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How To Train A Dog For Ptsd

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Helpful Dog Training Tips For People With Ptsd

How to Train a PTSD Service Dog

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In 2016, there were around 20.4 million veterans in the United States. Many of them suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, also known as PTSD. For years, they suffered in silence with no help. Then, a new treatment was discovered: PTSD support dogs.

Disrupting Anxiety: The Most Vital Task For Ptsd Service Dogs

Research suggests that psychiatric service dogs may be an effective complementary treatment option for military veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder . Its been found that disrupting episodes of anxiety ranks among the most important tasks a service dog can provide to veterans with PTSD, research finds.

Science has shown that service dogs can benefit some veterans with PTSD . But the exact role they play in the day-to-day lives of veteransand the helpfulness of the tasks they performis less clear.

The new study explores what trained tasks;service dogs;perform the most often and which ones are the most helpful to veterans with PTSD. The study found that the task of disrupting episodes of anxiety ranked among the most important and most often used.

There has been some debate on what kind of training PTSD service dogs need to be effective and how their assistance may be different than what a pet dog can provide, says Kerri Rodriguez, a human-animal interaction graduate student at Purdue University and a lead author of the study in the journal;Frontiers in Psychology.


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This study suggests that veterans are, in fact, using and benefiting from the specific trained tasks, which sets these dogs apart from pet dogs or emotional;support dogs.

Ptsd Symptom Specificity Of Trained Tasks

Table 4 contains descriptive statistics regarding the perceived helpfulness of each trained task for individual PTSD symptoms as reported by veterans with a service dog. For each trained task, veterans were asked to indicate which PTSD symptoms they were helpful for . Across the seven trained tasks, there was considerable variability in the number of PTSD symptoms helped. However, the most widely relevant service dog task for veterans PTSD symptoms was calm/comfort to anxiety, with veterans reporting this task to help an average of 12.73 of the 20 PTSD symptoms. This task was perceived as applicable to symptoms across all four symptom clusters. The second most widely relevant task was interrupt/alert anxiety, helping an average of 6.80 of the 20 PTSD symptoms. Most veterans perceived this task as being helpful to several intrusion symptoms as well as symptoms regarding alterations in arousal and reactivity. The task that veterans reported to help the least amount of PTSD symptoms on average was social greeting, helping an average of 1.14 PTSD symptoms. Wake from nightmares was also reported to help only 1.76 PTSD symptoms on average a majority of veterans reporting this task to help with intrusive dreams.

Table 4. Means, standard deviations, and population percentages of the PTSD symptom specificity of trained behaviors.

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How Can You Get A Service Dog For Ptsd

Several organizations train service dogs for PTSD. You will need to find one of these programs and then fill out an application for a service dog.

During the process, your counselor or therapist may need to fill out a portion of the form required. He or she will state that you are attending therapy at least once a month and list the areas that they feel a service dog can help you with.;

Once you are accepted, you will be matched with a service dog based on your needs and your personality. Then you and your dog will need to go through a training program .;

Types Of Service Dogs

How PTSD Service Dogs Help Heal Wounded Warriors

When we think of service dogs, we often picture German shepherds or labradors, but most dogs can make great service dogs, as the individual qualities of dogs can be matched with the wide variety of companion needs.

According to service dog certifications, any breed of dog is eligible to become a service dogthere are no weight or breed restrictions.

German Shepherd Service Dog Pixabay

If you are looking to train your dog to become a service dog, after you have determined that your dog has the capabilities to assist you, you should consider your dogs health. Because service dogs are working dogs who will be dedicated to caring for their companion, it is important that they are up to the job.

Have your veterinarian do a full assessment of your dog. Another big consideration will be your dogs age. Your dog should be old enough to enter into formal training, but young enough that you can rely on him for many years of service after his training is complete.

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Effects Of Ptsd Severity Veteran

Surprisingly, results showed that PTSD severity was not an important significant predictor of task importance or frequency of use among those with a service dog. Specifically, the severity of a veterans PTSD did not have a significant relationship with how important the veteran perceived his or her service dogs trained or untrained behaviors, nor how often he or she used most trained tasks on a daily basis. These null findings may be partially due to the wide variety of experiences from those with a service dog. For example, one might assume that veterans with more severe PTSD both use trained tasks more frequently and view those tasks as more important. However, some veterans with severe PTSD may infrequently leave their house or engage with strangers resulting in less use of tasks that are most suited to being in public, such as the cover or block tasks. On the other hand, one might assume that veterans with sub-clinical PTSD may use their service dogs trained tasks less often due to decreased need. However, veterans who are actively reintegrating into society may be using their service dogs tasks more often to help mitigate symptoms . Thus, these individual variances may have diluted any clear relationship on a population level.

