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A Kids Book About Anxiety

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The Best Books About Anxiety For Kids: An Age

Story time! A Kids Book About Anxiety

Editors Note:We know raising kids can be hard. Thats why were dedicated to making your life easier with the latest and greatest parenting advice and products. We wanted to let you know that if you chose to purchase one of the items featured in this post, we may receive a small commission for it.

Worry is an almost inevitable part of life, but learning how to handle anxiety so we can think clearly is an important skill to have! Children can also suffer from stress, panic attacks, worry, and anxiety, and feel even more overwhelmed without the tools to properly manage their emotions.

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Luckily, there are many self-help books out there available to educate, empower, and inspire kids of all ages how to develop the skills they need to handle their anxious brain, stop panic attacks, better their mental health, and learn about mental illness.

Take a look at our top picks of books for kids living in an age of anxiety, all available for purchase on Amazon:

Books About Anxiety For Preteens

From AmericanGirl comes this worry-focused installment in their Smart Girls Guide. With tips and tricks on overcoming fear and taking charge of your worries, young readers will learn proven techniques for handling their anxiety to help them become the most confident version of themselves! This book is also filled with quizzes, activities, and personal stories from real girls.

Worry and anxiety can go from zero to 100 very quickly, making it all the more overwhelming to handle. This pick teaches pre-teens the specific skills which they can use to face worries and fears through proven techniques with an emphasis on shifting their mindset from feeling worried to having better self-esteem.

Raina worries that shell throw up after a bad stomach flu, but her worry soon extends to other areas of her life. She begins to wonder whether something else is wrong with her, and her parents connect her with a therapist who helps her confront her fears and handle the intersection of mental health, social anxiety, and her newly-diagnosed Irritable Bowel Syndrome. This graphic memoir about the authors own personal experience serves as a compassionate and hilarious reminder that counseling and therapy can be valuable tools to overcome your anxiety.

The Resilience Recipe: A Parent’s Guide To Raising Fearless Kids In The Age Of Anxiety

We live in an age of anxiety. Amidst climate change and natural disasters, a troubled economy, and one of the largest global pandemics in modern historyis it any wonder our kids are anxious and stressed out? Add in the pressures inherent in social media and consumerist culture, as well as the pressure of academic success, and youve got a recipe for disaster. The good news is that you can help your child manage anxiety and stressno matter what life throws their way. This book will show you how.

The Resilience Recipe gives parents access to the same gold-standard strategies used in hospitals and clinics around the world. Parents can learn how to help their children build emotional resilience and adaptability, worry less, and thrivedespite the stressors of modern life.

Help develop and nurture resilience in your child using the same gold-standard strategies used in the top clinics and hospitals around the world.

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When My Worries Get Too Big By Kari Dunn Buron

More than any other issue, ‘losing control’ can cause major problems for children. Through the irresistible character of Nicholas, this book gives young children an opportunity to explore with parents or teachers their own feelings as they react to events in their daily lives while learning some useful relaxation techniques. Children who use the simple strategies presented in this charming book, illustrated by the author, will find themselves relaxed and ready to work or play.Available on Amazon for US and UK customers

Me And My Fear By Francesca Sanna

11 Children

One of my favorite picture books on fear, written and illustrated by a very anxious person. Francesca Sanna takes readers through the journey of a little girl who comes to a new country and cant speak the language. Her only friend at first is Fear, who grows so large that it prevents her from making friends. Then she discovers that everyone has secret fears just like her. Conceptually this picture book stands heads above the others for its carefully researched message to children on how fear is ubiquitous, can play a positive as well as negative role in our lives, and never leaves us but is a normal part of living. There is so much here to spark discussion with your little ones.

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It’s Okay To Make Mistakes By Todd Parr

This book, suitable for younger children, embraces life’s happy accidents, the mistakes and mess-ups that can lead to self-discovery. Todd Parr brings a timely theme to life with his signature bold, kid-friendly illustrations and a passion for making readers feel good about themselves, encouraging them to try new things, experiment, and dare to explore new paths.Available on Amazon for US and UK customers

Fear Of Making Mistakes

The Book of Mistakes, by Corinna Luyken: If you have a child that is a perfectionist, whether it comes to school or hobbies or creativity, this book is a must! The Book of Mistakes is a stunner, illuminating the inherent beauty that underlies every misstep we make. Readers follow Luyken on a creative journey, one that perfectly depicts how every mistake she makes actually becomes an integral part of her illustrative process. An oh no can become an oh wow! with just a bit of endurance and a whole lot of heart and imagination. For our full review of The Book of Mistakes, click here!

