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What’s The Phobia Of Being Alone

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Overcome Fear Of Being Alone Through Distraction

What’s Your Secret Phobia?

As well as plenty of positive hypnotic rehearsal with Suzette, I also got her to start off small and gradually increase her tolerance for alone time. I asked her what she would like to do, perhaps something she’d always wanted to do. She told me that she’d always loved Charles Dickens’s novels but had only seen them depicted in movies. She wanted to actually read them. I suggested to her that reading was easier when alone because you can avoid interruptions.

After a while, she didn’t always have to “fill her time” when alone or plan what to do ahead of time when she knew her husband would be out of town. But she did read all the great Dickens classics eventually and pretty soon found she even looked forward to a bit of solitary refinement. Ah, that reminds me I also encouraged her to become less black-and-white in the way she thought about being alone.

Wean Yourself Off Constant Company

Constantly eating takes the edge off the enjoyment of eating. But when we eat after we have given ourselves a chance to get a little peckish, the experience of eating means more and is more enjoyable. So too with socializing when we take time out to be by ourselves sometimes, the quality of interaction when we do see others improves.

Yet, like any overwhelming need, craving constant company can start to feel addictive. One young woman I helped overcome her fear of being alone started, at my request, to take walks around the block with her mother. Halfway around, she would walk home and her mother would continue the walk. She would wait 5 minutes for her mother and we increased that time to the point where, eventually, her mother could go out for days at a time.

Start off small and gently increase your periods of independence time. Take a fifteen-minute walk and sit in a park, ask people to leave you for ten minutes. Bit by bit, youll find you can increase the time span and thereby increase your confidence and self-reliance.

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Recovery Period/healing Time For Monophobia Or Fear Of Being Alone

A person suffering from monophobia or fear of being alone can always recover from his or her fear with proper treatment from experts. Time for recovery depends on the level of anxiety. If the level of anxiety is low or moderate, a person can be treated by adopting a well designed recovery program. In case of high anxiety levels, therapies may not be enough and you would need to take help of medicines for overcoming your fears. Anxiety can be treated by letting an individual face his fears and not running away from them. The time period cannot be defined and can depend on individual√Ęs ability to take up treatment and come out of his fear.

Written, Edited or Reviewed By:Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA Pain Assist Inc.This article does not provide medical advice. See disclaimerLast Modified On: April 28, 2017

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Change Your Words And Pictures

The words you say and pictures you imagine influence how you feel.

If being alone conjures up images such as being assaulted or makes you think of words like You are unloved, unwanted, or unworthy, then it is understandable why you might feel scared of being by yourself.

However, if you change the words and pictures in your mind, how you feel about being alone will change as well.

Start by telling yourself that you are safe, lovable, and worthy, even if you are alone. Write these words on mirrors or sticky notes and stick them on visible places such as your working desk or the pantry. Create reminders on your phone to remember to repeat these words to yourself.

These empowering words can make you feel safe and comfortable being alone, gradually dissolving the fear altogether.

How To Get Help For A Child

Phobia of being alone in the dark, in a room or in public

As noted earlier, it is not unusual for children to have a fear of being alone. It is actually a reasonable fear, particularly for young children who are relatively helpless in the face of danger. Most children outgrow the fear of being alone. However, for some children, that fear causes the child extreme anxiety and inability to get through their days without great distress. For those children, it is important to get help as early as possible. Early treatment tends to be easier than delayed treatment.2

The following are some steps for getting help for children:

  • Talk to your your childs physician about the symptoms and circumstances
  • Provide reassurance to your child about feeling better after getting help
  • Encourage your child to participate in treatment
  • Choose a health care provider whom you trust to be both caring and effective
  • Show your child that you are confident in their ability to get through treatment and to feel better soon

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How To Make Peace With Being Alone

Theres nothing like jumping in and trying it so be alone, be still and do nothing see what happens. Try not to think or solve problems whilst you are doing nothing as this is actually doing something dont prepare a meal or go for a walk do nothing. Time your self, how long can you be like this?When you can do this for just a few minutes on a regular basis start to separate yourself from your thoughts. Be still and watch your thoughts go past learn to recognize your thoughts as distinctly separate to YOU. Get to the state of mind where you can consciously stop yourself from following the thoughts that you have. In other words you can see that you are apart from them. For some of you this will be easy and for others it will be difficult. It takes a lot of practice and repetition its an exercise and you are strengthening a faculty.

Now its time to form the intent to connect intend to connect to your higher self, God, an Angel, a guide, Eric the Alien it doesnt matter who, its all just energy and you are learning to personify it.

When it takes a long time to develop and achieve a result on one particular impression it means that its about something that is buried deep within you and you dont want to face it or you are not ready in this stage of your life to see it. You are getting teasers to keep you going.

