’ on Getting Over the Fear of Dogs

Some dogs have a fear of a certain object: a vacuum cleaner, childrens toys, party decorations, etc. And often the easiest and quickest solution to such a problem is simply to move the object away from the dog.

Unfortunately, this is not always possible. For example, if your dog is afraid of a vacuum cleaner, then you will have to gradually accustom him to it so that during each cleaning he does not go crazy with fear.

How To Treat Dog Noise Phobia

For pooches that have a severe reaction to basically every single noise, its more than likely that they are dealing with dog noise phobia. Essentially, this is a super-charged fear that often requires treatment to help your pooch enjoy some quality of life. There are some steps you can use if you are looking to help recondition your dogs many noise-related fears.

An Alternative Way To Treat Cynophobia Or Fear Of Dogs Is Cbt Or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

CBT is completely centered on taking in the negative musings and convictions connected with the cynophobia or fear of dogs. The specialist creates one of kind approaches to manage these musings, and change the false convictions into positive considerations. For the most part, the dread may not be directly connected with dogs as dangerous animals however to some other incident or element related with dogs. CBT perceives the underlying foundations of the dread, and bring a positive change accordingly.

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Third Best Way To Treat Cynophobia Or Fear Of Dogs Is By Using Exposure Therapy

In-vivo or exposure treatment can likewise help one get rid of ones cynophobia or fear of dogs. This treatment includes a prolonged exposure to a dog until the patient can have a typical reaction to the creature.

Exposure therapy can likewise be used as self improvement procedure wherein the patient step by step opens himself to canines, takes a gander at photographs, and advances slowly to petting a dog etc This sort of slow exposure can help one understand that his/her feelings of dread are unwarranted.

Fear Of Riding In The Car

Cynophobia: Understanding Fear of Dogs

Some dogs are afraid of riding in the car. This fear is often due to a lack of early exposure to car rides. It may also develop after negative experiences with riding in the car, such as getting car sick, riding in the car to be left at a shelter, or only going for a car ride for a visit to the veterinarian. It’s possible to overcome your dog’s fear of riding in the car by using treats and praise to slowly lure your dog into the car;and then working up to taking rides in small steps. Make sure the destination is a happy place, like to the dog park or for a walk, and not too far away.

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Final Thoughts On Cynophobia

A fear of dogs may be scary or embarrassing to acknowledge, but no one has to live with the condition. With the high success rate of behavioral treatments, working with a professional can quickly reduce symptoms. By understanding the condition and seeking treatment, fear, anxiety, and worry about dogs can be a thing of the past.

Preventatively Wear Him Out To Help Him Relax

If you know your pooch gets scared of thunderstorms or fireworks and you think he may need to be dealing with either of those things with forecasting or celebrations, do what you can to wear him out throughout the day. A long walk here and an extra play session can help wear him out so that he either sleeps through the whole thing or he is at least more fatigued, so his nervous energy has nowhere to go.;

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Tips On How To Get Over A Fear Of Dogs

Dogs can be intimidating, especially to someone who has a bad experience with a canine in the past. Most people are not afraid of a dog unless he is making threatening gestures or sounds. Speaking of unnecessary sounds, did you have time to read my column last week about how to get your dog to stop howling?

Howling isn’t necessarily a threatening sound, but it may terrify someone who is afraid of dogs. If you’re one of these people, you’re in the right place. This week I’m going to share some information on getting over your fear of dogs.

Zoophobia is a fear of animals. One of the subtypes of this phobia is;cynophobia the fear of dogs. Obviously, I am not afraid of dogs, but many people are and it can be a very debilitating fear. Dogs are everywhere now-a-days, and a fear of them may keep you from enjoying the world around you and socializing with the people that you care about.

The number of domesticated pet dogs is steadily growing, and someone suffering from cynophobia may feel uncomfortable entering a home if the family has a dog. A cynophobic person may not want to walk in public parks or on walking trails where dogs are welcome. Their fear may be holding them back from enjoying their environment, their family and their friends.

The Importance Of Multi

FEAR IN DOGS: Defining, Understanding, Helping (Trish King)

Due to the complicated, multi-faceted nature of phobias and the unpredictability of storms, a multi-modal treatment regimen including behavioral training, therapeutic products, and/or medications is often essential in order to manage the unique challenges related to thunder phobia. It is important to work with a professional behaviorist when you implement these treatment plans, as they can help you identify the correct methods for your dogs specific needs.