Ish, by Peter H. Reynolds: If only we could all think ish-ly! I love the way this book explores that there is no right way to create. Ramon loves to draw, but after his brother makes fun of what he sees in Ramons creations, Ramon hesitates at every turn. This causes Ramon to have a serious crisis in confidence, and a hobby he once loved becomes joyless. When Ramon learns his little sister has created a gallery of all of his artwork, she helps him find beauty in recognizing that his drawings do not need to be perfect replicas of real objects. This insightful story helps children realize it is ok for art to look fish-ish or sun-ish, thus providing the encouragement they need to find freedom in creation.

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Little Mouses Big Book Of Fears

Little Mouses Big Book Of Fears is a peculiar picture book for kids to read. This book is about an adventurous story of a mouse who is worried about everything. It will take your kids out of worries and anxieties.

In the story, a little mouse is anxious about almost everything. He lists up his worries and most of the worries are exceptional and funny. The message of this story is excellent and it focuses on self-esteem and confidence. This book gives a positive aspect for kids who struggle to come out of their anxieties.

This book is great and appropriate for elementary school kids. It will help your kids to cope up with the anxiety.

‘the Healthy Coping Colouring Book And Journal’ By Pooky Knightsmith Illustrated By Emily Hamilton Available At Amazon And Barnes & Noble From $1536

A Little Spot of Anxiety | Kid Books Read Aloud

A study published in the journal Art Therapy found that coloring can help reduce anxiety in kids and adults alike. This coloring book is specifically designed for children ages 8 to 14 and activities range from coloring to journaling to mindfulness tasks, all of which are developed to help children navigate troubling situations. Hammond says that the different activities can be beneficial for self-expression.

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The Opposite Of Worry: The Playful Parenting Approach To Childhood Anxieties And Fears

  • Lawrence J. Cohen

No parent wants to see their child struggling, and every parent wants to help when they do. The problem is, worrying about your childs worries will only compound the anxiety in your home.

The Opposite of Worry recognizes that, and instead encourages parents to find fun ways to help their children through their fears. Its a great book for parents who are starting to realize that their kids may be having a harder time dealing with anxiety than they would like.

Why we like it

  • This is a book that teaches parents how to address their childs anxieties from an early age, something most parents probably dont know how to do on their own.
  • The book encourages parents to approach anxiety from a place of compassion, which is something everyone with anxiety needs.

A Kids Book About Racism

Described as A clear explanation of what racism is and how to know when you see it, this book focuses on teaching kids about racism from someone who experiences it. The books author, Jelani Memory is a Black entrepreneur, husband, and father. The book clearly explains racism to kids, and helps them not only identify it, but how it impacts those it affects.

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Helping An Anxious Child

Helping your anxious child begins with teaching them to understand what thoughts are and how the body responds to negative thoughts and stress. Unaddressed anxiety can significantly impact your child and lead to lifelong negative implications.

“A Thought is a Thought” is a children’s book to help with anxiety.

Key fundamentals that help reduce anxiety:

Recognizing thoughts as thoughts

Identifying the emotion associated with the thought

Building resiliency through positive thoughts

Calming the nervous system through deep breathing

The book helps caregivers introduce these fundamentals to reduce anxiety and provides worksheets and activities that compliment these principles. Implementing these key principles provide anxiety relief for the whole household.

It is important to talk to your child about the negative thoughts they are having and to provide empathy for what they are experiencing. This children’s book can help open the dialogue to what is causing them anxiety and provide you with tactical tools to help them relieve their anxiety.

For more resources on how to help your anxious child click here.

Stanley Will Probably Be Fine By Sally J Pla

Favorite Children

Sixth grader Stanley struggles with anxiety, which prevents him from making friends, trying new things, and participating in a comics trivia scavenger hunt. Whether they suffer anxiety themselves or not, readers will cheer for Stanley and will come away with some coping strategies for dealing with their own stresses.

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Wilma Jean The Worry Machine By Julia Cook

Everyone feels fear, worry and apprehension from time to time, but when these feelings prevent a person from doing what he/she wants and/or needs to do, anxiety becomes a disability. This fun and humorous book addresses the problem of anxiety in a way that relates to children of all ages. It offers creative strategies for parents and teachers to use that can lessen the severity of anxiety. The goal of the book is to give children the tools needed to feel more in control of their anxiety.Available on Amazon for US and UK customers

What You Should Know About Anxiety In Children

Everyone, at every age, experiences anxiety from time to time but there’s a difference between feeling anxious and having a diagnosed anxiety disorder. Just as everyone has their physical health, everyone has their mental health, and mental illness is just one part of the equation .

Anxiety looks different from child to child depending upon their symptoms, potential diagnoses, and individual experience. Some children may require professional treatment while others may not.

