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How To Treat Depression Naturally

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Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors

How to Treat Postpartum Depression Naturally

If a GP thinks you’d benefit from taking an antidepressant, you’ll usually be prescribed a modern type called a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor .

Examples of commonly used SSRI antidepressants are paroxetine , fluoxetine and citalopram .

They help increase the level of a natural chemical in your brain called serotonin, which is thought to be a “good mood” chemical.

SSRIs work just as well as older antidepressants and have fewer side effects, although they can cause nausea, headaches, a dry mouth and problems having sex. But these side effects usually improve over time.

Some SSRIs are not suitable for children and young people under 18 years of age. Research shows that the risk of self-harm and suicidal behaviour may increase if they’re taken by under-18s.

Fluoxetine is the only SSRI that can be prescribed for under-18s and, even then, only when a specialist has given the go-ahead.

Cure : Herbs For Depression

Herbs are naturally occurring substances which originate from plants or plant derivatives. They show immense potential in curing a lot many diseases effectively including mental illnesses like depression and anxiety. Herbal remedies are easily accessible and dont bear any kind of side effects. Some of the best herbs to deal with depression include

Its Easier Than You Think

Defining Depression

Many folks confuse sadness with depression. Sadness is a natural state, a necessary part of living. Friendships end. Death steals loved ones. Life provides us with plenty of reasons to feel sad. Feeling sad is appropriate at such times and indispensable. The need to mourn, to feel sadness, is an essential part of what it means to be human. When we honor sadness, it provides us with essential space for self-reflection, and greater empathy and compassion. It also may compel us to recognize difficult truths or inspire us to make better choices.

Depression, however, offers no solace. It brutally assaults us and promotes hopelessness. This is because depression is not a pure feeling but an effort to ward off a complex mix of unwanted ones. Anger, frustration, irritation, and grief are feelings we tend to find intolerable we dont want to feel them. When were depressed, were engaging in a psychic battle to blot out these unwanted feelings. Common psychic defenses against painful feelings include denial , projection , rationalization or binge eating .

Unfortunately, as long as the true causes of our depression remain unaddressed, it will return again and again.

Hunt Down the Cause of Your Depression

Heres a list of the most common situations that often trigger depression:

Battling Depression




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Meet Yourself Where You Are

Depression is common. It affects millions of people, including some in your life. You may not realize they face similar challenges, emotions, and obstacles.

Every day with this disorder is different. Its important to take your mental health seriously and accept that where you are right now isnt where youll always be.

The key to self-treatment for depression is to be open, accepting, and loving toward yourself and what youre going through.

If Youre Up For Exercise Consider A Walk Around The Block

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On days when you feel as if you cant get out of bed, exercise may seem like the last thing youd want to do. However, exercise and physical activity can be powerful depression fighters.

Research suggests that, for some people, exercise can be as effective as medication at relieving depression symptoms. It may also help prevent future depressive episodes.

If youre able to, take a walk around the block. Start with a five-minute walk and work your way up from there.

Sleep disturbances are common with depression. You may not sleep well, or you may sleep too much. Both can make depression symptoms worse.

Aim for eight hours of sleep per night. Try to get into a healthy sleeping routine.

Going to bed and waking up at the same time every day can help you with your daily schedule. Getting the proper amount of sleep may also help you feel more balanced and energized throughout your day.

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How To Treat Depression Naturally

1. Consider why you might feel depressed. Sometimes depression is a symptom of something circumstantial in your life, rather than biochemical imbalances. Does your job require you to sell out your integrity every day? Have you been unable to admit that you need to end your ? Are you feeling spiritually disconnected or sexually restless? Are you suffering from creative blocks? Is your body failing you? Are you facing financial ruin? Be honest with yourself about what might be off-kilter in your life, and make an effort to get to the root of why you might be feeling depressed.

2. Move your body. Exercise releases happy-making endorphins, which act like natural antidepressants. Runner’s high, anyone?

3. Never skip a meal. Keeping your blood sugar stable reduces mood swings.

4. Eat a serotonin-enhancing diet. Many antidepressants like Prozac act by inhibiting the reuptake of serotonin by receptors in the brain, thereby increasing serotonin levels. But you can increase your brain’s serotonin levels by eating foods that boost your serotonin levels naturally. Serotonin-enhancing foods include:

  • Foods high in omega-3 fatty acids
  • Healthy fats like coconut oil
  • A high-protein diet, especially proteins high in tryptophan, like free-range turkey

5. Avoid caffeine, which reduces serotonin levels. If you need an energy boost, supplement with L-Tyrosine .

7. Try mood-enhancing supplements.

Stop Smoking As A Natural Depression Treatment

This form of natural depression treatment focuses more on what not to do than what to do. But making a few changes regarding smoking can have a huge impact on your mental health. And on your physical health as well.According to the NHS, stopping smoking can have the same effect on depressive symptoms as taking antidepressants. So, if youre a smoker, this is one of the most powerful natural treatments for depression available.But wait a minute. Doesnt smoking make you more relaxed?Its a common misunderstanding that smoking relieves anxiety and stress. The truth is that the cigarettes most likely caused the stress in the first place.Addictive substances create withdrawal symptoms, or cravings. When smokers havent had a cigarette in a while, they start feeling restless and anxious and they crave another cigarette for relief. When they light up, the craving momentarily disappears. And the smokers associate the cigarette with their improved mood.Take the cigarette out of the equation and the withdrawal symptoms never show up in the first place.If this natural treatment for depression applies to you, contact the NHS stop smoking services.