Desensitization works by gradually introducing your dog to the sounds of storms in a safe and contained manner. Experts recommend playing audio of storm noises for about 5-10 minutes a day, gradually increasing the intensity. Unfortunately, because an audio recording cannot recreate the full effect of a storm such as smells and air pressure this method is not always successful.


Counterconditioning helps teach your dog to associate something good happening with a storm. Some successful counterconditioning methods for thunder phobia include:

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Why Are People Afraid Of Dogs

There are no fixed or definite answers to this question, nor a specific moment or period of life when it begins. Fear and the experience of it is extremely subjective. There is not a single cause; cynophobia may;arises due to a combination of circumstances, and its severity may depend on how early it starts. Depending on which source you consult, dog phobia in children can take root as early as age 5 or as late as age 13. It;can last into adulthood if untreated, but is not limited to children or tweens. Fear of dogs in adults has taken hold of people as old as 20 years of age, and persisted well into middle age.

What causes cynophobia? The answers are no clearer or more precise. There are general categories, of course; these include:

  • Experiential:;a direct personal experience, be it a dog attack, a bite, or even being jumped on and licked by a particularly enthusiastic dog. The more involved a direct experience is, the greater the likelihood that the surrounding events and aftermath might reinforce or deepen the foundations of a lasting phobia.
  • Observational: seeing an event happen, especially when it happens to a close friend or family member can be sufficiently traumatic to inspire a lasting fear of dogs.
  • Learned: hearing about a negative event can initiate a dog phobia. It can be as remote and distant from an actual experience with a dog as reading a newspaper article or watching a particularly violent or disturbing;scene in a horror movie.

Treatment Options For Cynophobia

Cognitive behavioral therapy is very effective at treating cynophobia, says Greta Hirsch, PhD, clinical director at the Ross Center in Washington, D.C., which treats individuals with anxiety and related disorders. We work with the patient to create a graded fear hierarchy, she says. We might start by having the person imagine petting a dog.

As the exposure brings the person closer to the object of their fear, the person keeps an anxiety journal and writes down the situation that is causing the anxiety level on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest.

For example, for someone with a severe dog phobia, a therapist may start out by exposing them to a picture or a video of a dog and then gradually over time, they would progress to perhaps a toy dog and then an actual dog, Dr. Vitagliano says. The time and intensity progression of the exposure will be individualized depending upon the persons tolerance and symptom severity.

CBT combined with exposure therapy is very effective with cynophobia, Dr. Vitagliano says. The behavioral part of CBT is to gradually expose the person to the feared object, in this case, dogs. The cognitive part is looking at the persons mistaken beliefs, where you think the dog is actually going to bite you, Dr. Hirsch says. We work on muscle tension. If a person is tense, then the body sends a signal to the brain that they are in danger.

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Dog Lovers Without Responsibility

The most radical dog lovers are the stray dog lovers. Now, if you ever ask them to not feed the strays near your home or office,;they react so badly. They are serious animal rights activists and they pour scorn on you.;Surely, it wont make any difference if you feed the stray dogs a few feet away where there are no people.

Most of these dog lovers do not take any responsibility for stray dogs apart from just feeding them leftovers. They dont neuter them or even vaccinate them.

Forget strays, in India, dog owners dont even think it is their job to pick up the poop from the streets and parks when they take their pets out on a walk.

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Fear Of Being Left Alone

Storm Phobia in Dogs: 6 Clever Tips to Make Them Feel Safe

The fear of being left home alone is referred to as separation anxiety. Dogs who suffer from separation anxiety tend to exhibit destructive behavior as soon as their owners leave the house. Other symptoms include excessive barking and housebreaking accidents when left alone.

A change in the dog owner’s behavior may help ease a dog’s fears. Simply by making changes to their habits before leaving the house and staying low key when they leave and return home, dog owners can alleviate some of a dog’s anxiety. Desensitization, the process of slowly getting the dog used to being left home alone, can also be beneficial to dogs suffering from separation anxiety.

Sometimes, training a dog to stay in a crate while the owner is away may also help. If separation anxiety is severe, sometimes medication for the animal is warranted.

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How To Prevent Cynophobia Or Fear Of Dogs

If you have unreasonable cynophobia or fear of dogs, consider getting psychological help, particularly in the event that you have youngsters. Despite the fact that hereditary qualities likely play a part in the advancement of fears, repeatedly observing another persons phobic response can trigger a fear in youngsters. By managing your own apprehensions, you will prevent pass them on to your kids.

Cynophobia or fear of dogs is a real yet treatable condition and you should not need to experience the ill effects of it any more. Looking for help is a step in the right direction in case you want to break free from your fear.

