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Can An Affair Cause Ptsd

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How Do I Fix My Ruined Relationship

PTSD, Infidelity & Separation How a Doomed Marriage Was Saved

Anytime trust is broken, there’s going to be a rift in the relationship….When there’s been a breach of trustTake full responsibility if you’re at fault. … Give your partner the opportunity to win your trust back. … Practice radical transparency. … Seek professional help. … Extend compassion and care to the person you hurt.

What Is Post Infidelity Stress Disorder

So, what exactly is Post Infidelity Stress Disorder ? It is not an actual diagnosis, however, post-discovery of an affair, the reactions often parallel those of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder . In PTSD, one of the required criteria is that the person is exposed to death, the threat of death, threatened serious injury or actual/threatened sexual trauma through a number of different means. In an affair, while the threat may not have been to ones physical life, it certainly was an attack and threat against the emotional wellbeing of the individual leading to a loss of emotional safety and security. The person that you trusted the most and expected to protect and care for you was the person that hurt you, leaving you in a state of incomprehension and, as a result, likely leading to a number of reactions. The reactions that can occur as a result of that realization can often feel so overwhelming that one can either feel stuck and not knowing how to proceed, or so reactive that the decisions being made can be damaging to the self, others, and potentially your relationship if youre hoping to reconcile.

Symptoms Of Post Infidelity Stress Disorder

Symptoms of PISD include fear, helplessness, confusion, and intrusive thoughts. Some individuals may try to protect themselves by avoiding reminders of the traumatic, restricting their lifestyle to limit triggers.3

Symptoms that may occur after infidelity include:

  • Withdrawal from social interactions

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It Can Affect Your Mental And Physical Health

In some cases, being the victim of infidelity can have serious consequences for a person’s mental and physical health. The situation has been associated with depression, anxiety and unhealthy coping mechanisms such as disordered eating and substance misuse. Some mental health professionals also believe there can be parallels with post-traumatic stress disorder .

Infidelity has even been associated with heart problems. A number of studies have found that men who cheat are more likely to have heart attacks, while ‘broken heart syndrome‘ is real – it typically affects older women who have experienced emotional trauma.

Some people are more susceptible to this kind of fallout than others. A recent study, involving 232 college students who’d been cheated on, found that women who blamed themselves for the infidelity were more likely to turn to unhealthy coping strategies. Reactions can also be stronger when people have been through similar experiences in the past.

“If you’ve had this happen in a previous relationship or one of your parents had an affair when you were younger, the effect can be magnified,” says Saddington. “Some people can’t come to terms with infidelity because it’s linked to an unresolved grief.”

He adds that many people who have cheated are in a vulnerable position themselves, and may be contending with loneliness and depression.

A Feeling Of Hopelessness

Causes of PTSD explained

Ever felt bad because you didnt perform well in an exam? Or because you didnt get the job you worked so hard for? While rejection may hurt, it doesnt leave you wholly hopeless and de-motivated.

However, a traumatizing episode such as finding out about your partners affair is on a whole other level. If breakups can mess with peoples confidence, think of what their partners infidelity does to them. It leaves their hopes and beliefs shattered, and the PTSD from being cheated on symptoms dont even end there.

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Final Thoughts On Infidelity Ptsd

Infidelity PTSD can be difficult to overcome but there are ways to move forward. Focusing on yourself and what you need is important. Establishing healthy boundaries and exploring your feelings will help you to identify better ways to cope and feel more in control. Remember to take things one day at a time.

Acknowledge Instead Of Avoid

Healing often requires you to first come to terms with what happened.

When you dont address the betrayal, your turmoil can spill over to other areas of your life. You cant erase it, so no matter how carefully you try to suppress what happened, you might catch yourself replaying those memories when youre with friends, caring for your children, or driving to work.

Leaning into a trauma like infidelity might seem too painful to even consider. In reality, though, acknowledging it allows you to begin exploring the reasons behind it, which can help kick off the healing process.