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How Do I Get Over My Fear Of Being Alone

Overcoming your deepest fears can be a challenging experience. If you fear being alone, you may find solace in the following strategies:

  • Mindfulness exercises, meditation, and aromatherapy can help lower your anxiety levels and help you self-regulate. By learning to be present in your environment, you will find it easier to ward off anxiety symptoms and calm yourself down.
  • For some people, having a steady routine can reduce anxiety symptoms. This may entail maintaining a consistent sleep schedule, eating a healthy diet, and engaging in housework on a regular basis.
  • If you notice that your fear is impacting your relationships and other areas of life, you may want to try distracting yourself with background noises. Listening to music, watching TV, or using your phone or tablet can give you something to focus on.
  • The previous step, while useful, wont help you address the underlying cause of the fear. Consider reaching out to professionalsonline or in person or seeking support from friends and family.

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How To Overcome Monophobia

Regardless of the specific fears about being alone, symptoms usually include anxiety and depression or obsessive thinking. In addition to seeking help through therapy, a variety of anxiety management skills can be helpful in managing the symptoms.

Ways of coping with monophobia include:9

  • Deep breathing exercises, using diaphragmatic breathing
  • Progressive muscle relaxation training
  • Self-soothing habits
  • Daily exercise for relief of stress and uplifting of mood
  • Welcoming humor and the benefits of laughter

Monophobia is experienced as intense fear about being alone, but this fear may have a different meaning for different individuals. Sometimes there are social concerns, such as the fear of being physically harmed by strangers and needing the presence of a particular person to feel safe. It may be a fear of physical accident or injury and needing to know that someone is nearby to help as needed.

How To Deal With Being Alone

What is Anxiety?

The more we choose not to look at loneliness, the more it is going to take over our minds and block us from being ourselves, says Sokoll-Ward. Here are six ways to deal with your fear of being alone.

I am naturally a nonstop thinker, so meditation has always been hard for me . Sokoll-Ward has been meditating daily for five years, having started with just three minutes a day. She framed the challenging practice well: If I come out of this 1% more in touch with myself for the day, or even the 5 minutes afterwards, thats great.

Headspace offers an accessible 10-part audio course called Reframing Loneliness thats offered in 10-minute sessions on your own schedule. The teachers soothing British accent alone makes listening worth it, and subscriptions are currently free for the unemployed. Insight Timer also offers free meditations that Petersel recommends: Just listen to the meditation, and dont talk about it or force it. Its been really helpful for me when Im feeling particularly anxious, she says.

Stay-at-home orders may actually help us build the Mr. Rogers kind of neighborhoods of yesteryear. Be on the lookout for ways to help, like signing up for a Mutual Aid Network or posting on a community bulletin board or listserv.

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Face Your Fears Through Expert Codependency Recovery Coaching

Living life in fear can prevent you from achieving your goals and establishing meaningful, fulfilling relationships. PIVOT is here to help you heal your core wounds and overcome insecurities in a compassionate, holistic manner. With years of experience helping couples and individuals, our team is fully committed to providing our clients with reliable and tailored support.

You can find the support you deserve through our personalized and insightful individual coaching or in one of our transformative relationship-building retreats and workshops. No matter which option you choose, you can expect our PIVOT advocates to provide you with expertise-based advice that helps you change the course of your life. Contact us today and start your journey to happiness and well-being.

Is It Normal To Hate Being Alone

Humans are social creatures, which means that we often prefer to share our time and experiences with others instead of being alone. It is perfectly normal to feel lonely when you feel like you dont have enough meaningful social connections. However, if you experience severe anxiety when alone or at the thought of ending up alone, you may be struggling with autophobia in which case reaching out to a professional may be the best course of action.

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Specific Or Simple Phobias

Specific or simple phobias centre around a particular object, animal, situation or activity.

They often develop during childhood or adolescence and may become less severe as you get older.

Common examples of simple phobias include:

  • animal phobias such as dogs, spiders, snakes or rodents
  • environmental phobias such as heights, deep water and germs
  • situational phobias such as visiting the dentist or flying
  • bodily phobias such as blood, vomit or having injections
  • sexual phobias such as performance anxiety or the fear of getting a sexually transmitted infection

Causes & Risk Factors For Monophobia

Victoria Aveyard Quote

There is still much to learn about the causes of specific phobias. It is believed that a variety of factors contribute to their development. These factors include genetics, brain function, learned behavior and trauma. Additional risk factors are age, temperament, and behavior of family members in similar situations.2

Common risk factors for monophobia include:

  • Age: Specific phobias usually appear by age 10 .
  • Traumatic experiences: A frightening negative experience associated with being alone is a risk factor for development of monophobia.
  • Genes: Having an immediate family member with a phobia increases the chances of developing a phobia by 3 times.1
  • Brain function: Changes in brain functioning due to mood disorders, substance abuse, or other lifestyle habits may contribute to the development of a phobia.
  • Learned behavior/family members behavior: Children sometimes learn to fear being alone by watching a family members reaction to being left alone.
  • Learning about a bad experience of someone left alone: Hearing or reading about another persons negative experience of being alone can lead to development of monophobia.
  • Temperament: An individual who is more sensitive than average has a higher risk of developing a phobia.