Cynophobia Is Not A Weakness

A dog need not be large or even marginally aggressive to inspire fear in people who suffer from cynophobia, nor does actual suffering need to be a part of their lives. Regardless of the size or temperament of an individual dog, its always best to ask potential houseguests whether theyre okay around dogs, and to keep dogs on-leash in public areas to avoid unnecessary incidents. Cynophobia is;is not a weakness; nor is it unreasonable to respect peoples boundaries;when they make them plain.

As Clara Oswald once told a terrified child in the Doctor Who story, Listen , Being afraid is all right fear is a superpower. Fear can make you faster and cleverer and stronger.;Phobias are best understood in all their complexity by the people who experience them, and are often borne out of very real and traumatic circumstances. For people who are afraid of dogs, knowing your own boundaries;is neither weak nor irrational.;In an ideal world, and under the best circumstances, as Clara said, Fear makes companions of us all.

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Hypnotherapy For Treating Cynophobia Or Fear Of Dogs

With hypnotherapy, it is conceivable to achieve profound inside the intuitive personality, where the dread itself began and is held. Utilizing modern hypnosis, the subconscious mind can benefit from outside assistance to relinquish defective programming and realign itself with reality. Because in reality most of the dogs pose no threats to a person.

There truly is no reason behind why you or anybody you think about continues to suffer from a cynophobia or fear of dogs. It can often be treated in just a couple of brief sessions of advanced hypnotherapy.

Dont Force Yourself To Interact

Dog with hardwood floor phobia | Redeeming Dogs | Flower Mound dog training

Step number two is not to force any interaction. It’s easy to think “oh, I’m being silly”, “this dog looks friendly, I’m just going to get stuck in”. Really don’t force it.

Also don’t allow anyone in your family, or friends who are close to you to try and force you into a situation where you come into contact with dogs. They might have the friendliest dog. They might think that it’s never going to cause any problems and that there’s no way you should be scared of it. But don’t force their views onto you.

Again, you want to set yourself up for success. So just be clear that you’re not comfortable and avoid those situations.

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Treatment For Dog Social Anxiety

The medical treatment makes it possible to break the vicious circle which makes that the animal always reacts in the same way, it makes it possible to restore a normal functioning of the ways of the brain and thus to prepare the ground for the behavioral therapy which is essential and to facilitate that -this.

The most used behavioral therapy is that of controlled immersion: we place the dog in front of the stimulus of moderate intensity until he gets used to it: for example we make him listen regularly to a thunderstorm sound with a low volume at the start and getting stronger. The dog being under medication, this will allow the reactions to be controllable and they should be less and less important.

We can also practice what is called counter-conditioning: we place the dog in a very pleasant, reassuring and motivating situation for him, for example we play with him with a toy that he particularly likes and then we put it in presence of the object of his phobia while continuing to play and reward normal behavior. We then create a new association: the object of the phobia is associated with something pleasant .

Exposure to the stimulus is essential for healing: if the animal is only treated with medication, upon stopping treatment it will regain all of its phobia.

It can be interesting to call on a dog trainer for this behavioral therapy. In all cases when your dog has a panic attack related to a phobia, these are the recommended actions:

Living And Management Of Fear And Anxiety In Dogs

If your dog is on medications, your veterinarian will want to conduct occasional blood testing to make sure your dogs body can process and eliminate the medications appropriately.

If behavior modification does not work over the long-term, your veterinarian may want to modify the approach. If left untreated, these disorders are likely to progress.

You will need to help your dog with behavior modification exercises and teach your dog to relax in a variety of environmental settings. Encourage calmness when your dog appears distressed. Distract him and redirect his attention, following the plan your vet has set for you.

Fearful or anxious dogs may need to live in a protected environment with as few social stressors as possible. They do not do well in dog shows, dog parks or large crowds.

And remember that not all dogs are calmer when crated; some dogs panic when caged and will injure themselves if forced to be confined. Absolutely avoid punishment for behavior related to fear, phobia or anxiety.

Contact your veterinarian for a referral to get professional help with your dogs behavior modification.

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What Is Cynophobia Or Fear Of Dogs

Zoophobia means fear of animals, there are several categories in it, unlike the fear of snakes or spiders, the cynophobia or fear of dogs is rare. You might be surprised to know that those who have cynophobia or fear of dogs are the ones who likely encounter them on daily basis. This makes the phobic dodge a wide range of circumstances including dogs. Subsequently, his/her social, professional or familial activities can adversely be affected.

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