So Whats The Bottom Line

These dogs, in the best of times, need a release for all of their pent up energy. Rough outdoor play is the best way to help them release it.

As always, thanks for your help on the front lines! I want to help you feel prepared to protect your working K9. If you have any questions, send me an email and Ill reply with suggestions and information.

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How You Can Help Provide Service Dogs For Veterans

VMF doesnt charge its veterans anything for their dogs, and doesnt receive any government funding. The $25,000 it costs to train each dogplus the cost of follow-up careis provided solely through donations and volunteer work. And though VMF currently provides around nine dogs a year, in a nation where;20 veterans die by suicide each day, theres an almost unlimited demand for service dogs. We hope in the next four years well be putting out even more dogs. Its unlimited, were talking about looking at 50, 100, 150 dogs, whatever we can do, JP says.

That could be hundreds of lives saved every year. DeAngelo says: Truly, when I thought that my proverbial world was crumbling in, Veterans Moving Forward was able to step in and help me to navigate a path to where I could find hope. I just cannot thank them enough for what theyve been able to do for me. If theres anything to take away from my experience, its that they saved my life, literally.

To help train more dogs like Jug and Doug, you can;make a donation to Veterans Moving Forward;and other organizations that help veterans get access to service dogs.

DeAngelo and Jug.

How Much Does A Service Dog For Anxiety Cost

Dogs Who Serve- How to Train a Dog to Wake You Up From Nightmares- PTSD Service Dog

If you decide to buy a pre-trained service dog for anxiety, it will likely cost somewhere between $20,000-30,000. This seems to be the average cost once temperament testing, veterinarian expenses, food, and service training are all accounted for.

Its also important to keep in mind that just because your doctor or mental health professional has cleared you for a service dog, you are not necessarily guaranteed to be sold one. There are various companies online that you can apply for a service dog through, and each one will put you through their own sort of application process.

These companies typically vet all potential clients to make sure the dog is going to a safe and happy home. These criteria can vary from company to company, but typically they want to see that you are able to provide a safe, stable, and loving environment for the dog, and that you have the finances to care for the dog over the next 12 years or so. Some of these companies will specialize in certain types of training; others may have age requirements or other pre-requisites you must meet before obtaining a psychiatric service dog from them.

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The Abilities Of Landlords Pertaining To Esa

Under the laws of the Fair Housing Act, landlords are not permitted to perform certain actions including the following:

  • They cannot ask the tenant to pay any pet fees since the animal is not considered as a pet

  • They cannot request that the emotional support animal have any training to be considered as an animal

  • They cannot require the;ESA to wear an identifying harness

  • They cannot ask specific questions pertaining to the persons disability or ask for their medical records

  • They cannot refuse accommodations due to insurance policies

  • They cannot use the fear of a specific breed as a way to deny the applicants need for said animal

What Is Ptsd In Dogs

PTSD occurs in people whove experienced or witnessed a traumatic event. It can be a natural disaster, a serious accident, a terrorist act, war or combat. They could deal with threats of death, sexual violence or serious injury. PTSD is a psychiatric disorder as theres often no physical injury. It can involve vivid flashbacks, nightmares and intense distress when reminded of the trauma.;

Dogs go through traumatic experiences even though their means of recall is different from humans. And their way of expressing it is different. But the trauma and fear is real.;

What Causes PTSD In Dogs?

PTSD in dogs is generally caused by traumatic experiences a dog has during her lifetime. The more stressful an experience is, the greater the chances for a dog to develop PTSD. Often, a dog can become fearful as a result of the high dose of stress she went through. The factors that put a dog in a hard-to-bear stressful situation can vary from one dog to another.A dog who suffers from PTSD may need a little or a lot of help. Fear can transform into aggressive behavior, typically out of a protective or defensive reaction. This is why its worth learning how to handle PTSD; to make things easier for you and your dog.

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Road To Recovery: How A Dog Or Pet Improves Its Owners Life

Pets, and specifically dogs offer numerous forms of support to PTSD sufferers, depending on the specific needs of the individual. For example, assault survivors may be reluctant to go out in public without the aid of a companion dog who can instil in them confidence and a feeling of security.

Experts say that dogs have been successful in aiding the recovery of sexual assault victims, being uniquely suited to help them overcome trust and relationship issues. Furthermore, it is suggested that dogs are a great way for an individual to practise controlling stress levels and regulating their tone of voice.

Research offers strong support for the general value of pets and data shows that PTSD patients with a dog dont just sleep more, but have higher levels of oxytocin and dopamine with reduced cortisol, the stress hormone.

How else do assistance dogs and pets help sufferers of post traumatic stress order?