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How Fear Of Being Alone Affects Relationships

Worrying about ending up alone can actually help to ensure that you do end up alone the exact outcome you dont want. Thats because of thelaw of attraction: whatever you focus on, you get. If youreconsumed by fear of being alone, that negative energy will spill over into your relationships. You may throw yourself into a relationship even if it isnt healthy. Youre also putting a lot of pressure on your partner. When you bring this energy to relationships, they often dont end well.

The truth is that when you overcome your fear of being alone forever, youre able todevelop who you are as a person more fully. Youll bringpurpose, passion and personality to your relationships, instead of fear. And that, in turn, will increase your attractiveness to others the law of attraction in action.

Worrying About Ending Up Alone

Reveal the root of this common fear and how to overcome it Posted by:Team TonyDo you have a fear of being alone forever? Maybe youre starting to see your friends pair off into long-term relationships. Or you just got out of one yourself, and you dont know where to go from here. Perhaps hitting an age milestone like 30 or 40 has you thinking youll never find the one.

Humans are one of the most social species on the planet. We dont just desire social relationships we actually require them for our physical and mental health. Thats why the fear about ending up alone is one of the most common fears, especially as it applies to romantic relationships.

Worrying about ending up alone is so common in our society that there is even a name for it: monophobia. Like any other fear or phobia, monophobia can be overcome by gaining a deep understanding of the root of the fear and taking massive action to change it.

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How Do You Know If Your Relationship Is Worth Saving

5 Ways to Know if Your Relationship is Worth Saving

  • Are you committed to growth? The first way to know if your relationship is worth saving is that you are both committed to growth, individually and together. …
  • Do you genuinely respect one another? …
  • Do you share values? …
  • Do you share a vision? …
  • Are you willing to forgive one another?
  • What Kind Of Phobia Is Fear Of Being Alone


    Monophobia is also known as autophobia, eremophobia, and isolophobia. Monophobia is a specific phobia, meaning it involves the fear of a certain situation.

    Agoraphobia Fear of open spaces or of being in crowded, public places like markets. Agraphobia Fear of sexual abuse. Agrizoophobia Fear of wild animals.

    Anablephobia Fear of looking up. Androphobia Fear of men. Angrophobia Fear of anger or of becoming angry. Anthropophobia Fear of people or society.

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    Fulfill Your Top Human Need

    The fear of being alone forever is often a reflection of ourSix Human Needs the six things we all need to lead fulfilling lives. Take theDriving Force Quiz to determine your top need. If your top need is love and connection or significance, that contributes to your acute need for partnership. Once you recognize your needs, you can learn how to fulfill them regardless of your romantic status.

    Exposure Therapy In Autophobia

    This type of therapy treats avoidance behavior which has developed immensely over a period of time. The ultimate goal for this therapy is to be able to improve the patients quality of life so that the phobia no longer limits their capabilities and normal day to day routines.

    The doctor will want to re-expose the patient to the actual source of the phobia several times. This will start off in a controlled setting where the patient initially feels safer. Later, the doctor might step things up and move this into a real-life situation.

    A therapist who is treating Autophobia will work towards increasing the patients tolerance levels in situations where they are alone for long periods of time. It could be as simple as just walking out of the therapists office and then standing at a short distance for a period of time.

    This distance and time will slowly be increased over time in order to improve the tolerance levels. It allows the patient to make progress steadily over time without too much stress.

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    What Is The Treatment For Autophobia

    Before we get into the treatment, it is important to note that this phobia is a fear-based disorder. If you think you have this type of phobia you must visit a general practitioner immediately. They will be able to refer you to someone who is a mental healthcare specialist.

    The healthcare specialist will usually start off by performing a psychological evaluation. You will have to provide your medical history in order to consider whether any physical ailment might be causing mental health issues.

    Soon after this, the psychological evaluation will be performed. You will be asked a lot of questions involving all of your daily activities and the feelings you experience.

    Autophobia is also considered to be a situational phobia. What this means is that in a situation where one has to be alone or feels lonely, they feel overwhelming amounts of distress.

    In order to be diagnosed with a phobia of being alone, the fear of finding yourself alone has to have caused so much anxiety that it interferes with daily routines and normal functioning.

    Sometimes people could have more than one phobia. In these cases, it could mean that the individual is dealing with more than just one phobia, which might make the phobia of being alone even harder to deal with. You will need to really open up to your doctor to discuss this further and come to an appropriate conclusion.

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