“While some children may have a combination of different types of anxiety, it can be beneficial to seek mental health treatment, along with having at-home resources, such as apps, books, journals, or coloring books to ease their stress levels,” says Hammond.

Beyond this, anxiety can be especially confusing as children grow into recognizing new bodily sensations, encounter judgment from their peers, or grapple with new disruptive thoughts. Regardless of whether a child’s anxiety is persistent, it’s important to approach the subject with empathy and a willingness to learn.

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‘ruby Finds A Worry’ By Tom Percival Available At Amazon And Barnes & Noble From $1499

Ruby’s worry is small at first, but the worry continues to grow and grow with her until she learns that everybody has worries, and there are means of coping with them. Hammond says this story does an excellent job of explaining the ways that fears can often develop into specific anxious fixations. She also appreciates how the story normalizes worrying.

Quiet By Tomie Depaola

Everyone Feels Anxious Sometimes – Read Aloud! SEL books for children about anxiety | Minty Kidz

The esteemed creator of Strega Nona, who has practiced meditation for years, has made this beautifully spare picture book that teaches mindfulness to children in a non-preachy way. A grandfather, two grandchildren and a dog watch whats around them: bees on a patch of flowers, a praying mantis climbing a lily stalk, a mother fox curled with her young in a hidden den. My, oh my, the grandfather says. Everything is in such a hurry. The family sits on a bench in order to relax, notice, see deeper and describe: a recipe for a peaceful state of mind.

The Best Books of 2021

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How Are You Feeling Today

Just like the last book, this one doesnt deal exclusively with anxiety and worrying. Instead it deals with a range of emotions.

In the beginning of this book, there is a page with different ways a child might be feeling- happy, angry, bored, grumpy, scared, quiet, worried, sad, excited, jealous, embarrassed, and shy. Theres a page number next to each emotion, and children can turn to that page to read suggestions of things they can do when theyre feeling that way. This book is a great book for students who are prone to worrying, or to add to a calm down spot.

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Little Kids Big Fears

Little kids have big fears, and getting them to muster up courage in the face of something that inspires sheer terror is not just hard, it can be a monumental challenge.

Kids arent as logical as we are because their brains are in a constant state of development.

They have a hard time taking a step back from the things that scare them, looking at those fears head on, and rationally understanding the root cause of what it is that makes them so frightened. And getting them to talk about what is going on inside their little heads?

Forget it. Its an awfully difficult task.

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Fear Of Being Different

Old Hat, by Emily Gravett: Staying on top of the trends, having the right clothes, gadgets, accessories and things, is a major concern when children are little. How do we celebrate uniqueness? This is an excellent choice if you are looking for a story to remind your little ones how awesome it is to have distinguishing physical character traits. Instead of trying to cover up the things that make us unique with the latest trends, there is beauty to be found in individuality and so much joy to be had when we learn to value the characteristics that make us special, just like Harbet does in this story. It is so profound when kids discover that being different is much cooler than following the pack! For our full review of Old Hat, click here!

Normal Norman, by Tara Lazar and illustrated by S. Britt: What is normal anyway? Is there even an answer? This is the question Normal Norman seeks to answer, and it handles this important inquiry with tact, ingenuity, and a whole lot of humor. In this story, an eager junior scientist sets out to find an answer to this question, as she is narrating a book that will give definition to the word normal. But what happens when her subject, Norman, is an orangutan who goes against the grain and does things quite differently than she expects? The result is witty and smart, imparting the notion that being different being yourself is the most precious gift. For our full review of Normal Norman, click here!

Ghost By Jason Reynolds

10 Best Childrens Books to Help Kids with Anxiety ...

Castle Cranshaw, also known as Ghost, is a speedy sprinter on his middle school track team, but he feels like hes been running his entire life particularly from the memory of his violent, abusive father. Dealing with PTSD and the aftermath of violence, this book is an important read for teens dealing with anxiety following trauma.

These anxiety books for kids are a great starting point for any children who struggle with worry, anxiety or panic. For more recommendations, have a look at , or, for older readers, try .

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A Kids Books About Money

Many parents dont know how to talk to their kids about money. And that leads to more adults who may not be financially literate. Adam Stramwasser, a financial coach and educator, helps kids understand what money is. And he also teaches early financial literacy and how to be responsible with your money.

My Anxious Mind: A Teens Guide To Managing Anxiety And Panic By Michael A Tompkins And Katherine Martinez

Beginning with relaxation and moving through more complex strategies, each step in this book builds a layered approach to managing anxiety. The final chapters stress the importance of proper nutrition, exercise, sleep, and the possible need for medication.

Are there other books for kids with anxiety that you would recommend? Come and share in our WeAreTeachers HELPLINE group on Facebook.

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