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Physical Activity As A Natural Depression Treatment

  • Increased protection against depression, Alzheimers and other diseases
  • Improved mood
  • Increased ability to manage strong emotions
  • Improved concentration
  • Better sleep
  • Money left in your wallet

You dont have to spend hours at the gym to get out of depression. Its best to find physical activities that you enjoy and make them a part of your everyday life. 3-4 workouts a week is enough to protect yourself from depression and to recover from it. You dont have to take a spin class, but its important to work up a sweat and get your heart rate up.The biggest problem with this natural depression treatment is that it can be difficult to find the motivation for it when depressed. Its almost like a cruel joke that when youre experiencing the lowest amount of energy, youre supposed to sweat and pant and jump to get out of it. So, its a good idea to learn a few tricks for an easier start. If you want to know more about how to build a treatment routine that lasts, check out All you need to know about exercise and depression.

What Are The Signs Of Depression

How To Treat Depression Naturally

The signs of depression can vary from person to person. But in general, if you feel continuously sad for at least 2 weeks, you may have a type of depression called major depressive disorder. Signs of major depression include:

  • Feeling down most of the time

  • Feeling much less interested in activities or hobbies that you once enjoyed

  • Changes in your weight or appetite

  • Sleeping too much or too little

  • Fatigue that lasts most of the day

  • Appearing lethargic or moving more slowly than usual

  • Feeling worthless or guilty

  • Thoughts of suicide

If you suspect that you may have depression, it is best to meet with a doctor, psychiatrist, psychologist, or therapist for an assessment. The only way to know for sure that you have depression is to get diagnosed by a professional. If youre having suicidal thoughts, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

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Could Meditation Be Right For You

If you suspect you have depression, see your primary care doctor to rule out other causes of your symptoms and get a treatment plan. If your doctor prescribes an antidepressant, keep taking it. Dont stop on your own, Goyal says. You can add meditation and see how you feel after a few months of regular practice. The best way to get started is by taking a class.

Though based on ancient Buddhist traditions, mindfulness meditation is secular, not religious, Goyal says. Anyone can practice it. It doesnt conflict with religious faith or spiritual beliefs.

#TomorrowsDiscoveries: How the Brain Processes Incentives and Rewards | Vikram S. Chib, Ph.D.

Tend To Your Social Life

When you’re depressed, there’s no reason to go it aloneand all sorts of reasons to reach out to friends and family. Make plans with loved ones and keep those dates. Join a club or sign up for a group activity such as a local dodgeball league, for example, or a French class.

Other things you might try:

  • Join a support group. Talking to other people who are facing the same experiences and challenges can be informative and helpful.
  • Schedule activities. Having routines can be helpful when you are going through depression. Create a daily schedule that includes spending time with others. You are more likely to stick to it if its a scheduled event.
  • Volunteer.Joining a cause that you care about is a great way to meet new people and expand your social circle.

The problem is that depression often causes people to withdraw, which only further exacerbates feelings of isolation and loneliness. Even when you don’t feel like going out or being social, try reaching out in whatever way is most comfortable for you. Enlist a few of your closes loved ones who understand what you are experiencing.

Doing the things you used to do might not bring you quite the same enjoyment, but getting out of the house and spending time with people who care about you can help you feel better.

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Guided Imagery And Music Therapy

Guided imagery is a form of meditation in which you envision a goal in as much detail as you can. This technique uses the power of positive thinking to help attain something specific, like happiness.

Music therapy has been used to help improve the moods of people with depression. Sometimes it involves listening to music that promotes relaxation and positivity. Other times, it involves singing as a form of therapy.

One study showed that both of these therapy types could help decrease stress and improve mood.

Gardening As A Natural Treatment For Depression

9 Steps to Treat Depression Naturally

This natural depression treatment will make your hands dirty but your mind shine.A meta-analysisfrom 2017, including studies from the United States, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, showed that gardening came with a wide range of health benefits. Digging and planting and watering on a regular basis reduced:

  • Depression
  • Physical activity levels
  • Cognitive function

The researchers suggest that government and health organizations should consider gardening as a beneficial health intervention.And that doesnt sound so odd, does it? After all, gardening has all of those benefits plus giving you something to care for. Watching living things grow can give us a sense of purpose. Simultaneously, its a form of exercise AND its a great way to stay mindful Other mental health researchers have found that gardening together with others has more health benefits than gardening alone .