  • Improved self-sufficiency, as service dogs can be trained to assist in daily tasks
  • Reduction in stress and anxiety in the individual, allowing them to practise their response to stressful or triggering situations
  • Provides a grounding for the patient through the dogs consistent and positive presence
  • Playing with a dog or cat can elevate serotonin and dopamine levels, which calm and relax you.

Teaching Your Dog Good Manners

For military veterans suffering from PTSD, are service ...
  • 1Use clicker training. Clicker training is a great tool to teach your dog all of the skills it needs. To get started, sit across from your dog and wait until it meets your eyes. Then click your clicker and give it a treat. Click and offer a treat a few more times until your dog begins to look for the treat when it hears a click.XTrustworthy SourceBest Friends Animal SocietyNonprofit animal welfare organization dedicated to saving animal lives by operating and supporting no-kill animal sheltersGo to source
  • Test your dog by asking it to do something simple it already knows how to do, such take its favorite toy from you. Then click and give it a treat. If it succeeds, you’re ready to use your clicker for training tasks.
  • 2Teach obedience skills. Your dog must learn basic obedience commands, which include sit, stay, come, down, and heel. It should also know a command to return a dropped leash, such as “leash.” Not only will this make your dog easier to train, but its also required for your dog to be used in public as a service dog.XResearch source
  • To teach each skill, hold a treat over the dogs nose, then give the command. When it correctly performs the command, click and give the dog the treat. You should also praise the dog.
  • Its best to teach your dog both verbal and hand commands to make it easy to signal it in public.
  • As an alternative, you can send your dog to obedience school.
  • The dog should not bark, bite, nip, lunge, or growl at people or other animals.
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    Differences Between A Service Dog And Emotional Support Animal

    A service dog is specially trained to provide certain practical functions for people who need them. They are best for someone with a physical disability that prevents them from completing daily tasks. On the other hand, an emotional support dog is helpful for people suffering with mental health conditions, including PTSD and clinical depression.

    Emotional support animals are meant to serve as a therapeutic tool for their owners and do not have the same rights as service animals. While many businesses will allow both as exceptions to a no-pets policy, there is a legal distinction and there may be times when emotional support animals are denied entry or not given the same consideration. ;For example, a transportation service may charge a fee for an emotional support animal that they do not charge for a certified service animal.

    Even so, an emotional support animal can provide tremendous benefits for their owners. Some of the known benefits of an emotional support animal include:

    These benefits are not trivial and can be essential to helping veterans manage their PTSD symptoms. If you believe a service animal would be beneficial for you, there are steps you can take immediately to obtain a service dog.

    Do I Need To Register My Service Dog

    The ADA does not require you to register your service dog. In fact, the ADA has guidelines for what business owners can ask you related to your dog and disability. If your disability is not obvious, a business or employee can only ask these two questions:

    • Is the service animal required because of a disability?
    • What work or task has the dog been trained to perform?

    Thats it. They cannot require you to produce a training certificate, registration or ask anything specific about your disability.

    You can choose to identify your dog as a service dog by using a harness that identifies his special status. Many dogs are trained using their harness and understand that when the harness is on, its time to work, and when the harness is off, its time to rest.

    Using a harness can help your dog understand his role. Additionally, it helps to educate the public that your service dog is a working dog and not a pet, and therefore should not be distracted, pet, or played with while he is working.

    However you choose to start your journey with a service dogwhether you use a service, a trainer, or embark on the training adventure yourself, remember that the ADA does not require any special training or program for service dogs.

    Your particular needs will help you determine what the best route is for you. The ADA offers further protections as well, such as the questions businesses are allowed to ask about disability, and where and when your service dog can accompany you

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    Adopt A Positive State Of Mind And A Calm Attitude

    Dogs are very receptive to the way we are on a daily basis. If youre upset or worried, your dog will sense it and will reflect your mood and state of mind.

    Instead, be calm and reassuring. If your dog senses your confidence, shell feel much better in your company. Shell feel safe and will stop being so vigilant, trying to be ready for whatever may happen. When youre happy, shes happy.;

    Understanding A Dog With Ptsd

    Service Dogs Help Veterans Suffering From PTSD

    An overly stressed dog will usually be highly sensitive to external factors. Once PTSD develops, even the smallest amount of stress can cause a reaction. This can put your dog in a fragile state.

    The most important thing you need to do is be calm and patient with your dog. Remember to adopt a calm state of mind and behavior in her presence. You need to inspire confidence and reassure her at all times. Use your body language and state of mind to let her know that nothing bad will happen.

    Dont get mad, upset or irritated with your dog. Dont raise your voice at her. Try to avoid quick, jerky movements. Instead, create a calm and soothing environment around your dog. This will allow a faster recovery.

    Bear in mind that the recovery process can be slow and it may take a while. Embrace your inner patience.

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