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What Part Of The Brain Does Ptsd Affect

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Splits Don’t Make Sense

How Does PTSD Affect Brain Function?

If your current broker is taking a large split of your commission, you have to question why. If youre on a 70/30 split, is the broker doing 30% of your work? Probably not. So, why should the broker receive 30%? Worth Clark deducts a very modest transaction fee per sale based on what weve calculated to provide support, E& O and all the great tools we offer, on a per transaction basis. Weve yet to find another broker that allows real estate professionals to keep more of their hard earned commissions.

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Interdependent Real Estate Business Model

At Keller Williams Realty, we teach you how to generate your own leads and take ownership in your real estate business. Its like the old saying, Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime. The KW business model is interdependent, meaning you are independent in running it, but are not just thrown out there to fend for yourself. We provide the tools, resources, strategies and empowerment for you to run and manage your own real estate business.

Thats probably one of the reasons you are getting into this business, right? To take control of your life, your schedule and build a legacy for your family. KW promises to teach you to be independent in your business and also give you the leverage to balance your business and personal life.

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I live in Utah and I hit the jackpot with my independent broker. He offers terrific technology, and he literally answers his phone or returns a text within minutes Every time. He charges a flat fee of $495 per transaction and its been amazing. You find out really quickly that real estate is a learn as you go type of job. I have literally never met my broker and I have never walked into the office, not even once. We have a great relationship because he responds to any and every question Ive ever had. If you go with an expensive brokerage, it doesnt always guarantee that your broker will respond when you have a question. My broker is prompt, not greedy. I keep the majority of my commissions because I did the work to earn them. With the Internet, you dont need an office the way you did in the old days. Everything is done online. If you need cheerleaders and company, go sit in a real estate office all day. If you want to earn and keep your money, do your work from the Internet at home.

Gateway Foundation Offers Trauma Therapy To Help Heal The Brain

How does PTSD affect the brain

Identifying the core source of trauma is often essential for getting on the path toward healing. However, understanding PTSD and the brain is only the first step to recovery. Gateway Foundation offers trauma therapy and dual-diagnosis treatment programs for people with co-occurring disorders, such as PTSD and substance use disorder. Our program will help you heal from trauma while you work to overcome substance addiction. To learn more about our treatment and therapy options, contact us today.

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Steve Conley South Florida

I am a certified and nationally recognized real estate business coach with over 7000 hours of one-on-one coaching calls with real estate agents around the country. I specialize in helping new agents build and grow their business, as well as, coaching fading winners back into top production. Key areas of expertise:

1. Establishing the foundational tools for business and database management. Training with getting a flow of business

2. Lead Generation building strong lead pillars

3. What to say and how to say it as well as objection handling

4. Negotiation skills for top production

5. High accountability to do the work necessary for business growth- Time management and establishing a winning routine.

6. Mindset eliminating a fixed mindset, creating a growth mindset while identifying and pushing through limiting beliefs.

I currently coach/train 32 agents from 14 states thus I am able to mentor LoKation agents from anywhere in Florida or Colorado.

% Commission In Real Estate

You may have heard or read about the term 100% commission with regard to real estate. It has to do with the commission split an agent makes who is selling or listing a property.

Typically, real estate agents work for a large firm such as ReMax or Coldwell Banker, which provide shared office space, supplies, utilities, and more in exchange for monthly dues and a split of the commission.

In other words, that 2.5% or 3% commission doesnt all go to the agent. Instead, a portion goes to the broker for providing support along the way.

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Treatment Approaches To Trauma And Ptsd

Over the years as the scientific community has become accepting of the existence of PTSD and more open to exploring treatments a group of well-researched and increasingly-used therapies and approaches have been developed and are being implemented into treatment programs. Here we will touch on some of the most popular:

How The 100% Commission Real Estate Broker Model Works

Trauma and Behavior Part 1: “How Trauma Affects the Brain”

There are several ways a brokerage can structure the 100% commission model. Many opt not to provide office support services to their agents. This allows them to keep expenses down, so they can pay out 100% commission on sales. It also allows them to charge their agents very low monthly fees for the use of desk space.

But what it doesnt allow them to do is provide training and support services to their agents.

Others tend toward charging a flat fee for each sale. These fees can range from very low to very high, depending on your broker.

Either way, the real estate agent ends up paying out funds to the brokerage to be an associate. This decreases the amount of commission the agent takes home.