Instead of getting trapped in an unrelenting cycle of self-doubt and self-criticism, you can begin coming to terms with underlying relationship issues, such as lack of communication or intimacy, and explore ways to resolve them.

Note: This doesnt mean the blame for the betrayal lies with you. Choosing to cheat is an unhealthy response to relationship problems.

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Childhood Trauma Playing Into An Emotional Or Physical Affair And Infidelity

When there is an affair in a marriage after a substantial period of time committed, family therapist like to look at generational trauma. For example, your marriage therapist at Wisdom Within Counseling near Hartford, Connecticut, will ask you about your childhood. Did you see your parent cheating on each other? Or, does your spouse have parents who cheated on each other?

Signs You Are Going Through Relationship Ptsd

Illnesses Caused by and Connected to Agent Orange | Department of Veterans Affairs | theSITREP

A highly toxic relationship with an emotionally or physically abusive partner can cause trauma that will follow the person who experienced it a long time after the relationship has ended.

These days, that trauma is colloquially called relationship PTSD or in more expert terms, post-traumatic relationship syndrome.

Even though the term post-traumatic relationship syndrome is a newly-proposed mental health term, its very real to people who are actually going through it as we speak.

The thing with post-traumatic relationship syndrome is that it has similar characteristics to an actual PTSD. The fact that a toxic relationship can harm a person in that way is really horrible.

If you have been through an emotionally or physically abusive relationship, you might not even be aware that you are going through something that serious.

Its really difficult to uncover that the thing at hand is actually a relationship PTSD because the symptoms are pretty common and may have other causes outside of the toxic relationship.

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Can Being Cheated On Cause Ptsd

It can be both emotionally and physically devastating to discover your other half has been unfaithful. Your partner will not only have shattered your trust, but you might be struggling with the trauma of a broken relationship.

The emotional damage caused could ultimately impact your mental health, as you might struggle with severe heartache, stress, and anxiety following a spouses infidelity. For this reason, you might be wondering if their adultery could be causing post-traumatic stress disorder , so you can start effectively treating the associated symptoms.

If An Affair Has Taken Place In Your Marriage It Does Not Mean That Your Marriage Needs To End

However, uncovering an affair does mean that a marriage counselor would be incredibly beneficial to work with. A holistic, trauma specialist can help you to help uncover how and why the cheating took place originally. Perhaps, something was missing that was never understood. Or, the entire relationship was built upon the foundation of cheating originally and keeping secrets. Some relationships begin because one person is already cheating on their current partner and leaves that person for the next person. As well, cheating and affairs have a major impact on the entire family system and have a negative impact on children. At Wisdom Within Counseling, the team of marriage therapists near Hartford, Connecticut love helping couples recovery confidence, trust, and communication after an affair.

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How Does Being Cheated On Effect The Brain

Love, insofar as being a factory for releasing dopamine and triggering feelings of euphoria, can feel addictive to your brain. So the rejection caused by infidelity can cause several changes in the brain pathways similar to withdrawal in substance use disorder. Rejection can cause short- and long-term consequences to your brain chemistry.

Being in love produces more oxytocin and dopamine in our brains, and infidelity can disrupt the pathways that cause the release of these chemicals in our brain.

Trauma Therapy Decreases Negative Reactions Of Post Infidelity Stress Disorder

How to understand PTSD

Firstly, its important to make a decision whether or not you want to commit to staying in the marriage. And once you make the decision, you need to realize that all the strong, negative emotions are happening automatically as a result of the trauma response.

Also, ask yourself if youre ready to be on the other side of your anger and rage. Or, do you want to continue to seek revenge on your spouse?

Once you are free of the emotional trauma triggerbecoming present and strategicyoull be able to communicate your feelings and needs. And youll be able to explore what went wrong in the relationship.

Resolving the trauma will enable you to become present for yourself first.