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Does Insurance Cover Alternative Therapies For Depression

Many alternative therapies are not covered by insurance. You might have to pay out-of-pocket. However, there are free resources where you can learn about yoga and meditation, and you can exercise on your own . Do some research about resources in your community and ask your healthcare provider for referrals.

S To Treat Depression Naturally

Ever since I started an online community and a foundation for treatment-resistant depression depression and anxiety that don’t respond to psychotropic medications Ive been inundated with mail from desperate people who have tried 30 to 40 different kinds of antidepressants, and feel no relief. I repeatedly hear from family members of folks who have tried everything, and are not getting better. I sense the utter frustration and despair in their words, and it pains me. I, too, felt hopeless after trying countless medication combinations and sitting through years of psychotherapy sessions, only to continue my death obsessions.

I believe everyone has a chance at recovery, even those who have been depressed and anxious most of their lives.

I wish you good health with all my heart.

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How Can Therapy Treat My Depression

Psychotherapy involves meeting with a trained therapist to talk about your thoughts and feelings. Your therapist will use a specific approach to help you recover from your depression, such as working with you to reframe negative thoughts or talking about your past.

You can seek therapy from a psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker, or mental health counselor. Therapy may also be done individually or in a group. Individual therapy allows you to focus on your own issues with just you and your therapist, while group therapy gives you the opportunity to connect with other people who are experiencing similar feelings.

Many people notice some improvements after 10 to 15 sessions of therapy. Once you feel better, you may decide to stop therapy at that time or continue. If you continue therapy, you are less likely to have future episodes of depression. Once you decide to stop, the effects of psychotherapy can continue well after you stop treatment.

The cost of therapy can vary considerably based on the training and experience of the provider and whether you use health insurance. Generally, the out-of-pocket cost of therapy can be between $50 and $150 per session. If youre using health insurance, you may only be responsible for a portion of the costs because your insurance will cover the rest. Some therapists and clinics offer sliding scales, which are lower fees dependent upon your income.

When Should I Contact My Healthcare Provider

Do I Have Depression? – How To Treat Depression Naturally

Contact your healthcare provider immediately if you experience thoughts about suicide, hurting yourself, or hurting others. Remember, you should always follow your healthcare providers instructions. Never stop taking your medications or start an alternative therapy without approval and supervision.

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Know That Today Isnt Indicative Of Tomorrow

Todays mood, emotions, or thoughts dont belong to tomorrow.

If you were unsuccessful at getting out of bed or accomplishing your goals today, remember that you havent lost tomorrows opportunity to try again.

Give yourself the grace to accept that while some days will be difficult, some days will also be great. Try to look forward to tomorrows fresh start.

Drink Green Tea Instead Of Coffee

Experiencing intense, short bouts of anxiety can raise your blood pressure and stress your heart. This wont hurt you once in a while, but over time, it can damage your heart and blood vessels. A compound called L-theanine, which is present in green tea, can help reduce anxiety and limit its effects on your heart and blood pressure. Instead of a morning cup of coffee, try a few cups of green tea to feel focused, energized and relaxed.

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What Are The Alternatives To Antidepressants

If you don’t want to take antidepressants, there are lots of alternative treatments you can try. In fact, if you are diagnosed with mild depression, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence guidelines for treating depression recommend that doctors offer you other treatments ahead of medication.

If you are taking antidepressants, you may also want to use other options for treatment and support, as well as your medication.

This page has information on some of the common alternatives to antidepressants. You may find these helpful to use instead of your medication, or alongside it:

Meditate To Protect Yourself From Depression

Natural treatments for depression, cold sore remedy otc

Another tool that will help you treat depression without medication, is regular meditation exercises. Regular meditation practice can prevent you from falling back into depression a second time. It will help you handle emotions better so they dont trigger another depression. You can think of it as maintenance for your mood. Just as a car engine needs to be checked every once in a while, meditation will help you discover early signs of depression and make it easier to stop depressive symptoms from worsening. This might seem more complicated than it is. Meditation can basically be defined in three simple steps:

  • Direct your focus to the present moment .
  • Try not to judge what you find.
  • When you get distracted by thoughts , bring back your focus over and over again.
  • This is great exercise for your brain and it will help you treat depressive symptoms. At the bottom of this section, youll find more information about where and how to begin.

    Mindfulness meditation and depressive thoughts

    Can meditation change the structure of the brain?

    The study by Dr. Farb can probably explain some of the reasons why mindfulness meditation can decrease depressive symptoms and work as relapse prevention for depression. If youre searching for a medication-free depression treatment, regular meditation practice is definitely recommended.

    Explaining how mindfulness meditation can be antidepressant

    How much meditation is enough to decrease depressive symptoms?

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