Is the 100% Commission Model right for you?

Over the past several years, the 100% commission model has become more popular with agents. But is it right for you?

Are you an experienced agent? Have you built a clientele and a successful business on your own? If so, this structure can be ideal. If you dont need in-office training or a referral program for breaks on fees, this no-frills model is perfect.

Yet for newer agents, a more traditional commission structure may make more sense.

Many new agents do need that in-office training and interaction. Learning from other agents can help them build their career at the start.

But what if you could get training and a great referral program with the 100% commission model? What if you could also get unlimited training and support?

You can.

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Miguel Perez South Florida

Success in the real estate business is all about the client, says Miguel Perez, who serves buyers and sellers interested in commercial and residential properties in South Miami, Coral Gables, Pinecrest, and

Palmetto Bay along with other high-end markets in Miami-Dade and Broward counties. The secret? Identify their needs and wow them with exceptional service.

Though he worked in the technology business for the first 25 years of his professional career, even owning and running a tech consulting company for two-thirds of that time, his primary clientele consisted

of developers, mortgage brokers, Realtors®, property management firms, title companies, and other players in the real estate industry.

The holder of a BS in Business Administration, Miguel invests a substantial amount of time and effort into providing clients the kind of up-to-date market reports on areas of interest to them that will enable them to make an informed decision when negotiating a sale or purchase.

Born in Miami to Cuban parents, Miguel speaks fluent English and Spanish. He, his wife of 19 years, and their two beautiful children still live in Miami, where the couple have owned and run a school for the past

fourteen years. In his free time, Miguel enjoys golfing, traveling with his family, and dining at restaurants where he can explore the cuisines of different cultures.

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For top quality professionally printed items we have arrangements to get them for you at-cost!

Exceptional Receptionist

Every time you visit our office you will be greeted by a happy member of our team. Need any help? Let them know and they will be happy to assist you.

Your experience is our #1 priority at every office and our team is always standing ready to support.

Were in this together.

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Consequences Of Brain Dysfunctions In Ptsd


Because the amygdala is overactive, more norepinephrine is released in response to threat and its release is not well-regulated by the PFC.

Effects of excess norepinephrine include:

  • Hyperarousal.
  • Hypervigilance
  • Increased wakefulness and sleep disruption
  • As a result of hyperarousal, people with PTSD can get emotionally triggered by anything that resembles the original trauma . Symptoms of hypervigilance means they are frequently keyed up and on edge, while increased wakefulness means they may have difficulty sleeping or wake up in the middle of the night.

    Brooke Wazsak South Florida

    How PTSD affects brain âcircuitryâ?

    Brooke Joy Waszak is a realtor with LoKation Real Estate. She holds a Bachelors degree in Urban & Regional Planning from Florida Atlantic University. Brooke Joy Waszak serves central & eastern Palm Beach County. She primarily sells homes in Lake Worth Beach, Lantana, Delray, Boynton Beach, Palm Beach & Singer Island. Brooke takes pride in her integrity. She is committed to getting you the maximum value when selling your home. When working with buyers, she is committed to finding the best fit for you! And doing whatever it takes to make you the best deal possible. You can count on Brooke to be fair & forthcoming. Brooke believes in karma. In every transaction her goal is to create a win-win scenario, so that all parties walk away feeling pleased about the transaction. Farming Area:

    Lake Worth Beach, Lantana, West Palm Beach, Lake Osborne. Basically east of Congress, as far south as Boca Raton and as far north as Singer Island.

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    Affiliation Fee Plus Transaction Fee Model

    This approach runs the gamut from paying a few hundred dollars to hang your license with a virtual broker with no location and no services to at least one company that is offering a full suite of services .

    The comparison below looks at this hybrid model of full service using the affiliation fee plus transaction fee approach. Assume 14 transactions at an average commission of $7,143 or $100,000 GCI.

    Fixed fees Annual cost

    Transaction fee $5,530

    Other fees

    Print advertising $2,400

    Signs, riders and flags $1,500

    Just listed and just sold cards $1,200

    E& O insurance $600

    The 100% Commission Model

    In this compensation model, the agent gets the entire commission. This model can pay 100 percent to the agent because the agent is paying a “desk fee” or monthly office fee. This can be a significant amount/month, but experienced producers prefer it because their costs are capped while their income is not.Example from above would be $12,000 to the agent, but the office fee could be $1,000/month or more.New agents generally are not interested in this model because of the fixed cost they must pay monthly.