Ultimately, the decision is always yours.

You have the power to evaluate and assess your relationship now and always, in the future.

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Childhood Trauma In Ptsd Marriage Therapy

First, childhood trauma may be a part of understanding how the affair began. As an adolescent, your spouse watched pornography as a stress outlet. One of your spouses parents also cheated. Working with a holistic, trauma-oriented marriage counselor can help your spouse understand who they want to be moving forward.Maybe, your spouse had a mother who withheld love or manipulated them. Having an emotionally neglectful mother can lead to problems with attachment in romantic later on. Overall, a marriage therapist can help your spouse learn if their current behavior of infidelity and cheating is related to their childhood relationship with their emotionally neglectful mother.

Emotional And Physical Resilience

Whether born into a person or learned throughout life, resilience is the conqueror of prolonged sorrow. Though grief must not be denied, those who are lucky enough to be more resilient can endure it without falling prey to extended emotional heartbreak.

Resilience after a betrayal is also buoyed up by the kind of social support a person has access to. When infidelity is discovered, it is easy for traumatized partners to lose sight of their own worth. Authentic, caring, and responsive others are able to remind them of who they were before the trauma and help them to regain emotional stability.

Sadly, the most common excuse many unfaithful partners give when they stray is that they were unable to get their needs met in the relationship. Those accusations increase the anguish of the betrayed partner.

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How Do You Fix A Broken Relationship After A Trust

How to rebuild trust in a relationshipHave a willingness to work on the relationship. Just as it takes two to tango, you can’t rebuild trust by yourself. … Openly apologize. … Reflect on the experience. … Create new memories. … Remember that people can be trusted. … Ask for what you need. … Be willing to be vulnerable. … Reignite the connection.Meer items…4 jan. 2020

More Resources For Betrayal Trauma Recovery

Sleep Apnea and PTSD | Does PTSD cause Sleep Apnea? | Does Sleep Apnea make PTSD worse? | theSITREP

If youre dealing with betrayal trauma, and especially if your spouse is dealing with sexual addiction, there are many resources in addition to therapy that could be helpful.

One of the most popular is S-Anon, which is based on the 12 Steps but is geared toward friends and family of sexaholics. S-Anon can provide a great support system of peers in conjunction with one-on-one therapy.

Betrayal trauma recovery is just a phone call away. Contact our intake coordinator, Elizabeth, at for more information and to set up an initial appointment.

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What Are The Symptoms Of Betrayal Trauma

Betrayal trauma refers to the damage that follows a betrayal in your relationship. For example, an affair damages the trust, safety, and security within the bond you have with your partner. Emotional infidelity can be just as damaging. As a result, you can experience negative mental, physical, and emotional symptoms.

Betrayal trauma can cause you to feel unsafe and insecure in a relationship. Likewise, as you try to process what happened, you may be feeling alone in your pain. Therefore, it may be helpful to know the signs of betrayal trauma.

Symptoms include:

  • intense emotions such as anger and frustration
  • hyper-vigilance

Common Symptoms Following Infidelity

When a person cheats on their partner, the person being cheated on is at the receiving end. But recently, many people have been raising the question, can cheating cause PTSD?

As discussed earlier, the unfaithful person to their partner also goes through their share of unfortunate experiences.

Cheating in a relationship is, in most cases, caused by infidelity. If you dont know what infidelity is, allow us to explain.

In simple words, infidelity is when a person already has a partner, engages in sexual acts with another person.

Infidelity might feel like fun and games, but it takes its toll on the person being cheated on. The following symptoms that we will discuss are what people experience after finding out theyve been cheated on. Some of these are also shared by the unfaithful person.

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How Do I Trust My Partner More

Here are 8 ways to build trust in a relationship:Be open, acknowledge feelings & practice being vulnerable. … Assume your partner has good intentions. … Be honest & communicate about key issues in your relationship. … Acknowledge how past hurts may trigger mistrust in the present. … Listen to your partner’s side of the story.Meer items…30 jul. 2020

Can A Relationship Recover From Cheating

Infidelity Trauma: An Interview with a Specialist Part 2 ...