    As of 2013, this model has almost disappeared, with even REMAX taking on new agents with less than a 100 percent commission.

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    We Help Massachusetts Real Estate Agent Entrepreneurs

    Stuart St James helps entrepreneurial-minded Massachusetts real estate agents like you gain control and over your real estate business so you can:

  • Earn more commission
  • Work fewer hours
  • Spend more time with loved ones
  • Unlike traditional brokerages and their dated processes, tools, and shame-on-you commission splits, SSJ leverages modern technology and automation while offering no-nonsense 100% commission to its agents.

    Therapy At Highland Springs

    How Does Betrayal Trauma Affect the Brain?

    Another common treatment to help survivors who are recovering from emotional trauma is therapy. There are many different types of therapy, but the main goal is to change the thought process of the victim. This may involve talking, exercises, or other types of treatment.

    Here at Highland Springs Specialty Clinic, we have a PTSD Treatment Center to help victims of trauma heal and overcome their PTSD. Our therapists and clinicians are experienced in PTSD and emotional trauma. They have specialized training and high-level expertise that allow them to customize trauma treatment options according to individuals.

    At Highland Springs Specialty Clinic, we combine cognitive behavioral therapy and desensitization therapy. Our cognitive behavioral therapy helps our therapists and patients identify the root of the trauma and triggers that bring fear and agitation to the surface.

    Once these triggers are identified, the therapist and client work together to replace these emotions with more rational, neutral emotions and overcome emotional trauma.

    Desensitization therapy will then help the client heal by verbalizing the trauma that occurred in the past. This allows them to release emotions connected with the event and decrease flashbacks and other symptoms. Desensitization is all about acceptance and moving on.

    The client will be able to leave their trauma in the past and learn to live a more healthy lifestyle free from PTSD symptoms.

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    How To Choose The Best Low Commission Real Estate Company

    This is how to find the best low commission real estate brokers for your needs:

  • Create a list of companies who offer the level of service and types of support you need
  • Narrow that list down to the top three companies that offer the best rates based on your target sale price and budget
  • Interview agents from each service
  • Choose the one that seems like the best fit
  • Treating Pain And Anxiety Without Pills

    In patients who can be easily hypnotized, hypnosis sessions have been shown to be effective in lessening chronic pain, the pain of childbirth and other medical procedures treating smoking addiction and post-traumatic stress disorder and easing anxiety or phobias. The new findings about how hypnosis affects the brain might pave the way toward developing treatments for the rest of the population those who arent naturally as susceptible to hypnosis.

    Were certainly interested in the idea that you can change peoples ability to be hypnotized by stimulating specific areas of the brain, said Spiegel.

    A treatment that combines brain stimulation with hypnosis could improve the known analgesic effects of hypnosis and potentially replace addictive and side-effect-laden painkillers and anti-anxiety drugs, he said. More research, however, is needed before such a therapy could be implemented.

    The studys lead author is Heidi Jiang, a former research assistant at Stanford who is currently a graduate student in neuroscience at Northwestern University.

    Other Stanford co-authors are clinical assistant professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences Matthew White, MD and associate professor of neurology Michael Greicius, MD, MPH.

    • Sarah C.P. Williams is a freelance science writer.

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    Treating Ptsd And The Brain

    Although with these significant effects of trauma on the brain, fortunately, it is possible to reverse some of the symptoms. These areas of the brain can start functioning better with treatment methods that improve emotional regulation and memory. Certain medications and therapies can even bring back volume in parts of the brain that experienced loss such as the hippocampus.

    In addition to regular psychotherapy there are methods like neuro-linguistic programming, hypnosis, and other therapies to help reprogram the mind and reverse changes in the brain. Even therapies like trauma-releasing exercises and body-mind techniques which help the individual reconnect with themselves may be useful in improving the brains functioning. PTSD management can help a person bounce back both mentally and emotionally from the effects of trauma.

    Treatment can help all kinds of different trauma reactions, even for those that experienced trauma but have not developed PTSD. Trauma can lead to all kinds of mental health and behavioral issues including depression, anxiety and substance abuse. Many of the effects of trauma on the brain that influence a persons behavior can be reversed and minimized through regular treatment.

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