Relationships can heal from infidelity. The process is not without its challenges, but it is possible. A couple typically does best when they are determined to work through the pain to get to the healing on the other side. … Both partners will need to find healing in the pain of an affair, perhaps at different times.

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Recovering From The Trauma Of Infidelity

Most people agree that a sexual affair counts as infidelity, but what about sending a flirty text? What if your partner takes out several loans and acquires a large debt without your knowledge? Does engaging in virtual sex with someone other than your partner, connecting with an ex on social media or maintaining an online dating profile even though you are already in a relationship count as betrayal? The answer depends on how the people in the relationship define infidelity.

A recent study commissioned by Deseret News found conflicting answers when 1,000 people were polled about what constitutes cheating. The majority of respondents said that physical sexual contact with someone outside of the relationship would always meet the threshold for cheating. However, a slimmer majority thought that maintaining an online dating profile or sending flirtatious messages to someone else should always be considered cheating. The lines on whether following an ex on social media constituted a betrayal were even more ambiguous: 16% said it was always cheating, 45% thought it was sometimes cheating, and 39% answered that it never was.

If counselors set the stage poorly from the beginning, they risk alienating one or both parties, he adds. For instance, referring to infidelity as inappropriate behavior risks minimizing the betrayal. On the other hand, clients and counselors could exaggerate an issue if they refer to something being infidelity when it really wasnt.


Stay Present When Youre Pushed Away:

  • When your hurt partner is experiencing infidelity PTSD symptoms, they may withdraw. They might say go away or dont touch me. Normally, we want to respect boundaries and allow people their space. In the aftermath of infidelity, consider the maelstrom of emotions happening inside them.
  • A common situation in the crisis phase is the presence of conflicting emotions . Simply asking your hurt partner if theyre experiencing conflicting emotions may explain a lot.
  • If your hurt partner pushes you away, resist rejection. This may make your hurt partner feel abandoned again. Ask yourself how to stay present.
  • When I help couples overcome infidelity PTSD, we work on giving unfaithful partners tools to stay present when feeling rejected. We move from paralyzing shame to more actively supporting their hurt partner.
  • I also work with the hurt partner on expressing their pain, in crisis or not. Most of the time, this is completely possible.
  • I do hope these tips, dos, and donts make sense to you. They are worth the effort, judging by the results couples get in my program by applying them.

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    Its Possible That Early Detection And Treatment Of Ptsd Could Have The Added Benefit Of Reducing Risk Of The Arrhythmia A Researcher Says

    BOSTON, MAPosttraumatic stress disorder is an independent risk factor for A-fib in US military veterans, a new analysis shows.

    After accounting for other known variables associated with the arrhythmia, PTSD was linked to a 13% greater relative risk of developing A-fib in subsequent years , Lindsey Rosman, PhD , reported at the Heart Rhythm Society 2018 Scientific Sessions here.

    Though the absolute difference in the percentage of patients who developed A-fib in the PTSD versus non-PTSD groups was small , Rosman described the heightened risk as pretty substantial when considering the young age of the population and the fact that half of those who developed A-fib did not have any prior cardiovascular issues.

    That leads us to think that its possible that early detection and treatment of PTSD could attenuate risk for AF, she said. More research is obviously needed to look atin a clinical trial scenariowhether treatment in fact does attenuate risk, but its possible.

    Spurred by evidence suggesting that acute stress and negative emotions trigger episodes of A-fib, Rosman and colleagues set out to evaluate whether a similar relationship would be found with exposure to prolonged and intense emotional stress in the form of PTSD. They looked at data on about 1 million veterans who first accessed care through the Veterans Health Administration between October 2001 and November 2014, excluding those with a history of A-fib or atrial flutter at baseline.

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